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"Ninja Gaiden II is a fun action game, but sometimes cheap."

Ninja Gaiden is arguably Devil May Cry's biggest rival. Both are big name action series that action fans usually absolutely love. Both series have been compared often. So how good is Ninja Gaiden II really?

Graphics:8/10:Ninja Gaiden II doesn't have revolutionary Graphics. It's a upgrade from Ninja Gaiden Black, but not by much. Enemies usually look pretty cool and so do the bosses.The cutscenes are usually beautifully done. What really concerned me was the blood animations. Tons of blood spills everywhere when you kill enemies. Unfortunately the blood looks painfully unrealistic and ruins the atmosphere of the game. Overall good, but not amazing Graphics. The blood animations don't help either.

Gameplay:7.4/10:Ninja Gaiden II consists of you controlling Ryu. Going from room to room usually facing several groups of enemies at once. Ryu has to dispatch them with his weapons. Not only can Ryu use several different skills with his weapons, but he can run along walls as well. The A.I. for enemies is not dumb like most action games. Enemies will surround Ryu then patiently wait for the right moment to strike at him. This means Ryu must be on his toes at all times. Throughout the game Ryu gets several different weapons to dispose his enemies with. I only found myself using three different weapons the entire game. The Dragon Sword is incredibly balanced and is extremely flexible. The next weapon is a dual katana weapon you get at the end of the game. It's overpowered in my opinion and can easily destroy anything in your way. Last is the Scythe while it's slow, it can usually decapitate a enemy quickly. When a enemy's leg or arm has been cut off Ryu can decapitate them. Decapitating enemies is incredibly useful due to being invulnerable while decapitating the enemy. Do beware though, take too long to kill a enemy with a cut off arm and the enemy will tear you apart. Enemies who are nearly dead get much more aggressive and a lot more deadly. Now my main concern with Ninja Gaiden II's Gameplay is the difficulty.

The game is pretty hard most of the time, but is balanced. Boss fights did bug me a lot and so did the end of the game though. Boss fights usually consist of dodging the bosses attacks waiting for a moment when they are vulnerable to quickly strike them and get away. Unfortunately a boss is very rarely vulnerable and boss fights drag on for a long time due to this. What's a bigger problem though is the enemies. Towards the end of the game enemies just get way too cheap. On Chapter 7 Ryu has to fight against robots. The enemies can fire at him from a decent distance with machine guns. They do high damage and knock Ryu back unless he blocks. Now this would be fine if there wasn't multiple robots. Due to multiple robots being in the Chapter Ryu can hardly move without being shot to death. So Ryu has to suicidally run up to one of them and kill them fast. To make things worse though the robots take quite a few hits to self destruct. Yes, you heard me. If things could not get any worse, the robots self destruct as well when you kill them. So if you try to jump away when they self destruct you'll be shot by another robot's machine gun and you'll take a lot of damage. So basically Ryu has absolutely nothing he can do in this situation. In the end I ran into several of these situations with other enemies and was getting incredibly frustrated. Overall even with it's flaws Ninja Gaiden II is a extremely fun and addictive game.

Music:7/10:Nothing really special about the music. Most of the music was alright. The sound effects however were great. Overall nothing great about the Music, but great sound effects.

Overall:7/10:Ninja Gaiden II is a very fun and addictive game. It gets too cheap often though and most of the weapons you get are useless. The Graphics are nothing really amazing and the soundtrack is nothing special. Despite it's flaws though, Ninja Gaiden II is worth beating once.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/31/08

Game Release: Ninja Gaiden II (US, 06/03/08)

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