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    Lu Bu by Takuto88

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lu Bu FAQ by Takuto88 (Mad.Dog.Sawamura@gmail.com)
    Dynasty Warriors 6 / Shin Sangoku Musou 5
    Version 1.0 2/27/08
    Version 1.01 3/1/08
     Added Lvl requirement for 2nd costume.
     Added Grapple attacks for X and Y
    Table of Contents
    1.     Introductions
    2.     Character Bio and Why to use
    3.     Unlocking
    4.     Move Set and skills
    5.     Weapons
    6.     Pros and Cons
    7.     Musou Modes
    8.     Different Models & Stats
    9.     Credits
    10.    Copyrights
    11.    Contacts
    1.  Introduction
    Hello this is Takuto88 and this would be my first FAQ on gamefaqs.  This FAQ
    is on the character Lu Bu in the game Dynasty Warriors 6 or Shin Sangoku
    Musou 5 for the Xbox 360.  This FAQ is being written based on experiences 
    that I have had playing the game and also from past experiences as I have 
    played every Dynasty Warriors game created so far (not gloating or anything
    plus kinda makes me feel lame for actually buying the same game 6 times).  
    So please enjoy and I hope that you enjoy this FAQ on one of most memorable 
    characters in the Dynasty Warriors franchise.
    2.  Character Bio and Why to use
    ? - 198
    The mighty Lu Bu.  He was skilled in all the martial arts, especially archery
    and horseback riding.  It was often said "Among men, Lu Bu...  Among Horses,
    Red Hare..."  Red Hare could gallop 1000 leagues in a single day and Lu Bu
    burnished his fabled spear.  Loyal only to himself, he cut down his own
    adopted father, Ding Yuan, and joined Dong Zhuo, only to later betray him as
             ^(Taken straight out of the Encyclopedia in the game)^
    Lu Bu has changed a bit since last being seen.  Now he is clad in full black
    armor with 2 long red feathers attached to his helmet.  He also gains a new
    weapon (why they ditched the sky piercing halberd i dunno) which are now 2
    smaller halberds with 2 blades on each side.  They are connectable to form a
    cross which must be uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time.  Other
    than that still the same old Lu Bu with his usual "Come fight me and your
    going to get your ass handed to you BIG TIME" attitude.
    Why you would want to use Lu Bu?  Question should be WHY NOT?!  I'm pretty
    sure everyone has though of becoming a large warrior clad in black that
    everyone in the land fears and can kill without warning.  Also cause so far
    he's my only general whose stats are 1000/1000 (life, defense,etc.).  Plus
    his new weapon is pretty interesting.  Maybe next DW they should just give
    him a giant suit of armor with laser cannons and rocket launchers.
    3.  Unlocking
    Lu Bu being one of the strongest characters in the game also has the
    longest requirment to unlock.  To unlock Lu Bu you must beat the following
    character's Musou modes.
    1. Liu Bei
    2. Cao Cao
    3. Sun Jian
    4. Diao Chan
    In order to unlock the first 3 characters you must finish from their respective
    kingdoms 3 character's Musou modes as well.  Diao Chan is unlocked by clearing
    Musou Mode with 1 character from each kingdom.  So in total you will have to
    finish 13 Musou modes to get to our beloved killing machine.  It will be
    however quite worth the trouble to go through.
    4.  Move Set and Skills
    Lu Bu is an extremely powerfull 1 on 1 and crowd clearer especially if 
    his special is activated.
    *note* Because of the renbu system, charge attacks work differently in DW6 than
    in past games.  The charge has 2 different version.  One is tapping the Y
    Button which itself has 3 different versions.  Holding the Y is another charge
    move but is not upgradeable. *end note*
    X - normal attack button
    Y - charge button
    B - Musou
    A - Jump
    Left Trigger (LT) - Special
    Move Set:
    Holding Y - Throws the weapon whichs flies straight ahead and then back dealing
                damage to anything in the way.
    Renbu Rank 1
     X attack- Swings weapon left then right then over his head dealing 1 slash
               then swings weapon left agian for 1 slash.
     Y attack- Seperates the halberds and does an upward slash followed by a
               downward slash.
    Renbu Rank 2
     X attack- Following the end of renbu rank 1, swings weapon around his back
               hitting people behind and to the front, followed by a front slash
               to a stab.
     Y attack- Following the end of renbu rank 1, swings weapon back up.  Launches
               enemies into air.
    Renbu Rank 3
     X attack- Following end of renbu rank 2, swings weapon from left to
               right twice.
     Y attack- Following end of renbu rank 2, throws a X shaped shockwave in front
               of him.
    Infinite Renbu
     X attack- Following end of renbu rank 3, throws 7 X shaped shockwaves in front
               of him.
     Y attack- Following end of renbu rank 3, jumps a small distance and then
               slams the ground creating a shockwave around him that send enemies
               flying away.  Range isnt extremely large.
    Attacking on a horse:
     X attack- Does slashes to his left.  Number of slashes increase with your
               renbu rank
     Y attack- Charges then slashes downward on both sides once.
    Attacking in air:
     X attack- Does a right to left slash
     Y attack- Seperates the halberds in the air then slams the ground.  Affects
               enemies around in a small area.
    Attacking while running:
    *note* When running without stopping (applies to anyone) there will be a 
    little green-ish like aura as if your character broke the sound barrier.  
    This indicates that you are able to use the attack.  Attacking before 
    this occurs results in doing your renbu attacks. *end note*
     X attack- Does a right to left slash with a shockwave shooting forth.
     Y attack- Jumps a small distance forward followed by slaming the ground.  Then
               does a left to right upward slash.  Affects small area around him.
    Deadlock Win:
     Stabs his opponent with one halberd.  Take the other halberd and baseball
     swings his opponent making him spin.  Then connects his weapons and does a
     slash which emits a shockwave.  Fun to watch but it takes a while to do.
    Grapple Attacks:
     LB + X- Stabs enemy with the weapon and bring enemy over his head then
             quickly slashes forward.  The enemy is sent spinning forward.
     LB + Y- Quickly slashes upward with weapon.  Then while the enemy is
             in the air, Lu Bu spins the weapon over his head like helicopter
             blades.  The enemy is juggled 2-3 times followed by a slash.
    Does the combo up to renbu rank 3.  When musou runs out does a shockwave 
    followed by 2 left to right slashes which is then followed by a throw of the
    weapon which circles around Lu Bu.  The thrown weapon's radius does 3 laps
    around Lu Bu getting larger with each.  True musou adds fire element.
    Swift Attack- Renbu rank will become infinite, and enemy attacks will be
    less likely to have an effect on you. (Less staggers)
      Increases damage from Swift Attack and makes it harder to interrupt your
    -Wild Rage
      Greatly increases damage from Swift Attack and makes it harder to interrupt
      your attacks.
      Increases the duration of your special attack.
      Greatly increases the duration of your special attack.
      Attack doubled when near death and knocked down (30 sec).
      Musou increases faster.
      Raises your horses' abilities to their fullest.
    -Bonus Special
      Receive one Tome for every 300 K.O.s
    -Third Renbu
      Unlocks renbu rank 3
    -Infinite Renbu
      Unlocks the highest renbu rank
    5.  Weapons
    Standard- Sky Piercer
    Strength- Demon Bane
    Skill- Heron Blade Halberd
    6. Pros and Cons
      -Great for crowd clearing and 1 on 1 fights.
      -Musou covers a large area.
      -With special activated he can really turn into a unstoppable beast.
      -Has horsemanship skill.
      -Has one of the most fun Musou modes.  It also is the most ridiculous.
      -Movement is slow.  He could used the ability which gives speed up while
       running in a certain direction.
      -At the end of his musou there is slight pause where you are just standing
       there holding your weapon.  This could lead to enemies hitting your back.
       Not really a problem on lower levels but on Chaos can really screw you over.
      -No RED HARE!!!!! lol okay not really a con but come on in the movies he's
       riding his Hummer of a horse and then your stuck with a mini horse in the
       gameplay. =(
    7. Musou Mode
    *note* There isn't one specific way to do any of the levels.  I'm just giving
    you an outline of what I did and maybe the fastest way to get some of the
    targets done.  If you found a better way to do any of the targets then I'll
    make sure a cookie is baked in your honor.  I'll also eat it for 
    you =). *end note*
    ***Stage 1: Battle of Xia Pi***
    Conditions: Defeat Liu Bei
    Targets: 1. Lead Diao Chan and Zhang Liao inside Xia Pi Castle in 10 min.
             2. Take Liu Bei's Main Camp after defeating Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
             3. Defeat 10 or more enemy units in 15 min.
    Mmmm first stage.  And they also play the DW theme song! Yay.  If your going
    for targets then the first target might be a bit challenging.  Head straight
    for Xia Pi West gate as it is the closest and defeat all the defense captains
    there.  Then just wait for you engineers to come so they can build ladders.
    From there its just destroying the balistas on the top of the walls and
    doing the same for the Xia Pi south gate.  You can reach there by traveling
    on the walls so no need to jump down.  If your fast you can reach Guan Yu and
    Zhang Fei before they get to spread apart so just destroy them.  They will
    have that red aura around them but shouldn't be that hard to kill. When you
    kill either Zhang Fei or Guan Yu, Liu Bei will become enraged.  Still isn't
    strong enough to defeat you though so just squash him and be done with it.
    ***Stage 2: Battle of Guan Du***
    Conditions: Defeat Cao Cao and Yuan Shao.
    Targets: 1. Take Yan Jin Fort and Bai Ma Fort in 15 min.
             2. Take Wu Chao Camp and Guan Du Castle.
             3. Score 1,000 or more K.O.s.
    Easy stage with easy targets.  Not much advice I can give here.  Taking the
    2 forts in the beginning will leave you with no time limit targets so kill
    to your hearts content.  Your allies are pretty strong as they took over one
    of the castles while I was at the other one.  Go Go Diao Chan!!!
    ***Stage 3: Battle of Shi Ting***
    Conditions: Wipe out all enemy units.
    Targets: 1. Defeat Taishi Ci.
             2. Take Shi Ting Northwest camp, Wan Castle, and Shi Ting Southeast
                camp in 15 min.
             3. At least 4 of your units survive until victory.
    From your starting position head straight to reach the Northwest camp.
    Capture it and then head down to reach Taishi Ci.  Defeat him and then head
    for the castle in the middle.  Then last but not least take the Southeast camp.
    Other than that it's just a matter of hunting every officer down and making
    them taste your blade.  Mindless slaughter b e a utiful.
    ***Stage 4: Battle of Chi Bi***
    Conditions: Wipe out all Enemy units.
    Targets: 1. Defeat Cao Cao and Sun Quan in 10 mins.
             2. Defeat Zhuge Liang.
             3. None of your units withdraw.
    Another destroy everything on map level.  My only gripe is that its a big level
    so it might take a while to get everyone if your not a fast horse.  I would
    head for Zhuge Liang first since after he summons the winds he will retreat
    from the battle.  Cao Cao and Sun Quan would be ur next priorities.  One thing
    you can do is let Zhuge Liang summon the wind then defeat him right after
    before he escapes.  I think when Cao Cao's boats are on fire the alliance army
    will charge so saves you the trouble of running to them.
    ***Stage 5: Battle of Mt. Ding Jun***
    Conditions: Wipe out all enemy units.
    Targets: 1. Take Mt. Cha Qi and Mt. Ding Jun in 15 min.
             2. Enemy forces do not enter Lu Bu's Main camp.
             3. Win in 20 min.
    Time to fight ghosts since we have beaten everyone else.  Dong Zhuo and 
    Zhang Jiao come back to try and beat you.  Sadly even if they are ghosts
    they are gonna lose big time.  Taking the 2 mountains shouldn't be too hard.
    At a point however, the enemy will charge your camp but hopefully by then
    they will be all wiped out or at least very far away.  There are 2 officers
    near your camp so take them out then head for the mountains.  Other than that
    kill first ask questions later.
    ***Stage 6: Battle of Hu Lao Gate***
    Conditions: Wipe out all enemy units.
    Targets: 1. Defeat Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao, and Zhang Jiao in
                15 min.
             2. Do not allow Hu Lao North Gate or Hu Lao South Gate to be breached.
             3. None of your units withdraw.
    LAST LEVEL.  And thank jebus since killing all units does get a bit repetitive.
    First order of buisness is to wipe out all the officers near your gate.
    Destroy any seige weapons you see as well (catapults, rams, etc.).  After that
    just follow the map downwards and defeat everyone along the way.  15 mins is
    more than enough time to kill those officers.  However when you finally make
    your way to Cao Cao's base, all the past enemy officers will respawn enraged.
    Meaning red auras lol.  This part can get a bit dangerous as one time I had
    Cao Cao get a lucky hit off, ice element me then all the generals used their
    Musous on me at once -_-.  So this would be a good time to use your special
    attack and just hope you can kill as many officers before it runs out.
    Well thats it for musou mode.  Fun to not have insanely stupid target obj.
    and just be able to destroy everything.  I believe if you clear a target
    on his last level, first or second one can't remeber, you will unlock
    Dong Zhuo to be played in free and challenge mode.
    8.  Different Models & Stats
    His 2nd costume which unlockable after achieving a certain level is 
    Lu Bu in all GOLD.  Personally neh not a big fan of it.  Kinda gaudy imo.
    *note 2nd Costume is unlocked once reaching Lvl 25.
    Thanks to Jacob D DeLong*
    Lvl 50.
    Title: Grand General
    Exp: 99999/99999
    Life: 1000
    Musou: 1000
    Attack: 1000
    Defense: 1000
    Special: Swift Attack
    My wep of choice is a standard wep since it gives you range up as your
    renbu rank increases.  Attk pwer neh Lu Bu is already strong and faster attk
    speed sounds nice but haven't found a skill weapon with good stats on it yet.
    90 Power
    Ice Element
    True Musou
    9.  Credits
    Many Thanks to
    -Gamefaqs for posting this FAQ
    -Koei, W-omega Force for this game and with hopes that the next game will be
    PERFECT.  please?
    -Lu Bu's VO who seems to have either gotten better or changed.
    -Ancient China cause without you...no DW franchise. =)
    10. Copyrighting
    Copyright 2008 Albert Kuo.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this 
    document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Additionally, I do not claim any affiliation to Koei or the Dynasty Warriors
    franchise, nor do I seek credit for their hard work.
    11. Contact
    Email: Mad.Dog.Sawamura@gmail.com
    If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for this FAQ 
    please send an email to that address.  Make sure to mention in the title
    that the email is for Gamefaqs Lu BU DW6 FAQ or else it might be ignored.
    Also don't ask questions that are already in the FAQ.  If you do need help
    on anything relating this guide and it is something that was NOT covered in
    the guide then please do send an email and I'll do what I can.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed
    writing it.  lol lame right?

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