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"Should have had more time in the oven..."

Ninja Gaiden 2 ups the ante with finishing moves, new weapons, and gallons upon gallons of gore. Now for action fans, this game could be the best the genre has to offer, but to others it will be a completly mind-boggling experience of how to get past some of the game's tougher sections. NG2 is brutally unforgiving and won't let up even after you have had enough. Enemies can grab you and eat a chunk of your health away whenever they want, even if you are guarding and moving around constantly. There are several situations where you must fight ground enemies that grab you mid combo (even when you are pulling off a UT) and air baddies that launch fireballs, forcing you to move quickly and leaving the fighting area in chaos. If that wasn't bad enough, the slowdown can be a real headache when their are too many creatures/ninjas onscreen. So while I am fighting the dragon flying above me, I am grabbed by a werewolf, eaten alive, jumped by another, blown to bits by two fireballs, and contending with the crappy camera system as well as the slowdown. Mmm...let the good times roll

If you are person who likes pain, you will be right at home, but being an avid fan of the first ninja gaiden made me hope this one wouldn't be too entirely cheap. Luckily, there is a regenerating health bar this time around, but it isn't too much of a life-saver due to the bad guys being so handsy. SO while the combat could have been tweaked a little more so you can fight back in a big pack, you will have to rely on your magic more this time around. I guess the most frusterating issue is that you have all these really long combos, but good luck trying to pull one off in the utter swarms will be devastated by.

The first game had unrivaled graphics and this sequel doesn't have much of an improvement. Looks are the same, but the movies actually have more dialogue from main man, ryu. Cheesiness ahoy! Little things in the graphics department such as ryu's hands going through whatever he is hanging on and to bigger tidbits like motion blur that will make your head spin make this game quit a site to behold, but also poke fun at.

So it is an okay game that should have had more time to balance out in MY OPINION. The difficulty will definitely show who the dedicated fans are while action vets may just have to move onto something else/play at the lowest difficulty setting.

Story:2 (you don't play action games for the story)
Graphics: 6 (but didn't change from the previous entry)
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Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/09/08

Game Release: Ninja Gaiden II (US, 06/03/08)

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