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"Dead Island: The Zombie Lover's Wet Dream"

This game is not for everyone, but for those who have always wanted an open world zombie game, with fun combat, awesome weapons, gore, blood, intense moments, and RPG elements, welcome to your wet dream come true.

Story 7/10: While the story isn't anything to brag about it still isn't as ridiculous as Resident Evil 5, some of the characters can get very annoying. You can definitely tell that the story was not supposed to be important, but at least they didn't make it terrible. The only things I was disappointed about in the Story was that they were too lazy to make separate stories for the 4 characters, and that in Single player they still refer to the hero as plural despite the fact that you are alone.

Gameplay 10/10: The developers give the players a rather large variety of weapons to choose from, some of the weapons look the and/or act the same, but still it is very satisfying to run up to a Thug, break both his arms, and watch him roar. The mods help keep the combat interesting, even though some of the mods are the same, they are applied to different weapon types. The Gameplay manages to save the game (you should have known that it would after all it is a zombie game ). People keep asking if this game is like Borderlands, Fallout, or Left 4 dead, the answer is no, it may have some features from the games but they all blend in well together, making the game somewhat original. This game can't be compared to any one game, because it takes the successful features out Horror, RPG, and Sandbox games, turning it into something completely different, like Frankenstein, but absolutely gorgeous. The special zombies are also awesome looking, one of them looks like a rip off of Left 4 Dead, but he acts completely different. The Workbench may be somewhat stolen from Dead Rising 2, but it feels like a necessity here, where it upgrades/mods your weapons instead of combining two together with a ridiculous outcome.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics IMO are EXCELLENT for a zombie game, the vast beautiful Island at the beginning will satisfy you for several hours, the only major issue with the graphics is the rendering, it is not always so bad, but when it is it can be a real pain. Sometimes you can lose yourself staring at the scenery laid out for you on the island, in the City, the Jungle, or anywhere else you go. You may lose yourself just looking at an area filled with dead bodies, which rest in a pool of blood. No matter where you go through the game always has something you can stare at and love.

Sound 10/10: I've only had one issue with sound in this game and it was cutting out, I fixed it by getting off and going back on. Entering a new area in the game and hearing a zombie scream at the top of their lungs is chilling, breaking bones gives off a horrific sound which is IMO stunningly realistic. The soundtrack for in game is absolutely amazing and fits extremely well.

Voice Acting 8/10: Some of the voice actors don't seem to fit, but they aren't what is important in the game, the zombies have amazing voice actors, like I said above the screams you hear when you enter a new area is just chilling. The voice actors for the Heroes do a good job, but of course there are the corny Zombie Lines in the game, but then again what great Zombie game is ever fully complete without them? Although some of the voice actors get annoying, I.E. Monica Goldberg -.- “ did you find that plane? What if there are survivors? We have to save them!” every time you walk by here :*(.

Replayability 10/10: The game leaves you wanting more, whether it is because you want all the achievements, you want to beat the game with all 4 characters, or want to get level 50, it leaves you compelled to play again and get everything you unfortunately missed out on. I know I will be playing this game for hopefully years to come.

Conclusion: This is the best game currently out for consoles, it comes out on a bad year though, if Skyrim wasn't over the horizon this game would win GOTY easily. The game is beautiful and combines 2 great Genres together, while some say it plays like Fallout/Borderlands with Zombies, I believe it doesn't (But I have also played both of those games with zombies in it though so) this game leaves the player wanting more, whether it be from DLC or a sequel, all I know is that I WANT MORE. I have been waiting for this game for 4 years and it ceases to amaze me. If you are on the fence for the game I would say buy it, because I spent my last $60 on it and I don't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/12/11

Game Release: Dead Island (Special Edition) (US, 09/06/11)

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