(Spoiler alert) the vault?

  1. do you ever get to be in the vault at all in any of the playthroughs? I can imagine the vault as a wanderland of alien weapons, money and possibly(just for the comedy of it) women. but only to have your march of endless destruction (getting to the vault was no easy task) only to be greeted by a meteocur creature that was easily destroyed by my fancy triple rocket launcher and to be told by the satilite chick that the vault closed too bad maybe you can make a profit off the key, and what you only earn like 1 mill for the key I HAD 4 mill to begin with(after everything)

    my question "do we ever get into the vault?"

    they could make an expantion, you know 200 years from now the mercinary ancestor have made it large on pandora and are like super amped kids waiting to follow in (whoever you chose's footsteps and open the vault for whatever riches lie within)

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    GameAprentice - 8 years ago

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  1. As with the legend of Pandora's Box (Pandora's Vault get it???) The only thing inside is essentially death itself. When the the Crimson Lance open it they release the destroyer which is the only thing in it. The legend that the whole game talks about: money, women, technology, and power is a corrupted tale because everyone forgot the real reason for the vault. The "satellite chick" is leading you on this quest to make sure your there at the right time to kill the creature before it can escape and find a host making it immortal in our dimension.

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  1. As it stands now, no you do not, though i think the dlc coming soon.... it may change that....in my opinion

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  2. You never actually get into the vault but, as you said, there may be a dlc soon to expand the story but until then you can commence your facepalm for being another victom of what may be the biggest cliffhanger of all time.

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  3. Yeah, I thought it was pretty lame. I kill this HUGE beast that takes up every sniper shot I have, and half my revolver ammo, just to be told that I can't even open the damn Vault. The stupid boss didn't even drop any decent loot. I couldn't even go kill the ninja claptrap the game so liberally exalted. All I got to do was take the stupid vault key to the insane asylum lady so she could keep it safe for...200 years. I'm like, "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

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  4. WickedSoul279, thank you good sir for thoroughly explaining that ending so I didn't have to.

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