Plot mission glitch in borderlands?

  1. Im a level 25 solider and my plot mission has been find Steele from when I was level about level 7. I think I know how it happened by joining a random game, but the question is how to fix this.
    also how to fix the uncompletable quest keep your insides inside.
    thank you

    User Info: thatguy052

    thatguy052 - 5 years ago


  1. Please clearify.
    ANY previous quest completed is now gliched on there but if your a super high lg doing a super easy quest go ahead. I did DLCs like zombies and the revolution claptraps to make my hunter a lv 31 and just completed killing eleven...(any DLC enemies are ether your lv or 1-3lv higher than you. Unless you killed the final Major boss like in zombie land you kill zombie********* afterwords the zombies stop levling up

    User Info: FireWing13

    FireWing13 - 5 years ago 0 0

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