Any sure way to get orange weps?????

  1. Me want better boom stick

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    werner_ian - 8 years ago

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  1. Stacking the odds in your favor involves killing the highest level, most badass mobs you can, while having as many people in your game as possible. Also, Mordecai has some skills you can use to make mobs drop more loot (though not necessarily better loot).

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  1. No such way... It's all the luck of the roll when you open a chest.

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  2. As they said its all luck when it comes to the orange weapons. I have 4 or 5 orange weapons and in my opinion they almost always come from the large red containers, the ones that open up and expand outwards? I have never gotten an orange weapon from a creature drop or any other chest but those. It might just be that those have a higher chance of getting a higher ranked weapon. I have also noticed that the weapon chests in areas that contained bosses, especially the bosses level 25 and up, seem to give me higher ranked weapons more often. Chests reset after a certain amount of time and i got my 4th weapon by going back to the place where i killed Flynt and reopening the red chest at the far end of the map on that little bridge. I dont know this is all speculation based on my experience with getting the weapons.

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  3. Here is a hint when you are trying to get good weapons, and alot of cash (I did not see any orange weapons until I hit level 31, so I'm not sure if the boxes drop based on how far you are in the game, lvl requirement, etc) Go to New Haven, and look at the New-U Site, go forward towards Helena, turn right. You should see a yellow barrel, jump from that onto the roof, and keep jumping up until you find the weapons chest. Jump down, run past the bounty board, out the gate, and look left. you should see a fuel tank. Jump onto the fuel tank, then from the fuel tank onto one of the walls (this may take a few tries at first). Then jump onto the roof and grab the weapons box. Press start, and click exit (this will auto save you). When you are exited, restart the single player on your character. Sell the items you don't want whenever you fill up.
    Whenever you restart, it automatically respawns the boxes. There are several more boxes around New Haven, however, this is the fastest route in my opinion to "Weapon Farming". Also, if you are a siren, you have it easy, as you run faster (keep in mind however the barrel will explode, so don't exit phasewalking to close to the barrel, and if you don't know, you can exit phasewalking by performing a melee attack).

    Hope this helps you out. I went from never seeing an orange to about 7 in an hour.

    User Info: Neoclue

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  4. I must be lucky cause I got my first and only orange weapon in the vending machine in the Badlands. I was close to level 20 and it's a level 19 revolver. All the drops and loots are randomized, so my best educated guest is that orange weapons have only a really slim chance of showing up.
    But like Archvelius wrote, Mordecai as skills that increase the amount of loot dropped by enemies, and this afternoon I came across a character mod for the hunter class that added +2 Find Rare items (can't remember the exact phrasing; sold it).

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  5. It is all lvl dependent in my experience. On my second play through at lvl 40 i started getting nothing but purple and orange weapons.

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  6. When i completed the bandit treasure quest, the stash contained 2 orange weapons.

    not sure if that's true for every play through, but hey it's where i got 2 of my 3 oranges.

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  7. the type of loot you get is dependant on character level, what playthrough you're on, strength of the enemy you just killed, what point in the main story you are at, any miscalanious bonusses you have, such as the hunter ability Ransack, number of people currently playing, difficulty, and of course blind luck
    so to get lots of orange weapons just make sure you have 4 people in you group and kill the toughest thing you can as late in the story as you can at level 50 with everybody in you party with lots of lotr increasing skills

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  8. I have beaten the 2nd run through for the game and started another character through the game and as I was playing orange weapons were very abundant on my first play through of the new character.

    I wonder what kinda of weapons I'll get on my third or fourth characters.

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  9. As others have said, it's all luck. Orange weapons are the highest rarity, which means just what you think, they are the rarest to find. to my knowledge there are no orange quality boss drops, so you just have to be lucky.

    Also, to add to what Neoclue said about New Haven, if you search around the rooftops around the town you can find 5 weapon crates total (2 Red, 3 Silver), a common strategy for finding a good gun at that point in the game, or just making quick money, is to collect guns from all of them, sell what you can't use, then exit and reenter the game.

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  10. try to beat the bosses and get more deeper into the story when you beat the bosses they give you a blue weapon or higher I think I got an orange weapon from one once dont know

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  11. Just to add to what these people have said, I have found that the higher the levels of the enemies in that area, the better weapons appear in that area. So it would be a very good idea to search in Flynt's place and Crimson Fastness, since going any farther than that gives you a point-of-no-return.

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  12. Well, more than half of my inventory is orange from farming Crimson Fastness. 5 red chests ( 7 if you saved the Claptrap ). Bear in mind you have to work for the loot though, use as much corrosive weapons possible, since the Lance hate acid. Or, as mentioned above, shirk for a bit and farm New Haven.

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