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    100% Completion Guide by Boag_Himself

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/16/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               BULLY: SCHOLARSHIP EDITION
                               * 100% COMPLETION GUIDE *
                           MICROSOFT XBOX 360 // NINTENDO WII   
    		   By Boag_Himself [boag_himself@hotmail.com]
                              Xbox Live Gamertag: Boagsta
         Feel free to add me as a friend/rep me on Xbox Live but DO NOT ask any
        Bully related questions as I will not respond. If you need help with the 
          game, check through the guide and if you are sure your issue is not
                 covered then SEND ME AN EMAIL. It's easier for everyone.
        Also, I will no longer be replying to emails which are blatantly covered
         in the guide. When I receive them, they will be immediately deleted or
         you will be informed to check this statement so that you know what the
         problem was. Sorry for the inconvenience, but just check the contents.
                                      VERSION 1.2
    |                           ~~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~~                           |
    | # | SECTION NAME                                              | SEARCH CODE |
    | 1.| About This Guide                                          |    BSE01    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (a) Updates Log                                         |    BSE19    |
    | 2.| Some Initial Remarks                                      |    BSE17    |
    | 3.| Itemised Checklist                                        |    BSE02    |
    | 4.| In Depth Guides                                           |    BSE03    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (a) Story Missions                                      |    BSE04    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (b) Side Missions                                       |    BSE05    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (c) School Classes                                      |    BSE06    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (d) Rubber Bands                                        |    BSE07    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (e) G & G Cards                                         |    BSE08    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (f) Gnomes                                              |    BSE09    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (g) Transistors                                         |    BSE18    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (h) Races                                               |    BSE10    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (i) Jobs                                                |    BSE11    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (j) Errands                                             |    BSE12    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (k) Clothes                                             |    BSE13    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (l) Yearbook Photos                                     |    BSE14    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (m) Miscellaneous                                       |    BSE15    |
    |   |                                                           |             |
    |   |   (n) Room Trophies                                       |    BSE20    |
    | 5.| Achievements                                              |    BSE16    |
    | 6.| Conclusion                                                |    BSE18    |
    |                                                                             |
     ~~ 1. ABOUT THIS GUIDE ~~                                              [BSE01]
    	Having now completed this game 100%, and having a lot of free time on
    my hands over the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be an interesting
    project to take on, in making this guide. A lot of people seem to struggle with
    getting 100% in this game, perhaps due to its slightly unstable nature, however
    I had no problems whatsoever, so hopefully I can provide some insight into the
    	If anyone has any comments, observations, remarks, corrections or
    otherwise which you feel have I have to know about, feel free to contact me at
    the email address at the top of this document. This is not my primary email
    address so my replies may not be as hasty as they could be, however I will try
    to get back to everyone.
    	UPDATE: Thanks for all the support so far folks. I've had a number of
    very positive emails and a lot of great suggestions (along with a shedload of
    people asking questions about the game). I'm doing fine so far with getting
    back to everyone so i'll try and maintain this level of service. =)
     ~~ 1a. UPDATES LOG ~~                                                  [BSE19]
    19/03/08 - Version 1.0 Of Guide Initially Released.
    22/03/08 - Version 1.0. Fixed a couple of minor errors.
    24/03/08 - Version 1.2. List of trophies added. Watch your step achievement
               updated. Errands guide updated. Reorganised contents table.
    28/03/08 - Version 1.2. Few errors corrected. Minor updates made.
    17/04/08 - Version 1.3. More errors corrected and minor additions made.
     ~~ 2. SOME INITIAL REMARKS ~~                                          [BSE17]
    	So, here we go. I feel this section at the start is necessary because
    there are a few questions which are commonly asked and which need to be
    answered before the guide begins.
    	Yes, they can. The only mission which can not be repeated is "The Big
    Prank" from Halloween. If you go to sleep on Halloween night, having not
    completed this mission, you will not be able to play it later in the game.
    	Yes. If you miss or fail any class, they can always be repeated. Even
    after you complete the game. There is a short period near the end of the game
    where you cannot take classes, but other than that they are always available.
    	You get Gary's picture automatically near the end of the game and Zoe
    becomes a student in Chapter 6 so you will have to wait until then to get
    her picture. At that time you will find her just walking around the campus.
    	No, strangely enough this is one of the few things you don't need to
    get in order to achieve 100%. You can get it if you like though, but it isn't
    a necessity.
    	This is a very common glitch. I will go into more detail about it
    later in the guide, but the basic strategy is to save and restart the game
    then return to where the Errand should appear.
    	I get a million emails asking this, and I say the same thing every
    time, which always seems to work. Just go back through the whole list and make
    sure (by using the stats menu or whatever else) that you've definitely done
    every single thing. Read the in-depth parts too to make sure you have met the
    requirements and you will get 100% this way.
    [7] DO YOU NEED ALL 335 CLOTHES TO GET 100%?
    	Simply, no. There is no set amount of clothes you have to get, as with
    many things, it varies from player to player. But things like the Ninja suits,
    masks etc. are not generally necessary so don't worry if you miss them.
    	Another glitchy aspect of the game. Basically there is sometimes a fair
    bit of lag for achievements popping up. Sometimes they won't appear until you
    next start up the game, but you will get them eventually so there's no need to
    panic that you're not going to get it at all!
     ~~ 3. ITEMISED CHECKLIST ~~                                            [BSE02]
    	This is a basic list of each individual thing which you must do to get
    to 100%. Feel free to print this off so you can keep track of what you have
    done. If you are struggling with a particular section of the guide, use Ctrl+F
    to search the in depth guides by typing in the correct code, which you will
    find between the square brackets next to each entry.
      TASK                                               COMPLETED?   SEARCH CODE
    | Complete All Story Missions                     |     [  ]     |   BSE04   |
    | Complete All Side Missions                      |     [  ]     |   BSE05   |
    | Complete All Classes To Level 5                 |     [  ]     |   BSE06   |
    | Collect All 75 Rubber Bands                     |     [  ]     |   BSE07   |
    | Collect All 40 G + G Cards                      |     [  ]     |   BSE08   |
    | Smash All 25 Garden Gnomes                      |     [  ]     |   BSE09   |
    | Collect All 6 Transistors & Learn Moves         |     [  ]     |   BSE10   |
    | Win All Go-Kart Races                           |     [  ]     |   BSE10   |
    | Win All Bicycle Races                           |     [  ]     |   BSE10   |
    | Complete All Lawn Mowing Jobs                   |     [  ]     |   BSE11   |
    | Complete All Paper Route Jobs                   |     [  ]     |   BSE11   |
    | Complete 30 - 40 Errands*                       |     [  ]     |   BSE12   |
    | Collect All 335 Clothing Items                  |     [  ]     |   BSE13   |
    | Take All Yearbook Photos                        |     [  ]     |   BSE14   |
    | Win All Boxing Matches                          |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Ride Each Carnival Ride Once                    |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | *WIN* Each Carnival Game Once                   |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Buy All Items From Carnival Shop                |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Fail 3 Classes In A Row                         |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Pull Twenty Fire Alarms                         |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Travel 100 KM On Foot                           |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Travel 50 KM On Skateboard                      |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Travel 100 KM On Bicycle                        |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Get High Score On Arcade Games                  |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Play Penalty Shootout & Keep Ups Mini Games     |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Buy 500 Sodas                                   |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Smash All Pumpkins From Halloween               |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Smash All Gravestones From Halloween            |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Beat Up The Secret Pirate                       |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    | Spray A Tag Of Each Clique                      |     [  ]     |   BSE15   |
    * The number of Errands which you actually have to complete varies from player
      to player, but you shouldn't have to do any more than 40 out of the 50.
     ~~ 4. IN-DEPTH GUIDES ~~                                               [BSE03]
    	These short guides will describe in a little more detail what each
    entry of the itemised list means. This is not a walkthrough guide, as, since
    it's really a very easy game, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the
    missions, but it'll provide hints and tips on the trickier aspects of the game.
     ~~ 4a. STORY MISSIONS ~~                                               [BSE04]
    	The story missions in Bully are those which progress you through the
    game and progress you through each chapter. There are 5 chapters in total but
    once you complete them all you can continue playing in "Endless Summer", where
    you can finish any side missions which you happen to have missed. There are 76
    missions in total, about 55 of which are story missions.
    1. Welcome To Bullworth
    2. This Is Your School
    3. Get To Class
    4. The Setup
    5. The Slingshot
    6. A Little Help
    7. Save Algie
    8. Defend Bucky
    9. That Bitch
    10. The Candidate
    11. Halloween
    12. Help Gary
    13. Russell In The Hole
    14. Last Minute Shopping
    15. Hattrick vs Galloway
    16. Prep Challenge
    17. The Eggs
    18. Movie Tickets
    19. Carnival Date
    20. Race The Vale
    21. Beach Rumble
    22. Tad's House
    23. Boxing Challenge
    24. Dishonorable Fight
    25. Jealous Johnny
    26. Christmas Is Here
    27. Bait
    28. Tagging
    29. Wrong Part Of Town
    30. Lola's Race
    31. Tenements
    32. Rumble
    33. Fighting Johnny Vincent
    34. Stronghold Assault
    35. Nerd Boss
    36. Paparazzi
    37. Funhouse Fun
    38. Defender Of The Castle
    39. Nice Outfit
    40. Discretion Assured
    41. The Big Game
    42. Jock Boss
    43. Making A Mark
    44. The Gym Is Burning
    45. Rats In The Library
    46. Finding Johnny Vincent
    47. Revenge On Mr. Burton
    48. Preppies Vandalized
    49. Expelled
    50. Busting In, Part I
    51. Busting In, Part II
    52. Complete Mayhem, Part I
    53. Complete Mayhem, Part II
    54. Final Showdown
     ~~ 4b. SIDE MISSIONS ~~                                                [BSE05]
    	The side missions are those which do not have to be completed in order
    to progress the main story, however they can have a number of benefits such as
    money, extra clothing items and new abilities. The only side mission which must
    be completed at the time it appears is "The Big Prank" at Halloween. If you
    want to get 100% YOU MUST complete this mission on that night, otherwise it
    will not be available again. Any other missions you miss as you play through
    the game will all become available when you reach Endless Summer.
     ~~ 4c. SCHOOL CLASSES ~~                                               [BSE06]
    	Obviously, the setting of Bully is basically your typical highschool, so
    naturally you'll be expected to attend classes. You have 2 classes per day and
    they run in a 5 day cycle, as follows.
                          MORNING (9:00 - 11:30)        AFTERNOON (1:30 - 3:30)
    |      DAY 1      |         Chemistry          |          English            |
    |      DAY 2      |            Art             |            Gym              |
    |      DAY 3      |          Biology           |           Music             |
    |      DAY 4      |           Shop             |         Photography         |
    |      DAY 5      |         Geography          |            Math             |
    	Each class has 5 levels. When you complete a class, the next time you
    sit it, you will sit the next level. If you fail or skip a class you will always
    repeat that one until you pass it, so it is never impossible to pass all levels
    of every class.
    ~~ CHEMISTRY ~~
    	This is, without doubt, the easiest of the classes, most people with
    the smallest amount of timing will be able to nail this first try. Simply press
    the button as it enters the box as it scrolls along the screen. The only place
    you slip up is if you are unfamiliar with the Xbox controller, but otherwise
    you will find this very easy.
    ~~ ENGLISH ~~
    	In English you are presented with a group of letters which you must
    descramble and form as many different words of varying lengths as you can
    within the time limit. The first few levels are very straightforward but it can
    get pretty tricky later on. For those of you who are struggling, here is the
    complete list of all possible letter combinations for each level.
         Level 1:
         Mellow, Mewl, Moll, Meow, Mole, Well, Elm, Mow, Low, Owe, Mew, Owl, Woe.
         Level 2:
         Fights, Sight, Shift, Gifts, Fight, This, Gift, Gist, Sift, Hits, Sigh,
         Fist, Fits, Fish, Figs, Ifs, Its, Hit, Sit, His, Fit, Fig.
         Level 3:
         Smiles, Slimes, Limes, Slime, Seism, Smile, Slims, Isles, Miles, Lies,
         Less, Leis, Lime, Semi, Slim, Mile, Isle, Mess, Miss, Mise, Elms, Mil,
         Lie, Lei, Elm.
         Level 4:
         Crayon, Acorn, Carny, Crony, Corny, Rayon, Cony, Narc, Roan, Nary, Racy,
         Yarn, Corn, Cyan, Cran, Rya, Yon, Oar, Coy, Cry, Car, Cay, Can, Con, Nor,
         Nay, Any, Ray, Ran, Arc.
         Level 5:
         Dagger, Ragged, Agger, Grade, Raged, Gager, Gear, Egad, Read, Dear, Rage,
         Grad, Gage, Dreg, Drag, Dare, Aged, Egg, Rad, Gag, Gar, Gad, Dag, Era,
         Ear, Erg, Rag, Are, Age, Red.
    ~~ ART ~~
    	In Art you must box off areas of a picture by moving the left stick,
    and avoid being hit by any of the enemies which cause you to lose a life. This
    can be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it it's no problem. Just
    take it slowly, boxing off small areas at a time, and only venturing into a
    large area if you're sure you're not going to be hit. Also, the powerups are
    extremely useful so always try and get to them where possible.
    ~~ GYM ~~
    	Again, nothing particularly worth explaining for Gym. The first couple
    of classes you'll be learning some basic wrestling moves, it comes up on the
    screen what you have to do though. Secondly you're playing dodgeball. Personally
    I struggled with this, but there is a certain technique to it. First of all,
    mash Y to make sure you get posession of the ball then immediately hold A to
    take out your first guy. All going to plan the ball should bounce back off him
    so you can collect it. Run as close as you can to one of your opponents and hold
    A again to finish him off. Rinse, and repeat. If one of your opponents gets the
    ball then its easy enough to catch if he targets you, but if one your team mates
    gets targeted then you're most likely going to lose a point!
    ~~ BIOLOGY ~~
    	Now, this is in some peoples' opinions the most difficult class. However,
    others, including myself, find it extremely easy so I will do my best to explain
    the most efficient technique to the dissections.
    	So, you start off having to nail down the animal. This is where using both
    thumbsticks is most useful as it greatly increases the cursor speed, so really 
    focus and grab the nails as quickly as possible, as soon as you get to an X just
    hit A and start moving back to the tools immediately. Next when you have to peel
    back the skin, again very quickly dart over with both thumbsticks and repeat
    the same technique. For the organs, the most effective way to cut them out is to
    hold RB to steady the blade but still go round as fast as you can, just making
    sure you hit all the green dots.
    	Use this two thumbstick technique and just focus on doing everything as
    fast as you can and you should have no problems at all with this class.
    ~~ MUSIC ~~
    	Again, a problematic one for some because of the terrible registering of
    the double notes where you have to push both triggers at once. Some people have
    suggested slamming them as hard as you can or mashing them at the correct time
    helps. Personally, I find just gently pressing them in, making sure you press
    them both at EXACTLY the same time, is the most effective way to pass this
    (and of not breaking your controller! :P)
    ~~ SHOP ~~
    	Now, here we come to the most poorly coded aspect of the game without
    doubt! In this class you essentially HAVE to use a guide because if you're not
    doing the actions before they pop up, it'll fail you almost instantly. So, as
    with English, here's the answers!
         Level 1:
         LS Clockwise, Tap A, LS Anti-Clockwise.
         Level 2:
         LS Clockwise, Tap X, Tap A, LS Anti-Clockwise.
         Level 3:
         LS Clockwise, Tap A, LS Clockwise, Tap X, LS Anti-Clockwise.
         Level 4:
         LS Anti-Clockwise, Tap A, LS Clockwise, Tap X, Tap B, LS Clockwise.
         Level 5:
         Tap B, Tap Y, LS Clockwise, Tap A, LS Anti-Clockwise, Tap X, Tap B,
         LS Anti-Clockwise.
    	Again, a very easy class unless you get busted or knocked out during your
    little trips into the town. You should have no problems with this as you get on
    screen prompts about where to go and what to do and you get LOADS of time to do
    it. If you find you are short on time, remember you can always take the bus back
    to school which is instantaneous.
    ~~ GEOGRAPHY ~~
    	Now, this is where the limitations of a text based guide become most
    evident! Thanks to "blazin" from the Xbox360Achievements.org forums for these
    maps of where everything is:
         Level 1:
         Level 2:
         Level 3:
         Level 4:
         Level 5:
    ~~ MATH ~~
    	This one requires some pretty quick thinking. The first 2 levels are
    very straightforward but after that, a few people who aren't so good at math
    may struggle. So, here's the answers to levels 3, 4 and 5.
         Level 3:
         1kg = 1000g, 36 = 6 x 6, Tallest = Cathedral, 0.5 = 1/2, 360 = 180 x 2,
         Smallest = Pizza, Slowest = Snail, 16 + 10 = 26, 2 + 9 = 11, 400 = 20 x 20,
         Smallest = Snail, Biggest = Saturn, 10 - 10 + 7 = 7, Lowest = 2234,
         6 + 5 = 11, Triangles = 7, 6/18 = 1/3, 1g = 0.01kg, 17 - 11 = 6,
         2 + 7 + 2 = 11, Smallest = Whale, Fastest = Whale, 190 - 160 = 30,
         Squares = 7, 13 + 8 + 2 = 23.
         Level 4:
         Fastest = Plane, Lowest = 0.09, Triangles = 7, 49 = 57 - 8, 0.625kg = 625g,
         Circles = 8, 0 = 0 x 125, Biggest = Skyscraper, Fastest= Rocket, Shortest =
         Birdhouse, 15 - 9 = 6, Triangles = 3, Slowest = Turtle, Squares = 7,
         3000 = 50 x 60, 1 + 4 - 2 = 3, Smallest = Key, 17 + 8 = 25, 1200 = 20 x 60,
         48500g = 48.5kg.
         Level 5:
         13 + 8 + 2 = 23, Lowest= 2234, Shortest= Kennel, 2 = 9 - 7, 689g= 0.689 kg,
         Squares = 8, 8 + 6 - 3 = 11, Fastest= Plane, Triangles = 4, Highest = 33.8,
         255 = 5 x 51, 0.75 = 3/4, Biggest = Bridge, Fastest = Plane, 1.25 = 5/4,
         Slowest = Pyramid, 12 + 6 - 11 = 7, 3.14 = 31.4 x 0.1, Triangles = 7,
         7 + 7 + 3 = 17, Fastest = Rocket, Shortest= Gravestone, Biggest= Cathedral,
         1/8 = 0.125.
     ~~ 4d. RUBBER BANDS ~~                                                 [BSE07]
    	There are 75 of these bad boys scattered around the map. You may be
    thinking at first that this is one of those things they just cram into the game
    at the last minute to add a bit of extra length and just generally annoy people.
    But, no! (Well, yes, but it's not as bad.) In Bully, once you complete your
    Geography classes, the Rubber Bands are actually unlocked on your map, so you
    can find them completely of your own accord, just by looking at your map.
    Sometimes the location seems a bit general though but search the area thoroughly
    and you'll find it no bother since they glow quite obviously! Hopefully i'll
    update this guide soon with a complete list of their locations.
    	When you collect all 75 you will receive the "Rubber Band Ball" in your
    weapon wheel... it's a major disappointment to be brutally honest, but you can
    have some fun with it, and it has to be done for 100% anyway, so meh!
     ~~ 4e. G + G CARDS ~~                                                  [BSE08]
    	Again, complete your Geography classes and you'll get the locations of
    all 40 cards on your maps. These are all actually in pretty easily accessible
    places so you should have no trouble finding them. Your reward for collecting
    them all is a rather fetching G + G based costume, revel in the geeky joy. =)
     ~~ 4f. SMASHING GNOMES ~~                                              [BSE09]
    	You only have to smash 25 of these little guys, and they're all in
    gardens, making them very easy to find, in order to unlock the lovely Gnome
    outfit. Again, Geography is your friend for finding them. Most of them are in
    the Old Bullworth Vale area though.
     ~~ 4g. TRANSISTORS ~~                                                  [BSE18]
    	There are only 6 of these around the map, but again you'll find them no
    problem with your geography classes. Once you find them you have to take them
    to the hobo who lives behind the abandoned bus in the school car park. (You'll
    get a blip on your map anyway when you've got a transistor to give him).
    	This guy will teach you special fighting techniques and combos from
    "when he was in the army". They're actually very useful moves, especially the
    last couple, so learn them as early as you can in the game and it'll make the
    missions a fair bit easier!
     ~~ 4h. RACES ~~                                                        [BSE10]
    	There are 2 types of Race in Bully, Bicyle Races and Go-Kart Races. You
    must complete all of both of them to get 100%. Also, completing all of the
    Go-Kart races unlocks the rather lovely bonus of having access to the Go-Kart
    whenever you want!
    ~~ Go-Kart Races ~~
    	There are a total of 8 Go-Kart Races. They are all VERY easy, just don't
    break except at the VERY tight corners and you'll win by a considerable margin.
    The first 5 Go-Kart races are on the course at the Carnival. After that you will
    unlock another 2 races in Old Bullworth Vale, and having completed them you will
    unlock a final race in Blue Skies Industrial Park (assuming you've reached Ch 5)
    ~~ Bicycle Races ~~
    	There are a total of 14 Bicycle Races. Again, they are pretty easy. You
    may struggle with a couple but keep trying and make sure you get out to the
    front of the pack and it's pretty hard to lose unless you crash or something.
    You will unlock Bike Races in a few different locations around the map, shown
    by a little gold cup on your map. The last one begins in the actual school
    grounds, but you can't enter it until at least Chapter 5 as it goes around the
    entire map.
     ~~ 4i. JOBS ~~                                                         [BSE11]
    	The part time jobs which you can do in Bully appear as green $ signs on
    your map. They involve either mowing lawns or delivering newspapers. Both of
    these are quite fun and reward you with quite a lot of money.
    	There are 6 levels of the lawn mowing which must be completed for 100%.
    At first you will only have access to the Park area which contains 3 levels.
    After Chapter 3, the House area will unlock for lawn mowing too, which contains
    the other 3 levels.
    	There are also 6 levels of paper delivering. In each you have to deliver
    a higher number of papers up to the highest of 24, and you receive an increasing
    amount of money for each job. These are very straightforward, just hold RT or
    LT until a target appears around the mail box and then release to throw.
     ~~ 4j. ERRANDS ~~                                                      [BSE12]
    	Just... just... *sigh*
    	That is exactly how you'll feel when you have to deal with the Errands
    in this game! So, they're pretty fun, but this aspect of the game is SOOOOOOOO
    glitchy. It can be combatted, and it doesn't happen to everyone, but most will
    have some sort of problem when trying to complete all the Errands.
    	First of all, there is no set number of Errands which you have to do
    to get 100%. It seems to change from person to person, but generally speaking
    after doing everything else in the game, you will be maybe 0.3% away from
    100%, or around that. So you make up the rest of it by doing any of the 50
    errands which you haven't completed, each of which are worth 0.04%.
    	So, then comes the problem. Up till around Chapter 2 or 3, you should
    have absolutely no problem finding errands. They appear as small blue cross
    on your mini map, and to accept them from people you simply press LT + A.
    ... simple ...
    	But no! It can never be simple. Once you get a bit further in the game,
    generally around Chapter 3 you will probably find that Errands COMPLETELY stop
    showing up, and no-one knows why. Anyway, the basic technique for getting them
    to show up again is to save and restart your console as many times as it takes
    to get them to appear again.
    	I've done a fair bit of experimenting with this and it usually only
    takes one or two restarts to get them to show up, and they will continue to
    show up until you start a mission, change clothes, get busted, or anything
    like that, unless you're lucky. Also, if you load during the daytime errands
    then they seem to stop appearing around 6pm but the night time errands do
    not start appearing. So, to get night time errands to appear, you'll have to
    save and reload AT NIGHT.
    	Anyway, here's a list of all the errands so you know where you have to
    go for the ones you've not got yet.
    "Blow The Toilet"
    Given By: Sheldon
    Location: Outside Boy's Bathroom In The School
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Bog Roll"
    Given By: Vance
    Location: Boy's Bathroom In The School
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Bog Roll 2"
    Given By: Max
    Location: Boy's Bathroom In The School
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    Given By: Christy
    Location: School Parking Lot
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
    "Egg The Boys' Dorm"
    Given By: Karen
    Location: In Front Of Girls' Dorm
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
    "Egg The Girls' Dorm"
    Given By: Constantino
    Location: In Front Of Boys' Dorm
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
    "Escort Algie"
    Given By: Algernon
    Location: Second Floor Of School
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Fire Alarm"
    Given By: Sheldon
    Location: School, Main Foyer
    Time: 8:00 -> 4:30
    "Locker Stuff"
    Given By: Casey
    Location: First Floor Of School
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    Given By: Gloria
    Location: School, Main Foyer
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Secret Admirer"
    Given By: Constantino
    Location: First Floor Of School
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Secret Admirer 2"
    Given By: Melody
    Location: First Floor Of School
    Available: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Takin' Out The Trash"
    Given By: Pedro
    Location: Between Fountain And Main Building
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    ** "Detective Jimmy"			 **
    ** Given By: Monson			 **
    ** Location: In Front Of Town Hall	 **
    ** Time: 8:00 -> 19:00			 **
    "Free Drugs"
    Given By: Handy
    Location: Near Easy Drugs Store
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Lost Dog"
    Given By: Mr. Bambillo
    Location: Near The Comic Shop
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Lost Dog 2"
    Given By: Bethany
    Location: Near The Tunnel To Greaser Area
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Lost Jacket"
    Given By: Algernon
    Location: Near The Police Station
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Stolen Bike"
    Given By: Tobias
    Location: Near The Bike Shop
    Time: 8:00 -> 24:00
    "Thank You For Not Smoking"
    Given By: Ivanovich
    Location: Gas Station
    Time: 8:00 -> 24:00
    "Water Balloons"
    Given By: Otto
    Location: A Rooftop Near The Bike Shop
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    ** "Weird Hobo"				 **
    ** Given By: Handy			 **
    ** Location: Near The Comic Shop	 **
    ** Time: 8:00 -> 19:00			 **
    "Balancing Act"
    Given By: Pedro
    Location: On The Large Pier
    Time: 8:00 -> 21:00
    "Bullworth Vale Tag"
    Given By: Casey
    Location: Bullworth Vale Gardens
    Time: 8:00 -> 21:00
    "Coming Attractions"
    Given By: Mr. Sullivan
    Location: Near Souvenir Tent, In The Carnival
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Crab Traps"
    Given By: Mr. Martin
    Location: Near The Large Pier
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    ** "Fast Food"				 **
    ** Given By: Mr. Huntington		 **
    ** Location: Around Fast Food Restaurant **
    ** Time: 8:00 -> 19:00			 **
    "Goin' Postal"
    Given By: Mr. Svenson
    Location: Bullworth Vale Gardens
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Great Escape"
    Given By: Mrs. Lisburn
    Location: Happy Endings Retirement Home
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
    "Lost Teddy Bear"
    Given By: Karen
    Location: On The Beach, Near The Gym
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    Given By: Pedro
    Location: On The Large Pier
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    ** "Swim Meet"				  **				
    ** Given By: Justin			  **
    ** Location: On The Beach, Near Lighthouse**
    ** Time: 8:00 -> 19:00    		  **
    "The Widow"
    Given By: Mrs. Lisburn
    Location: Happy Endings Retirement Home
    Time: 8:00 -> 23:00
    "Egg The Tenements"
    Given By: Justin
    Location: Near Spazz Warehouse
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
    "Escort Service 2"
    Given By: Christy
    Location: Near Yum Yum Market
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
    "Help The Elderly"
    Given By: Miss Abby
    Location: Near Final Cut Barbers
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
    Given By: Buckingham
    Location: Near Barber Shop
    Time: 17:00 -> 23:00
    "New Coventry Tag"
    Given By: Otto
    Location: Near The Train Bridge
    Time: 17:00 -> 23:00
    "Rat Infestation"
    Given By: Morrison
    Location: In Front Of Tenements
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Spazz Delivery"
    Given By: Salvatore
    Location: Near Spazz Warehouse
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Tag Proof"
    Given By: Ivanovich
    Location: Near Bridge To BSIP
    Time: 17:00 -> 23:00
    "Tenement Fires"
    Given By: Morrison
    Location: In Front Of Tenements
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Vehicular Vandalism"
    Given By: Vance
    Location: Near Yum Yum Market
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
    "Cable Guy"
    Given By: Mr. Castillo
    Location: Near Spencer Shipping Warehouse
    Time: 17:00 -> 21:00
    "Greasy Eggs"
    Given By: Otto
    Location: Near Spazz Industries
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Loons On The Loose"
    Given By: Gregory
    Location: Front Of The Asylum
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Lost Cargo"
    Given By: McInnes
    Location: Around The Docks Area
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Rat Poison"
    Given By: Mr. Buckingham
    Location: Around The Docks Area
    Time: 8:00 -> 17:00
    "Shipping And Receiving"
    Given By: Mr. Castillo
    Location: Near Save House
    Time: 8:00 -> 19:00
    "Vehicular Vandalism 2"
    Given By: Otto
    Location: Near Wonder Meats Warehouse
    Time: 19:00 -> 23:00
     ~~ 4k. CLOTHES ~~                                                      [BSE13]
    	There are a total of 335 clothing items to be obtained through the
    course of the game, most of which can be bought in the various shops which are
    as follows:
    	- Aquaberry In Old Bullworth Vale
    	- Shop On The Ground Floor Of The School
    	- Shop In Bullworth Town
    	- Shop Inside Final Cut Barbers In New Coventry
    	- Souvenir Tent At The Carnival
    	Once you buy all the clothes from the stores, you will receive
    the rather tacky gold suit, adding the last items to your inventory. The only
    item of clothing which is not mandatory for 100% is the prison outfit which
    is obtained by doing detention at school, but you can get it if you like!
     ~~ 4l. YEARBOOK PHOTOS ~~                                              [BSE14]
    	After completing Level 2 Art, you will unlock the ability to take
    photos of the students for the yearbook. You must take photo of all 61 of the
    students to get 100%. This sounds difficult and intimidating at first but it is
    actually a lot easier than it sounds. As you play through the game, simply take
    photos of all the students you come across and your yearbook will fill up in
    no time at all, if you are having trouble with a particular person, check the
    list below to see what clique they belong to and then head to that specific
    clique's hideout and you will find them without too much trouble. Note, there is
    no point in complaining about having missed certain people until you have
    completed the games missions as you get a few people, such as the leaders of 
    the cliques automatically as you progress.
    	I've had a great tip e-mailed to me on how to get the guys pictures
    very easily. Thanks to "Russell Van Halm" for this one:
    	"[An] easy way to get alot of guys in the yearbook very quickly, pull 
    the fire alarm in the guys dorm at night. Just about every male student is 
    represented here. I stood by the door and started clicking photos. I was only 
    missing Ray at the time, but still, got him on my first pull."
         *Stars donate the clique's leader.*
         Algernon, Beatrice, Bucky, Cornelius, Donald, *Earnest*, Fatty, Melvin,
         Hal, *Johnny*, Lefty, Lola, Lucky, Norton, Peanut, Ricky, Vance.
         Bif, Chad, *Derby*, Gord, Justin, Parker, Pinky, Tad.
         Bo, Casey, Damon, Dan, Juri, Kirby, Luis, Mandy, *Ted*.
         Davis, Ethan, *Russell*, Tom, Trent, Troy, Wade.
         Young Students:
         Angie, Constantino, Gloria, Gordon, Ivan, Karen, Lance, Melody, Pedro,
         Petey, Sheldon.
         No Clique:
         Bryce, Christy, Eunice, Gary, Jimmy, Ray, Trevor, Zoe.
     ~~ 4m. MISCELLANEOUS ~~                                                [BSE15]
    	This is all the minor things and small tasks which you have to also
    complete in order to get 100%, most of them are just small things which are
    pretty straightforward and won't require much explanation.
    	Exactly what it says on the tin. If you go to the Boxing Gym in
    Bullworth Vale you will find a mission marker next to the ring, step in this
    and press Y to begin the boxing missions. When you start getting pitted against
    a random opponent, as the game puts it, then you've done enough.
    	There are 3 carnival rides which you can go on. The rollercoaster, the
    Ferris Wheel and the Octopus. Ride each one once.
    	You also have to play each of the Carnival sideshows at least once,
    these are the little games scattered around such as the Shooting Range.
    	I didn't realise when I first created this guide but you have to in 
    fact WIN each of the carnival games, as they do add a considerable percentage
    increase, particularly "Strike Out".
    	This works slightly different from the regular shops, in that you don't
    spend money, you spend tickets which you have earned from the sideshows. After
    you have completed Photography 5 you gain double tickets from the Carnival so
    you can wait until then to do this. The fastest way to get enough tickets is
    by playing the strength game where you have to tap A in order to hit the bell,
    this takes about 10 seconds a time and gets you 6 tickets. If you're very good
    at the shooting gallery, however, you can get 40 tickets a pop, but that takes
    a good bit longer, and is much harder to do well in.
    	This is, really, included in the clothing task, but I felt it had to be
    mentioned here. If you fail any 3 classes you will receive a special item of
    clothing. It doesn't matter if you've already passed all levels of all classes,
    you can still repeat level 5 and fail it as many times as you need.
    	Again, this will get you a special item of clothing. You will find fire
    alarms all over the school campus. The easiest way to get this is to stand in
    the boys dorm, pull the alarm, wait for it to stop ringing, then pull it again
    and continue. It's easiest in the boys dorm as there are no authority figures
    to bust you.
    	Self explanatory. You'll probably get at least 2 of these in just playing
    through the game, but if not it's easy enough just to run/skate/cycle around
    until you get it. For an easy way to get the Skateboard one, simply skitch the
    back of a car and watch TV or read a book for a while, as this still counts as
    skateboarding. (Remember you'll pass out at 2am though).
    	You only have to get the top score on Consumo, Monkey Fling and Nutshots,
    NOT the racing games. This can be a pretty tricky thing to do at first, but they
    are all the kind of games where if you keep practicing you'll eventually get it
    pretty easily. You'll likely manage each top score within 5 tries, it can get
    extremely frustrating sometimes though.
    	You can find all 3 arcade machines in the Souvenir tent at the carnival.
    	You have to complete each of these once, and they're very easy. You'll
    find the Penalty Shootout game just outside the Gym & Swimming Pool buildings.
    You'll find the Keep Ups game at the edge of the football field, on the way
    to the observatory.
    ~~ BUY 500 SODAS ~~
    	Just head to any Yum Yum market and repeatedly tap A on a Soda. At 100
    they'll say they're out of stock but just exit and enter again. Rinse, and
    repeat until you have 500. Easy. =)
    	These will be scattered around the campus at Halloween, but if you miss
    them then (as most people do), they can all be found conveniently in one area
    in the school basement. There's a small door around the side of the school to
    get to the basement.
    	These will also be around the campus at Halloween, but again if you miss
    them you can get them later. These are located in the warehouse in Blue Skies
    Industrial Park. If you don't know where this is, you and Zoe go there during
    a mission so you can get them then.
    	This guy caused a fair few problems for some people, again down to glitches.
    His location is on the small island, which if you look at your map, you will
    see right at the south end of the map. You will see a small yellow area which
    indicates the beach which he is on. Swim over here and beat him up to get an
    extra clothing item and some all important completion percentage! If he isn't
    there at first, save your game and restart as many times as it takes for him to
    show up!
    	Once you unlock tagging you will see markers on the walls everywhere
    you go. Go to the clique's specific areas or just general areas like the outside
    of the school and spray a tag insulting each clique for this.
     ~~ 4n. ROOM TROPHIES ~~                                                [BSE20]
    	Strictly speaking, you don't have to obtain all of the trophies in
    order to get 100%, which is why I didn't include it in the checklist. However,
    in the course of completing the checklist, you will obtain all 40 trophies, but
    just for interests sake, here's a list of all 40 of them! In order starting
    from the door, heading in a clockwise direction round the room.
    1.  Worn Shirt				21. Venus Flytrap
    2.  Paper Delivery Ribbon		22. G + G Character Sheets
    3.  Chinstrap				23. Picture Of Ms. Phillips
    4.  Rock Poster				24. Car Poster
    5.  Planet Mobile			25. V For Victory Poster
    6.  Bullworth Crest			26. Leather Jacket
    7.  Picture Of Lola			27. Bike Race Trophy
    8.  Picture Of Pinky			28. Abacus
    9.  Picture Of Beatrice			29. Standard Trophy
    10. Stolen Panties			30. Halloween Gravestone
    11. Picture Of Mandy			31. Halloween Pumpkin
    12. Picture Of Zoe			32. Stuffed Bear
    13. Skeleton				33. Grim Reaper
    14. Art Set				34. Garden Gnome
    15. Globe				35. Orderly Uniform
    16. Boxing Gloves			36. Football Top
    17. Burnt Banner			37. Dodgeball
    18. Steering Wheel			38. Rat In A Jar
    19. Bike Frame				39. Cowbell
    20. "BUSTED!" Picture			40. Blue Skies Poster
     ~~ 5. ACHIEVEMENTS ~~                                                  [BSE16]
    	Most of the achievements aren't actually necessary to get 100% in the
    game but a lot of 360 players are pretty obsessed with their gamerscore so this
    is for you guys! Obviously, 1000 points are available, so here's how to get 'em
    ~~ TOUR DE BULLWORTH (25 G) ~~
    	Pretty self-explanatory. Travel 100km on your bike. If you used your
    bike a reasonable amount then you'll probably get this as you play through the
    game, otherwise just cycle around the map until it unlocks!
    	Complete all of the missions. If you qualify for this achievement, your
    "Missions Completed" statistic should be at 76. If it's not, you've missed
    ~~ GRADUATE (40 G) ~~
    	Complete Chapter 5 of the game.
    ~~ SHARP DRESSED MAN (25 G) ~~
    	Collect 250 articles of clothing. Doesn't matter if you buy them or get
    them from missions etc, just get that number.
    ~~ MOMMA'S BOY (25 G) ~~
    	Complete a total of 30 errands. See earlier in the guide for more
    information on errands.
    ~~ SKATE PRO (25 G) ~~
    	Travel 50km on your skateboard. This can be obtained easily by skitching
    (press Y) on the back of a car and then doing something else for a while.
    Remember you pass out at 2am but just get up the next morning and do the same
    thing, shouldn't take long to unlock the achievement.
    ~~ THE CHAMPION (20 G) ~~
    	Win all bike races, see earlier in the guide for more information on
    the bike races and where they are.
    ~~ POLE POSITION (20 G) ~~
    	Win all go-kart races, see earlier in the guide for more information on
    the go-kart races and where they are.
    ~~ SENIOR (20 G) ~~
    	Complete Chapter 4 of the game.
    ~~ GREEN THUMBS UP (20 G) ~~
    	Pick a total of 50 flowers. These can be found in front of the library
    and the girls' dorm. You can only carry a maximum of 10 flowers at any one
    time but you can give them away to boys or girls in order to pick more.
    ~~ DUAL NEBULA (20 G) ~~
    	Get the high score in Consumo, Nut Shots and Monkey Fling arcade games.
    See earlier in the guide for more information on this.
    ~~ DOWN FOR THE COUNT (20 G) ~~
    	Knock out 200 people. Usually easier to do this on students. Most likely,
    unless you've been extremely passive, you'll unlock this in the course of just
    playing through the game.
    ~~ OVER THE RAINBOW (20 G) ~~
    	Kiss 20 guys. Simple enough, kiss 20 guys. The most common guys around
    campus who are kissable are Trent, the blonde bully with a white shirt and
    Cornelius, the dark haired nerd with trousers pulled up to his chest. Give
    them a bunch of flowers and they'll happily make out with you.
    ~~ JUNIOR (20 G) ~~
    	Complete Chapter 3 of the game.
    ~~ MARATHON (25 G) ~~
    	Pretty self explanatory, travel 100km on foot. Easily achievable just
    from playing through the game.
    ~~ GLASS DISMISSED (25 G) ~~
    	This is one for the perseverers, smash 300 bottles in the shooting
    range side show at the Carnival. No real strategy, just pay your $2 and keep
    shooting bottles. It doesn't take as long as you might think.
    ~~ THE WHEEL DEAL (25 G) ~~
    	Perform 200 wheelies on a bike. This can be obtained pretty quickly,
    just pull down on the left stick until he does a wheelie, then immediately
    let go. Repeat this 200 times, 25G, hooray!
    ~~ LITTLE ANGEL (20 G) ~~
    	Complete a total of 20 errands. See earlier in the guide for more
    information on errands.
    ~~ WATCH YOUR STEP (20 G) ~~
    	Trip 25 people with marbles. Easy enough to get, just get a bag of
    marbles, which can be bough from the comic store or found behind the abandoned
    bus at the school. Then, pick a fight with someone and get them chasing you.
    Throw down some marbles, run to the other side, and repeat until you've
    tripped them 25 times! 
    	UPDATE: Thanks to "merciless melo" (Xbox Live GT) for an alternative
    suggestion to complete this. Simply throw bags of marbles all over the halls
    of the boys dorm, pull the fire alarm and watch the chaos ensue!
    ~~ EGGSELLENT! (20 G) ~~
    	Easy enough, egg 25 cars. Just throw them anywhere at the car, doesn't
    have to be the windscreen. It has to be 25 different cars though, you can't
    just throw 25 eggs at one car.
    ~~ SMELL YA LATER (25 G) ~~
    	Hit 50 people with stink bombs. Not much to explain here, just throw
    stink bombs at people, wait for the cloud to clear, then throw another. If you
    catch 2 or 3 people in the cloud, it counts as that many hits, so that's pretty
    nice of it!
    ~~ SKIDMARK (25 G) ~~
    	Give 50 wedgies. Run up behind any guy, hold LT and press B to administer
    a wedgie. Run around the campus doing this and you'll get it in no time.
    ~~ KICKIN' THE BALLS (20 G) ~~
    	Kick 100 Soccer balls... or the same one 100 times. Get a ball into a
    tight area such as the alley behind the boys dorms to do this a bit quicker.
    ~~ BLACK & WHITE & READ ALL OVER (20 G) ~~
    	Complete all paper route jobs. See earlier in the guide for more info
    on the jobs.
    ~~ SOPHOMORE (20 G) ~~
    	Complete Chapter 2 of the game.
    ~~ GREEN THUMB (20 G) ~~
    	Complete all lawn mowing jobs. See earlier in the guide for more info
    on the jobs.
    ~~ SMART MOUTH (25 G) ~~
    	Say 100 taunts. (Press LB and B to say a taunt) Just spam this on a
    knocked out foe or the school secretary to get this easily.
    ~~ HELPING HAND (20 G) ~~
    	Complete a total of 10 errands. See earlier in the guide for more
    information on errands.
    ~~ CASANOVA (20 G) ~~
    	Kiss a girl 25 times. Give a girl flowers so she'll want to kiss you,
    do this 25 times for t
    he achievement.
    ~~ SODA'LICIOUS (20 G) ~~
    	Buy 100 cans of Beam Cola from machines or Yum Yum Markets.
    ~~ SPEED FREAK (20 G) ~~
    	Complete 1/2 of all go-kart races. See earlier in the guide for more
    information on the go-kart races.
    ~~ BOY GENIUS (30 G) ~~
    	Complete 9 seperate levels of classes.
    ~~ IT'S ALL IN THE WRISTS (20 G) ~~
    	Complete all 4 Carnival games once. See earlier in the guide for more
    information on the carnival games.
    ~~ FRESHMAN (20 G) ~~
    	Complete Chapter 1 of the game.
    ~~ TEACHER'S PET (20 G) ~~
    	Complete 6 seperate levels of classes.
    ~~ AFTER HOURS (20 G) ~~
    	Spend a total of 5 hours out after curfew. Curfew is 11 O'clock and
    you can accumulate this over a number of days, it doesn't have to be done in
    one night, which would in fact be impossible.
    ~~ KEENER (20 G) ~~
    	Complete 3 sepearate levels of classes.
    ~~ PERFECTIONIST (125 G) ~~
    	The big boy, for which this guide was created. Do everything, see
    everything and get everything to unlock this achievement!
     ~~ 6. CONCLUSION ~~                                                    [BSE18]
    	So there we have it folks! If you've followed this guide to the letter
    you SHOULD (bar any nasty glitches) have 100% and all 1000/1000 Gamer Points.
    If you don't and you know why, please let me know in an email as it is of course
    quite possible that I could have missed something out by mistake.
    	Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my guide, a lot of hours went into it and
    a lot of A4 paper scribbling notes etc, but it's done now so feel free to let
    me know if you liked it. =)
    	Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!
                     Copyright Fraser Boag 2008, All Rights Reserved.

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