How do I beat (Baron Flynt)?

  1. I'm a level 30 soldier and I can't seem to get him down to more than 1/4th of his health before he kills me or regains his health. He kills me in about 3 or 4 shots it seems like.

    User Info: Audioblack

    Audioblack - 7 years ago

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  1. Keep your distance. His weapon can't do much unless you're close up. Use a combat rifle and take him out from mid to far range. Play it safe, run when your shield goes down. Place proximity explosive mines after you in your path. Any guns you have with elemental DoT are nice too, all you have to do is start the DoT then you can run and hide.

    User Info: IotaDelta

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  1. Well first off, you could always go back and pick a different class. I'm partial to Lillith and Mordecai. Lillith has an ability which caused her to spontaneously combust right into Flynt, so yeah. Anyways, enough about that.

    As I recall Flynt is the annoying one sitting up top of the fort in the Salt Flats correct? I played as Lillith my first run through, but the overall strategy should work regardless. For starters, try modding your grenades to be stickies. Transfusion 'nades might also take the edge off your health problem a bit.

    Since you're a soldier, try deploying your turret when you're low on health and chucking a bunch of your transfusion grenades down his throat. The wonderful thing about them is that no matter where you throw them they'll still hit him. And you better know how stickies work.

    If you do go down, try to go down right next to one of his grunts. You can get easy second winds that way. You might also find yourself getting lucky if you go down next to Flynt himself (as was the case for me).

    If you're good at no-scope sniping then the elephant gun you get from the Skogzilla mission (which isn't a random drop) would be a nice little bit you could use to gift-wrap bullets for Flynt with from behind your turret as well.

    A lot of what factors into a win where Flynt is concerned is not so much how good at shooters you are (though that's definitely still a factor), and more just making sure you've collected one each of the best weapons you can find, leveled up skills that are actually relevant, and are at a high enough level that whatever your about to attempt isn't suicide.

    (Generic Star Fox voice) Good luck.

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  2. Also, his main weapon is a gun that shoots rockets. See about getting a shield with explosive resistance.

    User Info: Archvelius

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  3. Well, there are a couple of things, 1 make sure your gear doesn't suck, 2 Take down everyone else first, that will help,
    3 Always get at his head, it will really help, 4 Second Wind FTW, 5 If you can, get a partner.

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  4. @Crockeo

    "2. Take down everyone else first
    4. Second Wind FTW"

    Who would you be getting second winds from?

    User Info: Archvelius

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  5. Get a sniper rifle, or a really accurate Machine Gun. If you are getting owned, stay at a distance.

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  6. Well i have a soldier and i was in co-op mode but he still killed us for we where begin stupid and chargeing be cause we thought he was the reason tk baha died.But the best way i foun to kill him was kill all the gaurds then run to the top when you find him shoot and run he will fire and i think reload when he reloads jump out and pump him full of lead then hide just as he shoots you repeat the process untill he die's.Oh and as you run and hide you will need to go up to his throne at some point when he corners you jump to a lower level of his little tower and keep doing what i said.
    Hope i was of help.

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  7. I always found this one pretty easy compared to the giant rakks...

    I killed him solo with Mordecai. Bloodwing killed everything and what didn't die went down from rifle fire lol. Anyways, what I ended up doing took a little patience but was easy and virtually painless. At the very back of the area just in front of the lift are some boxes and a set of stairs on each side. Lure Flynt over to the big box on the left and hide behind it. Time it right so when he runs out of ammo and is reloading his shotgun, you pop out and unload a shot or two directly into his head. When he comes up the stairs on your left just work your way around the box. Because there's a ledge there by the box you can hop down and wait for him to either come back DOWN the stairs or he'll go to the other stairs and work HIS way down THOSE stairs. If he comes back down the stairs closest to you the ledge is short enough that you can jump back up to hide behind your trusty box. It's also just high enough that sometimes he'll walk right up close to the ledge and it's fish in a barrel till he backs up.

    This is an extremely simple process. Broken down, you simply lure him to the box to the right of the left set of stairs in front of the lift, then time his shots to pump some rounds into him until he dies. The loot isn't going anywhere so unless you need health cus something went wrong... don't worry about the loot and just keep working on him from behind the box. Even if it takes a moment to get use to, I personally think it's the easiest way rather than spray and pray to god he doesn't hit you with his shot.

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  8. I found that Corrosive MIRV grenade mod hurts him a lot too, just get one close to him and it will do massive damage, but when I fought him I got lucky, he glitched and got stuck behind the ramp he walks down, I got close and shotguned him to death

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  9. Go online?

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  10. Okay I found this to be the best method. Find a good SMG. I was the Soldier and, had a TD2 Incendiary SMG, 52 damage and x2 Fire Level 28. I would lay the clip on him, then run to the other side of the map, throw an explosive rubberized, and run over and shoot him again. It took 4-5 clips to kill him, and one grenade. I tried using a combat rifle and sniper, but it didn't work as well

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  11. I agree with what elme said, but I reccomend the Double anarchy instead of the one he reccomended. You get one off of one of his cronies (one of the twins, the one that fires guns at you) and it fires four rounds a shot, all on full auto at the cost of two ammo. Point it at his head and swiss cheese him for several criticals in a row. Since you're playing as soilder, back yourself into a corner and toss the turret to mop up his goons and dish damage to him. Hope you have some good skills set.

    You can also harvest New Haven for weapons that you can sell to buy a new shield and better grenade mod too. You may even find a double anarchy in New Haven (where I got my first one)



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  12. Make sure you have a good shield and a double anarchy SMG. Get up in his face and start blasting. He should go down fairly quickly. Strategy works best as Brick. Strategy could be used on multiple bosses.

    User Info: ognacious

    ognacious - 7 years ago 1 0

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