What are the best guns for each weapon type?

  1. I'm lvl 27 and have some really good weapons but i was wondering what the best weapons for each type that you guys have found. And if you can remember how or where you got them that would be great!

    User Info: overkill_16

    overkill_16 - 8 years ago

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  1. The answer to this question is simple there are no best wepon's.The game make's gun's so to say they are completly random except for the wepon's obtained from quest's.The best wepon i have is and smg that dose 50 dmg or somthing like that and can empty a 82 bullet mag in about 3 seconds and my shot gun with about 1000 total dmg from its multiplyer.I hope i was of some help.

    User Info: killtrain

    killtrain - 8 years ago 3 0


  1. All of the guns are randomized but the more ppl playing the higher the chance of better guns and the further you are in the game. Obviously orange weapons are typically the best. For example, my orange assault rifle gives me a +10 ammo regen just for having it equipped so i never run out of ammo on any of my guns. I'm level 37 and so far my best shotgun (my highest proficiency and fav weapon type) has a dmg rating of 157 w/ a x12 multiplier on it. Only a mag size of 2 before u have to reload but with a commando mod on my soldier and high proficiency in shotguns it works perfect.

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  2. Orange are the best when wanting ammo regen however there are better ones depending on what effect and how you play the game. So there are not really any set power ful weapons.

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  3. Yes......

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  4. quite possibly any eridian weapon, but from what i've seen, Sledge's Shotgun is pretty goood, but the wepon effectes and stats are completely random, so i can't give you a straight answer, sorry :(

    User Info: ToonLink64

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  5. The shotgun I use is a green one, a Terrible Matador, which I got half way through my first playthrough. It's 127 damage x12, +3 projectiles, +125% damage, and +150% melee damage. Only holds 2 rounds, but with my various modifiers, it holds 5. The only drawback is the 20 accuracy. have to be really close to use it...

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  6. There is no garanteed way of getting your character's dirt-coated hands, gloves or not, on a great weapon.

    If you check back to the weapon vending machines often, you MAY find a better gun than what you have equipped.
    There are very few predetermined loadouts in rare chests (opens up and presents its contents with ammo laid out on the left and right side, and the weapons in the center), but those are only found when you begin your character.
    No weapon is the "best weapon in the game," but there are some pretty potent pieces out there that will remain useful long after the level you acquired them. Some will have special attributes that even the weapon that is statistically "better" wouldn't have. An example of this is an SMG's bullets bouncing off any surfaces they hit.

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