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    FAQ/Walkthrough by darkprince45

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    Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough, Version 0.25
    As obvious This guide will contain 
           1) Introduction [intr1]
           2) Characters[char2]
           3) Controls[con3]
           4) Options[opt4]
           5) Weapons[weap5]
           6) Enemies[ene6]
           7) Walkthrough[walk7]
              1) Nightmare hospital[night1]
              2) Shepherd's Glen First time[Shep1]
              3) Silent Hill[sh1]
              4) Silent Hill Hotel[SHH]
              5) Police Station[pls]
              6) UnderGround Tunnel[und1]
    To start off, thank you for taking your time reading this walkthrough. This is
    the highly anticipated Silent Hill game, gamers have been waiting for. While
    This game does change things up a bit, it also keeps the old Silent Hill
    feeling to it. Homecoming, for starters, has a new combat and aiming system
    but it still has the same feeling and horror factors to feel like a 
    Silent Hill.
    I hope you enjoy reading this walkthrough and have fun with this wonderful 
    game.If you have 
    any questions, please send them at darkp45@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2008, darkprince45 A.K.A MiguelRodriguez, all rights reserved
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    site, please send me an email.
    ***Taken from the manual***
    Alex Shepherd-
    Age: 22
    After a brief stint in a military hospital, Alex returns home on leave
    to find his entire world in shambles. He never had a happy home life,
    though Alex took his role as big brother seriously and did his best to
    watch after Josh. Which is why, after having a series of nightmares about
    his little brother, he returns home to make sure everything is all right.
    He soon realizes this is not the case and sets out to find the Josh.
    Joshua Shepherd-
    Age : 9
    Alex's little brother Josh was always the favorite son when they were 
    growing up. They got along well, though, and Josh seemed to idolize Alex.
    Now Josh is missing, and may need his big brother's help more than ever.
    Adam Shepherd-
    Age 53
    The patriarch of the Shepherd Family, Adam is a retired soldier who runs
    his household as strictly as he did his platoon. Casting Alex aside, he
    focused his limited affection solely on Joshua. He serves as the town's 
    Sheriff, thogh his current whereabouts are unknown, as he left Shepherd's
    Glen in search of something.
    Lillian Shepherd-
    Age: 43
    When Alex finds his mother Lillian alone at home, she's in a near-catanoic
    state. Speaking in short, fragmented sentences, she doesn't have much to say
    beyond the fact that she misses Joshua. What happened to cause her condition,
    and why would Adam leave her like this?
    Elle Holloway-
    Age: 22
    Elle is a headstrong young woman who refuses to accept the current state
    of Shepherd's Glen. She goes to the bulletin board every day to post flyers
    for the increasing number of missing persons around town - including her
    sister. Elle and Alex spent quite a bit of time together growing up. so she
    was a little hurt when he left without telling her.
    Deputy Wheeler-
    Age: 50
    Deputy Wheeler works for Adam Shepherd, though he doesn't have any idea 
    where the Sheriff disappeared to. Wheeler is suspicious by nature and
    subscribes to more than his share of conspiracy theories. Naturally he
    has his own ideas about what's going on around town, but it remains to be
    seen how accurate those are.
    Curtis Ackers-
    Age: 41
    Curtis Ackers runs the local junk shop, and prides himself on being to 
    able to fix any gadget that might need fixin'. The only thing he hasn't
    been able to figure out is why every clock in town is broken. Curtis
    has a bad attitude and doesn't get along well with others, but alex
    may need to find some way to get past that.
    Judge Holloway-
    Age: 53
    Elle's mother is one of the few people still concerned about the town
    and its citizens. Her calm resolve is a great comfort to those who still
    remain in Shepherd's Glen
    Mayor Bartlett-
    Age: 49
    Once a respected figure in the community, Mayor Bartlett now spends his days
    in drunken stupor. He spends most his time in the cemetery, digging graves.
    Doc Fitch-
    Age: 55
    Due to his brave actions during an accident some years ago, Doc Fitch
    came to be regarded as a local hero. The broken man Alex meets, though, 
    doesn't seem to fit that legacy.
    Now the controls aren't hard to understand. But many people complained,
    for the lack of the game's unability to invert camera.
    LT: Combat Stance
    LB: Iventory Wheel
    Left Thumbstick: Movement
    D-pad: Shortcut Functions
    Right Thumbstick: Camera Controls
    Start: Menu/Skip Scene
    A: Fast Attack/Examine
    B: Defense
    X: Strong Attack/Reload
    Y: Map
    RB: Weapon Wheel
    RT: Fire Weapon(In Combat Stance)
    Toggle Flashlight: ^ on d-pad
    Click Right Thumbstick: First-Person view.
    Adjust the display brightness, music volume, dialogue volume, radio volume.
    and sound-effects volume settings.
    Game Options
    Toggle inverted aim, subtitles, or vibration ON/OFF. In Addition, you can
    change the storage device from this menu.
    Button Config: Adjust the controller configuration to your liking
    by swapping the control commands.
    Meele Weapons:
    Combat Knife(Nightmare Hospital)- The first weapon you get in the game,
    Fast speed but weak.
    Steel Pipe(Alex's Garage)- The second weapon you get in the game, 
    Medium speed and strength
    Fire AX-(Silent Hill-underneath crashed fire truck)
    The fourth weapon you get in the game, slow speed but strong
    Crowbar- The sixth weapon you get in the game, it's an upgrade to the steel
    pipe, fast speed and meduim strength.
    Ceremonial Dagger(Town Hall)- The seventh weapon you get in the game, 
    it's an upgrade to the combat knife. Not much changes.
    Pulaski Ax- The twelfth weapon you get in the game, it's an upgrade to
    the fire ax. 
    Firearm weapons:
    Mk23 Handgun(Curtis's Shop)- The third weapon you get in the game, 
    It's pretty powerful,and on normal mode holds a 9 bullet capacity.
    Pump Action Shotgun(Police Station)- The fifth weapon you get in the game, 
    it's really powerful, with a kick to it. A 5 shell capacity.
    Chrome Hammer Handgun(SG Cemetery)- The eigth weapon you get in the 
    game, it's an upgrade to the mk23, it has a larger capacity.
    Blue Steel Shotgun(Alex's House Basement)-  The ninth weapon you get 
    in the game, it's an upgrade to the pump shotgun, it has a larger 
    capacity and can shoot a little faster.
    Rifle(Silent Hill/Cemetary)- The tenth weapon you get in the game, the most 
    powerul weapon so far.This weapon packs a punch and will kill anything 
    in seconds.
    Tactical Rifle(Underground Lair): The Twelfth and final weapon 
    you get in the game, by thistime, this will be the strongest weapon 
    in your hands. It has a larger capacity.
    Unlockable Weapons:
    Circular Saw(Alex's garage)- This weapon is extremely powerful but it is
    dangerously slow. Use with caution.
    Laser pistol(Alex's Room)- This will be the most powerful weapon in the game,
    it also has infinite ammo and has the fasest firing rate in any firearm.
    Coming soon
    ***I'll try and keep this spoiler free***
    Welcome to the nightmare....
    ***Nightmare Hospital***[night1]
    After watching the intro of Alex being taken on a strecher to a room. 
    You have a quick time sequence. Quickly tap the A button, until you're
    set free. Follow the on-screen options and turn on your flashlight.
    Walk through the set of double doors, follow the trail of blood to the
    next door. Walk towards Joshua, watch the cutscene, and take notice
    of the keypad. Open the door next to it. Look at the board and see the
    x-ray, it has part of the code.There's a map next to the door.
    Open the door, and head down the hall,to your right.It'll be the
    second to last door, walk inside. 
    Pick up the health drink, look the at report, and walk over the broken 
    window. Pick up the x-ray piece, look at the guide on the table. Now
    re-trace your steps back to the x-ray room. Put the x-ray on, and examine
    the x-ray. The code should be 624872. Walk back and punch in the 
    correct numbers.
    Watch the scene and then pick up the drawing on the floor. Go to the door
    Joshua went to. A mini cutscene should appear, open the door straight ahead
    and should see a save point. Save if you wish, and continue on. Continue
    on to the only door there. You're inside another bathroom now. The door is
    locked, by now you should've seen a combat knife stuck in the window. Pick
    it up and a cutscene should appear.
    The hospital has now turned into a nightmare hospital! You should now see
    your first enemy. A nurse, the easiet way to fight them would be to turn
    off your flashlight. Nurses react by sound and not by sight. So tread quitely
    and turn off the flashlight. Now either Hold X to charge a stronge attack
    or combo her A,A,X until she dies. Now, head to the booth she was in, and
    squeeze through. Head to the opposite side of the bathroom and pick up
    the medkit. Open the door, go the door on the left. Watch the wheelchair 
    fall down the stairs and pick up the note on the wall and continue up the 
    stairs. Turn off your flashlight, and break the window, and hop over. 
    There will be 2 nurses in here, Luckily the enemies only attack one on one. Cut
    the cloth looking thing on the wall, and squeeze through. Read the note
    on the bed, and save if you want to. Exit through the door and continue
    down to the right. A cutscene should play. New enemy time! These are
    called Swarms. They easily die by one hit from everything. The main
    problem with them is that they leech onto you. Whenever you see one on you
    pres the B button. Then you'll go into a quick time sequence. Press the
    desired button and kill them. Continue into the linen room, and inside 
    pick up the health drink and go into the next door. There's a photo on
    a stretcher at the end of the hallway, other then that head into
    the Operation Theatre. Walk all the way around, down the small flight
    of steps, and jump down. 
    Three nurses should be down here, turn off your flash and get to work. Cut
    the cloth, get the drawing on the wall and head up the stairs. Examine
    the corspe and get the key. Head down the stairs, squeeze through, and use
    the key on the set of double doors. Head inside and go through the set of
    doors. A cutscene shall appear, this will be an interactive cutscene
    you can decide what to say. They all usually just lead up to the same thing
    so it doesn't matter what you say. 
    listening to Joshua he wants his Robbie doll, open the door next to 
    there and head inside. examine the paper, save if you want, and pick up
    the health drink. All doors will be locked besides room 203. So head inside.
    A cutscene should appear of something dragging Robbie inside the mirror. 
    Examine and choose to reach inside it. Another quick-time sequence should
    appear. Press the buttons that were desired, and now you have the doll.
    Before you leave, pick up the drawing next to the mirror. Now head back
    the way you came from and give Josh his Robbie doll.
    Keep walking forward, you should see a door quickly shut itself. Get the 
    drawing, now turn right and call the elevator. A lengthy surprising cutscene 
    should appear. Congrats you have just completed the intro!
    *****Shepherd's Glen First Time*****[shep1]
    After the cutscene you should now be in Shepherd's Glen. The game took
    a look at the map for you. Follow the road to get to your house. If 
    you want to save, you can head to the town hall, and save. Or talk
    to Jude Holloway. Items you can pick up right now, is some health,
    and a photograph. Also a serum in the right hallway.
    Watch the cutscene and head inside, nothing to do in the middle floor, so
    head upstairs. On the upper floor you should see a door close. Ignore it
    for now. Now head into alex's room, which is right next to the door you
    saw close. Pick up the flashlight on the bed, and watch the cutscene. 
    Examine the bookshelf and move all the books to the left, a button should
    light up. Press it, once inside the closet, pick up the map and head down-
    stairs. Or if you want, go to your parents bedroom and take the cassette
    from the bathroom.
    After the cutscene, head downstairs. After that scene, you should now
    have a new enemy. The Lurker. Right now the easiet way to kill them would
    just be to knife combo them. Quickly take care of it, and take notice of
    the room with a cloth over it. Now, head to the generator and pick up
    the garage remote. Go up the stairs, and head outside. Head over to the right
    and use the garage remote in front of the garage. Defeat the lurker and go
    inside the garage. Pick up the pipe on top of the table. Use the pipe to 
    open the cabinet that contains the empty gas can.Leave the garage, after 
    you leave a lurker should attack you. Kill it and duck under the hole.
    Keep going straight and duck under that hole. Once inside the park, pick
    up the drawing to the right. Now from there go to back of the park, a
    photo will be on the ground next to some toy cars.
    After taking the photo, pry open the gate. Enter inside the alley and 
    as soon as you turn left a lurker will come out from under the trailer.
    Kill it and then stand next to the tank of gas. Use the empty gas can, 
    return to the house and head down into the basement. Go to the generator
    and use the empty gas can. Examine the door on your left and Alex will
    open it. Climb up the stairs and pick up the drawing on the wall. If you
    want to play the cassette tape go inside the kitchen. If not continue to
    leave the yard. Get the photo from the bookbag and open the door. Continue
    running straight and you should be in front of an entrance to the cemetery.
    Keep following the only path there is, until you reach a room outside.
    On the bench in front you pick up the map.
    Now continue walking to the only path available, until you see a scene
    of a man digging graves. Look to the right and press jump down. A cutscene
    should play, you now have a new enemy to face. The Feral, the easiet way 
    to kil is to take out your combat knife and start slashing away. After it's
    dead, pick up the moon stone plate, and go to the right. When you reach the
    wall choose to climb up. Once up, you should see a health drink on the bench
    . The door on the left is locked, so the only choice is to go right.
    Keep running straight until you reach the save point. By this point, things
    will start to get confusing, so make you don't lose yourself. After you save,
    run through the big gate and keep running until you reach the last small gate
    on the left. Once inside, choose to squeeze through. Exit the tomb, now run
    to the left and go into the tomb on the last right.Choose to duck under the 
    wall on the left. Now exit that tomb, and keep running right until you reach
    the very last tomb on the right. Squeeze though, run to the right and a feral
    will attack you. 
    Kill it and keep running straight, until you reach the last
    big gate on the right. Go inside and jump down and then duck under. Now look 
    to the right and climb up. Keep running and go down the three flight of steps
    until you see the feral eating the corspe. Kill the feral and continue
    running, run to the stairs ahead of you and pick up the health drink at the
    very top, go back down the of steps, and take two lefts until you reach
    another big gate. Go inside and go either direction up the stairs. Once
    you reach the top, pick up the plate on the fountain. Turn around and keep
    running to the gate, use both halves of the plate. 
    Wait for the door to open and keep running striaght until you reach the 
    parking lot. Exit the parking lot through the right and keep running down
    the street. You'll know when to stop when you see a woman putting up
    flyers in front of the police station. After the cutscene, look behind
    the board and you'll a drawing. Grab it and head to the street down the right,
    you should see a bridge. Cross the bridge, and follow the path until you
    reach a door with a sign on it. Open the door, you should now be inside a
    junk yard. On the upper right will be a fence with a hole, duck under the
    hole. Continue following the path until you go inside a shack. Squeeze 
    through, keep folowing the path until you're in the entrance. Once inside,
    talk to Curties. Choose whatever you want to say,
    After the cutscene, you now have the mk23 handgun. Look at the guide for
    gun combat, and pick up the ammo pack at the back of the store. Follow the
    same path you came from until you're back at the exit. Fight the Feral dog.
    And head back to the town. A scene should play, after the cutscene, you
    now have a new enemy. The smog!. The easiet way to kill them is to get close
    and when they open up their chest, shoot the lungs once. Do this twice, 
    and they will die. Now, it's time to back-track to the cemetery. On the
    way to the cemetery, you should've fought two Ferals. Once inside the 
    cemetery, Retrace your spots to the save point. There's one Smog where the
    corpse was and a Feral in the little corridor leading back to the tombs.
    One smog will block the entrace to the tomb, where the hole to duck under
    is. Go to the tomb where the save point is and save.
    After saving, head to the big iron gate door. Go into the previously locked
    door where the mayor was digging up graves. Enter the mausoleum, and examine
    the casket in front of you. It's a sliding pieces puzzle. The point is to
    to pull the big piece at the top all the way down. MY way of solving this,
    is to pull both pieces that are horizontal to the bottom right. One on top
    of the other. And one vertical piece on top of them. Then one vertical 
    piece on the left, along with the two single pieces.
    *****Silent HIll First Time*****[sh1]
    After the two cutscenes you awake in Silent Hill. You should see Josh hiding
    behind wooden planks. Ignore him for now and Walk over to the side
    where the fire truck is crashed, and go into the alley next to it. Once
    you turn the corner a smog you should be there. Kill it and jump down into
    the broken path. Keep folowing that path and duck under the firetruck. Then
    pick up the fire ax impaled on the ground. Run back to the boarded planks
    are and break them with the fire ax. 
    *****Silent Hill Hotel*****[SHH]
    You're now inside the hotel, in the hallway to the left there is a health
    drink. Pick up the map on the reservation desk and continue to the area
    with the elevator. Jump over it and pick up hte maintenace key on the box
    of tools. Return outside, on the way outside a smog should appear, either
    run from it or kill it. Once outside a smog should be waiting for you. Kill
    it and open the fence next to the hotel. Pick up the health drink on the 
    window and solve the wire puzzle. The order of the wires is: 
    White, yellow, blue, red, green. After the puzzle is done, go back inside
    the hotel and go back to the elevator. Call the elevator and step inside.
    Pick up the ammo on the floor and call the only button available. A new
    enemy should appear after the cutscene. They're called Needlers, A couple
    ways to take them down would be either to shoot them or when they break
    through the wire fence, bash away with your preferred meele weapon. 
    After you kill them all the elevator should fall down and stop half way
    through a stop. Climb up, once on the floor, head to the right and cut the
    painting. Squeeze through, and take the photograph on the door. Head right.
    duck under and save if you want. Walk over to the door with the big hole
    in it. Talk to the old lady, she lost something and now it's up to you
    to get it. 
    Head to the upper right until you see a broken wall. Go inside the broken
    wall and squeeze and then duck. Again, head to the right and break the
    boarded up walls. Inside the room, choose to climb up. In the hallways you
    should see some bugs and a nurse. Kill them and continue. Go into room 402
    and push the shelf out of the way. Duck under memory. Take the photograph,
    and go outside into the hallway. If you continue you walking to the right
    a cutscene should start. After viewing it a swarm should attack you. Kill
    them and step into the room they came out of. Go through the hole on the
    wall and exit room 407. Once you exit, in front of you, you should see
    a boarded up bathroom. Break the wall and pick up the serum in the bathroom.
    There will be another boarded up room, this time a staircase. Once you
    break it, go upstairs. Once in that hallway you should see a cutscene.
    The needlers are back. Kill it, by dodging sideways and attacking it.
    Room 505 is boarded up, a needler comes out and attacks you, kill it and
    continue. Break the entrance and go inside. Then push
    the shelf blocking the next room. Pick up the memory on the bed and the
    health drink in the bathroom. Room 504 is blocked off too, but all their
    is in there is a health drink on the bed. Go into room 503 by going into
    the hole in the bathroom. Once inside, jump down and go into the bathroom.
    Inside is the third and final memory. Take it and head back up, on the way
    back to the staircase one needler will attack you. Kill it and head back down
    stairs. Once you're on the fourth floor, 3 nurses will be there. Kill them
    and go from room 407 to room 408. 
    Jump down the hole, and kill the smog
    in the hallway. Head back through all the holes you originally came from
    and go back to the front of room where the old lady is. Give her back the
    memories and take the strange key. After you get the key, go back and save,
    and then use the strange key on the door you got the photograph from. After
    the cutscene you are in the dining room area. Save if you didn't save before.
    Look around the tables and pick up the health drinks and handgun bullets.
    Open the big doors and go to the end of the hallways. It's locked, but once
    you try to go back, everything will start to turn into the nightmare world.
    Go back to the door you originally tried to open. Step forward and talk to
    the mayor. After talking to him, you should see your first boss.
    To kill this boss, simply attack the meat sack looking things. Take cover
    by using the bookshelves. After you destroy the first forms. You now have
    to fight the second form. This is one is simple too. Wait for it to attack
    you and them dodge it's attack and attack its arm. It should then go down
    to the floor. Attack it and keep repeating this stragety until you kill it.
    You should know you killed it when you can go up to it and press X. 
    *****Police Station******[pls]
    You'll awake in a prison cell. You'll have to wait quite a bit until the 
    scene activates. So in the mean time look around and examine stuff. Once
    the cutscenes over Wheeler will open the prison cell for you. Wait for him
    to open the double doors. You won't have any weapons for now, so just follow
    Wheeler. Keep following him and he'll lead you into the storage room. Save 
    your game, after following him shortly a cutscene should play and you'll
    have a new enemy. The Schisms will start attacking, but luckily for you,
    Wheeler will hold them off. Continue running straight and a schism will 
    break through a door, dodge it and go to the table to pick up a photograph.
    Once back in the hallway continue to the last door on the left. Run through 
    the door and enter the office.
    After the cutscene you should've recovered your stuff and recieved a shotgun.
    Before you exit, take the station map on the desk next to the door. Another
    cutscene should play, you're now on your own. Use your ax to chop down the
    barricaded door. A schism should break through a window, fight or dodge it.
    Jump over the window and take the health drink. Jump back out and through
    the door on the right. Continue running until you reach the end of the hall
    way. A wall will broken and you duck under it. After ducking under it, you
    will be in a room with two schism. Kill them both and take the shotgun
    ammo on the cabinets. Break down the boarded door and step through.
    Continue walking down the hallway until you reach the parking garage.
    Once inside, take down the lonely schism, and use the lever in the office
    room. There is also a locker in that room. Put in the combination 206
    and take the health drink and handgun ammo. By now the garage door should've
    risen from you pulling the lever. Duck under it and a cutscene should play
    in the parking lot. After the cutscene, you should now face a sort of mini
    boss. They're called the Siam, three shotgun point blank shots should kill
    it. After you kill it a cutscene should play. 
    *****Underground Tunnel*****[und1]

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