Review by jerichoswall

Reviewed: 02/11/10

Link Vs War....

Darksiders is one of those games where you can't help but think that you've played this before. It borrows elements from so many different games that it's hard to call this a new anything. The story is a chopped and beaten version from revelations, and the game play is a hybrid of God of War & Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You will often find yourself hunting through dungeons solving puzzles, fighting bad guys in each room, and often finding 4 separate pieces to life containers to boost your overall health with a little dude that follows you around and says "OVER HERE!"...sounds familiar?

The game has quite a few different secondary weapons, but most are useless. The Scythe is pretty useful in the beginning but after you get some of the other items, it is pretty useless. I do like that fact that your weapons level up, but it is often pointless to level up a weapon that is extremely inadequate to other weapons, unless you are a achievement whore. You can also get an armor set that is a nice little sidequest.

Game play: 8
The game play is very batman-esqe, one button mashing with the occasional jump and another button to use your secondaries. Even with this one button mashing, with timing and the proper stick direction you have a myriad of other attacks at your disposal. Often the combat is slide in, attack, attack, block, slide out, repeat. There are a few sections that seem a little Gears of War like, riding around on a griffin shooting demons and angels out of the sky is pretty fun. Overall though the game is very basic for the casual gamer.

Visuals: 8
The enemies, while seeming varied are little more than a stylist's hair dye away from each other. What you have in the beginning is pretty much what you have, while every section of the game will have their own specific enemies, the main demons and what not stay the same with a nice color change. The environment is very well done, although not the best the next gen gamers have come to view as the best.

Story: 9
While I can't go into detail without causing huge spoilers, I can give you the basics. You are War, the 2nd Horseman of the Apocalypse. You have been summoned to earth too early. And the balance of the world is shifted in a terrible direction. You are then tasked with righting the wrong that isn't your fault. While the intro is a little sketchy, the game follows through with pretty decent twists and turns.

Sounds: 9
The sounds of metal clashing on metal are quite nice, and the voice acting is supreme. The only downfall of this is the over used things that are said while in battle. If I hear "Come here when I call you" one more time from Mark Hamil I'm going to shoot someone. Overall the sound of the game is pretty superb.

Overall the game is well done and a very good out of the gate runner for Vigil. With little to no replay value if you play on Apocalyptic, this game should take you anywhere from 10-17 hours.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Darksiders (US, 01/05/10)

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