I'm stuck at 98.xx percent?

  1. I have done just about everything imaginable. Do you have to kick 100 soccer balls for the 100% achievement? Also, do you have to stink bomb the people and trip them with marbles??

    User Info: Echelon_0117

    Echelon_0117 - 5 years ago

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  1. Yes, you have to do all those things.
    You must have collected all pieces of clothing, all collectable items, completed the yearbook, completed all missions, finished all jobs, completed all races, completed all errands and completed all classes.

    There's also a bunch of other stuff you must do:

    -Win all boxing matches
    -Ride each carnival ride
    -Win each carnival game
    -Buy all items from carnival shop
    -Fail 3 classes in a row (can still be done even after finishing all classes)
    -Pull 20 fire alarms
    -Travel 100km on foot
    -Travel 100km in bike
    -Travel 50km on skateboard
    -Get the highscore on the "Consumo" mini-game
    -Get the highscore on the "Monkey Fling" mini-game
    -Get the highscore on the "Nutshots" mini-game
    -Win a game of "Penalty Shootout"
    -Win a game of "Keep Ups"
    -Buy 500 sodas
    -Smash all Halloween pumpkins (can only be complete during the Halloween mission, meaning this can be MISSED)
    -Smash all Halloween gravestones (can only be complete during the Halloween mission, meaning this can be MISSED)
    -Beat up the secret pirate
    -Spray tag of each clique

    Make sure to unlock all achievements as well, they count too.

    Hope this helps 2 years after the question has been asked.

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  1. SUperTriforce
    you can smash all halloween pumpkins and gravestones after the halloween
    pumpkins can be found at the under ground the school (when you beat bullies leader *Russel)
    gravestones can be found behind the townies hideout (the place to do mission #smash it up with Zoe)
    BTW, I'm sorry my bad english, because I just learn it, hehehe

    User Info: GiusWuzHere

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