How do I get the rifle and revolver body parts?

  1. Where are the last parts of the sniper rifle and revolver located? they are pointed out on the maps but i've searched all around and they can't be found where they are supposed to be. i believe they are the body segments of each

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    wolverine1242 - 7 years ago

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  1. The revolver barrel gave me a very hard time too. As it turns out, it's not marked accurately on your map (several diaries/scavenger missions suffer from this). Although it's in the same general area as the other parts, it's not where it appears to be (the map marker points you to the roof of one of the little buildings, right?). If you drive directly to the marker (no need to jump to the roof) and look back the way you came, you'll notice a rusty fence. On the other side of the fence is the body of a beat-up old car without a hood. The Revolver Barrel is inside the hollow where the hood/engine of that car would be.

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  1. They are all VERY well hidden, you have to really scan the area to find them, but they ARE there. Good luck.

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  2. About the revolver: haven't found last part of it also. Have no idea where they placed it... Searched all over - roof, under the roof and e.t.c. :(((( Please help!

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  3. Enter the Arid Hills and head for Sledge's Safehouse. The parts are near a narrow dirt path/ramp which is the final Northern leg of the arid hills map before a peninsula that heads East into Sledge's Safehouse.

    RIFLE SIGHT: As you approach the dirt path/ramp, stop and head directly East, staying at ground level. The scope is hidden in the crack behind the red tank on the ground level. (pretty much at the exact location of the diamond).

    RIFLE STOCK: Go on back to the dirt path/ramp and this time head on up. When you get to the top, immediately take a Right and then another Right onto the metal platform. You should see a shed directly in front of you. You'll notice a large tank with an up arrow painted above it. Jump on top of the tank and then on top of the building, you'll find the stock hidden to in front of you on the West side of the shack's roof.

    Rifle Barrel: Turn around and face North, and hop back down onto the tank and then platform that you just came from. Turn to your right (East) and follow the metal bridge. Very quickly you will notice a platform that heads of to the left (North), follow it and you'll find the Barrel sitting on a table in front of you.

    Rifle Body: Turn around to face South and head back to the bridge and take a left (East) and follow the bridge to its end, then take a right (South) and follow the path into the shack and out the other side. You'll find the body lying there on top of a box to your left.

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