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"15 hours after picking up my preorder......"

This is a review of Rage for Xbox 360, and should be taken as one gamer's (hopefully) balanced opinion.

I'm leading off with the online multiplayer aspect first because I feel it is the part of the game closest to my heart. After exploring all that Borderlands had to offer with my friends, we searched for the next great online game in the spirit of Borderlands. And about 98% of this game did not disappoint. So with anticipation, we picked up our copies of the game to be able to play online together. But the online multiplayer was a bit disappointing because I wanted to be able to play through the main story with other people like Borderlands, largely due to the oversaturation of deathmatch and capture the flag modes. Borderlands had a team dynamic while engaging the players in a wonderful storyline, something that the whole team could get engrossed in, not this silly boring deathmatches forever and ever. Sure, the Road Rage and Wasteland Legends modes are pretty decent, and quite fun, requiring a decent degree of skill to rise up on the leaderboardsI. 'll admit, Rage's storyline is basically lone-wolf during the campaign, but there should have been something for multiplayer other than a few missions on disc 3 to do.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, Rage is visually stunning, right down to the FMV. The character renderings were spot on, and the animations were very fluid. The storyline is really well written, suited for the lone-wolf feel during the game, which really makes you feel that despite being surrounded by other survivors, you really feel the loneliness of the character. It engages you, and makes you feel like you are right there with him, battling it out with raiders and mutants all the while helping out the survivors. Sound was rich and vibrant, with almost no lag with the voice acting (and I swear that was John Goodman's voice as Dan). Note the obvious Roseanne ironic reference in that. :) Also, the minigames are not merely a novelty, they add a bit of dimension to an already outstanding game. And having the player hunt down cards to boost their rage deck is great, it has that Magic or Yu Gi Oh feel about it. Nice job, Id.

Joystick control is very responsive, with the exception of the camera control that is mentioned in the next paragraph. Aiming is decent, with tweaking able to be done in the pause menu. And speaking of menus, the in game menu is as bit awkward when selecting weapons, and different loadouts. More than a few times I tried to select weapons using the hold-RB function only to be beat down before I was able to get my shotgun out in time, while frantically tapping the RB button to cycle to the right weapon. (note to reader: I actually do like the RB weapon cycle function, just not the hold-RB function+right stick).

Camera angles work well with the hero on foot, but need work with vehicles. They are too sensitive. For instance, looking around slowly nets you a 270 degree field of vision, but in vehicular combat, where you have to spot check your views to see if enemies or gunfire/rockets are screaming toward you, survivability drops to a low percentage relying upon the right stick to see anything due to the camera never being able to center exactly where you want it to be with any kind of precision.

I have noticed that there is a problem/bug in the game already. After installing disc 1 (main), I immediately selected multiplayer mode. the game prompted me to insert disc 3 (multiplayer disc), and then proceeded to inform me that an update was needed, but not available at this time. I was promptly returned to the dashboard. So I started the game with disc 3 still in the tray, and suddenly like magic, multiplayer worked just fine. After a few rounds of multiplayer, I was ready to tackle the solo campaign mode. So with disc 3 still in the tray, the game gave me the option at the main menu to select solo campaign. And wouldn't you know it, the same thing happened again, with the game asking to switch discs, the non- update screen and the return to the dashboard. Starting the game from dashboard with disc 1, Solo mode worked. Such an obvious oversight to not have compatibility between discs, especially when one is supposed to transition to the other in a multi-disc game.

Overall, I think that this game was well worth the $60 preorder price considering the small amount of flaws I noticed. this game will have great replayability for a long time. And maybe I am being a bit picky, who knows.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/04/11

Game Release: Rage (Anarchy Edition) (US, 10/04/11)

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