How do i get across gully to fight ajax?

  1. For the quest chain, "This B*t*h is Payback part 2." i get to the area and find no switch to activate a platform or lift to get across the gully anyone figure it out already?

    User Info: Giggilocat

    Giggilocat - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    I am also bedeviled about how to access to bridge to get to Ajax.

    I am logged in to the Kill Ajax mission, per the request of Athena.

    I tried statesofeuphria suggestion and expored all of the area, several times, around where the bandit vehicles were parked. I explored all of the cliff areas to the east of this area where the map the map points east and was unable to find a trail.

    I, too, have tried the switches to the right at the end of the cat walk and they don't work.

    I also tried to explore the transition spot marked with a star on the NW part of the map, but the transition does not work. There is also a bandit area in the northwest part of the map that is gaurded by several skags. I acquired a number of great weapons in this area, but was unable to locate any switches that would unlock the bridge.

    So, although I don't know what the solution to this problem is, I hope I have offered you some strategies that have not worked in the hope that you can pursue other ones that may solve this issue.

    User Info: mikekircher99

    mikekircher99 - 7 years ago

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  1. How to get across the Gully to Fight Ajax

    First, you need to be assigned by Athena to get the codes for her to set up her bomb. This requires that you locate a tape recorder on a scaffolding to the north of T Bone Junction. This can be problematic because the software can tell you that you have found the code when you actually haven't. You actually need to pick up a tape recorder that is on the rail of the scaffolding. When you listen to the recording, you find that it is of two stoners who have forgetten by the code, but they tell you the code is at the site of the world's largest bullet. This is located in a Bandit Camp to the south of T Bone Junction.

    When you find the code in the bandit camp with the world's largest bullet, take it to Athena and she will give you a detonator to blow up General Knox's armory, which is located in the across the bridge. When you have the detonator, you can then go to the lower bridge, flip one of the switches, and then will enable the bridge to cross over and go after Ajax and General Knox.

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  1. Go down to the lowest area (off the roads) where bandit vehicles and scags are. There is a path to the left that leads to the area where you activate the bridge.

    User Info: statesofeuphria

    statesofeuphria - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. If your talking about that little house underneath the gully, i think my switches are glitched bc theyre red but theres no x button notification to use it, am i screwed?

    User Info: CG_GraV3m1nD

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  3. Nevermind it was linked to a quest lol

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  4. So far I'm stuck on this one. But I believe that statesofeuphria has the most reasonable answer.
    I'll confirm that soon.

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  5. CG_GraV3m1nD
    What? How did you fix those switches to work, im stuck on the same spot.

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  6. Will the switch work, once athena asks you to kill Ajax?

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  7. I have the quest to kill Ajax and those switches wont work yet.

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  8. So when do they work. The only mission I have left is to finish killing the teams of chicks, which are random in location and time. I did do a mission for Athena about some intel and she won't do anything when I turn in. Not sure if this is the hold up. Did you have the same issue turning in on the intel mission?

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  9. The switch works in the extending the bridge main plot misson

    User Info: darkgrif

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  10. If you go towards the green marker for the mission you will get to a cliff. look down and jump onto the building below. then cross the metal catwalk, make a right turn at the end of it and the switch is there.

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  11. Ok this is what you do, once you have the quest, work your way to "light' bridge, unfortunately you have to activate it, the best way is to look down the gully and you will see a little house below you. you drop down onto the house, then you go around the house. you will see a pipe/walkway across the gully. walk across this walkway and on the other side you should see a flashing green board thingy. walk over to it push X and wait till it says that you have accomplished the task then go back up and walk across the bridge. TAA-DAA!!! you've done it!

    User Info: Mrfuzzycube

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  12. There is also a back way into Ajax that you don't even have to mess with the bridge or any switches. If you go north of the marker you'll go into a area full of skagriders and midgets. There will be a whole in the rock you can jump through on foot. You can kill these and turn left past the gully which will lead into the back area of Ajax's tower.

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  13. Well the way i got thru it was...
    I didn't do the "This B itch is Payback, pt. 2" til after i Did "Bridging the Gap"... That lets you use the switches.

    User Info: crazylwl

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