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"Not quite as intense as you would assume"

After the mediocre Doom 3, and perhaps some other games I don't even recall, Id software returns for another go at a 'modern' game. This time, they set it in a very Borderline-esque atmosphere, even a little akin to the universe we saw in the Fallout games. It plays a lot like Borderline too, with a core FPS design with some (very) minor RPG elements. This review is from a player who did not notice the marketing, but just bought the game with no expectations or anything.

That said, let's start with the good to great aspect of this game: the graphics. Though nothing that special, the visuals are decent enough to earn my thumbs up, with characters looking cool and distinct. Environments are kind of bland, in a way, with repetitive surroundings set in a very dusty world. Missions sometimes take place in other settings, like sewers and factories, and provide a nice change of scenery. In heneral, the atmosphere is kind of dark, though not 'doom-dark'.

Gameplay is decent enough, I guess, but there are definately way better games out there. Combat is ok, even though there's not a lot of options apart from, well, shooting, and jumping or strafing around trying not to get hit. There is a melee attack for when you're out of ammo, but it's basically one animations which often fails to hit its designated target. There's a variety of weapons available that is pleasing, the weapons being basically what you've come to expect from shooters. Missions are not always interesting, but there are definately some cool ones, like performing in a live action TV show and participating in races (which are, admittedly, poorly done). Unlike Bethesda's other games, namely Fallout and Elder Scrolls, which feel sandboxy and unsuggestive, this game is as lineair as they come. Not that the game pushes you into a certain direction, but there is just so little to do that there's simply no other option then to work the main storyline, as the lack of an open-ended world like in Skyrim is just not really inviting the player to explore. So there's basically a lack of content.

The AI is dreadfull, sometimes even downright laughable, as cpu-controlled characters happily trash each others' vehicles in an attempt at crushing you. Apart from this small, but hilarious, setback, I guess it's not that bad, though taking cover is apparently not very obvious to them. Still, nothing that problematic to most.

Finally, the story seems to be simply non-existant. The game starts with a movie detailing your origin as a player. The only (relatively) 'new' thing about the game is what happens when you die. The first time that happens, you are met with a nice minigame that kind of 'electrifies' the game. Apart from that movie, you get nothing. There is no bigger purpose, no goal. You basically run around, taking quests etc., waiting for something interesting to happen, but coming out disappointed.

Gaming is a lot about the experience for me. In this case, I've had a few funny moments that will stick around, but nothing compared to some legendary events like in Skyrim, for instance. Due to a lack of story too, there will simply be nothing to remember this game by. It'll fade away into obscurity eventually. RAGE would suggest a very intense experience. To be clear: it does not in any way come close to that sort of experience in the way 'Doom' did, for instance. For that and the sheer narrative boredom, I grant the game a 6/10. Like I said, good graphics and fair gameplay, but really... there are better games out there. Especially Fallout. Even Borderlands was, perhaps, slightly better. But not a bad game by any means, and trust me: I know bad when I see it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/17/12

Game Release: Rage (EU, 10/07/11)

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