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    Walkthrough by Carrot_1

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    The Spiderwick Chronicles
    Walkthrough for the xbox 360
    Copyright 2008 Regine Faller
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    If you have any questions or find any mistakes, feel free to e-mail me. 
    This walkthrough contains all the quests including the location of all the 
    relics ( dwarve, phoenix ect.) as well as a Sprite and Sprout location guide. 
    I hope it helps. Have fun.
    Quest: Explore the mansion
    You start of as Jared in his room and the first Quest is to explore the 
    mansion. Leave the room and head up the stairs, to your right you´ll
    find a ladder which leads to the attic. Climb it and pick up the broomstick
    to get your first weapon. After that go down to the ground floor to trigger
    a cutscene. Follow the noise to the kitchen to trigger another cutscene. 
    Break the wall with your broomstick and use the dumbwaiter to get to 
    Arthur´s secret office. 
    Quest: Spiderwick´s Secret
    In the middle of the room is a big table that has the key on it, that 
    unlocks the chest in the attic where you found the broomstick earlier.
    Use the dumbwaiter to get back to the kitchen, then head back up the 
    stairs and the ladder to the attic to unlock the chest. You´ll find 
    the Fieldguide in the chest which will trigger another cutscene.
    Quest: A home for a Brownie
    You´ll find yourself back in Jared´s room. Grab the crackers of the 
    table next to the desk. Run downstairs to the kitchen and take the 
    honey from the counter next to the fridge to combine it with the 
    cracker. Now use the front door to leave the house. Take a left and go
    to an old shack (green house)located between the garage and the garden.
    Take the birdhouse, which is sitting on a workbench to your right when 
    entering the shack. There are also two Ball Bearings on the floor that
    Jared will be able to use later with his slingshot. So pick those up 
    before heading to Jareds moms room, which is the first one on the right
    when walking up the stairs. Grab the baseball bat leaning against the
    wall. After that run up the stairs leading to the attic and smash the
    wooden shelfs with your bat to gain entry to the study with your
    birdhouse. Turn left twice after entering and place the birdhouse on
    the desk.
    Quest: Lure the Boggart
    Since you already picked up the honey and the cracker earlier, all 
    you have to do is feed the Boggart with it.
    Quest: The seeing stone
    You start of as the Brownie, so climb up the books and enter the
    hole in the wall. Turn left and throw a needle at the cockroach you
    see in front of you hanging from the wall. That will unlock a new 
    Quest: Cockroaches. The goal is to kill all 50 roaches, so try to
    kill each one you see now, so you won´t have to go back later. You
    can hear them making a clicking sound when they´re close by, so they 
    shouldn´t be to hard to track. Go straight ahead till you get to
    a dead end. There´s some fairy fruit there, that will restore your
    health. Turn around, go back and jump onto the next platform. There´s
    a wire on the left, so climb it. Turn around again, and jump onto 
    the next platform below you. Walk straight ahead and he will 
    automatically grab hold of the pipe that leads you to the next 
    platform. Do the same thing again. On your left you´ll find another
    hole in the wall. Go through it and jump from one beam to the next 
    to get to the other side. It doesn´t matter, if you fall down, you
    can use the card to scurry up the wall. Wait for the right moment,
    to jump across the electrified beams. On the other side you´ll see a
    cutscene showing you the Seeing Stone. It sits in a control panel 
    in front of you. Hit it loose with one of your needles and watch it
    roll away. Approach the wing nut in front of you to climb down the 
    wire. Follow the white arrow, use the pipe to get across to the next
    platform. Just keep following the arrows, that will lead you to a 
    tunnel. Go through it, to see the Seeing Stone hanging on a pipe
    right in front of you, but still to far to reach. (It must suck 
    being so small!) Knock it loose again by throwing a needle at it,
    then jump down the tunnel next to you. Go straight ahead and use 
    the card to get up the wall. Turn left, jump across and slide down
    the tunnel. After that, enter the tunnel you´ll see in front of you
    on the left. You´ll drop down into a room. Climb the wooden 
    construction to your left, climb up the wire and jump on to the
    next wooden panel above you, and then to the next one. Slide down 
    the wire in front of you. From there you have to jump from one can
    of paint to the next in order to get to the 4 cans stacked on top 
    of each other. Pick up the Seeing Stone from on top of the cans,
    then make your way back to the study. Use the card to get out of 
    the room with the paint cans, than go back the way you came
    from. So far I killed 26 Cockroaches. You can check how many you
    killed, On the first page of the pause menu.
    Quest: Help from Simon
    Go to Simon and talk to him. He´s standing next to the garage. 
    He´ll give you your slingshot,so use it to get the cat of the 
    garage roof. Aim for the weather cock, that will scare the cat 
    and make it jump of.
    Quest: Building a monocle
    You´re playing as Simon now. Climb up to the attic and take the lens 
    from the telescope. Then go to the Study, turn right after entering.
    You´ll find a pair of broken glasses lying on a table on the left 
    side of the window. Grab them, and go straight over to the workbench
    to build the monocle. Talk to Jared to complete the Quest. Jared is
    on the ground floor in the hall now, waiting for you.
    Quest: A monocle
    You´re back to playing Jared now, so run up to the Study and pick
    up the monocle from the workbench.
    Quest: The Health Sprite
    The net is to the left from where you´re standing on a table in
    the study. Take it and leave the house via the front door. 
    Follow the drive way straight ahead to get to the front gate.
    Catch the Leatherwing Sprite. It´s the only one there so far,so
    it shouldn´t be hard to find.
    Quest: Through the woods
    The gate leading into the woods is on the right of the old shack
    ( green house). Go through it. If you keep walking straight,you´ll
    come to a dead end. So take the path on the right up a little hill.
    Catching Sprites will unlock new Quests. The Quests will be catching
    all the different Sprites of a kind, so I suggest,you  try to catch
    each one you come across. If you can´t reach one, or it is too fast,
    don´t worry. You come back later as Simon, and he can throw faerie
    fruit, to lure the sprites to come closer. Go straight and follow
    the path to an open meadow. There you´ll find three Stray Sods which
    are a type of Sprite that walk on the ground instead of flying
    around. One is in the middle of the meadow and two on the right
    side. They keep walking back and forth through some bushes, so if
    you don´t see them straight away, you might just have to wait a few
    seconds. You can only draw them when they´re dizzy. So run around them
    in circles and then catch them with your net. Running around them will
    also lower the bushes they come out of to reveal hidden things
    like the "old coin" for Thimbletack´s house in the middle of the meadow,
    or the "Cockatrice feather" behind one of the bushes on the side. After
    that cross the meadow and follow the path till you get back to the old
    forest road. Keep following the old road in the direction the Quarry
    sign is pointing. You´ll be stopped by a gap you can´t cross without
    help. Turn around and take the next path on your right. Keep following
    it till you get to a pond with stone platforms. Jump onto them, and go
    right. It´ll lead you to a log  that will turn into a bridge when pushed
    down. Also grab the stone mouse lying on the floor to you right. If you
    go left on the stone platforms, you´ll find some faerie fruit and some
    ball bearings lying around. Go back and use the log as a bridge, go past
    the pond with the monster and enter the Quarry.
    Quest: Quarry walls
    Walk up to the shack next to the gate and take the fuse out. Than 
    go up the path on the left. It will lead you into the Quarry onto a
    narrow path along the rocks. Just follow the path till you get to
    a hut. Climb down the ladder. Go passed the hut and jump down, than
    walk straight ahead till you get to a pole where you can stick the
    fuse in. Return to the hut, smash the boards that block the door with
    your wooden bat, then go in and pick up the aluminium bat that´s 
    leaning against the wall. Activate the control panel, then cross the
    bridge you just moved. Follow the path then climb down the ladder to
    trigger a cutscene. Next to the ladder is a path leading down to a small
    river. Follow the river and smash down the boards blocking the way. Pick
    up the pocket watch. Go back and climb onto the rocks next to the big
    tree and shoot down the propeller wings with your slingshot. You can
    also shoot down the lanterns in the tree to free more Sprites. After that
    go back up to the cage and free the hobgoblin. Cutscene.
    Quest: Escape the Goblin camp
    You´re Simon again now. Go to the fireplace and pick up the metal leaf 
    and the wheel, than run like hell up the hill out of the camp and back 
    to the pond with the monster. 
    Quest: Feed the Troll
    You´re Jared again. You can´t defeat the Monster yet, but all it wants is
    food anyways. Try to smack the goblins towards the monster, if you get them
    close enough, it´ll eat them. You can also let yourself get caught by the 
    monster, it won´t hurt you if you keep smacking it until it lets you go.
    That should make the goblins come close enough for the monster to eat them.
    Do this 10 times and you can pass.
    Quest: Twin aid
    Just keep following Simon till you get back to the mansion and into the 
    toadstool ring. He´ll wait for you while your fighting, so don´t worry about
    loosing him.
    Quest: Sister´s Steel
    First you have to find Mallory. Circle the house clockwise, she is in the
    little wooden pavilion.
    Quest: Redcap
    You´re Mallory and have to defeat the big Goblin with the red hat. If you 
    press A on your controller just before he attacks, he´ll loose his weapon.
    You can hurt him until he picks it up again. Do this 4-5 times and he´ll
    run off. (Chicken!)
    Quest: the splattergun
    You´re Simon again and you need to build a splattergun. First go to the
    garden and pick up a hose nozzle from a workbench with empty flower pots
    on it. Then head to the garage to find some x-mas lights for Thimbletack
    and some duct tape. Lift the basket on the workbench and a Flower winged
    sprite will fly out. It´ll be flying around a tree now outside, your 
    looking straight at it when leaving the house via the front door. Next go 
    to the kitchen and take the soda bottle out of the  garbage can behind the 
    door. Grab the oatmeal from the counter and the tomato sauce from the shelf.
    Than go upstairs into the bathroom. Grab the salt from the shelf between
    the mothers and Mallorys room on the way. Take the old pipe from the
    bathtub, than head up to the Study. Before entering though, grab the
    bicycle pump thats sitting on the floor in front of the boxes. Inside
    the Study take a right and pick up the vinegar from the table. Go to
    the workbench and combine everything to a splattergun.
    Quest: Burn the field guide / Quest: Tomato Bombs
    Use the dumbwaiter to get down to the kitchen and take the plastic bags
    of the counter in the small room next to the kitchen. Simon can now make
    Tomato bombs. Next to the garage, there is a woodpile and a Fire Salamander
    sitting next to it. Don´t get too close, or it´ll explode in your face.
    Spray it with your new fancy gun and than just simply pick it up and bring
    it over to the garbage bin, where your siblings are already waiting.
    Place the salamander in the bin and watch the cutscene.
    Quest: Buried key
    You need to get a garden spade from the shack where you found the birdhouse
    earlier. Then go talk to Jared, he´s on the other side of the house. He´ll
    now try to find the key and start walking around on the grass counting his
    steps. Make sure to keep those goblins of Jareds back, or you´ll have to start
    again. once you have the cellar key you´re playing as Jared again. Go in the
    cellar and pick up the crayons right next to the cellar stairs. Smack the
    washer to get a bunch of ball bearings, then smash the wooden boards and head
    down the path.
    Quest: Riddles in the dark
    Read the riddle that´s pinned to one of the roots. "A circle of frog chairs
    will provide a platform" means you need a Royal Orchid Sprite that creates
    a temporary toadstool circle. Luckily there´s one flying around in the
    cellar, so catch that if you haven´t already. "Only your WILL can get
    through the window" means you  need a Will-o-the- wisp Sprite which you´ll
    find near the garage and " with enough POWER the door will open" means
    you´ll need a Bellflower sprite, which you´ll find in the yard near the
    Pavilion where Mallory was earlier. In the middle of the room where you
    found the riddle is a round rock on the floor which looks kind of like a
    platform. Stand on it, release the royal orchid sprite and the platform
    will rise. Than release will-o-the-wisp while standing on the platform,
    and it´ll fly through the window above the blocked door and lower the
    roots. Now go up to the door, release the bellflower sprite, which will 
    temporary enhance your strength, and smash the door to pieces.
    Quest: Tunnels
    Follow the tunnel until you get to a crossing. Turn left and follow the
    path, walk past the first exit to find a secret little tunnel on your
    left. Go in there and collect some gobstones. Head back and take the
    exit you walked past. Now we´ll meet our friend the monster again, this
    time it is a land troll though and it seems pretty pissed off. So run
    like hell, there´s only one way you can follow. After crawling through
    a hole to safety, you can pick up a stone lizard by a weird looking tree
    if you turn left. After that you can only go straight, the floor will break
    and yes, just when we thought we got rid of the monster- here it is again.
    So run for your life climb up the ladder and I guess it´s safe to say,
    it´ll not bother us again!
    Quest: the acorn in the safe
    Climb through the hole in the wall, turn right, and walk through the
    hole with the cobweb. Swing across the gap using your new hook. Go
    straight, to the next gap and jump straight across. Turn right,
    jump through the circle, walk up to the next edge, jump, than shift
    your weight in the air to the left, so you´ll land around the corner.
    Go straight and enter the chimney. Turn left and walk along the edge.
    Use your jack to swing across the hole, then leave the chimney and jump
    straight on to the lower platform. Wait for the right moment, till 
    the electricity stops, then grab hold of the pipe to get across. Turn
    right, you´re now on the bookshelf. Turn left, then go straight till you
    get to a wing nut. Drop down the wire all the way, then go straight
    on the lowest level of the bookshelf and pick up the stamp. Turn around
    and go back, and use the wooden platform to get onto the middle level of
    the bookshelf. There´s a white arrow on the wall to lead you the way.
    Go straight till you get to another wing nut. Slide down and go left
    then right over the wooden bridge. After that simply follow the white
    arrows on the floor till you get to some electrified pipes. Wait for the
    right moment again, then press your speed button(A) to run across. 
    Climb the wire and you´re in Thimbletack´s little Summer retreat. The
    safe combination is there on the left, hard to miss. (2826) Go back
    the way you came from, almost back to the beginning, till you get to
    a white arrow on the floor with a drawing of a little safe next to it.
    Follow the arrow up the wire, then use the pipe to get over the gap.
    Right in front of you, you´ll see a hook, use your jack to trigger
    a cutscene. Watch Thimbletack open the safe, then climb in.
    Use the stack of money to your left to climb up, over the book and on
    to the next stack of money. Pick up the acorn and return to the Study.
    You should have killed 46 cockroaches by now.
    Quest: Saber
    I suggest to do this Quest first, before the Goblin purge, this way you have
    a stronger weapon and it´ll be easier to fight the goblins. Mallory has to
    talk to Thimbletack, then you have to knock the saber of the wall as
    Thimbletack. Enter the hole in the wall and turn left. Then just follow the
    way like you did earlier in the "seeing stone" quest, till you get to the
    electrified beams. Jump across them just like before, but instead of jumping
    all the way across, stop on the last beam, turn left, and walk over to the
    faerie fruit, then turn left again and jump over the next two gaps. After that
    you´ll have to jump around a corner again to the left. Right in front of
    you should now be a screw in the wall, that holds the saber in place. Knock
    it loose with your jack. The last four cockroaches should be around there
    as well, so kill them and complete Quest: Cockroaches. Now return to the Study.
    Quest: The Goblin Purge
    You are playing as Mallory now, so go and grab the saber right next to the
    study door and make your way back through the woods to the Quarry. Use the
    same way you went earlier in the "Through the woods" quest. Enter the Quarry
    and defeat all 20 goblins. After that the Red Cap will appear again, defeat
    him, too. There are a few Sprites flying around the place, you can use them
    to make defeating the goblins easier. For example the Bellflower sprite, 
    flying around right at the entrance to the quarry, it reinforces your attack.
    Quest: Taming a griffin
    First go in to the cave at the back of the camp. Spray the fire salamander 
    nest with your splattergun. A Knocker will appear in one of the pipes, talk
    to him, he´ll turn your stones into boomstones that explode when thrown at
    goblins, which is pretty cool. He´ll also give you a hint of where to find
    his friend, but we´ll get to that later. Spray the fire salamanders and
    pick them up. You need to collect 5 of them, to feed to the griffin. After
    that crawl through the hole in the back of the cave, to find yourself in
    the quarry by the river. Turn left and climb up on the rock right in front
    of you to pick up the griffin feather. Make your way back up through the
    quarry, past the empty cage where the hobgoblin was found earlier, and up
    the ladder. Stop there to place the wheel on the crank on the left of you
    and go over the bridge, you just lowered. Smash the wooden boards with
    your new boomstones and pick up the set of cards for Thimbletack. Stop
    again to shoot down some more lanterns and free some sprites. Than head
    out of the quarry and back to the pond with the river troll monster.
    Quest: The river troll
    Now that you´re already here, you might as well finish this quest
    quickly. You have to get passed somehow anyways. Just keep spraying
    the monster with your splattergun till it backs up in to the sunlight
    and turns to stone. You can only complete this quest as Simon.
    Back to Quest: Taming a griffin
    After the pond go straight, till the path forks in two directions.
    Take a left. After the quarry sign, go right. There you´ll find
    a small hole which will take you into the deep woods. Walk past
    it for now and spray and pick up the salamander in front of you.
    Keep heading left, till you get around a bend. There´ll be another
    salamander. You should have 5 now, if one exploded on you, just
    enter the deep woods quickly and go straight back out, the salamander
    will reappear. Turn around and go back, but go left on to a little
    path with a dead end first, to pick up the Phoenix egg shell. Then
    crawl into the hole to enter the deep woods. Go straight, and pick
    up the Elven Basket that´s lying next to the path on the right.
    Then go to the little island in the middle of the pond. Before
    you use the cypress tree folk there, crawl through the log opposite
    of it. When you come out on the other side, climb on top of
    the log and pick up the old coin. There is also an edge that
    you can climb up next to the log. Do so and take the elf shot lying
    on the floor on the right. Also pick up the stone frog, which is
    lying in the water under the log you just crawled through. Then
    go back and use the cypress tree. Feed 5 fire salamanders to the 
    griffin to complete the quest.
    Quest: get back to the mansion
    Us the cypress tree to get back down, then pick up the cypress
    tree leaf that should be lying on the floor in front of the tree
    now. Then make your way back to the mansion. The quickest way is
    to crawl through the hole again that leads back to the old forest
    road and then take a right. Follow that path, keep left till you
    get to a log bridge. Jump down on to the road below it and you´re
    already almost back at the mansion. Turns out that there are a
    bunch of goblins waiting for you, so you´ll have to find another
    way in. Your player will swap from being Simon to being Mallory
    now. Go back where you just came from, go over the log bridge,
    and enter the deep woods using the first entrance to your left.
    Once in the deep woods go left, follow the path, till you see 
    one of the Stray Sod Sprites guarding some bushes on your left.
    Run around it to make it lower the bushes. Pick up an old coin
    that´s lying there on the floor. After that turn around and go
    back,and follow the path on the right next to the entrance till
    you find the Phoenix feather lying on the floor. Take it than
    lower one of the other bushes guarded by Stray Sods, (4 all
    together), to get to the oak tree leading to the tunnels. Before
    you use it though, pick up the stone bird lying next to it. Go down
    the oak tree, and come straight back up to find the oak tree 
    leaf on the floor in front of it. Take it, and go back down the
    tree. Enter the tunnels, take a right and crawl through the hole.
    Now there´s only one way you can go, so follow it until you get
    back to the cellar and back to the mansion yard.
    Quest: Goblin Battle
    Mom is preparing a tomato sauce bomb in the kitchen, so
    make sure you keep those goblins of her back. You can switch
    between the three kids and pick the one you want to play
    with. There´ll be a tomato on the screen, which is a timer.
    When the time is up, mom´s bomb is ready. Till then, you´ll
    have to protect her. When she gets attacked, the timer stops.
    Once the bomb exploded, the real problem starts. The big , fat
    ogre will break through the floor and chase you. Run as fast
    as you can,into the kitchen, and to the dumb waiter behind the
    table. Use it to get upstairs into the study. Than run around
    the tipped over furniture and jump over the bookshelf that´s
    blocking your way till you get to the window. I´d just ignore
    the goblins and simply run past them. Once out the window turn
    left, jump over the gap and climb up the roof as fast as you can.
    Climb up the nearby ladder to safety. Watch the cutscene. 
    You can now finish all the other quests that are still open in 
    whatever order you want. Just switch between Characters for 
    the different quests. 
    Quest: International Sprite league
    You´re still Jared now and you´re standing on the front porch.
    Pick up the 4 letters scattered around.
    Quest: Red Hat
    Talk to Hogsqueal as Jared. He´s sitting on a tree right across
    from the front porch. He´ll ask you to find a red hat for him.
    It´s in the kitchen next to the chimney. Pick it up, and bring
    it to Hogsqueal.
    Quest: Birdseed
    Switch to Mallory and go talk to Hogsqueal. He´s sitting on a
    tree right across from the front porch. The birdseeds are in the
    cellar on a shelf next to the rocking horse. Bring them to Hogsqueal.
    While you´re Mallory go up to her room, which is the one opposite
    of Jared´s where you started of from at the very beginning. Grab
    the fencing medal of the bedpost and the doily of the desk for
    Thimbletacks house.
    Quest: Fire Salamander
    Switch to Simon. If you´ve been picking up salamanders on your
    way through the woods, you should still have one. If not go to
    the garage and pick up the one that lives near the woodpile
    there. Then go up to Simon and Jareds room and place the 
    salamander into the terrarium by one of the beds.
    Quest: The Knocker
    The first Knocker we found already. It was in the cave by the
    goblin camp and came out of his pipe, after we sprayed the 
    salamander nest. To find this one, go back into the cellar and
    enter the tunnels. When you get to the second big cave, the one
    where the land troll showed up earlier, take a left and follow
    the path over the rocks. After the second turn, you should see 
    straight ahead of you a crystal hanging from the ceiling and
    a green light lying on a rock. To get to it, throw a gobstone
    at the crystal. It´ll build a bridge, so go over it and pick
    up the metal cricket. After that keep following the path till
    you get to a hole in the wall, crawl through it and go straight.
    If you go all the way straight, you´ll get to a dead end, just 
    before that on the right is an edge you can climb. Up there is a
    letter pinned to the wall saying: I found I can lure out this
    shy cave knocker if I "ring" the crystal with a gobstone.
    Meaning: Turn around and throw a gobstone at the crystal and
    the knocker will appear. Talk to it to get a bunch of gobstones.
    Don´t forget to pick up the dwarven ring that´s stuck in the 
    wall next to the knockers cave.
    Quest: Swamp Bulls
    Use Simon to talk to Hogsqueal. Do as he says and go to the
    pond in the deep woods. Defeat all the goblins, then return to 
    Hogsqueal and tell him about it.
    Quest: Garden Sprites
    You have to find the 4 Sprites that used to be Arthurs companions
    and invite them to come live in the mansions garden in the empty 
    1.Royal Orchid Sprite: it´s just after entering the deep woods
      through the hole, use a faerie fruit to catch it
    2.Flower Head Sprite: In the same spot than the first one,
      it´ll appear after a while after you caught the first one
    3.Flower Winged Sprite: on the rock in the tunnels, where you
      have to use the crystal bridge to get to. Use a faerie fruit to
      catch it
    4.Leatherwing Sprite: After catching the other 3, another lantern
      will appear in the quarry on the tree. Smash it with a 
      gobstone and catch the Sprite down by the water
    Use their powers to make them move into the birdhouses, then go
    talk to each one of them. They´ll make the gardens all 
    flowery again! Pretty!
    Quest: Sprite race
    Go talk to the Flower-winged sprite, that´s flying around Hogsqueals
    tree to initiate a race. You´ll need one Flower-winged sprite to
    win the race, without it you just won´t be quick enough. The race
    will lead around the house clockwise and up to the front gate. Pass
    through the blue lights on your way. If you win, you get some ammo
    for the sling shot and some faerie fruit.
    Quest: Decorate Birdhouse
    Here´s a list of all the birdhouse items and their locations
    1.  Cockroaches: Killing Cockroaches as Thimbletack
    2.  Old coin: Middle of meadow, behind bushes guarded by stray sod
    3.  Pocket watch: down by the water in quarry , behind wooden planks
    4.  x-mas lights: in garage
    5.  crayons: in cellar next to stairs
    6.  stamp: Thimbletacks "acorn in safe" quest lowest level of 
    7.  Playing cards: after lowering bridge in quarry with wheel behind
        wooden planks
    8.  Old coin: on top of log by pond in deep woods
    9.  old coin: small area behind bushes guarded by stray sod in deep
        woods by oak tree leading to tunnels
    10. Fencing medal: Mallorys room on bedpost
    11. doily: Mallorys room on desk
    12. metal cricket: on rock in tunnels after crossing the crystal
    13. toy soldier: dead end path in mansion yard between old shack and
    Quest: Cockatrice
    1. cockatrice feather: on the meadow, behind a bush guarded by stray
       sod on right hand side when entering from mansion direction
    2. stone mouse: first time you enter the forest, there´s a log you 
       have to push down so you can use it as a bridge. The mouse is, 
       where that log used to be
    3. stone lizard: tunnel entrance if you use the oak tree
    4. stone bird: by oak tree leading to tunnels
    5. stone frog: in pond under log in deep woods
    Quest: Treefolk
    1. Cypress tree leaf: by pond next to cypress tree after taming the
    2. oak tree leaf: By oak tree after using it the first time
    Quest: Griffin
    1. Griffin feather: on rock in water in quarry after defeating all
       goblins in the camp
    Quest: the Phoenix
    1. Phoenix eggshell: little path with dead end in the middle of the
       three entrances to deep woods
    2. Phoenix feather: deep woods on path going around the oak tree
    Quest: Dwarves
    1. Metal leaf: goblin camp by camp fire
    2. Metal cricket: on rock in tunnels after crossing the crystal bridge
    3. Dwarven ring: in the tunnels stuck in wall next to knocker cave
    Quest: Elves
    1. Elven basket: after entering deep woods through the hole right side
       next to the path
    2. Elfshot: by pond in deep woods climbing onto path leading to the
       oak tree, right side
    Quest: A visitor
    This quest will pop up, after you completed all the other quests and
    found all sprites. Go to the front porch and watch the cutscene.
    Congratulations! You completed the game 100% !
    Sprite and Sprout Guide
    Beetle mimic Sprite:
    This sprite will create a copy of which ever character you´re playing with 
    and help you fight.
    1. deep woods by oak tree small area behind bushes guarded by stray sod
    Leatherwing Sprites:
    This Sprite has healing powers.
    1. Mansion yard by front gate
    2. on top of tree log bridge just after entering forest
    3. by the quarry sign
    4. quarry entrance by shack
    5. in quarry somewhere along the way, just follow the path and you´ll run
       into it
    6. tunnels, in the first big cave when coming from the cellar
    7. tunnel entrance using the oak tree
    8. deep woods oak tree area
    9. mansion yard left of garage in bushes, use faerie fruit to lure out
    10.lantern in tree in quarry , after catching all other 3 garden Sprites
    This one can distract enemies and lead them of a cliff for example.
    1. Main forest road, just after the mansion gate
    2. Pond with rock platforms leading to where you had to push down a log
    3. Pond with river troll
    4. quarry entry
    5. lamp in tree: will appear down by water in quarry
    6. mansion yard by garage
    7. tunnels entrance coming from cellar
    8. tunnels first big cave end of circle, coming from cellar
    9. pond in deep woods by cypress tree
    10.in tunnels after entering from oak tree
    Flower-Head Sprite:
    This sprite creates a whirlwind which knocks enemies down.
    1. Main forest road just after mansion gate
    2. meadow
    3. goblin camp
    4. mansion yard near front gate
    5. rock platform in quarry right past the shack with the button for the
    6. tunnels near entry of second big cave when entering from cellar
    7. deep woods just after crawling through hole, will appear after
       catching the royal orchid garden sprite
    Royal Orchid Sprite:
    This one creates a small toadstool ring that temporary protects you 
    from enemies.
    1. Meadow, just after entering from mansion side
    2. mansion yard, by front door
    3. cellar
    4. just after entering deep woods through hole
    5. by griffin
    Flower-Winged Sprite:
    Their power is dash, it makes you run as fast as the wind!:)
    1. Main forest road just after mansion gate
    2. in the middle of the meadow
    3. by pond with river troll
    4. under basket in garage, will then fly around the tree where hogsqueal
       sits on
    5. after lowering the bridge with the wheel in quarry
    6. on rock in tunnels after crossing crystal bridge
    7.  by oak tree leading to tunnels in deep woods
    Bellflower Sprite:
    This Sprite can boost the damage of your weapon.
    1.  in the Meadow
    2. mansion yard by little pavilion
    3. tunnels, turn right after entering from cellar
    4. entrance to quarry
    5. by log over pond in deep woods
    Pondskater Sprite:
    This one grants the power of temporary invulnerability.
    1. coming back onto forest road after meadow, go left to dead end
       by pond
    2. by water in quarry
    3. by pond in deep woods
    Sprout Sprite:
    They´ll give you a faerie fruit when catching them. You can only catch
    them once though.
    1. just before the first log bridge, when entering forest from mansion
    2. just after crossing that same log bridge
    3. meadow, right hand side, when coming from mansion
    4. meadow, left hand side, when coming from mansion
    5. quarry entrance
    6. mansion yard by garage
    7. tunnel entrance using tree
    8. lantern in quarry: than down by water in quarry
    9. in front of hole leading to deep woods
    10.mansion yard by little pavilion
    Stray Sod:
    Stray Sods always appear in front of bushes, that are hiding something.
    Run around them in circles till they´re dizzy. That´ll lower the bushes,
    and now you´re also able to catch them with your net.
    1. Middle of meadow
    2. Right hand side of meadow, when coming from mansion
    3. meadow, right past the second one
    4. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels
    5. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels
    6. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels
    7. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels
    8. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels

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