How do I beat Nine-Toes and his spiky creatures?

  1. I know it's 10 minutes into the game, but I'm having trouble beating those spiky creatures that come out when you fight Nine-Toes. Is there a certain gun that you need to use to kill them or somewhere to jump up onto to get a clear shot.

    They just come out and kill me every time I've tried so far.

    User Info: mnuttster

    mnuttster - 7 years ago

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  1. The strategy that works for me best is to immediately run to the right and jump onto the first level of the stadium seats and equip your best weapon with a scope/good aiming capability. Unload on Nine-Toes in his upper torso area with a burst/automatic weapon, or snipe his head if you're playing as a Hunter class. In my second and third runs through with him the skags didn't even attack me until I jumped down to loot Nine-Toes' body.

    Some things that will help you succeed:
    -Portable Health Packs. They sell for like 160 and will heal you for like 50hp. Make sure you use them when you start dropping in health and not when your about to die, since they take time to work.

    -Work on headshots. Raiders will spawn to the right of the settlement area pretty frequently. Get better at shooting them in the head. XP and good twitch skills help alot.

    Coop. Bring a friend! They'll help get the skags off you/kill Nine-Toes faster.

    And about the skags not following you into the stadium seats. Their jump attack will easily clear the first hurdle, which pretty much negates them "not being able to get to you." So maybe there's a little luck, but you don't really need all that much with this boss.

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  1. First I tossed my turret (Roland). I threw some nades that seemed to do the trick for the skags. For Nine-Toes, I just unloaded with my sniper-rifle on his head untill he was dead. Hope this helps.

    User Info: Idlemindkiller

    Idlemindkiller - 7 years ago 0 3
  2. i shot him 3 times with my first sniper rifle and then finished him off with a combat rifle. Then i ran in backwards circles when the "dogs" came out and shot them in the face

    User Info: Dman0017

    Dman0017 - 7 years ago 1 4
  3. They are tough but theres nothing special about them. Theres a couple things you can do to improve your odds though. Of course you could always level up, also if you get close to leveling up then kill one of them youll level up and get full health and shield during the fight. Make sure you use your special ability whenever you get it, this may be three or four times during the fight depending on class, and use you grenades well. try to use a weapon with better damage, accuracy isnt important. sprint sprint and sprint. Also if you do die they still keep the same health so run to em, the dogs can jump up to the path before him and you can fight em one on one. i guess those are general strategies though and not "youll win if you.." cause I died three times my first try but not at all my second go through.

    User Info: tnelly12

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  4. No matter who you are, once you annoy the creatures with a few shots they will open their mouths and that is when you can shoot them. For nine toes, just wait till he reloads and get out of cover (behind rocks to left/right) and shoot then get back in cover. P.S He has three balls!

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  5. Point and shoot, he's not difficult, use your abilities, go for the headshots, use cover whenever and wherever you can.

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  6. The easiest way to beet his Skag pets is to jump on the rafters nearby. From what I've heard, they shouldn't be able to climb up.

    User Info: SageGriffin

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  7. I have taken him out with three of the four character types types so far, all at level 5. I have found the easiest way is to focus on 9 toes first and take him out with one or two well-placed throws of the grenade with sticky mod (which you should have by then). The nades that stick to him do massive damage to him. Then circle-strafe around the dogs or make use of the platforms on the sides, as the dogs have difficulty jumping to them

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  8. i just charged 9-toes with a SG11-Scatter Blaster and destroyed him and i didnt notice the creatures and i shot them after.

    User Info: jamtoast44

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  9. The one that just stands there and slowly opens its mouth to spew out a blue ball at you, aim right into the mouth with a high damage one-shot weapon.

    But then again, I am a Siren with crit spec and I used an Elephant gun.

    User Info: kaeXo

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  10. when i beat nine toes i was a beseker (Brick) at lv 5. I took down his shield and turned on the beserk mode and beat him to death while healing. When i fought the Skags of his i jumped as high as i could to one of the sides and used a sniper rifle to take them out or a combat rifle with a scope which ever you prefer.

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  11. Use your ability right off the bat, especially when being hunter, soldier or berserker. his sheild will be depleted almost instantly. after that, use your cover properly, dispose of his dogs asap then work on him

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  12. Skags are weak against fire and corrosive damage. If you find weapons that suit you of those elements or even grenades it'll be easier to defeat them.

    Skags Have a VERY linear pattern to them. If you know how to avoid it you can usually sidestep their charges and jumps rather easily.

    Health packs if you keep dying too quickly, make sure to take cover, try to engage one at a time.

    Do a bunch of side quests to level up and it shouldn't be too tough.

    User Info: sukrpunch

    sukrpunch - 7 years ago 1 2
  13. First you should have done all other quest that you can before taking on Nine-Toes. If you play as Brick you should be able to kill Nine-Toes and one of his pets in one berserk mode. Then pull out a shotty and blow the other skag away. For the other classes focus only on Nine-Toes till he's dead then pull out a shotty and blow the skags away while dodging their jump skill. If you do that he is pretty easy, but if you die go for his pets shot them in the mouth for a critical or on their unarmored sides for more damage.

    User Info: Dudespartan119

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  14. Simple really. Make sure you're a half decent level before you do anything first off. Then just do the following:

    Hunter - Using anything but you sniper rifle (unless for some reason you have one that does insane damage and you're a good shot), go straight for Nine-Toes with critical shots so he can drop before his skags even show up. He's not that tough. As for his pets just keep running backwards and shoot at them while they chase you, moving sideways as they lunge. Eventually you'll get some criticals in there when they open their mouths.

    Berserker - Shotgun the hell out of Nine-Toes' head. Once he's down, use the same strategy as the Hunter. If at anytime your shield drops, use Berserk and go Tank Abbott on 'em. Very easy fight with Brick.

    Siren - Same as Hunter. Just use Phasewalk to escape harm when needed with the skags.

    Soldier - Same as Berserker minus the going Berserk part. If you can deploy your turret in a location that will hit the skags as they chase you, then by all means do it.

    Basic overall strategy is kill Nine-Toes quickly so you don't have to deal with the skags while being shot at, and just keep running and gunning the lil bastards. They're not that quick other than their lunge attack.

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  15. The method I used was quite simple:

    Find a decent sniper, shoot Nine-Toes in the head three times (this should kill him), then run.

    You don't have to kill his skag pets, but they provide a decent amount of experience.

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  16. Try to be at least Level 7.
    Use a combat rifle and aim for Nine-Toes's head. He must be taken out first, because he can hit you from range.
    You don't technically don't have to kill his pet skags, but... wait for them to lunge at you and dodge the lunge; after they've missed, it takes them a few seconds for them to reorient themselves, so in that time just blast them with a shotgun. Repeat ad nauseam.

    User Info: Kaiser_Tristank

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  17. If you crouch right infront of the hole that drops you into the arena you can just shoot him and his dogs without them being able to do you any harm in any way shape or form

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