Review by Hierophant75

"The TRUE God of War"

I have been following this game for a while, and VERY eager to anticipate its release. Finally, sitting down, and diving into a Gothic, rich, and totally apocalyptic story line, found myself really impressed. You control WAR.......... not a prophet of war, not a God of war, not even a lame door to door salesman of war, rather then WAR itself. Being caught between the armies of Hell and Heaven, and found guilty of bringing on the end of the world , I found myself rather riveted from scene to scene to follow what happens next. And indeed this game sets up for a sequel rather nicely.

With that said, onto the flaws. This is a far stretch from a PERFECT game, although the graphics are fairly sharp, I did find many breaks in the scenery (reviewed on XBOX 360 version *footnote to remember to mention this at the beginning of future reviews*) and most annoyingly, a sudden, and rather forced break when the game jumps into cut scenes. Just didn't seem very smooth. A large array of power-ups to buy, to further customize your character, and only a handful of weapon upgrades to attach. A nice feature, to break away from droning linear play, is being able to go back to previous levels to hunt for unattainable items earlier in the game. The sound is really good, music well done, and most important of all, talented voice acting. The biggest downfall (it ever so pains me to bring this up for a rather decent game), and I'm finding this with more then a plethora of next generation games, is that Darksiders suffers from NO replayability. what I mean by this, is that when you beat the game, on which ever difficulty mode you desire, and get through the final engrossing bit of ending storyline , you might as well shelf the game away and wait for Darksiders 2 to come. Unless you are after missed achievements (which in all reality is NOT an excuse for replayability in next generation games) or like in my case, want to take a stab at a harder difficulty, this game really has nothing more to offer.

All in all, and I hate to say it, this game would be a top rental, unless you are a die hard collector. The game is phenomenal, the story has depth, but with NO replayability, we can only hope that when Vigil Games brings out Darksiders 2, they learn from their mistakes.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/24/10

Game Release: Darksiders (US, 01/05/10)

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