Rider sniper rifle ( new haven)?

  1. The rider sniper rifle that is in new haven i have been told it is in the blue shack, under the repair kit is this a real area?

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    ScooterNinja89 - 7 years ago

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  1. Yes it is real and there is only one way to access it. First of all it is in the back of New Haven right across from the Franks guy leaning against a shack. Directly in front of him is the shack your looking for. When standing where Frank is the door is on the left of the shack. You cannot get into this shack unless you have the "another piece of the puzzle quest" in Trash Coast (the Rakk Hive quest). If you have the quest you can get into this room, you have to walk through the door, it wont open, then an elevator takes you down to a couple of bad guys a level or two higher than you, if possible, and the Leg Lamp, a garbage Christmas tree and a bunch of presents and a couple of chests. You cannot do the quest though, once the quest is completed you cannot access this area anymore, but again you cannot access it unless you have the quest.

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  1. Yes, it exists. Here is the Borderlands wiki article:

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    Capybara_guy - 7 years ago 1 0

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