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"Even though it copied a lot of common gameplay styles, Darksiders still successfully delivered quality entertainment"

From what I've heard about this game... it was a mix up of Zelda: Ocarina of Time gameplay mechanics and God Of War style combat. Having never played a God Of War game before, I could not judge it based on that. Being a big Zelda fan, however, I can say that it does play rather similar to Nintendo's big RPG hit. Whether that's a good or a bad thing, it's up to you to interpret. But I have been glued to my TV screen for the last two days slaying hundreds of demons and angelic beings in a post-apocalyptic Earth.

There have been several post-apocalyptic Earth movies and games this last year (credited mainly to Fallout 3, in my opinion), so we all should be familiar to the end-of-the-world scenarios we experienced in all of those games/movies. But did you ever imagine the Earth being destroyed in a end battle between Heaven and Hell (based on the religious war called "Ragnarök")? Well, neither had I, but that is exactly what this game delivers.

War, one of the four Horseman of the Apocalypse, was tricked into bringing about the destruction of Earth by the Destroyer, leader of the forces of Hell. So, being spared from the punishment of death, War was chosen to return to the destroyed Earth to bring the Destroyer and the armies of Hell to justice. Yeah, it may sound like the ordinary revenge-type storyline, but what story isn't cliched nowadays?

As War, you walk around the map areas, all linked together into a giant world map, slaying hundreds of beings while occasionally solving challenging puzzles here and there. Oh, and don't forget about the bosses, which mix together creativity with difficulty. The gameplay is very similar to a Zelda game's... you walk around the world, go into a dungeon, complete puzzles, defeat a boss, get a new item, continue on to next dungeon... etc... and although we may all know what that gameplay is like (and some may not care for it), Darksiders does a great job at it. There is very little boredom moments in this game, and although the story may not be very interesting, all of the things you can do are.

The combat system has been related to God Of War's. As I stated, I have never played God Of War, so I cannot make that relation. I can, however, explain it. You press the X and Y buttons to make combos with your gigantic sword to attack enemies with. When you get an enemy low enough on health, a command will appear, and if you press B, you activate a killing move on that particular poor bastard. The B command is optional, and mainly for looks, because you can kill the enemies with just the regular combos. As you travel further into the story and acquire new items, you will gain better and longer combos. And, when you gather up enough energy, you get to summon your trusted warhorse, Ruin, to trample and cause total destruction with in the battlefield. Same rules apply for War's ultimate form, Chaos.

Upon every enemy defeated, you will gain "Soul" points. These points act like the game's currency, and can be used to purchase gear, weapons, items, and upgrades through the merchant sessions. The game's difficulty depends on your experience with these types of games, and also the Easy, Normal, and Apocalyptic setting you can choose when you start a new game. The game, overall, is not that hard though. Most enemies are pushovers, and the only difficulty you'll encounter are the puzzles themselves. Even the bosses are disappointing, as it is simply a routine battle, with little to no challenge whatsoever. A 5-year-old could probably beat most of the bosses I've encountered so far. The visuals and graphics could have been better, but they still look very nice. Nothing is ugly in anyway, and the several different bosses are each unique and have great design. The world is dead, as you might imagine, and is covered with various demons. It is nothing awe-inspiring, but it is nothing horrible either. Oh yeah, and War just looks awesome!

The game length depends on how much exploring you do. But I'd estimate a casual playthrough to take you about 10-15 hours. The game has not had any boring moments so far, and has been filled with all the action and adventure I was expecting when I first put this game in my disc tray.

One of the things that ticked me off is that there is no multiplayer. I do have a lot of friends that come over and play games, and I would have loved to have destroyed the world with a pal. But no hard feelings, this had no chance of ruining the game for me.

While Darksiders brings nothing new to the video game world, it still should be at least checked out. It copied a lot of mechanics from older games, mainly the 3D Zelda games. Vigil did a risky maneuver, but it was pulled off. Darksiders is a fun and entertaining game that executed all of it's various mechanics very well. OVERALL...

CONCEPT: Zelda + God Of War + Devil May Cry = Darksiders

GRAPHICS: Bosses look amazing. Environment could have been better, but it was still decent. Lots of destruction... it was awesome

SOUND: I didn't really care for the music... I even turned it off via menu

PLAYABILITY: Controls are nice and smooth, although some combo executions may not react like you intend. Some can get very complicated

ENTERTAINMENT: I've been glued for two days now. It is a fun and involving game. You will need a brain to play this game... some of the puzzles can be insane

REPLAY VALUE: Can't really say because I have yet to beat it, but it looks like the story is short

Again, like I said, it brings nothing new to the video game world, but what it does deliver is good enough to enjoy a great action/adventure/battle game.

- Jared Langston (Demigod Tyek)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/21/12

Game Release: Darksiders (US, 01/05/10)

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