How do I beat Jason ( Voorhees? ) in the Jungle

  1. So in the Jungle Ive run into a section with run down bungalos with a make-shift shack. In the shack comes a Thug sized infected named Jason who screams: " Braaaaaiiins !! " He kills you in one swing of his machete and respawns instantly after killing him. Ive managed to kill him numerous times without ever gaining any weapon or money. Has anyone else encounter this iconic slasher and gained a reward? If so; what?

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    xX3UPXx - 6 years ago
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    First thnx for the tips fighting Jason but killing him wasnt my problem. I laid into him with a sledgehammer knocking him down and proceeded to use the head smasher til he " dies ". Then, another Jason instantly comes out of the cabin and now that there isnt anyone else to draw his attention, he comes straight at me killing me. Ill usually be able to light him on fire and continue the hammer/head strategy killing him again but, here comes another Jason to murder me. Happen to anyone else?

    User Info: xX3UPXx

    xX3UPXx - 6 years ago

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  1. Make sure you have about 10 Deo-Bombs or Grenades - When you approach his hut, you should see him jump down and start killing the other people/zombies - Stay kinda far back and toss your explosive of choice at him - Toss another before he can get up - Repeat this till he's dead - Easiest way I've found hands down

    User Info: edmullins73

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  1. When he jumps down to kill the zombie climb the ladder into his shack. To the back of the hut inside is a chainsaw (outside is a red chest) use that on him. It would one hit kill Jason and he should not spawn till you go a bit aways. Also you can say the chainsaw is the reward.

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    Nayroy (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 1
  2. He never insta-spawned on me before.

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  3. He only respawned on me one time, and it happened like this - I was playing co-op and we killed him - he didn't respawn then - we went into the hut and my buddy grabbed the chainsaw and as we left, he was standing in front of the door - he wasn't moving, he just stood there and my buddy hit him once and he fell and then disappeared - I suppose this was one of the many glitches in the game - I've killed Jason at least 10 times and that had never happened - I have, on the other hand came across several zombies in other sections of the game that did that - they just stood there until I hit them and then they died

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  4. Can't say i've had him insta spawn but a easy way to kill him is get about 10 moltovs and when he first appears at attacks the zombies climb the ladder and throw one at him when starts to go out repeat until dead (by the way are u playing with people able to join or single player cause specific are in game for me always freezes when joinable but not in single player maybe similair 4 u with respawns)

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  5. I was playing solo as Xian Mei on Xbox 360, version 1.1.0. When I encountered him, as soon as he started fighting the other zombies, I threw a grenade at him. He went down and the other zombies died. I immediately went over him, and stomped a few times on his head. I had the highest stomp upgrade.

    He died, and never respawned on me. I was able to freely go over his hut, explore, grab the chainsaw and leave.

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  6. When he jumped down to kill the zombies i clibmed the ladder to his house and shot him in the head a bunch of times with my pistol (gotta make that ammo last).

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