.Where can i find good weapons?

  1. I am a level 26 solider but my weapon are crappy and i do the new haven weapon thing but i get crappy weapons.is there a place or shop somewhere that has good weapons i dont care hoe much.

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    lolo9090 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok, so a lot of these guys offer great ideas. And I can say from experience that most work quite nicely. However, I can only assume that since you have not decided on an answer for this question that you still want a better answer? My current method for obtaining high level/value weapons at any point in the game is from playing through Jakob's Cove from the Zombie Island DLC. At each 5 level increment (with some variance, I haven't figured out specifics yet) everything in the DLC levels up, including the weapon drops and what can be found in the stores. This proves useful if you go to the last area right away, even after beating the expansion.

    Hope this helps a bit

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  1. I hav found a chest in Arid Badlands that seems 2 hold good weapons 4 low level characters. If u go 2 the guy that gives u the arena quests in the Arid Badlands and hed back out 2 the main road. A little bit north and on the other side of the road is the area where you get 1 of the scavenger quests, hed thru and up to the top (its eventually a dead end) and you will find a Red Box, that has contained level 20+ weapons at low level. Usually you will hav 2 level up a bit 2 use it.

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  2. Just farm new haven chests if you dont know about them check youtube there are tons of videos, you will be rolling in orange class weapons in no time and if you farm it again on your second playthrough you get higher level orange weapons.

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  3. In Krom's Canyon there is a boat hanging low to the ground full of skag piles. To get to it you take the path to the right. And before you head up the long ramp there is a dead end with a couple spawn points, generally you will have Psycho's that show up from these. On the ground are a couple of barrels, and just above your head is the boat. You can crush the skag piles form underneath and jump on the sides to collect the goodies, theres always something other than just ammo, Ive even collected a lvl 26 Masher that actually reduces recoil from there. That thing carried me all the way through the first playthrough. If you're too lazy to jump each time in order to collect the loot you can use the barrel to super jump inside it, if you wish.

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  4. For begininer:
    on the way to sledge's safehouse when you first go to thhe aera there are a-couple scag piles with usally somthing in them. next in the same area, after you kill the 2 guys on the bridge, there should be a house right before the checkpoint, behind that house are more skag piles and dumpsters with somthing in them. Also for at the begining(just starting people) were you have to go kill the bandits at the begining there is a red chest basically on pole strait in there were you have to go.
    For people who have gotten to new haven:
    just check out my vid I made, it shows all of the chests around and in new haven: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d_mfaW1TPc
    For people who are close to the end:
    right before you get to the vault there is an area with lots of lance soliders and aliens that drop good weapons. but if you need/want weapons get more than one peson(i recamend atleast 3) and just kill them until you get weapons your satisfied with.

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  5. I don't know where exactly but I'm pretty sure it was Sledges Safehouse, I found a Battle Stomper Assault Rifle with 86 DAM at level 15. It shoots 4 bullets at a time like the Battle Rifle from Halo, I'm level 24 now and it still kills almost everything in 1 or 2 shots I killed Skagzilla in about 5 minutes with it. Search chests in Sledges Safehouse for a Rifle like that it's theres alot of Stomper rifles that shoot 3 or 4 bullets with different DAM most of them are close to the same.

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  6. Well you've got some areas to cover. The New Haven weapons are probably bad because i've found that the more you scrounge in one area the weaker things get that you find. My suggestion is to travel to areas you haven't been to in a while or travel to rarely. Old Haven, Middle of Nowhere, New Haven, Salt Flats, and The Underpass are where i go when i'm looking for stuff. Also there is a hidden red weapon chest in the top northwest corner of Rust Commons West. It has a very good spawn rate of legendary and powerful weapons. Look for the third concrete turret, then get up on the rocks and move towards the cliff. You want to make sure you land under the rock lip that the turret sits on and the chest is there. The only ways out are to kill yourself or exit the game. Hope this helps.

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  7. Go to old haven there you can sometime can get alien weapons and the dudes are hard and they drop good weapons and there is a claptrap you can save for more backpack space but be warned the dudes are much harder than the normal guys.

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  8. From my experience, the best weapons I've found are from quests. I got a pearl machine pistol with my Siren from a quest and it was perfect for her.

    The problem is the quests that give good weapons are limited, and you can only do them once unless you do another playthrough.

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  9. Try and advance until you get access to a place called Old Haven. Its fairly late in the game, so this is for later on when you want to get your hands on some expensive, but damned fine guns.

    I'm not sure if you need to do the "Not Without My Claptrap" quest first or not, but on the southwestern side of the area there's a gun vendor, in the opposite side of the building with the claptrap repair. So far I've gotten a Cobalt Volcano sniper rifle, Stabilized Anaconda revolver, and TWO Raw Equalizer Revolvers. The second was from a Crimson Lance Infantry.

    Which is another thing; the enemies here are pretty tough, so bring a high-power/accuracy gun, or something with the Corrosive element. Corrosive revolvers worked best for my lv. 29 Siren the first time I got there.

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  10. Kill the destroyer in the secound playthrough then just go kill stuff. i recommened Rust commons West, with all the spiderants there it's really easy to find good items

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  11. There are two red chests in New haven that produce weapons at a prolific rate, when compared to other red chests at a similar level. One is on the south end of town south of Helena Pierce's place. Locate the yellow barrel, jump onto it and then to the nearby roof. The other red chest is on the north end of town . Go to the north exit and do an about face. Jump onto the rusty blue dimpster and then to the roof. These two, at level 26, will likely produce many weapons which you will have to level up to use. The four silver chests in and about New Haven are ordinary, at best.

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  12. I would only suggest to try and get through to the second playthrough, where the guns you get in Fyrestone are already twice as good as everything you've come accross up until level 26! Haha!

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