Review by GatemanSP

Reviewed: 09/14/11

Feels like I've played this game before

To start with, yes I am biased as are all reviewers so please keep this in mind as you read my review and other's. I also only played by myself, so I did not experience the multiplayer aspect of the game whatsoever. This game might have impacted me more postively if I had played online, but the style of combat, and finding all the items, and keeping up with my weapons, all the sidequests although quite varied became dull to me.

The game reminds me a lot of fallout but without factions, in the beginning I thought there was allusions towards siding with the group from the lighthouse or the group at the life guard tower resulting in a multi pathed story, but playing through the game I realized this wasn't the case.

The first few beginning chapters I'm filled with awe and wonder, creeping around worried what's going to jump at me next. After several hours however I realize that I have played this game before. Not literally.

About half way through Act II I stop doing every singled sidequest and by the beginning of ACT 3 I had stopped completely, I wanted to see where the story was going and every time I did a sidequest it always seemed like their were more. I even stopped fighting enemies unless I absolutely had to, running past zombies because fighting just became boring to me. A grind I felt like I had done many times in the past, Dead Island not playing how I thought it would.

You will collect a large abundance of items and I recommend you don't sell any of the weapon building items as many are tied into quests and you'll regret selling them later on even if you need them now for cash.

There are a variety of infected, walkers, infected(run fast), Thug(huge heavy and slow), suicider(*explodes in proximity), the floater(spits acid), the ram? (rams you and kicks if too close), butcher attacks fast and violently, also some zombies randomly have weapons they may or may not throw at you.

Combat at times feels akward, you think you would swing further like in most games so this may throw you off at the beginning or your attacks would be blocked or would change on you in a way you didn't want to happen(bash the head with the butt of a blade instead of swinging it to hit mulitple zombies) and more times than not I felt like I wasn't adequately up the task of crowd control. I supposed in real live if you tried to attack 10 zombies with a weapons you'd die

Enemies level up with you so although you get stronger the infected match your powers with stronger attacks and more hp. A good challegene that other games could benefit from since many have a strong character just plowing through enemies.

This game is very pretty and has amazing locales and atmosphere, using fog weather light and darkness to heighten mood throughout the game, though some things bug, ocassionaly weapons you see you can't pick up and the city seems to be a haven for freezing, also fast traveling later in the game will put your xbox hard at work as it tries to render as fast it can, a nice creepy soundtrack with a wide variety of of sound effects that sound convincing to the ear.. The is story very engaging in the beginning but the cutscenes never explain how your group got together. And feels very underwhelming at the end.

If your going to play this game online then I would probably recommend it to you, alone you better be prepared to die a lot and love to grind. This game will not blow your socks off with any amazing innovations in playing video games, it's a buggy but refined if that makes sense zombie game that requires a lot of patience and dedication from the player

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Dead Island (Special Edition) (US, 09/06/11)

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