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"Perfect Idea. Near perfect game."

When I first watched the trailer for this game I immediately though "I'm getting that. No doubt about it." With more research and gameplay footage as the game neared release I got a little skeptical on whether or not I should purchase it. I had some extra money so I said why not and pre ordered it anyway. The results of this game were spectacular.

Gameplay 10/10. This is where the game really shines. Dead Island combines brutal zombie killing action with an RPG play style and the combination couldn't be better. The mechanics of the game work very well when dealing with the nasty hordes of zombies found on the island. Whether you're using a knife, hammer, gun, or decide to throw items from a distance, everything works very smoothly and every kill is satisfying. The free roaming is also a very attractive feature for the game as you can go anywhere in the game that you've progressed the story enough to enter. Free roaming is for sure a big deal to most people and you will for sure find it here.

Story 8/10. Alright people. It's a zombie game. Even with RPG elements you can't expect to be an amazing story to it. The story is rather bland and cliche as far as zombie games go. The typical "Zombies are everywhere we have to do this to survive." The only difference in this game is that there is a sense of realism when going through the story. You get more of a feel for trying to survive rather than find a fully automatic machine gun and go kill as many zombies as you can. So as far as zombie stories go, this one is just fine.

Graphics 9/10. Surprisingly the graphics are very good, something I wasn't expecting. The cutscene graphics are my only complaint with it so far. When looking over the setting of the island I find myself very impressed at how good everything looks. Even when fighting the graphics look very well put together.

Replayability 9/10. Again, only one complaint with this game, but not that big of a deal: Why no player vs. player multiplayer? I understand that it's primarily an RPG game but it would've been a very welcome feature. Otherwise, this game has near infinite replayability. Whether you decide to level up all the characters in the game or go co op kill some nasty zombies whenever you feel the need, this game isn't getting old any time soon.

Bottom line, this game is worth every penny. It appeals to both those who like zombie slashing games and those who enjoy RPG games and character building. So if either of these is your kind of game, you will NOT be disappointed with Dead Island. If anything, rent it and give it a try. For sure worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/09/11

Game Release: Dead Island (Special Edition) (US, 09/06/11)

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