How do I beat Supreme Hunter?

  1. So the Supreme hunter is a biznatch and I can't seem to beat him. Currently I'm in my armor with the blade running around while the military shoots at him xD

    User Info: BloodSerenade

    BloodSerenade - 8 years ago

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  1. Make sure you've fully upgraded muscle mass and have the charge throw. Pick up the missiles, bombs, or helicopters and grab them and charge throw them at the supreme hunter. It took me a couple of times too figure it out but its easy when you get the attack down.

    User Info: zking1

    zking1 - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. Find the highest the highest location you can and use the whipfist. Hold Y and use it as many times as it takes and it should die fairly easy...

    User Info: marine_cap

    marine_cap - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Honestly I used muscle mass.

    Sprint -> Grab something -> Charge throw

    Rinse wash repeat... But you can have some fun with him and punch him or kick him a few times too :D

    User Info: StRiKel2

    StRiKel2 - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. Yeah, I just kept running around and chucking random stuff at him. The only reason for that is no matter how much I try Alex's attacks don't stun any leader hunters or the big ass hunter. That's a very crappy aspect of this game. My attacks don't really do a damn thing this far in the game.

    User Info: FCooper1989

    FCooper1989 - 8 years ago 0 0
  4. Give him the one two with the blade then diveroll at the right time to avoid damage, and tendril crit mass point blank

    User Info: Koopa__Troopa

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  5. Blade untill half health, then hijack a tank/apc. I found this especially easy becuase you consume the people inside for health, then fire untill the tank is destroyed and quickly run to the next tank.

    User Info: KyleFromSP

    KyleFromSP - 8 years ago 0 1
  6. I agree with the tank: I abused the Groundspike until the tanks showed up, and then used tanks against it. The tank weapons do plenty of damage to the Supreme Hunter, you shouldn't have any trouble after you start using them.

    User Info: FNLdestinati0n

    FNLdestinati0n - 8 years ago 0 1
  7. If you've upgraded the blade to have the air slash ability, then 2 or 3 fully charged air slashes kills it but if you want to consume it, then use only 2. Air slash is where you try to slice him in two.

    User Info: azmi3000

    azmi3000 - 8 years ago 0 0
  8. If it's the first supreme hunter, I just ran around and threw stuff at him 'til the Military showed up, and helped myself to their tanks.

    If it's the second, eat soldiers and spam Critical Pain.

    User Info: The_Yam_King

    The_Yam_King - 8 years ago 0 0
  9. To beat the supreme hunter, last boss, effectively.

    Fully upgrade the Hammer fist power until you have the final power - hammer toss.

    1) Target the final boss and switch to Hammer fist; run around the ship and hit him with hammer toss. About 2 or 3 successful hits with the hammer toss will stunt the boss.

    2) Grab him while he's stunt while hammering on the X button until he throws you off.

    3)He will then proceed to do a Devastator move, is best to run away as soon as he throws you off the grapple, maybe toss a few rockets at him while he's charging the move but it's not important.

    4)Repeat until dead.

    The beauty of this strategy is that you never stop moving which makes you hard to hit, in fact you can beat him without getting hit even once. It's also better to switch to "shield" as opposed to "armor" since shield makes you more agile. However any variation of the above strategy would ensure a dead supreme hunter, I guarantee it!

    User Info: FaithIsIgnorant

    FaithIsIgnorant - 8 years ago 0 0
  10. The most popular strategies against both forms seem to be the following:

    1) Consume soldiers/infected and spam the (Air) Critical Pain devastator. This takes off a significant fraction of his health, about 6 or so will kill him on Normal.

    2) Activate Musclemass and throw objects at him. Helicopters are highly effective againt the last boss.

    3) Run around and use Charged Whipfist attacks.

    All are relatively safe as you never stop moving and aren't required to get close to him (hence the devastators in the second fight are no problem). Note that for #1 you do need to stop to consume (Y). For #2 and 3 both whipfist and MM throw can be charged and released in midair, and both objects and people can be grabbed while sprinting. The main thing is to keep moving at all times; once you're used to it, the first fight is actually a little harder as other hunters will sometimes rush you, while the military tends to focus on the SH unless you bother them a lot.

    User Info: blue_devil_99

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  11. I did the same with armor and blade and beat him,you gotta move. You cant just go to town on him and expect to beat him that fast. I did get hit a couple of times. Once hes stunnded grapple and keep pressing x still her throws you off.

    User Info: RavenX08

    RavenX08 - 8 years ago 0 0
  12. All you guys who said anything OTHER than whipfist - have clearly not tried USING whipfist. I was having to much trouble, but had beat him a few times.. On the harder difficulty I just kept dying, till I read someone suggesting whipfist. When I tried that, I just kicked his a** in like 1 minute or something ridiculously fast like that. If you *havent* TRIED whipfist - I suggest you at least give it a try! -- The main heavy attack stuns him for a moment with each hit, so you can generally continue whacking him if you start from a decent distance - until you hit him enough times to stun him. After you grab and pummel him - run the heck away since he'll do his tendril attack, then just rinse, repeat, as they say on the shampoo bottles. ;)

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  13. Well there are about a thousand ways to kill him, all of them rather hard ~_~ but i found the easiest solution was simply rolling away every time he swiped at me, and smashing at him with hammerfist + armour :D then as soon as he's stunned, grab and beat. If you get low on health run + grab a few soldiers and eat them WHILE targeting the big guy (so you know if hes chasing your ass)

    User Info: chili_and_rice

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  14. First you need glide, then alot of health and sprint speed. Ok when it starts its just u,him and one lost zombie ... then run around throwing stuff at him. NOTE= only do this when you have a clear view of that hunter. Then his friends the mini hunters, minions and that long sticky thing out of the ground. And then your team comes. NOTE= do not attack the military, as it could lead to both of them fighting you. Then glide around looking for rocket launchers and shoot that big piece of vomit. After a while hijack the tanks and shoot launchers at the big guy ... he should destroy your tank after 4-5 shots. If your passed most of his life then start jumping and gliding around high sides. This prevents from that fat thing to throw rocks at you. After a while, return to finding rocket launchers. It should be at the base of the two small towers. After a while his life will slowly decrease. And he will eventually die.... then enjoy EP and short cutscene.

    User Info: VarmanGuna

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  15. Switch 2 your blade and attack him after he does and once he is stunned grab him and press x like CRAZY, then he'll throw you (with no damage) ,when you ever get critical mass, use critical pain devestator (x+b) on him,it will do heavy damage 2 him. NOTE:once the military start 2 abandon ship because of the bomb,give him EVERYTHING you got until he dies,there r also a few soldiers lyin around in case you're low on health,don't wait 4 your regenerate boost 2 kick in he'll follow you where ever you go and kill you.

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  16. yea i just throw **** with muscle mass,grab a heli hold b 2 do good damage then grab a missle hold b 2 make it heat seekin missle :P then when hes stunnded DONT GET ON HIM YET think about it hes stunned and he cant hurt u might as well get a few free hits use blade hit him a few times THEN grab him use muscle mass and hit the x button 2 hit his head

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  17. If ur talkin about the 1st time u c it same thing cept no helis or missles 2 throw

    User Info: 2perninja

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