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    Boss FAQ by Omegamaster006

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    <Ninja Gaiden 2>
    For system Xbox 360 only
    Note: When I was on vacation for 1 week.
    I played Ninja gaiden 2. It was really fun game.
    So it give me idea make my FAQ. I make FAQ for
    "Which enemies's weak point by use weapon"
    in NG2 game.
    I hope there FAQ is useful.
    Note: The truth I played on only the Acolyte/easy mode
    For weapon guide FAQ.
    Note: There's not my weapon guide. Use this
    Note: Each melee weapon have same level.
    Unlike first game NG.
    Start with level 1
    10,000 for level 2
    Easy mode 20,000 for level 3
    Normal and Hard mode 30,000 for level 3
    Note: use Ctrl + F then
    Find: "Dragon Sword" in fact
    Name of weapon, enemy's or etc follow name in list page.
    <List page>
    ---<weapon list>---
    (Melee weapon)
    -Dragon Sword                     stand for DS/TDS
    -Lunar Staff                      stand for LS
    -Falcon Talons                    stand for FT
    -Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang   stand for Duel sword
    -Kusari-gama                      stand for K-Gama
    -Eclipse Scythe                   stand for scythe
    -Tonfa                            stand for Tonfa
    -Vigoorian Flail                  stand for V'Flail
    (Projectile waepon)
    -Fiend Bane Bow
    -Incendiary Shuriken
    -Gatling Spear Gun
    -Windmill Shuriken
    (Ninpo list)
    -The Art of the Inferno
    -The Art of the Wind Blades
    -The Art of the Piercing Void
    -The Art of the Flame Phoenix
    ---<Enemy list>---
    -Black Spider Ninja-clan (list type equip)
    -Military Soldier (list tpye equip)
    -Ninja Dogs
    -Van Gelfs
    -Mechs (list type enemy)
    -Chainsaw Zombie
    -Black Widows
    -Fiend Spider Ninjas
    -The other enemy (list type enemy)
    ---<Boss list>---
    -Fiend Spider ninja
    -Mech Fisher
    -Fiend Giant Monster
    -Water Dragon
    -Giant Bone Skeleton
    -Fiend Gold Dragon
    -Alexi The Ruler of Lightning
    -Volf The Ruler of Storms
    -Zedonius The Ruler of Flame
    -Elizebet The Ruler of Blood
    -Dagra Dai
    -Fiend Archfiend 1st form
    -Fiend Archfiend 2nd form
    ---<weapon list>---
    (Melee weapon)------------------------------------------------
    <<<Dragon Sword/True Dragon Sword>>>
    Found: You start with it!
    For "True" you get start of chapter 11
    Very power weapon for your playthrough.
    Izuna Drop is pretty good.
    But use for light enemy.
    Heavy enemy not work with Izuna Drop.
    When Izuna Drop is use enemy can killed in hit by Izuna Drop.
    Flying Swallow is helpful.
    If DS go level up to 2.
    Flying Swallow can get twice wow!
    And then level 3. 3 time use Flying Swallow very useful.
    Look in FAQ: weapon guide.
    Dragon Sowrd is in very combos work with any enemy type.
    Up level 2: Yes, you need for chapter 1.
    Up level 3: in chapter 5 or 6 before you face Volf.
    Rank: 2nd for True Dragon Sword
    <<<Lunar Staff>>>
    Found: chapter 1 huh?
    Lunar is pretty bad ass weapon.
    Very crazy combos.
    Hard to say I never this use for playthrough.
    If you skill with Lunar Staff that fine with me.
    You not need this for kill type enemy.
    Up level 2: Chapter 2 or 3 if any you want. level 2 is useful.
    Up level 3: You not need this, if you are skill with this.
    If you have enough money for level 3.
    Rank: 5th pretty good
    <<<Falcon Talons>>>
    Found: chapter 2
    Pretty good combos.
    But I never use this for level up.
    Falcon Talons is not good for use type enemy.
    I NEVER use for my playthrough with this!
    Falcon Talons is combos against 1 enemy.
    It's impossible for kill type enemy.
    If you skill with this then you can level up with this.
    In my playthrough I level up Falcon Talons is last.
    Up level 2: If you have enough money.
    Up level 3: If you have enough money.
    Rank: 7th I am so sorry
    <<<Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang/Blade of the Archfiend>>>
    Found: chapter 4
    For Blade of the Archfiend in chapter 14.
    Very poweder and fastest combos wow!
    If you like this then can use it!
    Work with any type enemy. But not all.
    Blade of the Archfiend is best weapon in game.
    I can't remember I level up them in chapter.
    But I am sure.
    Up level 2: chapter 5. It will hard Werewolves enemy.
    Up level 3: Any chapter. This is very useful than
    Lunar Staff and Falcon Talons weapon for enough money.
    Rank: 1st Blade of the Archfiend is poweder and best in game
    Found: chapter 5
    I not sure with this. But this is my favorite weapon.
    The truth strong attack is very slower.
    If you like to use it or not. 
    But it's not good for any type enemy.
    Up level 2: chapter 5. however very less power.
    Up level 3: Any chapter if you have enough money.
    Rank: 8th close combos and over slower
    <<<Eclipse Scythe>>>
    Found: chapter 6 after battle Volf.
    You never miss this.
    It's VERY POWEDER out all weapon.
    Work on any type enemy.
    Scythe is not tool only for Death.
    It is weapon.
    When my first see skill Scythe by Haseo from .HACK/GU for PS2.
    And then girl name Maka seem skill with Scythe from
    anime: "Soul Eater".
    Scythe is my favorite weapon than Kusari-gama.
    Up level 2: chapter 7. Yes, you need and very power.
    Up level 3: chapter 7 if you have lot money or
    chapter 10 before you face Elizebet.
    Rank: 3rd I over slow sorry
    Found: chapter 7
    Not very power but good.
    Tonfa can against type human enemy than fiend or mech.
    Tonfa is pretty bad move combos.
    If you not want to use it is fine with me.
    Up level 2: chapter 7 or before chapter 9.
    Up level 3: chapter 7 if you like deal with Armadillo 
    or any chapter.
    Rank: 6th combos is badass
    <<<Vigoorian Flail>>>
    Found: chapter 9 why it is late to get it???
    Very good deal type enemy.
    Vigoorian Flail is similar Falcon Talons for against 1 enemy.
    Not work on type big enemy or whatever.
    However it's late to get it. But you not really need this.
    Level up this than Falcon Talons and Lunar Staff.
    Level 2 and 3 is very useful.
    Up level 2: chapter 9 if you have lot money.
    Up level 3: chapter 9 if you have lot money.
    Or any chapter whatever you want or not.
    Rank: 4th I belive it's
    (Projectile waepon)-------------------------------------------
    Found: you start with it
    Sh*t you not need this for playthrough.
    I never use this!
    Rank: 4th
    <<<Fiend Bane Bow>>>
    Found: chapter 2
    This is useful for against fly enemy and
    if enemy on other side place when you need this.
    It can hold press for charge.
    Rank: 3rd
    <<<Incendiary Shuriken>>>
    Found: Eh chapter 3 or 4 I'm not sure.
    This very useful and help for your battle enemies.
    Rank: 1st
    <<<Gatling Spear Gun>>>
    Found: chapter 5
    Useful for under water.
    Not work on ground, air out of water.
    Rank: 5th
    <<<Windmill Shuriken>>>
    Found: chapter 11
    This help or not.
    If you like to use it.
    Rank: 2nd
    (Ninpo list)--------------------------------------------------
    Note: The idem call "Jewel of the Demon Seal".
    It's can up level your ninpo.
    <<<The Art of the Inferno>>>
    Found: chapter 1 HA HA HA
    Maybe help or not.
    I use sometime.
    Level 1 is target 1, LV2 is target 2 and LV3 target 3 enemy!
    Up level 2: If you get it! then up this level.
    Up level 3: I never up level this. But if you like it.
    Rank: 3rd
    <<<The Art of the Wind Blades>>>
    Found: chapter 3
    This best ninpo in game. It's very useful.
    And it's my favorite ninpo.
    LV1 and 2 is foward attack when use this ninpo.
    Level 3 is best wind blade in circle of Ryu.
    Up level 2: If you get it and must level up!
    Up level 3: If you get it and must level up!
    Rank: 1st
    <<<The Art of the Piercing Void>>>
    Found: chapter 7
    It's very poweder. It really cool when to use it.
    Maybe it help you in chapter 10.
    There many enemy ninjas in stairs. Then you use this.
    It will AMAZING!
    LV1, 2 and 3 is aim target 1 only.
    Up level 2: Indeed is it.
    Up level 3: if you want it.
    Rank: 2nd
    <<<The Art of the Flame Phoenix>>>
    Found: chapter 5
    Not really useful. Most player not like this.
    This suck.
    Summon Phoenix then hurt enemy.
    And fly around Ryu.
    Up level 2: never mind, up level other ninpo
    Up level 3: never mind, up level other ninpo
    Rank: 4th
    And Finally enemy list.
    Now we talk about enemy's weak point.
    ---<Enemy list>-----------------------------------------------
    <<<Black Spider Ninja-clan>>>
    Description: humans as black ninjas
    Note: their costume seem diffierent colour.
    -Black is strong and easy at battle.
    Difficulty: 2/5
    First enemy: ch 1
    Found: random indeed is it.
    -Red is annoying battle. Them use Incendiary Shurikens.
    Difficulty: 4/5 (I hate them)
    First enemy: ch 8 I'n not sure
    Found: random after ch 8
    -White is not many to find. Them very strong than black.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    First found: ch 11
    Found: can't remember.
    Note: Them equip type weapon.
    -Ninjas with sword. Them is easy to kill.
    -Ninjas with claw. Them sometime annoying fight.
    -Ninjas with archer. Them can be easy to kill.
    Use Flying Swallow to kill archer very quick.
    Weapon use: any weapon.
    Because them can be easy.
    Description: Humans as monks hmm...
    Difficulty: 2/5
    First enemy: ch 1
    Found: sometime random
    Them equip Sai and spell magic.
    Them not walk and run. Them move really creep.
    Them enemy same from game NG. I hate them back for sure.
    Weapon use: any for human enemy as well.
    <<<Military Soldier>>>
    Description: Humans as Green and some black Soldier
    First enemy: ch 7 for sure
    Found: ch 7 to 9
    -Soldiers equip guns. Them can be easy.
    You can block from bullet. Tonfa will hard them.
    Difficulty: 1/5 trust me
    -Soldiers equip Rocket Launcher. Easy to dodge from Rocket.
    Use Flying Swallow to kill them.
    Difficulty: 1/5 trust me
    -Soldiers equip Ballistic Missiles. Them can be annoying.
    Them shot about 8 to 12 or 14. Avoid all cost get it?
    Use Flying Swallow to kill them.
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Weapon use: Any for humans as well.
    <<<Ninja Dogs>>>
    Description: Dogs as ninjas.
    Difficulty: 3 and 5(ch12)/5 Them can be freak annoying
    First enemy: ch 2
    Found: ch 2,3,8 and 12.
    Note: ch 12 really **** up.
    I hate them most annoying. Them run around you then;
    Them jump at you, jump grip you or use Incendiary Shurikens.
    In ch 12 them jump girp you then boom up for high damage.
    Use Flying Swallow to hurt them.
    Weapon use: I'm not sure. DS,Duel sword and V'Flail.
    <<<Van Gelfs>>>
    Description: Big Fiend or Imp whatever you call. 
    Pink is without wing. Purple is with wing.
    Difficulty: 2/5
    First enemy: ch 3
    Found: less random
    Them use punch, fireball or roar fire at you.
    Block not work.
    Them be easy hurt by strong weapon.
    For flying fiend I use DS LV3 Flying Swallow
    to hit 2 or 3 time. Then them dead I not understand why.
    Weapon use: DS maybe work. Duel sword will hard them.
    Scythe will PHW them for sure. K-Gama is fine work as well.
    Description: A blue or red fiend with blade arm and
    tail is uh kind of bone.
    Difficulty: 3 for blue 4 for red/5
    First enemy: ch 3 or 4 and red fiend in ch 10.
    Found: similar Van Gelfs
    Block sometime help.
    Them can be really bad ass hurt you for sure.
    Gajas's combos really creep. Red is strong than blue.
    Them can on surface water. Not good idea fight on water.
    Try find ground for kill them. On water is damage.
    Weapon use: K-Game and Duel sword will hard them.
    Description: A werewolf by human become to be Werewolves.
    By Volf use Lycanthropy to them! 
    Them seem big size than human.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    First enemy: ch 5
    Found: ch 5 and 6
    This Werewolves is my favorite enemy.
    A brown Werewolves is most found.
    A red Werewolves is less found.
    Red is long life and strong than brown.
    Them punch strong you and block is useless now.
    If there dead body on floor. Them pick up then throw at you.
    Weapon use: Duel sword will hard them, K-Gama sometime work.
    DS is use Flying Swallow work as well. And Incendiary Shuriken
    -Robot mech
    Description: A mech with 4 legs. 
    But I saw human's head on top of mech WOW!
    Difficulty: 1/5 for sure.
    First enemy: ch 7
    Found: only ch 7 HA HA HA
    Them like shot at you lot. When them stop shot you.
    Then it's your true to kill them.
    For DS use Flying Swallow to hurt them.
    Weapon use: Must DS for Flying Swallow and Scythe PHW!
    -Flying mech
    Description: Mech with fan under of their body.
    Difficulty: 1/5 them seem weak
    First enemy: ch 9
    Found: ch 9
    Them shot Missiles. Them run on water only.
    Easy to kill them use strong attack hit them
    Them die in 2 to 4 hit by strong attack.
    Weapon use: K-Gama for sure.
    -Mech Fiend
    Description: Fiend's body is with mech. Them seem in armor.
    Fiend's arm is guns and on their back with 2 big blade!!!
    Difficulty: 4/5
    First enemy: ch 7
    Found: ch 7 and 8
    Them can be pain in ass. Sometime them shot you.
    For combo them use 2 big blade hurt you.
    Them can move with their mech flying!
    Ninpo wind blade will hurt them badass for good.
    Weapon use: Scythe will hard them and DS for Flying Swallow
    <<<Chainsaw Zombie>>>
    Description: A tall green zombie with their 
    left arm is common and right arm is CHAINSAW!
    Difficulty: 3/5 why read there
    First enemy: ch 9
    Found: ch 9,10 and 14(uh-oh!)
    Them can be easy. You can dodge very fast.
    For common them shot you with iron ball! about 1 or 2.
    Chainsaw can be damage.
    Your weapon must fast attack them all cost.
    Weapon use: Scythe PHW them and V'Flail will hard them
    <<<Black Widows>>>
    Description: Maybe them be fiend or mech. A woman with 4 legs.
    Difficulty: 4/5
    First enemy: ch 12
    Found: ch 12 to 14 that will do
    Their creep combos. 
    Sometime jump them kick you similar killer bee from DMC3.
    Weapon use: Duel sword will hard them.
    Description: A red dragon. Them same from NG:DS for DS game.
    I don't know why them back from NG:DS.
    Difficulty: 5/5
    First enemy: ch 12
    Found: only ch 12
    Them can be pain in ass. This really HARDER battle.
    Them use headbutt or roar fire at you same from NG:DS.
    You must avoid all cost.
    Try use Flying Swallow if it's work.
    Weapon use: Unknown beause them really header.
    Description: horse leg, some human body and head with hose.
    Them use spear. Be careful.
    Difficulty: 4/5 beause them be annoying.
    First enemy: ch 12
    Found: ch 12 to 14
    Them alway run around somewhere.
    Them try hit or girp you with their spear.
    Ninpo Inferno will damage them.
    Weapon use: True Dragon Sword for Flying Swallow
    <<<Fiend Spider Ninjas>>>
    Description: Same from boss 1st and 2nd. 
    But them become enemy. Big grey spider with 4 or 6 arms.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    First enemy: ch 10
    Found: ch 10 and 13
    Them freak combos attack you same as boss.
    So you must avoid all cost and fast combos against them.
    In ch 10 can be easy. After you enter cave. When you see
    long road. Not run, wait for them coming after you.
    Use UT against. Them about show up 2 to 4 time.
    Maybe Flying Swallow is work.
    Weapon use: DS for ch 10 and Luner Staff is work combos.
    <<<The other enemy>>>
    Note: this is other enemy. You know why?
    Them not to challenge. Them maybe weakness.
    Description: just bat
    Difficulty: 1/5
    First enemy: ch 3
    Found: random
    Just kill them quick
    weapon use: any AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! EASY!
    -Land Mines
    Description: A claymore(If I right name from MGS series)
    Difficulty: 2/5
    First enemy: ch 8
    Found: only ch 8
    Avoid them. When you see footpaints follow other.
    Weapon use: none, I try test all. But not work.
    -Exploding Jelly Fish
    Description: Look like Jelly Fish. But it bomb trap.
    Difficulty: 2/5
    First enemy: ch 5 I'm not sure
    Found: ch 5,9 and 12
    Avoid them. Them can be damage.
    Weapon use: Gatling Spear Gun
    -Giant Red Fish
    Description: A Giant Red Fish. 
    Difficulty: 2/5
    First enemy: ch 9
    Found: ch 9 and 14(Forget it)
    This one resemble me from in "Star Wars: Jebi Kinght:
    Dark Forces 2" for PC game I am sure.
    Them try caught you for eat then throw.
    Weapon use: Gatling Spear Gun
    -Ghost Fish
    Description: A Ghost Fish
    Difficulty: 1/5
    First enemy: ch 5
    Found: ch 5 and some random in chest trap thank a lot.
    Remember them, you hate them from NGB game.
    But now them not hard. Them eat you hurt low damage.
    Weapon use: K-Gama
    -Acid worm
    Description: A worm with skull head
    Difficulty: 2/5
    First enemy: ch 9
    Found: ch 9 and 10
    Sometime them try girp or shot goo ball at you.
    Weapon use: DS for Flying Swallow, Duel sword, V'Flail
    and Incendiary Shuriken
    Description: A bug same from NGB
    Difficulty: 1/5 not a tough same from NGB
    First enemy: ch 9
    Found: ch 9 and maybe 13
    Bugs try jump at you in fact.
    Weapon use: K-Game use strong attack and V'Flail
    -Skull Spiders
    Description: A Skull Spider
    Difficulty: 1/5
    First enemy: ch 6
    Found: ch 6,9 and 13
    Skull Spiders jump at you in fact.
    Weapon use: K-Game use strong attack and V'Flail
    And now for bosses
    ---<Boss list>------------------------------------------------
    <<<Fiend Spider ninja>>>
    Description: Big grey spider with 4 or 6 arms
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Found: ch 1 and 2
    Them freak combos attack you same as boss.
    So you must avoid all cost and fast combos against them.
    Maybe Flying Swallow is work.
    Weapon use: DS and Luner Staff is work combos.
    <<<Mech Fisher>>>
    Description: A big mech fisher or **** whatever it's call
    Him face alike Doku's face.
    Difficulty: 5/5 Yeah, I know player will do it
    Found: ch 3
    It's really **** up. Most player hate this boss in game ever.
    Use Bow charge shot at him face. AVOID ALL COST!!!
    He use beam, fishs hurt you, try touch you with tunder.
    He use call "Uunhi face" can be high damage.
    When he go upside down. Then you can attack him.
    Weapon use: DS, LS or FT whatever you choice and Bow
    <<<Fiend Giant Monster>>>
    Description: Bigger green fiend monster! Him face's SCAR!!!
    Difficulty: 4/5 *sigh* I know
    Found: ch 4 and 8
    For ch 4. Use bow charge shot 1 time.
    Then run few away from him. Then do again.
    For ch 8. Pain in ass. Use scythe for UT.
    Then run same from above. When he have half HP.
    2 mech fiend show up and 2 soldiers with Ballistic Missiles.
    Not near or close him. sometime he use sonic!
    Weapon use: Bow and Scythe
    <<<Water Dragon>>>
    Description: A blue dragon
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Found: ch 5
    I hate for him attack and avoid cost.
    Avoid is not easy. 2 opinion;
    1# use bow charge shot 1 time then avoid him attack.
    2# use K-Game attack him. Very hard.
    Number 1 is best choice.
    He use Ray water and needle ice.
    If you go under water he attack or eat you!
    Weapon use: Bow and K-Gama
    <<<Giant Bone Skeleton>>>
    Description: A Giant Bone Skeleton huh?
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Found: ch 6
    Easy to avoid him attack. But him attack go crazy!
    He is funny battle and drive me crazy! And not go close him.
    Use Flying Swallow all time.
    Weapon use: DS LV3!!!
    Description: A Turtle of lava for sure LOL
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Found: ch 7 and 12
    Yeah, this one my favorite boss.
    You will battle 1 Armadillo in ch 7.
    And later 2 Armadillo in ch 12!
    Him head is weak point by use press yyy strong attack.
    Weapon use: Scythe LV3 and Tonfa LV3 is useful
    <<<Fiend Gold Dragon>>>
    Description: A fiend Gold dragon, whatever it call
    Difficulty: 2 for 2 and 1 for 1/5
    Found: ch 9 and 10
    You will fight 2 Gold dragon. It's not easy.
    And later fight 1, it is easier.
    Use bow charge.
    Weapon use: Bow *sigh*
    Description: A 55 year old man in armor suit, wear 1 claw and
    use Blade of the Archfiend oop!
    Difficulty: 1st 4/5, 2nd 3/5, 3rd 2/5 and 4th 2/5
    Found: ch 2,7,11 and 14 WOW
    He will has deal with you.
    4th one Genshin become a fiend similar Murai did in NGB.
    You must look him move all cost.
    2nd one enemies ninjas join him.
    I did say 55 year old? Look him funny hair.
    Weapon use: 1st whatever you use, 2nd scythe, 3rd and 4th TDS
    Now time for deal the Greater Fiends!
    <Four of the Greater Fiends>----------------------------------
    <<<Alexi The Ruler of Lightning>>>
    Description: A man human body and hands & legs are fiend
    And with black wing(I give up)
    Difficulty: 5/5 yeah, not easy
    Found: ch 4 and 13
    He like grip you lot **** him. Him attack really faster!
    Weapon use: Duel Sword
    <<<Volf The Ruler of Storms>>>
    Description: A big wolf with 4 arms and use a scythe
    Him face is nice to show fear
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Found: ch 6 and 12
    This's my favorite boss. And I take Volf down for
    long time that I wait for.
    Yes, You need DS LV3 for this battle.
    Use Flying Swallow all time.
    Weapon use: DS LV3
    <<<Zedonius The Ruler of Flame>>>
    Description: A freak face and wings and black fiend
    Difficulty: 5/5 (I HATE him!)
    Found: ch 8 and 12
    He is insane battle. When he in air. Not attack him yet.
    Wait for he on ground. It's your change to attack.
    Weapon use: Maybe scythe, DS or Duel sword
    <<<Elizebet The Ruler of Blood>>>
    Description: A woman fiend with wing like butterfly's
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Found: ch 10 and 14
    Her attack really creep. You must look what next her move.
    The Ruler of Blood huh, I not like that.
    Weapon use: scythe and duel sword
    And finally The Greaer Fiend is gone.
    <<<Dagra Dai>>>
    Description: A lord of fiend old man with creep 4 arms things
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Found: ch 14
    His attack is not easy to avoid. You must learn him move.
    Weapon use: Duel sword
    <<<Fiend Archfiend 1st form>>>
    Description: BIGGER FIEND!!! Ugly face and Orb is under body
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Found: ch 14
    Sometime he cheat attack.
    Use bow charge shot face then Orb.
    It's automatic aim. So you not need move aim.
    Weapon use: Bow
    <<<Fiend Archfiend 2nd form>>>
    Description: A devil fiend!
    Difficulty: 5/5
    Found: ch 14
    It's not easy avoid, but some work.
    You must save lot idem for this boss battle.
    Weapon use: Deul sword and scythe is fine if you want
    It's over FAQ. I know this FAQ some not help.
    I KNOW!!! I'm bad skill as english. But I am good as english.
    But I hope. And I'm like to help.
    If you have a question.
    Use my TBarnett652@hotmail.com
    And please subject: "FAQ: Ninja Gaiden 2"
    GOOD LUCK!!!

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