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"Who needs Master Chief, Solid Snake, or any other character when you have Ryu Hayabusa?"

Ninja Gaiden 2 puts you in the shoes or sandles of ninja Ryu Hayabusa, and its one hell of a ride from start to finish. If you enjoy blood, decapitation, random assortments of sharp weapons, and enough killing to last you your entire life then this is the game for you. Everything in this game leads to more and more countless battles that will either make you break your controller or devote a small portion of your life to the game. The game steps it up in finishing moves, boss battles, and even just the small add ins like the crystal skulls throughout the game. A playthrough on Acolyte will last your anywhere from 10-15 hours depending on how good you can get at the game, and the time only adds on when playing on higher diffacaulties like Worrior and Mentor and Master Ninja.

Graphics: 8/10 - Not a huge step up from the first(Ninja Gaiden/Black) but enough to count as next gen. The cut scenes are life like as you follow Ryu through the story and the gameplay looks just as good as it feels.

Gameplay: 10/10 - More blood, more finishing moves, and more weapons make this one hell of a good time and the upgrades make each weapon that much better when you need to kill a mass sworm or enemies.

Story: 7/10 - The story isn't hard to follow by any means but that isn't where the player is going to be paying attention. You'll most likely be skipping cut scenes just so you can get back to the mindless killing and button mashing combos to even care what the point of the game is.

Difficualty: 9/10 - I'm not lieing when I say Ninja Gaiden 2 is the hardest game I have ever played. Its not always a run and gun situation like Halo 3 or COD4, and your not going to be able to just sit this game down for awhile once you die. It keeps you coming back for more and more and once you beat that next boss, or clear another room full of enemies you feel a huge sence of accomplishment especially when playing on some of the higher difficulties.

The final word from this game is BUY! It's a must have to anyone who has played and loved the Ninja Gaiden series, this game just goes that much deeper into the game itself and the characters in it. $60 is an iffy price for any new game out but if your asking me, pick it up the next chance you get.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/10/08

Game Release: Ninja Gaiden II (US, 06/03/08)

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