Review by Sitri

Reviewed: 10/03/11

Get over it IGC - it's a good game

First of all, for those asking, IGC = Internet Gaming Community. Its a word I made up, similar to IWC or Internet Wrestlng Community. It will be used as a collective to describe all those troll types who hate just to hate. I didn't know much about this game, but read a good review, so gave it a shot. And it was good. 9/10 is well deserving, only reason it didn't get a 10 is because of the odd glitch. But lets get into the review eh?

Story - 8/10

If you're expecting a cinematic epic, in the veins of FF, then you'd be dissapointed. The cut scenes are good, and describe the story, although in each one you're in a group of four, regardless of your character situation. Kind of strange but passable for the story. Anyway basically you wake up as one of four stereotypes, and set out on your quests to figure out just what happened to the island, helping the odd person along the way. The island you are on is called Banoi and is part of PNG - just above Australia. This means there are some terrible Australian accents in this, but I find the character of the Abbo female cop comical. But that may just be because I'm from New Zealand. Anyway without ruining the end, you do various missions, and it turns out that the natives on the island caused the outbreak, and you need to escape. But I'll let you play it to see the ending.

Gameplay - 9/10

The meat and vege of the game, the gameplay relies heavily on melee combat with various weapons. Like in Dead Rising, anything is usable as a weapon. And each one has various names, such as Puny Sickle or Weak Knife. Anyway you use your weapons to kill the zombies, and if you gather the right, umm ingredients, you can create uber modded weapons. Things which just seem ridiculous. Like the Tesla Rod, made using a hammer. Or the Shock Gun, which along with causing bullet damage, will sporadically electrocute the enemy. But fire is your best friend, Molotov's are best. Anyway, a few flaws include when you get swamped by Infected. There fast, and relentless. It's hard to hack away at them all, so you have to kick, then you swipe and run. Gets frustrating. Another feature is that you get to move up levels. Earn enough exp points and you can choose to update something about yourself, such as rage or lock picking skills. A handy use, but it does get irritating as you cant full spec everything you want. But overall it works well!

Characters - 8/10

Yea they do their job, simple outline of each one at the beginning and all stereotypes are there - the shy quiet asian who is good with knives, the rough american who used to play football but is disgraced and skilled in throwing, a black rapper one hit wonder who is good with blunt and an aboriginal female cop who obviously is good with guns. To be honest it doesn't matter what you choose, there all the same overall.

Verdict - 9/10

As mentioned, overall it gets a 9/10. Stop complaining people and enjoy it. Best zombie killing game made, so far. And I highly recommend you buy or rent it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Dead Island (US, 09/06/11)

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