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"Please don't ever compare this game to Zelda or God of War, because this isn't nearly as good"

Well, let me start of by saying I was one of those people that heard this game was a lot like Zelda and God of War, but was severely disappointed after putting this game into my Xbox. It started off nicely, I thought the game would be a ton of fun...that lasted for about 20 minutes. I'm not going to break the game down into categories, because to be honest I think I'd actually end up of giving this game an even lower score then what I've already given it.

The story just was completely uninteresting, it was completely predictable and is nothing you've never seen before. The music was BORING, I almost never listen to the music on my computer as I play games, but I felt as though I absolutely had to for this game. Usually if a game has a boring soundtrack it has at least one song that stands out, not this game. I want to hear some bad ass theme as I'm ripping through enemies, but was let down after trying this game.

Now, where a game with a bad story and bad music can still become a good game is it's gameplay, but this game suffered form problems I thought ended back in the PS1/N64 era. If I'm playing a 360 game and I fall through the floor, the first thought that comes to my head is how lazy can a developer be to let something like this into it's final product. Falling through once I'll let it slide, but when it happens to me multiple, it's just completely unacceptable.

The combat was probably the best part of the game, but for attempting to be a fast paced hack n' slash, this game just moved WAY too slow for my liking. War just wasn't fast enough, whether it would be an enemy interrupting me mid combo or trying to dodge and still be in the enemies range. The game's hit detection was completely ridiculous also, I couldn't believe how many times I cursed this game out from me not "hitting" an enemy or me being completely out of the range of an attack and still somehow getting attacked.

What really bothers me is the people comparing this to Zelda. Really?! These games can't be compared at all, this game's puzzle were way too simple. I want a puzzle that will make my head hurt and will give me a great feeling of accomplishment after completing it. This game just threw in random puzzles that felt like they were only there to make you say "Really? Just get me to the damn boss already" or just to make the dungeons more long and drawn then what they were meant to be.

I honestly wanted to like this game a lot, but it's just not a good game. I've played way too many hack n' slash, Action-Adventure games to settle for something like this. I'm not going to say it's the worst game in it's genre but it's close to it. Do yourself a favor and pass this game up, don't make the mistake of renting this game like I did.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/07/10

Game Release: Darksiders (US, 01/05/10)

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