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"Your quest on the planet of Pandora"

Borderlands was released for the XBox360 near the middle of October of 2009. Borderlands is a first person action shooter game with a lot of unique enemies that you will come across.

Borderlands starts off where you have to choose which character you want to be, each with their own special power. After you choose a character, you will come across a new you station which is where you can name your character and change the colors of your character's colors. After you customize your character the way you see fit, you earn money and experience points by doing missions and you have a choice of which mission you would like to accept and you can switch from one mission to another if you choose. However one thing I do not like about the missions is you have to turn in somewhere after you complete a mission even if part of the mission doesn't involve returning anything. I do not like that because turning in isn't how you access your next mission, it just makes the mission you were on complete. Even though you're on a huge planet, attack vehicles do get involved in the game soon enough and even the first vehicle you can customize the color as you wish.

The gameplay is easy or hard depending on which enemy you choose. When you shoot at an enemy, the name of what you are shooting at gets displayed along with the level of the enemy and the health bar of the enemy. One thing that makes the enemies harder to kill is even if the enemy you're shooting at is just one level above you, that enemy is almost impossible to kill. However one thing that is common is if you have a shield and start getting attacked, your shield takes damage before you do. However your shield also heals when you no longer are taking damage. When you die you can either respawn at the closest new you station or get a second wind right where you are by killing an enemy before you black out. You will want to get a second wind every time you can because respawning at the new you station cost money and how much respawnning costs determines on how much money you have. Also if you respawn you have to be careful if you respawn near enemies because enemies are near that new you station. That could turn into a vicious repetitive cycle if that happens. Navigating on the planet you are on is pretty easy because you have a compass on the bottom of the screen and the compass (unlike many other games) is surprisingly useful. There are lots of weapons to help you and chests lying around always contain ammo and guns so being out of ammo is not a likely situation that will happen. Another thing that is easy is your character can level up and will get points to level up certain attacks or defenses then each character has their own special power. One thing I don't like is you can activate your special power by accident and you can't turn it off, you have to wait until your special power runs out of energy then wait for your special power to refill although your special power energy refills very quickly. One other thing that makes this game easy is when you have to collect a certain number of things because if you die, you don't lose what you already collected, you just resume your search from the nearest new you station.

The controls are easy for the most part and they are displayed for when you need them. The controls are responsive except for one part and that is when you are dying. I was hitting the shoot button at an enemy right in front of me but my weapon wouldn't fire and I'd have to respawn somewhere with all the damage I did to an enemy gone.

The story of Borderlands is you are on a planet called Pandora in search of a vault that is on the planet. Every hunter that looked for the vault was also guided by a guardian angel including you who also gets help from a guardian angel.

The graphics and sound are pretty good. Everyone sounds like you would expect them to. Also it's not hard to tell what things are either up close or from a distance. There were no problems experienced with the graphics or sound in this game.

This game will keep someone occupied for many hours although I'm not sure if there is any replayability once you beat the game.

I give this game a 8 out of 10. While it is fun and does have challenge, the fights are a little too biased if the enemy is just one level higher then you and the respawnning near enemies can be a very unpleasant experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/04/10

Game Release: Borderlands (US, 10/20/09)

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