Review by lifespill

Reviewed: 01/25/10

Brilliantly paced singleplayer fun - perfect for a weekend rental

This game is the biggest amalgam of 3D platforming action adventure games ever - it's ramming the kitchen sink down your throat: The horse, hookshot, ever present accomplice, and bombs from Zelda; the 3d climbing, slow-motion comboing from God of War; the gun and juggling from Devil May Cry; the portal gun from portal. This game is basically what if Ocarina of Time got got injected with the T-virus and very thin, laughable references to the book of revelations.

That said - this game is brilliantly executed and paced. Aside from some frame rate issues and the MGS4-esque pressing 4 buttons to perform one action complaints, the game is extremely playable. Imagine for a minute that you'd never played Zelda before, or God of War, or Devil May Cry - you'd think this was the best game ever. And in fact, it may be better than those games in absolute terms because it so seamlessly and casually rips off the best parts from all of those games and jams them into one non-stop 15 hour single-player bonanza with great puzzles, decent combat, massive boss battles, one button fatalities (there are no other dreaded "quick time events" thankfully), a great map system with teleportability available early on, very few "one time use" upgrades that plague many Metroid games, one-button combat that is still fairly varied, a handful of interesting auxiliary weapons, plenty of upgradability but not too much leveling, no pickups, no saving, if you die it starts you in the same room, simple RE4-style merchant interface, clear platform/background element differentiation, great character design and voice acting, a ton of different enemies, interesting jack and dexter-type racing and shooting parts - all without a drop of humor or any emotion for that matter other than rage!

OK so I've harped on about this game. Here's what I recommend you do as soon as possible: Find 15 hours across a weekend that you can sit down and play through Darksiders. Rent the game (it's single player with little replay value). Put it on Apocalyptic difficulty because - let's face it - you're only going to play through this once - might as well do it the way it was intended. Don't worry about dying - like I said there is little penalty for death. Dim the lights, crank the sound and sit as close to the screen as possible. You are in for a boss-battle and puzzle filled treat! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Darksiders (US, 01/05/10)

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