Where can I find the machine gun stock in salt flats?

  1. I'm having trouble finding it. :(

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    burningrekhyt - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    I'm also having trouble locating the magazine......IM GOING NUTS!!!!!

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    hardrock4522 - 7 years ago

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  1. This hunt takes place in THE SALT FLATS. The waypoint leads you to Baron Flynt's
    fortress, THOR, so you will need to finish the part of the quest (The Final Piece
    - Bandit Patrols Destroyed 4/4) that gains you entrance to complete this quest.
    Onceyou take care of the bandit patrols, enter THOR from the eastern entrance and
    clear that area of bandits.

    i. Machine Gun Barrel: Entering the eastern entrance, to the right, there
    are some stairs leading up to the top of that entrance. The Barrel is propped up against the railing.

    ii. Machine Gun Stock: To the Left of that entrance (facing west), there is a red hut with a long container against it. Jump on top that hut and run onto the container. The Stock is atop that container.
    iii. Machine Gun Body: Straight west from that entrance are two vending machines towards the center of the fortress. Infront of those machines at two tall cylinders. The body is atop on of those cylinders.

    iv. Machine Gun Magazine: Take a look at you map in the menu. If the Northeastern quadrant of THOR, you will see two circles representing huts in that area. The Magazine is on the western most hut. A few simple jumps will gain you access to claiming your piece.

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  1. as usual, the waypoints for the scavenger missions really suck. All the pieces for the machine gun in Salt Flats are on top of stuff on that side of the giant machine. I think the magazine was a little to the northeast on top of a round hut. when in doubt in this area, get up high and scan in a circle for a little green light. most of the pieces are pretty close together around the waypoint. the one to the northeast was the farthest away.

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  2. a simpler reference to the hut that the magazine is on is look the opposite direction to the item box that the claptrap there led you to. Just jump on the grayish box thing and jump forward and press x rapidly.

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  3. this quest is easy for me because i looted all of Crimson lance's stuff. just go look for ! marker and follow it... if it not there well just go jump on something to get to roof or top something. one funny thing i was like wow people can't find it like stuff. i beaten the game with brick, Litlth and started roland now as he is lv 7 lol well. all two is like lv 36... all weapon lv 10s

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