Best character to solo?

  1. In your opinion, what would you say the best character to play alone.

    User Info: Minime734

    Minime734 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Purna is really good later on. It's hard to find guns early, but she pays off well. The perks are well-paid off, and a couple of them help in other weapon's aspects. Using a gun is also easy in the game. Nothing like sharp weapons.

    Sam B is a good solo choice because the weapons he specializes in are ALL over the place. He can tank hits, the only downside being slow. He becomes less prepared for larger zombs. An easy character to start out.

    Logan is a good ranged character, as he can use anything to his advantage. He takes some getting used to (throwing things and dashing to pick them back up), but he pays off okay. He can take on more specialized zombs much easier. He can also clear a room in less than ten seconds with rage.

    Xian is undoubtedly the hardest to use. Since most bladed weaps are short-range, you'll find yourself taking damage far more than the rest. Albeit being difficult, if you're patient, you can hold some of the most powerful weapons in the game, and if you learn to play her style correctly, you're unstoppable.

    User Info: pormogo

    pormogo - 6 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. i'd say Sam B because of the extra health and he's great at melee weapons which you find everywhere. plus on his skill tree theres a health regen skill at the top of survival. the asian chick the least because of low health and you have to get real close to kill them with blades. the other two are decent, but you wont find many firearms for purna and i find throwing isnt a big thing in this game unless you're weapons degraded so the football character isn't the best choice in my opinion either.

    User Info: D3TH_D33LR

    D3TH_D33LR - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. I find logan to be one of the better characters. throwing weapons makes them deteriorate slower and ones with more force can knock a zombie down with one hit, letting you walk over to them, pick it back up, and hit em again. His fury is the best of the four in my opinion, and has a good balance of health and stamina. Just make sure to go down survival and combat, with only one point in fury for his ability. Xian is also good. but you'll want a katana and a fire axe as soon as possible, as the long range weapons will help prevent your little health getting damaged. Go down combat for the alternate kick and stomp fighting style, and get the crit chance increase for those electric machetes, as you'll get twice as many electrocutions, it seems. She has the most stamina for running away in a bad situation, just get the stamina regen to help further with that.

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  3. Purna is great for Act 2 and beyond where guns are plentiful (patches of gun-toting killers spread around) and you can start creating ammo after you unlock the Police Station. Once you get to Act IV, you'll wonder if you're still playing a melee-based game...

    I haven't tried the others yet (past Act 1); sharp weapons are everywhere...or maybe it was only because I had Purna.

    Xian becomes much easier once you get a katana or another long sword and she seemed to have an edge over Purna when it came to cutting off a Thug's arms, which are present throughout the entire game (sometimes in packs of 3-4...)

    Sam B, I think, generates the aura that helps other players and has threat generating skills so he looks like his gameplay would be tank/support when in parties and great to farm XP (more threat, longer zombie draw) when playing solo.

    User Info: dragontamer727

    dragontamer727 - 6 years ago 0 0

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