How do I kill mutated elizabeth green?

  1. I try using devistator attacks but whenever i get close to her she attacks me. shes unavoidable. help needed

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    ShAdOwGaMeR123 - 8 years ago

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  1. The tank method actually works better and i recommend it.

    User Info: zankthetank10

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  1. there are many ways to do that. I got to a high building, equiped the Hammerfist, then just kept elbow slamming the limbs, then when she was downed I just equiped my sword and attack as much as possible, repeat the process till she's dead.
    P.S. If you want you can hijack a helicopter and shoot at her till she's dead...

    User Info: MidwayWuzzupman

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  2. 1 Hijack everything u see (its easier to use tank to depleting her 3 bars health)
    2 Out of health? lure hunters to high building (so greene stup!d green orbs didn't hit u)
    3 Shield is better than armor (u need to glide, seriously, to escape her orbs and her attacks)
    4 attack her from above (u won't survive more than 4 minutes attacking her on ground axcept using tank)
    a use the blade( hold y)
    b use devastator (hold x+y or another dev)
    c throw something hard with musclemass
    (if u attack from ground, keep running)
    5 what ever u do DON'T FIGHT NEAR HER (wanna know? try it)

    Its easier to kill her 3 tentacle(3healthbar) using tank

    User Info: Head_shooters

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  3. My tactic was very easy and simple. Beat her with it on Hard Mode very easily.

    The entire time Elizabeth's arms are out... use Whipfist + Armor and always stay locked on to her.
    1. Hop to the side of a building and run up it til you gain enough height. Then jump off of the building and double-dash over Elizabeth.
    2. As you're hovering over Elizabeth, charge the (Y) attack. It does a good amount of damage.
    3. Repeat this over and over and don't worry about any of her attacks hitting you since you'll be avoiding all of her attacks by flying above her in the air.

    Once she's stunned.
    1. Switch to Blade and turn off Armor.
    2. Jump and use the charged (Y) attack.
    3. Repeat until she burrows underground.
    4. Collect HP orbs and avoid enemies until she comes back up.
    5. Repeat from (*****) and you'll defeat her.

    And of course always be sure to jump the hell away from her as fast as you can whenever the screen turns black and white. Also, if you're low on health, hide from her behind a building and consume random Infected civilians.

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  4. There are many ways to do this, but here is the basic way you take down Green.

    1. Take out the tenticle and Spin/Neck thing. (They have small little health bars underneath Green's healthbar.
    2. Attack Green while head of the giant mutation is down. Keep attacking until small cut scene where head goes underground.
    3. Wash rince repeat.

    You can use what ever you can get your hands on. Tanks are the best way to attack here sence they have high defence and they can't really go out of the fighting area as you highjack them. If you are low on health, climb on top of the nearest building and absorb any of the hunters that follow. Last but not least, do not worry about the military, they will not pay any attention to you.

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  5. To take down her three arm/neck things just keep bouncing around her and hitting her with the whipfist using the Y attack. Then as soon as she lets you attack her equip the blade and just keep on swinging at her.
    If you run low on health run into one of the streets where you can't get hit by Greene and start consuming everyone you see.
    When bouncing around Greene make sure you dont get caught under any of the overhangs since you could very well be hit by her devestator or any of her other attacks.
    Be careful when she charges her devestator as she often tries to throw rocks at you right when she unleashes it.
    That's pretty much it,just keep on damaging her and she will eventually go down,focus on surviving since there's only one checkpoint in the fight.

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  6. Here's a few methods for you to try out:

    Notes for all methods:
    You may need to do this quite a lot. This is easiest done by hiding behind a distant building and consuming lesser infected. Either that or getting to the top of HIGH buildings and defeating/consuming hunters.
    Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive andDodge;
    Whenever you aren't hiding BE MOVING! Use every movement skill you've purchased to date to stay clear of attacks.
    Don't be stingy;
    If you haven't got all upgrades available at this point then WHAT ARE YA DOIN'!? Seriously, Hammer yerself full of evolution points and BUY EVERYTHING YOU CAN UP UNTIL NOW!

    These are tricky to land but it's by far the quickest way to take her down... it's a sort of high risk-high yield strategy;
    NB: this is so much easier if you have purchased all health and critical mass upgrades AND the air-graveyard spike devastator.
    1) Get health and critical mass to full. Just use the healing method explained at the beginning until you're at full.
    2) JUST south-west of Greene is a set of 3 signs that can protect you from the glowing green projectiles. hang back there until a set has slammed into the signs.
    3) Run around the corner, lock onto Green and jump at her.
    4) Charge the air-graveyard spike devastator (or another if you don't have this yet... but surely that's not the case!?).
    5) If you're lucky you'll charge the devastator and start groundward just before she unleashes the next barrage of projectiles.
    6) If you weren't too far away when you jumped you'll land right next to her and slam the spikes through her... SERIOUS damage to the three health bars.
    7) GET BACK BEHIND THOSE FREAKIN' SIGNS and repeat from step 2 until your critical mass is AAAAAALL gone.
    8) If you weren't back behing the signs quick enough and you've taken too many hits, or you've gone and finished off all of your critical mass, then go back to step one until the three health bars below her main one are gone.
    9) Once those tentacles are gone and Greene slams to the deck equip Blade and start spamming her with hits from the X-combo. If you're really lucky you'll still have a little critical mass left over. If this is the case then hit her with another groundspike before slicing her with blade.
    10) Go to 1.

    This can take a while but it's the safest to Mercer's health bar.
    1) Loiter around until the military bring in their tanks/'copters (irritate them into calling in strike teams if necessary)
    2) Hijack said vehicle.
    3) Hurl every frikkin' shell in the thing at her while trying to avoid too much damage to the vehicle.
    4) When the vehicle is inevitable destroyed, heal up any health you may have lost.
    5) If you wish you can slice Greene with devastators/Blade once you've tanked her into semi consciousness.
    6) Go to 1.

    This is a compromise method. If you're quick on your controller you can take her down without even needing a single vehicle or devastator. With this method you shouldn't even need to worry about her most damaging ground-based attacks.
    Works best if you have the Hammerfist Elbow Drop or the Blade Drop.
    Needless to say that with this method you may need to heal up fairly often... you should know how to do that by now!
    1) Equip either Hammerfist or Blade.
    2) Run up as high a building as you can near Greene.
    3) If you're using Hammerfist then lock onto Greene and press Y to do the elbow drop. If using Blade then jump from the building, airdash/glide above her and THEN press Y to do the Blade Drop. Charge the attack up if there's time.
    4) if you're lucky enough you'll drop through the projectile orbs and slam her for SERIOUS damage.
    6) Once she falls over just slam her with Blade or any devastators you have the time/health for.

    If you can't take her down with one of these methods it might be time to set it to an eaiser setting and start again... just until you get the hang of it a little more.

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  7. 1.) Armor and claws for the three little bars of health- using strong attack since it can do damage to multiple parts, keep moving until you find an opportunity to strike.
    2.)Rush in and attack when downed, use whatever attack you like along with whatever weapon you want.
    3.) Once she pulls herself underground collect hp she dropped and prep for next round.
    4.) Low on hp in battle, get on the highest building you can find to avoid Greene's orbs and consume some hunters while your'e at it.
    5.) Repeat from step 1.

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  8. Came her for answers now ended up answering the damn question..forget tips shown on loading screen..the orbs greene throws will not give u enough time to charge devastators and hunters attack you not on buildings but ground as well.

    This is how i did it.
    just by completing story missions so far u will have gained airstrike ability.make sure u have army disguise.
    then target green and hide behind a building with black slotted in the strikes .meanwhile use whipfist to consume smallones and hopefully have a devastator attack..mostly the air ground spike works best.
    and if u happen to attract armys attention just get a heli and place urself in a narrow opening between buildings and fire away the missiles.
    once greenes down with no tentacles..get over head and drop from heli for spike devastator.
    repeat as many times as required mostly 2 times.

    Just time ur attacks right.i completed in hard setting under 12mins on 21st may.2016

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