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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thecrobar

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     ##### /    ##   ###                      
      ######  /  #####    ###                     
     /#   /  /     #####   ###              #     
    /    /  ##     # ##      ##            ##     
        /  ###     #         ##            ##     
       ##   ##     #         ##    /##   ######## 
       ##   ##     #         ##   / ### ########  
       ##   ##     #         ##  /   ###   ##     
       ##   ##     #         ## ##    ###  ##     
       ##   ##     #         ## ########   ##     
        ##  ##     #         ## #######    ##     
         ## #      #         /  ##         ##     
          ###      /##      /   ####    /  ##     
           #######/ #######/     ######/   ##     
             ####     ####        #####     ##    
    1. Introduction............(1TI)
    2. Controls................(2CT)
    3. The Basics..............(3BA)
    4. The Guide...............(4GD)
         A. Chinatown Rundown..(CRZ)
         B. Vehicular Carnage..(VCZ)
         C. Boneyard Workout...(BWZ)
         D. You Dirty Rat......(DRZ)
         E. Everybody Runs.....(ERZ)
         F. Falling for Kafka..(FKZ)
         G. Uninvited Guest....(UGZ)
         H. Breaking the Ice...(BIZ)
         I. Opera House........(OHZ)
         J. Shock Therapy......(STZ)
         K. Road Rage..........(RRZ)
         L. Head to Head.......(HHZ)
         M. Finale.............(FNZ)
    5. Closing.................(5CL)
    Hello, and welcome to my guide for Wet. The purpose of this guide is to provide
    strategies for how to complete the main game, as well as tips and general
    strategies for play. The guide is organized in to five  sections: you're in the
    introduction, the controls section lists the game’s controls, The Basics
    section provides tips for general combat and how stuff works, and the main
    guide is the way through the game. The introduction and the closing section
    have contact information as well as some other information about the guide. If
    you have any questions, you can contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com
    Left Stick.......Move 
    Right Stick......Aim
    A/X..............Jump/Pull up
    X/Square.........Sword Attack
    D-pad............Change Guns
    L.Bumper/L1......Wall Run/Rubi Vision
    3...The Basics...(3BA)
    This section details some of the game's basics. If you don't know how to do
    what you're supposed to do then this is the place to come.
    A. Acrobatic Moves
    The Key to combat in Wet is proper use of acrobatic moves. Acrobatic moves are
    basically anything that you do involving the environment: sliding along the
    ground, swinging from a pole, jumping through the air or anything else you can
    think of. Shooting while performing any one of these actions will cause Rubi to
    fire her guns in slow motion, which let's you aim at one target while Rubi
    automatically targets another. Acrobatic moves are key to doing well in the
    game, so make use of them whenever you can.
    B. Health
    Your health in the game is represented by a series of yellow rectangles in the
    upper left corner of the screen. Your health will obviously go down when you
    get, either by bullet or blade, but there are two ways to regenerate. The easy
    way is to find some liquid pain killer (alcohol) in the level and drink it,
    which will fully heal you. The other method is get a multiplier going in
    combat, which will restore your health gradually based on how high of
    multiplier you have going at the time.
    C. Rubi Vision
    Occasionally you will enter Rubi vision when your face get's splattered with
    blood. This will cause the screen to go into a weird, cel-shaded version of the
    regular world. The only real difference between this mode and normal mode,
    other than a visual one, is that your score is calculated by how many enemies
    you can kill in a row. The more you kill without letting the count drop to
    zero, the higher your score.
    D. Arena Fights
    The other common sequence you'll run into are arena fights. Arena fights trap
    you in a room full of continually spawning enemies. To get out of them you need
    to destroy the spawn points where the enemies are entering the arena, marked by
    a skull and crossbones. One you destroy them you have to kill the remaining
    enemies to finish up. Afterwords you're rated on three things: how many
    acrobatic kills you got, how fast you were, and your average multiplier. Arena
    fights are designed for intense combat, and they contain a lot of items to use
    for acrobatic kills.
    E. Platforming
    Rubi can jump and run with the best of them, and you'll be using that ability
    throughout the game in order to traverse the game's areas. Rubi can Wallrun,
    leap from hanging poles, leap between buildings, hang from ledges, and plenty
    of other things as the situation requires it. Press L1/L. Bumper to see what
    areas Rubi can interact with.
    F. Guns
    During the game Rubi can acquire four different guns, each with their own
    strengths and weaknesses. Guns have limited ammo that you need to collect from
    crates and the game's environments, so make sure you use them intelligently. In
    the order you get them they are:
    Your main weapon and standby, the only gun with infinite ammo. Pistols are
    great, and really have no downside. They're the weakest gun in the game, but
    they aren't bad by any means. They're the easiest guns to get head shots with
    and once you've upgraded them a but they can fire almost as fast as the
    sub-machine gun.
    The shotguns are beasts at close range, but are all but pointless at long
    range. They can be a little pointless given you have a sword, but they're good
    for taking down enemies fast at medium and close range.
    Sub-Machine guns:
    These guns are weak, but they fire the fastest out of any of the guns in the
    game. The best way to use these is to aim for head-shots or simply as a spray
    and pray weapon. 
    The final gun you unlock is a long range crossbow that fires exploding bolts.
    It can kill most enemies in a single hit, but it has a pretty limited number of
    rounds . Use I sparingly in tough situations.
    G. Upgrades/Score
    The game keeps track whenever you kill an enemy and how you do it- acrobatic
    kills and other special actions are taken into account. This all combines to
    give you a score at the end of the level, which you can use at an upgrade store
    to buy new abilities for Rubi. You can either buy upgrades for Rubi- like more
    health or new acrobatic moves- or you can buy upgrades for her guns like the
    ability to fire faster or hold more rounds. Ultimately your upgrades are up to
    you, there aren't really any of them that are super necessary. The only ones
    I'd recommend would be at least 1 level of health and upgrading your pistol
    fire rate, which gets a LOT better at level 3.
    4...The Guide...(4GD)
    A. Chinatown Rundown...(CRZ)
    This starting section is just a tutorial. Follow the onscreen prompts and learn
    the controls. If you can't cut it here, this game isn't for you. This area is
    all pretty self explanatory: kill the enemies, do some platforming, etc. The
    first real test of your combat comes in the first arena of the game. In arenas,
    enemies will continually spawn until you take out their spawn points in the
    area. Take out the spawn points and kill all the enemies to complete an arena.
    In this arena there are three spawn points: one at the north side where you
    come in and two in the lower area. To get to the one in the north section, run
    up a stack of boxes against the wall then slide along a zip-line. You can get
    to the other two by wall running along both of the walls to land on their
    respective platforms. Afterwords, head through the door to the next area.
    Follow the tutorial and move from blacony to balcony, shooting enemies as you
    go. Slide down the ladder and prepare for a short quicktime event, then take
    out the enemies down here. Head into the ally for some health then run up the
    chain-link fence into an area with some more enemies. Take them out and head to
    the next area to see a cutscene. Take out the enemies and head up the stairs on
    the corner. Slide across the wire and then jump to the hotel balcony. Take out
    the enemies and head inside.
    Head up through the hotel, following Simmons and taking out enemies as you go.
    Open the door at the top and drop down into the new area. Eliminate the enemies
    as you see fit and head through the gate and up the elevator at the end of the
    alley. The next area is another arena, this time with four spawn points. All of
    them are on ground level and they're all out in the open. Take them out, using
    cars as explosives when necessary. Head through the door at the end to complete
    the level.
    B. Vehicular Carnage...(VCZ)
    This level is pretty much one long quicktime event. Enemies will pop out of the
    black cars to shoot at you, so take them out when you can. It can be difficult
    to shoot them from the moving vehicle, but it's just as hard for them to shoot
    you. Be prepared to jump from car to car throughout the level, as well as
    clashing enemies upon landing. You'll eventually catch up with Simmons and jump
    on his vehicle, which ends the level.
    C. Boneyard Workout (BWZ)
    This chapter consists of Rubi doing some challenges in her base, the boneyard.
    There are three events: the first is an acrobatic shooting challenge, the
    second is a shooting gallery, and the third is another acrobatic challenge with
    a new weapon. The game explains each challenge, so I won't go in depth about
    how each one works. 
    The first and third challenges have you running and gunning through the yard
    while jumping through hoops. The s is to clear the challenges in a certain time
    limit, which is easily doable even without the bonus points. To get bonus
    points, jump through the flaming hoops. This will cause hubcaps to appear.
    Shoot hubcaps to cause targets to appear for about a second, then shoot the
    targets to get a couple of seconds taken off your time. The first challenge
    uses your pistols, and the second uses your shotgun. Both are pretty much the
    same, except that you don't need to be as accurate with the Shotgun challenge
    thanks to  the spreading effect of the gun. 
    The shooting gallery requires you to get 90 points in three minutes, with each
    target being worth a certain amount of points. One point board targets will
    appear on top of and inside the bus, two point target barrels will shoot
    straight up, and three point hubcaps will be shot out skeet-style. The easiest
    way to clear the score is to go for the high point items over everything else:
    they aren't that much harder to hit but they give you a lot more points in
    return for shooting them.
    After completing the challenges, watch the cutscene and end the level.
    D. You Dirty Rat...(DRZ)
    Head forward and jump off the ramp to the bars, ignoring the enemies below.
    Duck under the cap, then head down the ladder an shoot the enemies. Head around
    the corner and up the stairs for an arena fight. There are three spawn points
    in this arena fight. Each one is located slightly above the rest of the areas
    in the level in the pattern or a triangle with one at each point. You'll need
    to wall run up to where they are to take them out. After they're all destroyed,
    enemies will drop down into the area with a ladder. Kill them and then climb
    the ladder to get to the next area.
    It's now time for your first “Rubi vision” segment. These segments ditch the
    scoring of the regular game to focus on chain killing- killing lots of enemies
    in a row without stopping is the only thing that determine. The area for this
    one is pretty self explanatory: from your staring position you need to move
    left out of the walkway and onto a ledge. From that point, make your way
    clockwise around the area while continually heading upwards. Kill anything you
    meet along the way and try to rack up a nice kill count. You'll eventually come
    to a long ladder, jump on it and ride it down to the ground to find some
    enemies. Defeat them and head through the door to the next area and you'll get
    your score for this one.
    Time for another arena fight! There are four spawn points this time, two on
    each side. Head forward and jump up to the platform to find the first one, then
    drop down to the lower area to find the second. Head back to the start and jump
    across the path of the Gatling gunner. Aim next to him to blow up a red barrel
    and kill him, then head to the back on the right to find the third spawn point.
    Near there is a chain link fence: run up it and then move across the ledge to
    the final spawn point. Head through the door to the next area.
    Head up the long passage by jumping between the wooden platforms. You'll soon
    find yourself in a cage match against some enemies, but they shouldn't pose a
    threat to your sword. Afterwords you'll take control of a Gatling gun. Destroy
    the enemies across from you and to the sides and Rubi will automatically take
    the elevator to the next area, where you'll fight a boss:
    Rat Boy
    Ray Boy is a piece of cake. He has a lot of cronies helping him out in this
    fight, but they shouldn't be your target. Focus all of your attention on Rat
    Boy. He'll always stay in the center of the area so it's pretty easy to find.
    There really isn't any strategy here: just pump him full of lead and dodge his
    gunfire. His gun fires extremely slow, so it shouldn't really be a challenge to
    avoid it. When the game prompts you to, run over to him and press the button to
    end the fight.
    E. Everybody Runs...(ERZ)
    This mission starts off with an arena fight. It's a simple one, one spawn point
    in each of the four corners. After you take care of the enemies, a guy will
    bust in with a Gatling gun. Take him out like you did with Rat Boy, they're
    pretty much the same. You'll need to do a quicktime event to kill him. After
    he's dead, head through the door in front of him.
    Kill the enemies, the wall run up the chain-link fence in front of you. Jump
    off and grab a pole a swing to a nearby ledge, then take the ladder up to a
    flight of stairs. Head to the top and open the door, then move down the stairs
    outside. Climb up to where the man was, then advance up the building inside.
    Jump to the window on the other side to see a cutscene. Head down the ladder
    and shoot the enemies at the bottom, then follow the man to the left and jump
    over the gap to a pipe. Move to the right and then up to a higher pipe, then
    jump backwards off the building to another pipe before swinging onto a ledge.
    Continue to follow the man he goes through the roof tops by wall running up a
    few obstacles before finally taking a zipling and meeting him face to face. He
    sends some enemies into the room, kill them and continue forward into an 
    At the top you're in for another Rubi vision sequence, only this time in an
    arena. With eight spawn points, you can do a lot of killing here. Six of the
    spawn points are scattered around the street level and two of them are up on
    platforms. To get to them, wall run up the bus and jump to the first, then wall
    run from that one to the second higher one. After the bloodshed Rubi will head
    through the next door automatically, ending the level.
    F. Falling for Kafka...(FKZ)
    This chapter is a lot like the car hopping level, but it takes a while to get
    into. Watch all of the cutscenes and prepare for a quicktime event. After a
    series of strange and awesome events you'll find yourself hurtling through the
    This mission is split up into two parts. The first has you taking down the crew
    members from the plane as the fall. You can't move, so taking them out before
    they can damage you is critical. The easiest way to do this is to aim your
    camera so you're looking slightly up, which will allow you to see them as they
    fall into view. 
    The second part of the level has you falling towards a parachute. You'll need
    to avoid the objects as they fly towards you: one hit and you're dead. Once you
    reach the chute be prepared for one final quicktime event before the level ends.
    (After this mission you'll unlock the sub-machine guns. You'll have to complete
    a trial for them, but its just like the last two).
    G. Uninvited Guest...(UGZ)
    The start of this level is a long acrobatic portion over a mine field. Head
    forward and jump to the boat. Swing off the pole onto the rock, then wall run
    on the wall and jump off onto another rock. Jump to the next rock in front of
    you then move up the tiered steps. At the top grab the ledge on the left side
    and shimmy around until you can jump to the right side. Go up from here and
    climb the rim of the lighthouse all the way around, then jump off and land on
    another ledge. Pull yourself up then jump to the higher ledge in front of you.
    Drop down the next couple ledges, then jump to the large standing rock. From
    here jump to the broken bridge on the wall. Dodge the barrel by going far left,
    then head up to the next large part of the bridge. Wait for a barrel to come on
    the right side and then move to the left, which will trigger a barrel to dodge
    on that side.. Wait for the first to fall before moving to the right side to
    dodge the second one. Head up to the final large wooden slat and quickly move
    up and to the right to dodge the final barrel.
    Jump up on top, then kill the enemy and drop down. Head through the door, then
    slide and shoot both chains at once to get under the gate. Do the same in the
    next room, then shoot the red barrel to get through the next gate. Kill the
    enemies in the next area, then blow up the barrel on the left side and wall run
    up the wall behind the enemy. Swing across the bars to the other side and drop
    down, but be careful of the rolling barrels when you fall. Take out the
    enemies, then wall run up the wall to get into the rafters. Take the rafters to
    the next room over and kill the enemies there. Slash the barrel to reveal a
    wall run spot, then jump up and across to the platform on the opposite side and
    head through the door on the other side.
    Time for another Arena fight. There are only three spawn points this time: one
    to the right when you start, one on the far wall, and one on the upper level.
    After you take out two of them a Gatling gunner will appear, but he shouldn't
    give you much trouble with those fancy new guns of yours. After they're all
    dead two more enemies will blunder into the area. Kill them and head through
    the door they came from. Open the door like you did the other ones, then go
    through and destroy the boxes to reveal a red barrel shoot it to get through
    the gate, but hurry: you will have started a fire. Run through the area and
    jump on the ladder at the end, head up to the exit.
    Head along the rims of the building, watching for enemies as you go. Jump from
    ledge to ledge and pole to pole until you can pull yourself up on the building
    on the other side of the area. Kill the enemies, then jump up on the ledge and
    move to the other side of the platform. After the rest of the enemies are dead,
    drop down and circle around this die of the house until you reach an open
    window. Head inside and kill the enemies, then enter the doorway at the end of
    the hall.
    Kill the enemies next to you, then take out the ones at the far end. Wall run
    up the middle section of the far wall, which will trigger a cutscene.
    Afterwords, jump to the pole and simultaneously shoot the chandeliers as you
    cross to take out the enemies below and progress along the top. Once on the
    other side, take out the remaining enemies both below and on the side you just
    came from. After all that, wallrun up the chimney to get out of the building
    and into anew area, but prepare for a quicktime event.
    After the scene you'll be in another arena fight, this time with four spawn
    points. They circle the room on the second level, so they're pretty easy to get
    to. After you've dealt with two spawn points a Gatling gunner appears to cause
    trouble for you, take him out like all the others. After you beat this, the
    level is over.
    H. Breaking the Ice...(BIZ)
    Slide down the ladder, then proceed through the hallway, killing enemies as you
    go. Open the door at the end and prepare to run from a wave of fire as an enemy
    sets off a trap. In the room after that wall run in the spot next to the
    generator, then circle around the room and hop up to the upper platform. Open
    the door and slide down the zipline. Hop across the platforms until you reach
    the building above you, then run to the other end and wall run up to the roof.
    Run to the other end on top for a zipline down to the Gatling gun.
    Time for another Gatling gun sequence, only this one's even easier then the
    last. After you've slaughtered your foes, wall run to the next platform from
    the left side of this area. Move to the back end and hop up some more ledges to
    get on top of the building, then run back in the other direction to get to the
    Gatling gun building's roof, which has a zipline on it. Take it down and kill
    the enemies, then move up the nearby wall using the ledges. When you try to
    cross the bridge, a trap tirggers and it begins to collapse. Jump across the
    bridge as fast as you can. On the other side drop down into the small area and
    then take the stairs down to the lower level. Kill the enemies and enter the
    door on the other side of the walkway.
    Wallrun to avoid the flames and take the enemies on the other side. Step into
    the cargo elevator and go the the next area. In this area, there is a new enemy
    who uses a sword. You need to get a head-shot to kill these guys; nothing else
    does the trick. Head through the next door for an arena fight with four spawn
    points, two on the upper level and two on the bottom level. This arena match
    can be hectic: it's the first that has sword enemies and Gatling gunner shows
    up part of the way through. Focus on the Sword enemies first, as they can do a
    lot of damage. 
    In the next area kill the enemies and then head up the long shaft by jumping
    from ledge to ledge. At the top you'll go through another Rubi Vision sequence,
    but this one's pretty short. The exit to the room is on the other side of the
    gap around a wall. Exit through the door and ride the zipline down into the
    next area. After the scene head forward and slide under the railing. Shimmy
    around the building and drop down onto the ledge, then slide down the stairs to
    the main dock. Advance all the way to the end to be faced with a huge wave of
    melee enemies. Take them out and their Gatling gunner buddy that shows up to
    complete the level.
    I. The Opera House...(OHZ)
    Head down the zipline, then wall run across the wooden slats to the other side
    and kill the enemies. Wall run up the pipe inn the corner and jump backwards to
    a couple pipes which will land you on a ledge. Enter the door and wall run over
    the first while shooting the enemies, then repeat that a couple times until
    you're outside again. Hop across the pipes and then up the sign until you get
    to a ledge, then kill the enemies inside. Slide under the gap in the wall, then
    move to the back of the room up to the ledge and shimmy around to the front. Go
    through the rafters so you're outside again, then hop across a couple more
    pipes and up another sign to the next platform. Jump across to the dragon head
    and move to the front. When it isn't belching fire, jump to the nose and run
    along it's head to jump inside of the main building.
    Head down the stairs and run along a couple of walls to clear the gaps in the
    floors. After a few you'll come to an area where you need to jump across a gap
    and shoot out a window, then wallrun down to a lower area and do the same with
    some wooden planks so you can slide under an open window. Head to the right
    around the ledges and you'll eventually get to the other side of the room. Take
    the zipline down to a room full of enemies. Kill them and move through the door
    that opens, then drop over the ledge and move to a door that will take you to
    the next area.
    This area is an arena match. There are four spawn points, three on the upper
    level and one on the bottom. After you kill all of the regular enemies you have
    to fight the band. The do this, shoot all of their instruments and speakers to
    cause explosions, which will kill them. Head through the back of the band area
    and run up the left wall to find the door to the next area. Slide down the
    ladder and shoot the enemies. Go through the door for another Arena match with
    four spawn points, two on each level. Finish up and move on through the gate.
    J. Shock Therapy...(STZ)
    After the cutscenes kill the enemies on the ground floor and then head to the
    back left corner and wallrun up the shelf. Head to the wall and shimmy across
    to the other side, kill the enemies, then take the door. It'll now be time for
    another Rubi vision sequence. This one is a bit unique, as you'll need to
    eliminate the six spawn points in a certain order. Taking out the ones on the
    raised sections of the level will cause the ones on the bottom to appear, and
    taking out those will cause a ladder to drop that will lead you to the final
    two. After that you'll be treated to a Rubi Vision Gatling Turret event, which
    can be made a lot easier by blowing up the tanker car in the middle of the area
    that the enemies are taking cover behind. After that, this short level is over.
    K. Road Rage...(RRZ)
    This chapter is played just like the earlier car chase chapter, only this time
    in Rubi vision for the entire level. For the most part it's just having good
    enough aim to shoot everything, but you should try to take out the much more
    damaging motorcycle enemies before any of the others. As the level progresses,
    don't be afraid to use your alternate guns to take out enemies and always be
    prepared for one of the level's numerous quicktime events.
    L. Head to Head...(HHZ)
    when the level begins head forward and swing across the poles to a ledge, then
    drop down and swing across another gap to get to the platform. Kill the enemies
    and wall run up the back of the ally, then jump to a couple p[oles that will
    take you to a ledge. Wall run up this new building and move around the ledge,
    then drop down on the balcony and go inside. Take out the enemies then jump off
    the ledge to find a whole bunch of them waiting for you. Shoot the barrel to
    take some of them down, then advance through the area and finish off the rest.
    Eventually a Gatling Turret will start to attack, so take out the barrel behind
    hit. Afterwords you'll advance to the next area. 
    Time for another Gatling segment. There are plenty of exploding barrels if you
    need to use them. After that's done, jump down to the area where the enemies
    were to face even more of them. It's best to go to the back of the area so the
    close range enemies will be forced to come to you. After the first wave is
    dead, a few more will com out of a door in the back. Kill them and go through.
    Head down the stairs and jump to the floating buoys, then to the dock. Take out
    the enemies and wall run up the dock wall, then swing on the poles across the
    water to another dock. Kill the enemies here, and continue to circle around the
    ring of docks until you enter a building. Open the door inside to find one of
    the toughest Arena fights in the game. To get through it, first shoot the enemy
    directly in front of you, then kill the melee one rushing towards you before
    destroying the spawn point. Then make a mad dash to the second spawn point
    under the structure on the opposite side of the area and destroy that before
    moving up on top of it and killing the Gatling gunner. Head over to the corner
    and wall run up the structure to find some health a couple more enemies. Right
    in front of you will be the final two spawn points. 
    Head through the door that opens up to enter another Rubi visions sequence,
    though this one is pretty short and very linear so just make your way down the
    hall. Head through the door to some out in front of a zipline. Take it down to
    the ground floor and kill all of the enemies to spawn some more, then kill them
    to open a door to another arena fight with three spawn points, all of them
    right out in the open on the ground level. After that's done head up the stairs
    and jump across the gap to find a switch that will stop the handing cart
    things. Head back out and jump across them to the other side of the factory
    rafters, which will causes enemies to use the elevator to come up. Head back
    over and kill them, then head up the stairs and open the door.
    Inside you'll find a lot of fire. This section is mostly a quicktime event, so
    pay attention for button prompts. After that's done, the level is over.
    M. Finale...(FNZ)
    The finale for the game is little more than an extended quicktime event. (I'm a
    little disappointed). Hit the right button prompts and it's all over.
    Congratulations, you've finished the game. Doing so will unlock some more
    Boneyard challenges as well as score attack mode, where you have to get a
    certain score for a level. 
    5. Closing...(5CL)
    This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
    such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
    or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
    see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
    make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't 
    care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
    it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
    free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will more than likely 
    allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
    reading it.
    This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 
    Copyright Woody Crobar, October 11 2009.

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