Review by TheBendy

Reviewed: 10/13/08

Best Silent Hill Game? No. Best survivor horror on xbox360? Yes!!

Hello there everyone! This is my first ever review. The reason I have chosen to review this game is because few people have, and I don't feel that most are giving it the credit it deserves. I agree that it's not the best Silent Hill game ever made, but I still think it's great. On a side note, I've seen many comparisons to the Resident Evil series. I don't think they're very similar at all. Resident Evil involves very fast paced action. Although Silent Hill has it moments, it's much slower paced. Also, Resident Evil centers its focus on gun play whereas Silent Hill centers its focus on melee combat. You'll find less ammo in this game than perhaps you've found in any previous survivor horror game, regardless of title.

Story-10/10: The story in this game is incredible! I can't go into much detail due to spoilers. About all I can say about the story is that it seems predictable early on in the game. About halfway through the game you'll still feel like you know what the overall outcome will be, though slightly less certain. The end of the game throws in some serious twists and turns though. Trust me, you'll be blown away by the story!

Graphics-9/10: Although to graphics don't really push the Xbox 360's hardware to the max, they're definitely great. The lighting effects are cool, as well as the fog effects. When in combat, the blood that is shed looks completely realistic. The monsters take realistic damage as you attack them. For example, attacking with a combat knife or axe will result in bloody gashes all over the monster's body. The "noise screen" effect is still in place as well, resulting in that cheap old fashioned horror movie style that has become a Silent Hill mainstay. The visuals are amazing in 1080p, but the frame rate will suffer somewhat. I recommend playing in 720p.

Control-8/10: First of all I need to state that this game does not offer the option to invert the camera control. Only combat inversion is allowed. With that said, I know this will immediately ruin the game for some. It irked me at first, because I'm used to playing games with an inverted y-axis. However, in time the control became second nature for me. Combat seems somewhat complicated at first, but it's really not. You hold the left trigger down to enter combat mode, and then hit either A (weak attack) or X (strong attack). To dodge or block an enemy's attack, simply press B with the left trigger held down to evade an attack. Furthermore, to fire a gun you simply hold down left trigger, aim with the right stick, and fire with the right trigger.

Innovation/Creativity-8/10: I really have to hand it to Konami for coming up with some really cool monsters. I won't go into great detail, as that would result in spoilers. However, I will say that some of the monsters this time around are more original and demented than they've ever been before. Also, there are now some dialogue trees implemented this time around. Outside of that, there's not much you haven't seen before. The usual fog and lighting effects are in place, as well as the use of a static radio to detect monster presences. Although some people/fans were probably hoping for more drastic changes, I for one was not. To me, these effects represent the feel of Silent Hill.

Reply Value-10/10: Like all previous Silent Hill games, this one offers many different endings, five total. The one you get depends on how you played the game (choices made, items collected, etc.) So, to summarize, in order to get all the achievements one must play the game at least five times. Now that's good replay value!

Overall-9/10: In my opinion, it's not the greatest Silent Hill game ever made. I say this mainly because some of the others I found to be much more scary. But, I do feel that this is a great game that will appeal to both fan boys and the casual gamer. Fan boys will appreciate all the tie-ins and references to previous Silent Hill games. Casual gamers will appreciate the chilling atmosphere and monsters. The Xbox 360 has been yearning for an excellent survivor horror game, and this is it!

Notes: Many people have reported rampant glitches in this game. I, however have found none. And, for what it's worth, I'm currently on my fourth glitch-free play through. The only time I saw glitches, if they could be described as such, would be when playing in 1080p as the frame rate suffers.

**Additional Info About Glitches--I've also had a chance to play the PS3 version a little, as my neighbor owns it. I've seen tons of glitches in that version! I've seen everything from the game freezing up when pressing start to skip at cut scene to enemies floating in mid-air after being defeated. The Xbox 360 version is the way to go for sure!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Silent Hill: Homecoming (US, 09/30/08)

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