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    FAQ by Tristessa2

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                     Weapon Titles and Miscellany
    by ME!!  (Tristessa2)
    glaeara@yahoo.com (feel free to e-mail me 
    suggestions, questions. I may not reply due to 
    time constraints, but I WILL try!)
    Version 1.1   (11/03/09)
    Copyright 2009 ME!! (Tristessa2)
    Other websites may host my guide but I doubt 
    they will want to.
    1.00 - General tips and info
    1.10 - Key for WEAPON NAMES section
    1.20 - Repeater Pistols
    1.30 - Machine Pistols
    1.40 - Revolver Pistols
    1.50 - Combat Shotguns
    1.60 - Assault Shotguns
    1.70 - Patrol SMG's
    1.80 - Combat Rifles
    1.90 - Sniper Rifles
    2.00 - Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles
    2.10 - Rocket Launchers
    2.20 - Eridian Weapons
    2.30 - More Weapon Details
    2.31 - Weapon Components
    2.32 - Weapon Grades
    2.33 - Materials
    To find a section, press Ctrl + F and type what 
    section you want, i.e. >>  1.00  << for the 
    General Tips and info section.
    ------------Version History <ver1.1> -------------
    Version 1.1 (11/03/09)
    -Changed format somewhat cuz GameFAQS 
    rejected my first attempt!  It was a mess!!
    -Other minor fixes
    ----------------Introduction ------------------------
    Here's a short FAQ for new and not-so-new 
    players.  The first section is just useful general 
    info, the second is about weapon names and 
    how they affect guns.  I hope this helps you 
    Thanks and enjoy!
    Incomplete at the moment, but there's enough 
    here to get you understanding weapon 
    generation and to look up what weapons do
    based on the titles.
    Copyright Tristessa2 2009
    Some Notes on Weapons and other 
    1) Pattern  means the bullets form this type 
    of pattern per shot fired, like a smiley face for 
    2) Wild means Bullets may go in any direction 
    when fired.
    3) Multiple Shot means the weapon fires 2, 3, 
    4, etc. bullets per shot, and therefore uses 
    double, triple, etc. ammo.
    3a) Single Shot means the gun, fully loaded, 
    has only 1 shot (basically a round in the 
    chamber and thats it!)
    Don't discount these guns however, they are 
    usually EXTREMELY powerful and able to 
    disintergrate any enemy you point it at.^^
    4) Split Shot means the weapon fires 2 bullets 
    per shot but only uses 1 ammo because each 
    bullet splits into two pieces after firing.
    **5) For LILITH character SMG users, be careful 
    of which guns you use!!  Theres a whole sub-class 
    of Combat Rifles that are Machine Guns.  Lilith's 
    combat expertise is SUB-Machine Guns, but most 
    Machine Guns are in the Combat Rifles class.
    **6) Some rare weapons, in their description boxes, 
    have SLOGANS. It may say something like "She 
    Kicks Like a Mule!" on a Revolver and when you 
    pull the trigger, you'll fall backwards.  Or "Holy Cow 
    it Fires Rockets!" on a shotgun and when you pull the 
    trigger, it fires a single rocket but still only consumes 
    1 shotgun shell.  As a general rule, these weapons very 
    powerful, so make sure you try it out before you sell a 
    weapon with a slogan.
    7) Weapons can borrow abilities from each other. 
    Like shotguns that fire rockets as mentioned above, or 
    a pistol I have that fires 7 bullets per shot in a shotgun 
    spread pattern.  You can even find, for example, a pistol 
    or shotgun with a sniper-rifle scope on it giving you 5.4x 
    zoom.  The potential is mind-boggling!
    THEM!!!  They may not be what they seem.
    9) Deck Upgrades are found in AMMO vending 
    machines.  They do 2 things when you buy them. First 
    they increase your maximum carryable ammo for that 
    weapon or grenade. Second, they SECRETLY increase 
    the chance for enemies and chests to drop that ammo 
    **10) Deck Upgrade tiers can be skipped WITHOUT 
    penalty, saving you money.  For example, if you wait until 
    tier 3 deck upgrades are available, you'll save about $6,700 
    PER DECK. The tier 1 decks are $610, and the tier 2 decks
    are $6,100.  If you wait and buy the tier 3 only, you'll get the 
    benefits of all 3 for just the price of the tier 3, instead of the 
    total price for all 3 purchased seperately.  
    **11) By exiting to the main menu, the game automatically 
    saves your progress and puts you at the New-U Pole at the 
    beginning of the dungeon/zone you are currently in.  This is 
    a nice shortcut back to the beginning of a dungeon you have 
    just cleared! Instead of walking back through and running into 
    re-spawned enemies again, just exit and re-load the game and 
    you'll be back at the entrance!
    **12) Even better than this is that Exiting and re-loading 
    CHESTS AND................  BOSSES!!! YAY!!!  Killed Moe 
    & Marley but didn't get any good Loot?  Just exit the game 
    and go back there and they'll both be back!  This works for
    all bosses except the final. 
    **Note: You have to exit the game, exiting and re-entering a 
    zone WILL NOT work.
    ***13) There is ALREADY DLC FOR THIS GAME!!
     DOUBLE YAY!!  Its called "the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned," 
    has all-new storyline, NEW enemies and NEW zones to 
    explore, including one of the Weapon Manufacturers'
    Factories!  It comes out on November 24th.
    >>>>>>I listed Weapon Titles first because its the most 
    relevant information about what a weapon actually does.  
    To get more into how weapons are generated, start with 
    section 2.30.
    Abbreviations used:
    HQP1 = High Quality Parts: means the weapon is made of 
    higher quality parts than normal.
    HQP2 = HighER Quality Parts: means the weapon is made 
    of  higher quality parts than HQP.
    HQP3 = HighEST Quality Parts: means the weapon is made 
    of the best materials there are.
    man. = manufacturer.
    High Quality Weapon = the weapon is made of top tier 
    materials and will have, overall, higher stats than average.
    Format used:
    GUN TYPE: (weapon class in bold type)
    prefix name~ parts used~ effect on gun
    title name~ effect on gun
    Legendary Title>
    manufacturer~ Title~ unique gun part~ effect of unique 
    gun part
    No Prefix~ Default~ No Bonus
    Bad~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    Cruel~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Wicked~ HQP3~ Bonus Damage (highest)
    Fanged~ Blade Accessory~ Piercing Damage on melee 
    Stabilized~ Stability Accessory~ Increase Damage and 
    Accuracy Up
    Sighted~ Laser Sight Accessory~ High Accuracy
    Double~ Double Shot Acessory~ Two Porjectiles are fired 
    at once, Accuracy Down
    Static~ Accessory~ Shock Element Chance
    Repeater~ Default
    Swatter~ High Accuracy
    Peashooter~ Low Damage
    Needler~ Fast Fire Rate
    Raptor~ High Quality Weapon 
    Lacerator~ Penetration Damage
    Legendary Title>
    Tediore~ Protector~ Body~ Free Ammo
    Dahl~ Hornet~ Accessory~ 2-shot burst firing + 
    corrosion damage
    Vladof~ Rebel~ Magazine~ Big Clip + Fast Reload
    S&S Munitions~ Gemini~ Accessory~ Split Shot
    Maliwan~ Firehawk~ Accessory~ Bonus Fire Tech
    Torgue~ Violator~ Barrel~ 3-Projectiles + 3-Shot Burst
    Hyperion~ Invader~ Scope~ 12-Shot Burst while using 
    zoom only
    Atlas~ Troll~ Accessory~ Regenerate Health
    No Prefix~ Default~ No Bonus
    Mean~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    Grim~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Vile~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Fanged~ Blade Accessory~ Piercing Damage on melee 
    Stabilized~ Stability Accessory~ Increase Damage and 
    Accuracy Up
    Sighted~ Laser Sight Accessory~ High Accuracy
    Double~ Double Shot Acessory~ Two Projectiles are 
    fired at once, Accuracy Down
    Cold~ Cold Accessory~ Slower, More Powerful Bullets
    Burning~ Accessory~ Fire Element Chance
    Machine Pistol~ Default
    Fury~ Big Clip + Lower Accuracy
    Torment~ High Damage + Bonus Tech
    Rage~ Faster Firing Rate + Burst Firing
    Legendary Title>
    Vladof~ Vengance~ Barrel~ Bullets Penetrate Shields
    S&S Munitions~ Vanatos~ Magazine~ Big Clip + Low 
    Hyperion~ Reaper~ Accessory~ Big Melee Damage 
    Bonus + Steal Health
    No Prefix~ Default~ No Bonus
    Brutal~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    Primal~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Savage~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Bladed~ Blade Accessory~ Piercing Damage on 
    melee attacks
    Bloody~ n/a~ High Damage
    Swift~ n/a~ High Firing Rate + Low Recoil + Faster 
    Raw~ n/a~ Lower Accuracy + High Firing Rate
    Blast~ Barrel~ Explosion Element Chance
    Revolver~ Default
    Viper~ High Accuracy
    Law~ High Firing Rate
    Justice~ High Damage
    Razor~ Melee Damage Bonus
    Masher~ Fires Like a Shotgun 
    Legendary Title>
    Tediore~ Equalizer~ Body~ Free Ammo
    Dahl~ Anaconda~ Barrel~ High Damage + High 
    Maliwan~ Defiler~ Accessory~ Corrosive Damage
    Jakobs~ Unforgiven~ Barrel~ Highest Accuracy + 
    Crit-Hit Bonus + Slower Recovery
    Atlas~ Chimera~ Accessory~ Random Damage 
    Types (elemental)
    No Prefix~ Default~ No Bonus
    Battle~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    War~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Genocide~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Jagged~ Blade Accessory~ Piercing Damage on 
    melee attacks
    Frenzied~ Frenzy Accessory~ High Firing Rate
    Terrible~ Terrible Accessory~ High Damage
    Riot~ Riot Grip~ Lower Accuracy + High Firing 
    Hunters~ n/a~ Higher Accuracy + Increased Zoom 
    Shotgun~ Default
    Brute~ High Damage
    Sweeper~ Lower Accuracy + More Pellets 
    per Shot
    Death~ Higher Accuracy
    Legendary Title>
    Tediore~ Defender~ Body~ Free Ammo
    Dahl~ Bulldog~ Magazine~ More Ammo + 
    Reloads Faster
    Torgue~ Friendly Fire~ Accessory~ Smile Pattern 
    + Incendiary Tech
    Jakobs~ Striker~ Barrel~ High Accuracy + 
    Crit-Hit Bonus
    Atlas~ Hydra~ Accessory~ Fan Pattern 
    No Prefix~ Default~ No Bonus
    Greivous~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    Lethal~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Fatal~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Spiked~ Blade Accessory~ Piercing Damage on 
    melee attacks
    Raging~ Raging Accessory~ Higher Firing Rate
    Painful~ Painful Accessory~ Higher Damage
    Riot~ Riot Grip~ Lower Accuracy + High Firing 
    Angry~ n/a~ Reloads Faster + Bigger Clip
    Shotgun~ Default
    Brute~ High Damage
    Sweeper~ Lower Accuracy + More Pellets 
    per Shot
    Death~ Higher Accuracy
    Legendary Title>
    Vladof~ Hammer~ Accessory~ Hammer Pattern
     + Explosive element
    Maliwan~ Plague~ Accessory~ High-Power 
    Corrosive Tech
    S&S Munitions~ Crux~ Accessory~ Cross 
    Hyperion~ Butcher~ Barrel~ 5-Shot Burst Firing + 
    50% Chance per Shot of Not Using Ammo
    No Prefix~ Default~ No Bonus
    Violent~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    Hostile~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Malevolent~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Relentless~ Relentless Accessory~ High Firing 
    Ruthless~ Ruthless Accessory~ Low Recoil
    Double~ Double Shot Accessory~ Two Projectiles 
    per Shot + Lower Accuracy
    Twisted~ Twisted Accessory~ Spiral Pattern
    Lightning~ Barrel~ Shock Element Chance
    SMG~ Default
    Bruiser~ High Damage
    Stinger~ High Firing Rate + Lower Recoil
    Anarchy~ Lower Accuracy + 3 Wild Projectiles 
    per Shot (note this title is very rare)
    Vector~ No Recoil + Faster Reloading + High 
    Firing Rate
    Thumper~ Single Shot + High Damage
    Legendary Title>
    Tediore~ Savior~ Body~ Free Ammo
    Dahl~ Wildcat~ Magazine~ Extra Big Clip + 
    Lower Accuracy
    Maliwan~ Hellfire~ Accessory~ ALL Shots 
    are Incendiary, no chance involved
    Torgue~ Gasher~ Barrel~ High Damage
    Hyperion~ Bitch~ Barrel~ Crit-hit Bonus
    Scoped~ Default~ No Bonus
    Battle~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    War~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Genocide~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Intense~ Intense Accessory~ Accuracy Bonus
    Deathly~ Deathly Accessory~ Higher Damage + 
    Reduced Recoil
    Short~ n/a~ Lower Damage + Reduced Recoil + 
    Faster Reloading
    Punishing~ Higher Damage
    Rifle~ Default
    Stomper~ Higher Damage
    Cobra~ Higher Accuracy
    Pounder~ Single Shot + Higher Damage
    Legendary Title>
    Tediore~ Guardian~ Body~ Free Ammo
    Dahl~ Raven~ Barrel~ 5-Shot Burst Firing
    Hyperion~ Destroyer~ Barrel~ Ricocheting 
    No prefix~ Default~ No Bonus
    Solid~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    Hard~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Fearsome~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Rolling~ Rolling Accessory~ Faster Reloading
    Heavy~ Heavy Accessory~ Bonus Damage
    Long~ Long Accessory~ High Accuracy
    Liquid~ n/a~ High Firing Rate + Faster 
    Reloading + Faster Recovery
    Distant~ n/a~ Accuracy Bonus + Reduced 
    Sniper Rifle~ Default
    Thunder~ Higher Damage
    Hawkeye~ High Accuracy
    Burning~ Fire Eleement Chance
    Legendary Title>
    Maliwan~ Volcano~ Accessory~ Incendiary 
    Tech + Spawns Additional Explosions
    Jakobs~ Skullmasher~ Barrel~ Crit-Hit Bonus 
    + Knockback
    Atlas~ Cyclops~ Scope~ Long-Range Zoom + 
    Crit-Hit Bonus + Fast Firing Rate
    Semi-Auto~ Default~ No Bonus
    Solid~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    Hard~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Fearsome~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Brisk~ Brisk Accessory~ High Firing Rate
    Sober~ Sober Accessory~ Accuracy Bonus 
    Deep~ Deep Accessory~ Bonus Damage
    Vicious~ n/a~ Maximum Accuracy + Faster 
    Assault Sniper~ Default
    Driver~ Higher Damage + Knockback
    Lance~ High Accuracy
    Wrath~ High Tech Bonus
    Legendary Title>
    Dahl~ Penetrator~ Barrel~ Full-Auto Firing 
    S&S Munitions~ Orion~ Accessory~ Ricochet 
    Shock Tech
    Torgue~ Cobra~ Accessory~ Big Explosion
    Hyperion~ Executioner~ Magazine~ 5-Shot Burst 
    Firing While Zoomed + 10-Shot Clip
    Rocket~ Default~ No Bonus
    Big~ HQP1~ Bonus Damage
    Massive~ HQP2~ Bonus Damage (higher)
    Colossal~ HQP3~ Bonus Damge (highest)
    Recoiless~ Recoilless Accessory~ Reduced 
    Evil~ Evil Accessory~ High Rate of Fire + 
    Bonus Accuracy
    Devastating~ Devastating Accessory~ Bonus 
    Spread~ Spread Barrel~ Fan Pattern
    Triple~ Triple Barrel~ 3-Shot Burst Firing
    Helix~ Helix Barrel~ Helix Pattern
    Launcher~ Default
    Destructor~ Over-Sized Rocket + High Damage
     + Slow Rate of Fire
    Harpoon~ High-Speed Rockets + High 
    Legendary Title>
    Vladof~ Mongol~ Barrel~ Rapid Fire
    Maliwan~ Rhino~ Barrel~ Throws off Explosions
     on its way to Target
    Torgue~ Redemption~ Barrel~ Over-Size Rocket
    ~ Slow Rate of Fire
    Hyperion~ Nidhogg~ Barrel~ Auto-Explodes at 
    Specific Range (60 yards)
    SMG Blasters>
    Eridian Blaster~ Plasma Gun
    Mercurial Blaster~ High Firing Rate Plasma Gun
    Wave Blaster~ Wave Pattern Plasma Gun + 
    Shock Damage
    Ball Blaster~ Plasma Gun + Homing Projectiles
    Eridian Shotgun>
    Thunder Storm~ Lightning Shotgun
    Eridian Cannon>
    Cannon~ Energy Type Launcher
    Weapons are generated, completely at random 
    and on-the-spot, every time you open a container 
    or kill an enemy or look in a vending machine. 
    It assembles a gun pieceby piece, and each piece 
    comes in 3 levels of quality.... and then that is 
    multiplied by NINE for the 9 different 
    manufacturers.  >.<   Thatsa LOT of guns!!
    WEAPON COMPONENTS---------------------
    The computer generates the following components 
    at random for each gun:
    STOCK- Higher quality stocks give higher stability 
    and accuracy.  Small stock or stockless guns have 
    faster equip speeds  and reloading times.
    BARREL- Affects Weapons accuracy and damge 
    BODY- Affects rate of fire and damage rating.
    MAGAZINE- Affects clip size, reloading time, 
    and equip speed.
    SCOPE- Adds zoom function.  Higher quality 
    equals greater zoom capability.
    MATERIALS- Affects how the weapon looks. 
    More importantly, the qualtiy of the materials used 
    increases the manufacturers bonuses on the weapons.  
    ACCESSORIES- Do a whole lot of things!!  Special 
    Effects, Elemental effects, etc.
    WEAPON GRADES-----------------------------
    Weapons, before you pick them up, display a 
    full name when examined which is shortened once in 
    your inventory. The first part is the manufacturers 
    grade, which tells you the company and level of the 
    An example would be a weapon with Special as the 
    first part of the name. The word Special, in this case, 
    determines the Manufacturers name and grade.
    Special means the weapon was made by Tediore 
    AND is a level between 22-30.
    If it said Pure, it would mean it was a Maliwan 
    weapon of level 50. An Ultra would be a level 31-39 
    Hyperion weapon.
    Get it? Good!  Here's all the Manufacturer grades*: 
    * level 0 weapons omitted because they are useless.  
    Weaksauce, Old, Rusty, etc. are level 0 weapons.  
    Level 1-12 weapons do NOT have a manuf. grade. 
    Dunno if this is true, but I'm told that weapons cap 
    at lvl 48 until you hit lvl 50, and also, there are 
    apparently no lvl 49 weapons.  
    (Unconfirmed, I have only seen level 48 and level 50 
    Tediore> 13-21 is Value, 22-30 is Special, 
    31-39 is Super, 40-48 is Limited, and
    50 is Supreme.
    Vladof> 13-21 is Peasants, 22-30 is Peoples, 
    31-39 is Workers, 40-48 is Soldiers,
    and 50 is Patriots.
    Dahl> 13-21 is Mercenary, 22-30 is Soldier, 
    31-39 is Freelancer, 40-48 is Veteran,
    and 50 is Elite.
    S&S Munitions> 13-21 Revised, 22-30 is Upgraded, 
    31-39 is Enhanced, 40-48 is
    Faultless, and 50 is Perfect.
    Maliwan> 13-21 is Standard, 22-30 is Sterling, 
    31-39 is Prototype, 40-48 is 
    Paradigm, and 50 is Pure.
    Torgue> 13-21 is Power, 22-30 is Force, 
    31-39 is Excellent, 40-48 is Awesome,
    and 50 is Ultimate.
    Jakobs> 13-21 is Classic, 22-30 is Vintage, 
    31-39 is Choice, 40-48 is Antique,
    and 50 is Original.
    Atlas> 13-21 is Champion, 22-30 is Heroic, 
    31-39 is Herculean, 40-48 is
    Legendary, and 50 is Titan.
    Hyperion> 13-21 is Valde, 22-30 is Melior, 
    31-39 is Ultra, 40-48 is Magnus,
    and 50 is Optimus.
    Remember that this part of the weapons name 
    disappears after you pick it up!!!
    Now that you have it in your inventory, the first 
    part of the name is an alpha-numeric code.  This 
    code has 2 halves.  The first half is linked to one 
    of the specific parts of your gun, say, the barrel.  
    It would be near impossible to list these codes 
    since there are enough part variations in 
    Borderlands to make over FIFTEEN MILLION 
    The second part is MUCH easier.  It represents 
    the materials and their quality, used to make the gun. 
    Materials come in 3 grades; Common, Slightly Rare, 
    & Very Rare and each of the 9 Manufacturers 
    makes Component parts out of these 3 grades of 
    material.  Getting dizzy yet?
    To complicate things, no manufacturer has a code 
    for Common materials, and, Atlas and Torgue DO 
    NOT have codes for ANY of their materials!!
    Heres the material codes:
    Tediore> Slightly Rare is -A, Very Rare is -B
    Vladof> Slightly Rare is /V2, Very Rare is /V3
    Dahl> Slightly Rare is U, Very Rare is D
    S&S Munitions> Slightly Rare is .2, Very Rare is .3
    Maliwan> Slightly Rare is B, Very Rare is C
    Jakobs> Slightly Rare is ZZ, Very Rare is XX
    Hyperion> Slightly Rare is .W, Very Rare is .G
    So the computer assembles the components, and 
    once that is done, it assigns a grade to the weapon.  
    Assigning the grade determines the manufacturer and 
    the guns level.  The manufacturer determines which
    kind of gun it can be,  since not all manufacturers can 
    make all the different types of weapons.
    Next up it assigns the alphanumeric which determines 
    the guns materials rarity.  The rarity can affect which titles 
    the gun then earns.  Finally, the gun is issued its 
    prefix and/or title(s) which determine its characteristics 
    as explained in the titles section.
    Here's some examples of possible generated guns before 
    being picked up:
    1) Force VRR XX Solid Hawkeye
    2) Herculean BLR.2 Fanged Torment
    When picked up, you have:
    1) a level 22-30 Torgue Sniper Rifle, that has Bonus 
    Damage and High Accuracy, who's name is  VRRXX 
    Solid Hawkeye
    2) a level 31-39 Atlas Machine Pistol with Piercing 
    Melee Damage, High Bonus Damage, and a Tech Bonus 
    who's name is BLR.2 Fanged Torment.
    Final Notes:
    Eridian Weapons follow the same basic system as other 
    weapons, they just have less options in the equation.  
    They only have 1 manufacturer, 1 material type and
    they are made of less components.
    Shields and grenades follow roughly the same rules as 
    weapons, but to a slightly lesser degree.  Theres room for a 
    lot of different types to be generated, and I may list them 
    at a later date.
    If there are any errors, please let me know, POLITELY.  =D

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