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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ManInBlack_77

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/16/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            BBBB   RRRR    AA   IIIII  DDDD
                            B   B  R   R  A  A    I    D   D
                            BBBB   RRRR   AAAA    I    D   D
                            B   B  R  R   A  A    I    D   D
                            BBBB   R   R  A  A  IIIII  DDDD
    Complete Walkthrough including the super-secret hidden stars.
    (Sorry, no speed-run tips here just the main game)
    By: ManInBlack_77
    All puzzle piece solutions and the eighth star are my own.  The other 7 Star
    locations were culled from other GameFaqs users and I have listed the ones that
    I got them from after each one.
    Version 1.0  08-13-2008
    Braid is a very well put together albeit rather short platforming/puzzle game
    that revolves around the central character Tim's ability to manipulate time.
    Along the way it pays homage to a number of other games but most especially to
    the original Mario.
    I highly recommend that you make every effort to solve all of the puzzles
    yourself before using this guide and only consulting it for specific pieces
    that may be giving you trouble.  Using a full walkthrough for an entire puzzle
    game kind of defeats the purpose of playing that type of game in the first
    A few tips to keep in mind in general.
    1. Everything in a world is either part of solving a puzzle or there to make
       it harder to solve (enemies or cannons to kill you etc).  If there is an odd
       platform somewhere that you don't see a use for, trust me, it HAS one.
    2. You don't ALWAYS necessarily want to collect the puzzle pieces in the order
       you see them.  Sometimes the layout or rules of a level will REQUIRE you to
       get a piece further to your right first and then come back.
    3. Each World has slightly different rules or abilities that it operates with.
       If you are confused about a new ability in a new world I have a detailed
       explanation at the start of each world section in the guide for the changes
       without giving away any specific puzzle solutions.
    4. If you need to jump to any particular level in the guide I have a header
       above each one in the guide with the name so you can just type a level name
       into your FIND box to jump to it.
    5. There are eight stars hidden throughout the game.  These are VERY hard to
       find.  They are generally off screen out the top and/or off the extreme
       left or right edge of the screen.  As yet no one has reported anything from
       collecting these other than filling in the constellation in the hub world
       and of courese bragging rights.
    Good luck and I hope you enjoy this quite inventive game.
                             WORLD 2: TIME AND FORGIVENESS
    This is basically the training world to get you familiar with the basic
    mechanics of the game.  (A) to jump, press up on the (LS) to climb fences and
    ladders just as you would expect, but if you get hit by an enemy and die you
    will be prompted to press (X) which will activate your special ability: As long
    as you hold (X) time will flow backwards allowing you a quick do-over if you 
    make a mistake.  You can also tap (LB) and (RB) while holding (X) to change the
    speed of the time shift.  Tapping (LB) rewinds time faster with each press up 
    to 8 times normal speed.  Tapping (RB) will slow the rewind down again or if
    you are at normal speed in reverse and tap (RB) time will freeze.  Additional 
    taps of (RB) will cause time to flow forward replaying the recently rewound
    footage.  Replay can also go up to 8 times normal speed.  If there is nothing
    else to rewind or replay the screen will freeze and be somewhat distorted and
    Most of the pieces in this world are very obvious but I will touch on each one
    anyway for the sake of completeness.
                                  2-1: 3 Easy Pieces
    Piece 1: The first piece is simply on a lower level once you reach the first
    bridge platform.  Just drop down and then hop across the gaps and pick it up.
    Piece 2: This piece is out of reach of your normal jump so you need to bounce
    off the head of the similar-to-but-legally-distinct-from-a-goomba to reach it.
    Piece 3: This one is even higher so you need to bounce off both goombas in
    sequence without touching the ground to get the added height to reach it.
    Added bounces will add even more height but it seems to max out at three or
    maybe four at the most, at any rate two bounces is enough boost to solve any
                                 2-2: The Cloud Bridge
    Piece 1: Hop across the flaming spikes and grab the key then hop back across
    and climb the ladder.  Unlock the door and ride the clouds to the piece.
    Piece 2: Continue hopping across the next set of clouds to the next cannon and
    grab the second piece.
    Piece 3: Have you completed "Hunt!" yet? No? Then why are you reading this?
    Now its done?  Good.  Okay, so, the secret to the final two pieces in this 
    level is that the piece you collected from "Hunt!" has a small piece of a table
    in it that is in fact a platform that you can stand on in the game world.  It
    looks just like the platforms on either side of the puzzle solving square.  
    Grab the piece with the platform on it and move it to the top and a little
    right of center.  If you position it properly then you should be able to just
    reach the platform jumping from the left and then on over to the right where 
    you can then reach the piece.  While you are going for this Piece, DO NOT kill
    the goomba who is walking back and forth on the left platform, you will need
    him in a minute.  If you already killed him then either go through the exit
    door and come back through to reset the level or rewind until he's alive again.
    Piece 4: This piece also uses the jigsaw puzzle in its retrieval.  Once you 
    have piece 3, drop down so you can mess with the puzzle again.  This time
    position the platform piece so that the table is perfectly aligned with the
    raised platform on the left and touching it.  The goomba who is programmed not
    to walk off the end of the platform will walk out onto the table.  Once he is
    on the table go back into the puzzle assembly screen and move it out of the
    way, there's no rush, time in the game world freezes while the puzzle screen is
    open.  Just make sure that the goomba is still facing right when you enter the
    puzzle screen.  When you come back into the game world the goomba will be in
    mid-air and fall to the ground.  Simply follow him to the right and bounce off
    his head to retrieve the final piece of the level.
                                     HIDDEN STAR 1
    The first of the secret hidden stars is in this level.  Unfortunately it's
    probably the worst one to get.  To actually get this you need to go all the way
    through the entire level and exit.  Come right back in so you are at the far
    right side of the level.  Alternatively if you have already beaten this world
    you can simply enter the door for 2-3 from the cloud room and then just go
    right through the entry door and into 2-2.  If you look at the top of the
    screen there is a single, small, stationary cloud.  This cloud is in fact not
    stationary.  It is moving VERY slowly to the left.  You can't reach it yet so
    what you need to do is run left through the level until you are pretty much all
    the way to the left and you get to the locked door.  You need to hop on to the
    top of this door and wait for the cloud.  Easy enough.  The only problem: It
    take about two hours for that cloud to get there.  I wish I was kidding or
    exaggerating but I'm not.  So get in position and then go watch a movie or
    something I guess.  Once the cloud gets there just hop on it and ride a bit
    further to the left.  The star is over the top of the left wall.
    Credit to Nicomicsrule
                                      2-3: Hunt!
    Piece 1: This piece is behind a door at the top right of the screen.  To open
    the door simply kill all the enemies on the screen.  However, you must not
    kill the enemy on the lowest platform on the right until you are ready to
    go to the one above him because you must jump off the rock platform above and
    to the left of him and bounce off his had to get high enough to reach the
    higher one on the right.  Simply jumping on him from the platform he is on will
    not get you high enough.  You need the drop from a greater distance to get the
    added height.
                                  2-4: Leap of Faith
    Piece 1: This piece is right above you when you enter the level but sadly out
    of reach.  Run to the right and climb the ladder.  Hit (B) to flip the switch
    and start the platform moving.  When it's about 2/3 of the way across the gap
    start rapidly tapping (B) to flip the switch back and forth and keep the
    platform basically stationary.  Catch one of the goombas as it pops out of
    the cannon and then flip the switch so the platform comes towards you.  The
    goomba should walk off the left edge of the platform and fall to the area
    below left of the spikes.  Jump down and follow him to the left until he gets
    to the piece.  Bounce off his head and collect the piece.
    Piece 2: Immediately after the goomba cannon from the first piece is a
    cannon below you spitting goombas down a long drop.  You must bounce off one of
    these goombas in mid-air to clear the gap and reach the second piece.  Watch
    the fuse on the cannon for the timing to anticipate when it will fire and when
    to jump.  If you miss just reverse time with (X) and try again.
    Piece 3: Immediately after Piece 2 jump down the large drop to get to Piece 3
    on a small platform off the ground on the left side.  You may need to reverse
    time a couple times in order to make adjustments to your fall so you can catch
    the piece and avoid the spikes.
    Piece 4: No challenge here, as you climb the ladder back up following the long
    drop goombas will fall from the top.  Just hop off the ladder in the 
    openings to the right to avoid them.  The piece is in the last opening before
    the top.
                               WORLD 3: TIME AND MYSTERY
    This world introduces a new feature of the time manipulation: Sparkling Green
    objects.  Anything that has green sparkles on it is immune to time
    manipulation.  This means that when you press (X) and reverse time green 
    objects and enemies will remain as they are and where they are or continue to 
    move around normally.  From this point on, to avoid confusion, I will refer to
    all immune objects as GREEN in all caps.
    NOTE: There is a hidden star tied to this level.  If you want to get it DO NOT
    assemble any of the puzzle pieces until after you go back to the hub world.
                                     3-1: The Pit
    There is no puzzle piece in this level but it gives you a chance to try out
    the new GREEN objects and also lets you see that goombas will pick up keys if
    they run into them.  To get to the door out simply jump into the pit, bop the,
    goomba and take the key (as a point of interest you don't HAVE to kill the
    goomba, just touching the key will take it from him).  Once you have the key
    just reverse time.  Since the key is GREEN it will stay in your hand as you
    fly back up out of the pit.  The locked door is also GREEN so that if you
    unlock it and then reverse time it won't be locked again now that the GREEN key
    is already used up.
                               3-2: There and Back Again
    Piece 1: This piece is behind a GREEN locked door and the GREEN key is at the
    top of a series of platforms.  However, in front of the GREEN door is a slowly
    lowering stone wall that, once down, is impassable.  You can't get the key and
    then get back down and through the door before the wall comes down.  What you
    have to do is quickly run up to the top and grab the GREEN key and then reverse
    time until you are back at the bottom now holding the key with the stone wall
    still up.  Now you have plenty of time to run over, unlock the door and grab
    the piece.
                                      3-3: Phase
    Piece 1: As you start the level climb up the fence and onto the platform right
    above you.  There are two sets of clouds coming at you, the top set is normal 
    and the bottom is GREEN.  Press and hold (X) quickly followed by (RB) to freeze
    time, or you can just quickly tap (X) to make time rock back and forth at a
    single moment, effectively freezing it.  The GREEN clouds will keep moving, 
    when they are evenly spaced let go of (X) to start time then simply jump across
    and collect the piece.
    Piece 2: This one works almost the same as piece 1.  This time there aren't as
    many GREEN clouds though.  When the first GREEN cloud comes across use it to
    jump to the second regular cloud and quickly freeze time.  Wait for another
    GREEN cloud to come close enough and repeat until you reach the piece.
                           3-4: The Ground Beneath Her Feet
    Piece 1: Right at the start of the level there is a GREEN switch and a GREEN
    platform right below it.  Climb the ladder, hop over and flip the switch.
    Reverse time to the beginning of the level.  The GREEN platform will stay in
    place allowing the goomba to drop down and walk toward you instead of dying on
    the spikes.  Let him past you to get the key out of the narrow space then take
    it from him.  Switch the platform back to get across to the piece behind the
    locked door.
    Piece 2: Next you will come to another GREEN switch and platform.  Flip the
    switch to move the platform over.  Climb the ladder and walk across the
    platform until so you are standing above the piece.  Wait a few seconds and
    then go back over and flip the switch back again.  Now reverse time until you
    are floating over the piece and then let off and you will drop down and collect
    the piece.  Reverse time again to get back across so you can flip the switch
    and move on.  Since the piece was GREEN you will keep it even after reversing
    time.  This is not true of normal pieces.
                                  3-5: Tight Channels
    Piece 1: This piece is floating above a raised platform out of reach below a
    cannon firing flaming shots.  On the way here you passed a GREEN cannon firing
    GREEN goombas above you.  To get this piece you will want to stand on the 
    raised platform below it as far left as you can.  Wait for a couple cannon
    shots to fly by and then quickly pause time when one is almost to the left
    edge of the screen but with enough room left for a goomba.  After a few seconds
    a GREEN goomba should walk in from the left side.  Quickly tab (LB) to reverse
    the flow of time before he walks into the frozen cannon shot.  You will have to
    make some adjustments by releasing and pressing (X) to get him all the way to
    the end or one of the shots to the left will catch up in reverse and kill the
    goomba.  Get him to the edge so he can drop down, then bounce off him for the
    Piece 2: As you run to the right after retrieving the first piece a whole pack
    of killer rabbits will pop out of the ground and chase you.  Trying to bop them
    all is probably more trouble than its worth so simply run from them.  A 
    similar-to-but-legally-distinct-from-a-piranha-plant and a cannon firing to
    the right will take care of them for you, just keep running.  You will probably
    get hit by something a time or two and have to reverse time a bit.  Once you
    go far enough the rabbits will all be dead and you will come to a GREEN cannon
    firing down at an angle.  If the shots from the GREEN cannon are intercepting
    every other shot coming horizontal from the left you are fine, if not, tap (X)
    a few times to alter the timing until it is.  With half the shots being stopped
    there will be enough of a gap to reach the second piece at the end of the 
    level but if you get hit and have to reverse while going for the final piece
    you will need to go back to the GREEN cannon and get it synced up again.
                                   3-6: Irreversible
    Piece 1: The first piece here gives this level its name.  When you enter this
    level there is a GREEN wall slowly moving up and a platform slowly moving left
    right above you.  If you activate time reversal for even a fraction of a second
    the GREEN wall will be up before the platform gets out and the piece is 
    unreachable.  You must kill or dodge the two goombas and the rabbit that are 
    right in front of you without activating time reversal.  Once those three 
    enemies are out of the way wait here until the platform is out and the GREEN
    wall is up.  Once that has happened you can use reverse all you want just so
    long as you don't back the platform beyond the GREEN wall.  If you mess up and
    have to use time reversal and the platform gets trapped, just go back through
    the door you entered from and come back in to reset the level.
    ALTERNATE METHOD FOR PIECE 1: If you keep messing up and are getting frustrated
    just skip this piece and go to the end of the level.  Go through the exit door
    and then immediately come back and walk back across the level from the other 
    direction.  There are no enemies to immediately threaten from this side so 
    keeping the platform from getting trapped is a snap.
    Piece 2: After dropping down the ladder into the underground area you are given
    two locked doors and one key.  However the first locked door is GREEN so all
    you have to do is pick up the key, unlock the GREEN door, reverse time to get
    the key back and unlock the second door.
    Piece 3: Dropping down from Piece 2 is Piece 3 behind 3 locked doors the second
    of which is GREEN.  To your left is a key and 3 piranha plants.  DO NOT pick up
    this key.  Go past it and the plants and drop down to the bottom of the hole to
    retrieve a GREEN key.  Reverse time back up and open the first door.  Now get
    the regular key to your left and open the remaining two doors just as on the
    previous piece.
                                       3-7: Lair
    No pieces on this level just a boss fight.  The boss is sleeping but climbing
    the fence will allow you to drop a chandelier and wake him.  He will walk back
    and forth occasionally shooting fireballs at you.  Just drop chandeliers on his
    head until he dies.  There are only two and you have to hit him five times but
    since he is GREEN just reverse time to put them back and reuse them, the damage
    done will remain.
                                    3-8: A Tingling
    Piece 1: This piece requires some planning.  Climb up the ladder to the right,
    go left and down the two ladders, wait for the goomba to walk under the ladder
    and then climb down to bop him but don't activate the switch yet.  Climb all
    the way to the top and go left and get the key from the goomba while you are
    here.  Drop onto the lower platform and walk right to the edge but don't drop
    off.  Stand right on the edge for a count of about 10 then, with no wasted time
    or movement, drop down, run to the right climb up the ladder again and back
    down to the GREEN switch.  Quickly flip the switch and then hit (X) and tap
    (LB) to get time rewinding as quickly as possible until you are back at the
    edge of the platform where you waited for 10 seconds (the wait was to make it
    easy to tell where to stop reversing at high speed) the GREEN platform the
    switch activated should be just coming by so you can hop on.  Jump from it to
    the high ladder and climb up to get the piece.
    Piece 2: After retrieving Piece 1 this piece is to the right behind a wall that
    slowly dropped down when you entered the level.  Don't back out or reverse time
    to the moment you entered trying to reach the piece before the wall drops, that
    is impossible.  Instead, continue to the right past the piece.  Climb across
    the fence right drop down and then back across the fence to the left avoiding
    the gauntlet of enemies and cannon shots.  At the far left behind the cannon is
    a GREEN lever.  Flip it to raise a platform to your right then reverse time to
    get back on the fence and drop onto the platform.  You will become GREEN while
    on this platform.  Reverse time at max speed all the way back to the very 
    beginning.  You will remain in place and everything else will reset including
    the wall blocking Piece 2.  From here you have just enough time to run back and
    snag the piece and get out before the wall closes but you will need to move
    quickly.  If you make a mistake just back past the point you messed up and try
    again, the closing wall reverses also.
                                     HIDDEN STAR 2
    This Star is actually found in the hub world.  Go to the puzzle for this world
    and go into the assembly screen.  Hopefully you haven't put any of it together
    yet.  If you have and the pieces you need are inaccessible then you will have
    to hit (START) and begin a whole new game.  It MAY be possible to do this with
    some of teh piececs put together as long as you can still manuever the two
    pieces you need into the right place but I have not attempted this.  The two
    pieces you need are the top-left and bottom-right corners.  If you turn these
    two pieces correctly you will see that they each have two points of a star on
    them and if you place them together correctly you can form four points of a
    star minus the top.  They will NOT snap together the same way that solving the
    actual jigsaw puzzle pieces will.  If you back out to the hub world and look
    above the puzzle frame there are two black rectangular windows.  In the left
    one rather faintly you should be able to see a small triangle.  This is the
    fifth point of the star.  What you need to do is arrange the two pieces to form
    the rest of the star up in the corner so that the fifth point will be lined up
    and complete the star.  So put the pieces about where you think they should be
    and pop back out to the hub.  If you have things lined up properly the star 
    will appear.  You will probably have to try a few times to get the star to come
    in, the game requires you to be VERY exact.  Once the star appears you have to
    reach it.  Remember the platform in the first painting?  Lower that picture
    down so you can jump on it.  Jump straight up and hit (B) to enter the assembly
    screen.  Move the picture up a bit and go back to the hub and you will land on
    the slightly higher platform.  Repeat until you are high enough to jump to the
    top of the black space between the rooms.  From there the star is within easy
    Credit to Nicomicsrule
                                WORLD 4: TIME AND PLACE
    This world operates differently from all the others.  The name is Time and
    Place which is appropriate because your place determines the time.  When you
    walk to the right time moves forward and walking to the left causes time to
    move backwards. Standing still or moving vertically keeps time frozen.  Walking
    to the left has the exact same effect on the rest of teh world world as
    pressing (X) but you remain unaffected.  This means that you cannot unlock
    doors, kill enemies, or even carry keys while moving left unless they are
    GREEN.  Pressing (X) works and has the same effects as it did before.
                                     4-1: The Pit
    No piece in this level but it lets you experience the time shift weirdness.  To
    get out you have to run to the right to make time progress jumping over the pit
    as you go so time progresses far enough for the goomba to make it in and 
    retrieve the GREEN key.  Once he has it go back left and drop down to retrieve
    it from him.  Now use (X) to reverse time back out of the pit and proceed.
                                     4-2: Jumpman
    Piece 1: The first piece you need to collect is actually the furthest to the
    right in the level.  Otherwise you will just end up collecting the same piece
    more than once.  Go past the first set of platforms with the goombas to the 
    second set with the cannons.  Climb up the first two ladders dodging the cannon
    fire as you go.  You can't jump the second cannon's shots going left, they move 
    too slow.  Instead, jump onto the box to the right and then onto the top level
    and grab the piece.  Since it is GREEN it will stay collected even when you 
    move left.
    Piece 2: From piece 1 run back to the left and jump up the platforms and grab
    the GREEN key.  The key is actually for the third piece but you might as well
    grab it now.  DO NOT try to use the key on the locked door immediately to your
    left.  If you do, the door will instantly reset as soon as it unlocks because
    you are moving left which reverses time.  The GREEN key would be permanently
    used up and you would have to exit the level and come back to reset everything.
    Proceed all the way back to the left and the first set of platforms.  Climb up
    the first two ladders.  You won't be able to climb the third ladder because the
    goomba will always be right at the top so we need to find a different route.
    After climbing the second ladder jump left onto the small platform.  The goomba
    off to the left side should be flying back up as you move left.  Jump off the
    platform to the left and bounce off his head and onto the top level. Run to the
    right and jump up the platforms to grab the piece.
    Piece 3: You should already have the key from earlier so simply jump to this
    piece go through the locked door and it's yours.  Just make sure you don't move
    left at all once the key touches the door until you have the piece.
                                4-3: Just Out of Reach
    Piece 1: The first piece is "just out of reach" behind a short wall.  Climb up
    the ladder to the first platform.  The goomba blocks your path to the second.
    To fix this just flip the switch to reverse the walls and he will be out of
    your way.  Now you need to get the walls flipped back and stay on the second
    level.  Run to the left and jump out and bounce off the goomba who is falling 
    through space and back to the ledge.  This will reverse time far enough for
    the walls to touch and once they do so you have to flip the switch again for 
    them to go back, fortunately you DON'T want them back.  Now bounce off the
    goomba over the wall and collect the piece.  It is a little deceptive trying to
    bounce off the goomba because with things stopped so much there is a natural
    tendency to aim for where he is instead of where he is going to be.  Jump as if
    you planned to bounce off the ladder and you will get it.
    Piece 2: From the first piece jump into space to the right.  Since the movement
    of the goombas is tied to your movement there is no need to aim you WILL bounce
    off the falling goomba and onto the next platform.  This will kill him but you
    need him alive to retrieve the key.  To get him back jump off the left edge of
    the platform past the point where you bounced off him so he comes back to life
    and then press back to the right.  What you want is to miss the edge of the
    platform and bounce off the goomba below it and back onto the top.  This is
    much easier than it sounds, just jump off to the left and then turn back right.
    As before it's actually impossible to miss the bounce it's just a question of
    how far left or right.  The goomba will be dead again but you should be able to
    walk to the left far enough to resurrect him without leaving the platform now.
    Walk right and hop the gap so the goomba picks up the key.  Move back to the
    left and hop off the platform and bounce off the goomba to kill him so he drops
    the key.  Remember you must be moving right when your feet hit or the time 
    reversal will keep him alive.  Pick the key up and reverse time with (X) until
    you are back on top of the platform.  Now just climb the ladder and grab the
                                      4-4: Hunt!
    Piece 1:This is exactly the same level as the Hunt! that you did earlier except
    that because of time reversing when you move left you will have to kill the 
    enemies always while moving right and in a specific order so they all stay dead
    at the same time.  First, climb all the way to the very top level, as before
    you will have to bounce off the goomba on the first elevated platform on the
    right from the higher left hand platform in order to reach the second one with
    the ladder on the right.  Kill the top level goomba first.  Climb back down the
    ladder one level and bounce off the lower goomba again to the left platform.  
    Go left past the goomba on this level but be careful not to go so far left that
    the top level guy lands on the platform again and comes back to life.  Kill the
    goomba and then drop off the right end of the platform you are on and then hop
    across the gap to the left platform and kill this goomba, again being careful 
    not to resurrect any dead ones.  Now drop down and kill the very bottom goomba
    and then climb up the ladder.  Now, simply bouncing off this goomba from this 
    level will not get you up high enough to reach the next platform but if you go
    back and climb the ladder to drop from a greater height the other goombas will
    come back.  What you need to do is jump left and bounce off the goomba, which 
    will not kill him, and then turn around and bounce a second consecutive time 
    for the kill and the added height to reach the platform with the last goomba.
    Now simply kill him and the door will open.  When you move left to the ladder 
    this last goomba will come back but since the door is GREEN it will stay open 
    and you can collect the piece.
                               4-5: Movement by Degrees
    Piece 1: The first thing you need to do is retrieve the key to  your left.
    Moving right will advance time and the goomba in front of you will move left
    but you and he must both make it past three GREEN piranha plants alive.  There
    is very little space but you CAN and you MUST stop so that you are JUST to the
    right of the first plant and the goomba is right of the third.  You will
    still be touching the pipe you are so close to the plant but you will survive.
    When the two right plants go down, move right hopping over but not on the
    goomba and stop between the second and third plant.  The goomba will probably
    be on top of the second plant and get bit but this is fine.  Let the plant hit
    him and just stay put until the plants go back down.  Take one step left to
    bring the goomba back to life then move right, climb the ladder, and then hop 
    onto the block to the left so the goomba will back up and be alive.  When the
    last plant goes down again move right jumping across the upper level and then
    down to the bottom again on the far right.  Keep moving right until you hear a
    "ting" of the goomba picking up the key.  Now just move back to the left get
    the key from the goomba and climb up to the piece behind the locked door above
    Piece 2: This piece will require a bit of planning as well.  After getting the
    first piece you will have to come back past an annoying rabbit and then jump
    across and climb up the right-hand ladder onto the top platform.  Walk to the
    left and then stand directly under the second piece for 10 seconds or so.  When
    you leave this spot try and do the next bit as quickly and efficiently as 
    possible.  Move to the right and drop down to the bottom level.  Above you is a
    GREEN goomba cannon spitting out GREEN goombas and three piranha plants you can
    control by moving right or left.  Move towards the right until the far right
    plant drops.  As soon as a goomba passes it quickly move left until the second
    plant drops so that the goomba can pass.  As soon as the goomba passes the
    second plant quickly hit (X) and tab (LB) several times to do an 8X  rewind 
    until you are standing on the upper level below the piece again.  This is the 
    only way to get far enough left fast enough to lower the third plant.  Wait for
    the goomba to drop down then bounce off his head up and collect the piece.
                                     HIDDEN STAR 3
    This star is accessed from the platform where you just got the second piece.
    Now that you have gotten the Piece, repeat the process you used to get to it
    clearing the path for a goomba to get a goomba onto the platform where the 
    piece was again.  This time though, when you rewind to get him past the last
    plant you should end up on the piece platform.  Bounce off him and on to the
    top of the overhang right above the piece.  Repeat the whole process once more
    to get one more goomba onto the piece platform, this time rewinding back up to
    the very top.  Jump down from the top and bounce off the goomba and over the
    first plant and onto the ledge with the plants.  Now you need to get past the
    second plant.  You need another goomba to bounce past him.  What you need to do
    is jump into the second plant and die, you will start to fall off toward the
    right and the third (far right) plant will drop.  Quickly freeze time when it
    gets all the way down until a goomba gets by and then rewind back so that the
    second plant is down.  Once the goomba gets past the second plant you should be
    able to bounce off him and over the plant.  Getting over the third plant is a
    snap since you can move where you need to in order to get it down and bounce
    over it.  Jump on top of the cannon and then jump down onto a goomba to bounce
    up to the star.
    Credit to C4theduck
                               4-6: Movement, Amplified
    Piece 1: First you need to retrieve the key to your left.  Do this the same way
    as the previous level, move the goomba up from the right and past the GREEN 
    piranha plants.  He can pass the first two normally but the pair right together
    at the far left move too quickly to get past under normal circumstances.  So,
    when you start you actually don't need to worry about the goomba at all just
    move right until you can climb the ladder up to the first layer of clouds.
    These clouds move with you making you move faster and effectively giving you
    fast motion in both directions for you and the goomba.  Run left until the
    goomba is alive again and then wait for the right pair of plants to drop.  With
    fast motion you can cross both the plants in one drop.  Get the goomba as close
    to the second pair as possible without killing him and wait for them  to drop.
    The instant they are down run right until you fall off the clouds, there is
    very little margin for error on the timing even with fast motion.  You will
    know if the goomba gets killed even though he's off screen because you will
    hear a "bite" sound effect.  If you don't hear the bite sound keep moving right
    until you hear the "ting" of the key being picked up.  Now simply move left,
    collect the key, and climb up the ladders to the top row.  The second row of
    clouds moves against you slowing you down so in order to get past the GREEN
    piranha plant you will need to get right next to it, wait for it to drop, and
    then jump past to avoid being slowed down too much.
    Piece 2: After collecting the first piece use (X) to reverse yourself back to
    the first layer of clouds.  Move back to the  right and climb up the ladder to
    the top layer again.  Walk right to the edge and jump into space off the VERY
    edge of the cannon.  As you move right a giant cloud will fly in from off 
    screen and you will land on the very edge of it.  There is pretty much no
    margin for error on this jump so you may need to try it a couple times before
    you make it.  Jumping off the very right edge of the cloud will get you to the
    platform, again the small margin for error may require a couple attempts. A
    couple more easy jumps and the piece is yours.
                                 4-7: Fickle Companion
    Piece 1: This level is all about getting non-GREEN keys into position.  You 
    cannot carry a key left.  Keys will follow their previous path when you move
    left whether you are with them or not.  Start out moving right, pick up the key
    and climb the first ladder.  Keep moving right and flip the switch.  As you
    move further right the platform will move very quickly right.  Drop down to the
    bottom level and kill the GREEN goomba.  The GREEN cannon at the very top will
    spit out another one.  Move left or right as needed to catch him with the
    platform.  Once you have him move left quickly to keep him on the moving
    platform and get him onto the permanent one.  The key, following it's previous
    path as time rewinds, will pop back up to the level the goomba is on.  Let him
    pick it up and then qickly run left to the ladder and climb up so you are in
    front of him.  Run to the very left edge of the platform so you are under the
    solid stone piece and face right.  If you don't stand under the solid part you
    will end up on the platform above you when you hit the goomba and have to start
    this piece over. When the goomba gets to you bop him and take the key.  Now you
    can walk right to the ladder, climb up, unlock the door and collect your piece.
    Piece 2: From piece one climb back down one level, move left if needed and then
    right so you are carrying the key.  Drop down and then hop onto the low
    platform and unlock the door.  Move right until you drop down, bop the goomba
    when he comes by and then move as far left as possible.  The key will back up
    and be rejuvenated when you pass the door.  A new GREEN goomba will be launched
    out from the cannon.  Simply stay to the left until he picks up the key, then
    move right, take the key once he brings it to you and then open the door and
    take the piece.  Now use (X) to reverse time so you can get out of this corner
    and climb the ladder and move to the end of the world.
                                     HIDDEN STAR 4
    This is probably the most difficult star to get.  Rather than attempt an
    explanation of my own I am just going to paraphrase the guide I used.
    1. Climb the first ladder and walk to the right. Stand beside the cannon.
    2. Jump down and kill the goomba and then reverse back up.
    3. As soon as the next goomba pops out kill him in mid-air.
    4. Keep yourself in the air with your time manipulation until another goomba
       pops out and bounce off him too. Hopefully you will be propelled up high
       enough to land on the off-screen platform.
    5. Now jump back down and you have to get the goomba up there with the key.  So
       go get the key and then come back and jump from next to the cannon to the
       platform across from it.  Now jump down and kill the goomba and reverse back
       up.  Keep yourself in mid-air so the key will be floating out for the goomba
       to grab.  You will have to time this so that the goomba grabs the key and
       then you reverse time and he bounces off your head.  To get him all the way
       up will require bouncing him off your head at least twice, probably more.
       Keep reversing to get yourself back onto the platform to the right and then
       jump and head-but the goomba and reverse again to get back alive and repeat
       until, hopefully, you have the goomba up top WITH the key.  Rewind with (X)
       until you are back there as well.
    6. Let the goomba carry the key left of the ladder and then grab it from him
       and climb up, DO NOT KILL HIM or you will have to bounce another goomba up.  
    7. Hit the switch and move right.  Drop down the right side and back onto the
       level with the goomba.  
    8. Walk left past the ladder to get the key back on the bottom.  Let the goomba
       take it then rewind time until the door is open again and the goomba gets
    9. Now simply climb up the ladder and hop down with the goomba.  Take the key
       from him left of the ladder, climb up and unlock the door and get the star.
    Credit to R1RBBoyle
                              WORLD 5: TIME AND DECISION
    This world has a different property from previous levels.  In this world, when
    you rewind time, at the end of the rewind a shadow version of you appears and
    repeats whatever moves and actions you took exactly as you did them until it
    reaches the point where you began rewinding.  However, other than platforms,
    the shadow can only affect objects in the environment that are sparkling with
    a pink color.  However, your shadow can bounce off the shadows of real enemies
    or use shadow keys to get past the shadows of locked doors etc in order to
    reach areas.  As with GREEN objects, to avoid confusion I will refer to
    the pink objects as PINK in all caps.  Also, the shadow can only exist for ten
    seconds so anything you need him to do must take less time than that.
                                     5-1: The Pit
    Piece 1: As in the other worlds this level is as much to show off the new power
    as anything.  To get this piece just jump into the hole and grab it.  As soon
    as you touch it rewind time so you are out of the hole.  The piece will be
    rewound also but as soon as you stop rewinding your shadow will jump into the
    hole and grab it.  Since this piece is PINK it will be awarded to you as if
    you had grabbed it yourself.
                                    5-2: So Distant
    Piece 1: This first piece is very simple.  Climb up the ladder and stand in
    front of the switch for a few seconds.  Flip the switch but stay put.  The wall
    will open and close much too fast to reach it.  Now rewind time until you see 
    the switch flip and reset and then let 2 or 3 seconds pass.  Now run toward the
    wall as soon as you release (X).  You will get to the wall about the time your
    shadow flips the PINK switch for you and you can slip underneath and then climb
    up and collect your piece.
    Piece 2: This piece is even easier.  Bounce off the goomba and up to the PINK
    switch and flip it.  As soon as it is flipped rewind until the goomba is alive
    again.  Now watch as your shadow bounces off the goomba's shadow and flips the
    switch for you and this one doesn't reset.  Now just bounce yourself off the
    goomba to reach the left platform and climb to collect your piece.
                                    5-3: (Nameless)
    Piece 1: To get this piece you have to die, but only for a second.  Climb up
    the fence and walk right then hop down and pick up the PINK key.  Jump as far
    as you can left across the spike pit, you won't make it but you're not supposed
    to.  Rewind time until you are back across the spikes.  Now move as close to 
    the edge as you can without falling in.  Your shadow will retrieve the key and
    jump as you did, but as he falls he should pass close enough to you that you 
    take the key from him.  Open the door above you and collect the piece.
    Piece 2: This piece is in the center of the big platform right after the first
    piece, only accessible by a ladder in the center.  The problem is there is a
    killer rabbit burrowed right under the ladder and the ceiling is too low to
    jump on or over him.  Fortunately, he's PINK.  Simply drop down on either side
    and run up until the rabbit pops out of the ground.  Back off and he will
    follow you but always stops still under the edge.  Rewind until you are up top
    again and then drop down on the opposite side.  Wait until your shadow decoys
    the rabbit away from the ladder then run in and climb up to collect the piece.
    Rewind once more to get back on top, the piece is GREEN so you still have it, 
    and jump across the platforms to the next level.
                                 5-4: Crossing the Gap
    Piece 1: Run to the right and climb up the ladders and come back to the left.
    Hop across the gap without flipping the switch and pause a couple seconds.
    Now drop down and kill the goomba.  As soon as you do rewind back up to the
    top.  Your shadow will drop down and kill the PINK goomba.  A new goomba will
    come out of the cannon.  bounce off him and up to the platform then jump to the
    Piece 2: Drop back down from Piece 1 by the switch and pause for a second.  Now
    hop down and kill the goomba.  Rewind back to the top and flip the switch. 
    Your shadow will drop down and kill the goomba as the platform moves over.  The
    new PINK goomba will walk across both the real and shadow platforms and to the
    right side.  Bounce off his head and up to the rug and then climb to the
    second piece.
    Piece 3: With the platform sitting to the left the next goomba will drop down
    to the right and walk all the way to the far section.  Drop down and stand at
    the left edge of the first fatter piece of wood making up the lowest level
    floor.  The goomba should drop off the level just above and right on your head.
    After he does rewind so you are on the level at the top of the ladder right 
    next to you.  Time your jump off this level so that when the PINK goomba
    bounces off your shadow's head you in turn bounce off him while he's in mid-air
    and land on the platform to the right with the third piece.
                                     HIDDEN STAR 5
    For this star you need to start out standing by the switch.  The platform
    should be to the left, if it isn't then flip the switch.  Stand by the switch
    and wait a few seconds then jump down and kill the goomba.  Quickly rewind back
    up to the switch and let your shadow kill the enemy.  When a new one pops out
    drop down to the level right below you and head-but him into the air.  This
    will of course kill you so rewind until you are alive and back on the higher
    level allowing the goomba to bounce off your shadow.  Head-but with your
    character again and rewind, repeat until you get the goomba over to the right
    side to the platform that had the piece.  You need to bump him just right so he
    rebounds off the end of the platform and heads back to the left.  You will have
    to jump and get him in just the right spot.  Once he is moving left continue
    bouncing him off your head until you get him on top of the raised platform on
    the left that held a piece.  Once you get him up there, for no apparent reason
    other than you need him, another goomba will pop out of the pipe.  Bounce off
    this new goomba and onto the platform with the first goomba.  Now just bounce
    off this goomba and up to the off-screen platforms with the star.
    Credit to lufia22
                              5-5: Window of Opportunity
    Piece 1: The piece is right in front of you but blocked out of reach.  Go past
    it for now to the right.  Jump across to the next high platform and there is a
    goomba carrying a key around.  Take the key from him and drop down to the
    lowest level and unlock the PINK door.  Now immediately rewind until you are
    back up top with the key.  Quickly drop down one level and unlock the regular
    door in front of you.  Jump across onto the top of the PINK door and then 
    quickly onto the platform next to it.  Your shadow will be running down to
    unlock the PINK door with his shadow key.  You have to get past the PINK door
    before this happens or you will have to start the whole sequence over.  If you
    made it past the PINK door on the level above it you can now jump across to the
    switch to your left and flip it to move the platform out of the way.  Now back
    track the way you came through the PINK door your shadow was nice enough to 
    open for you back to the start and grab the piece.
    Piece 2: Run right keeping to the top until you reach a PINK switch above
    another PINK switch that is hovering in mid-air.  Flip the switch so the 
    platform goes up.  As soon as it tops out rewind until it bottoms out then for
    about another 6-7 seconds.  Once you let off the rewind quickly run and drop
    down and get on the platform.  You should have just enough time to get to the
    platform before your shadow flips the switch to raise it.  As soon as it gets
    high enough flip the second switch.  Let the upper platform rise.  As soon as
    it gets all the way up start rewinding again.  Let the top platform bottom out
    and then go about another 6-7 seconds again before letting off.  You should
    be most of the way back up thanks to the rewind but go the rest of the way to
    top platform, FLIPPING THE FIRST SWITCH ON YOUR WAY.  Your shadow should ride
    up the lower platform and then flip the switch raising your higher platform so
    you can get the piece.
                                       5-6: Lair
    This is the same boss as before but now he is PINK instead of GREEN which will
    require a slightly different attack.  Drop the first chandelier to wake him, as
    soon as you release it rewind to get it back up because you will need it.  The
    boss will rewind as well and go back to sleep but when you stop a shadow
    chandelier will fall and wake him again.  Drop a chandelier on him as soon as
    you can, if you miss rewind it back up and try again.  The boss will be
    rewinding too so you should be able to adjust and hit on the second try.  As
    soon as the chandelier hits rewind just until it gets back up.  As soon as you
    get it all the way up let off (X).  The chandelier will be restored but now a
    shadow version will drop putting the boss back at one damage received.  On the
    second drop let the chandelier hit to make sure you are on target then rewind.
    As soon as it is back up let off (X) and immediately hit (B) to drop again.  A
    regular AND shadow will drop together doing two hits at once.  Repeat the
    double hit with the other chandelier and you are done.
    Piece 1: The defeated boss will drop a key.  Run left with it and climb the
    fence to open the locked door.  Run to the end of the chamber and flip the PINK
    switch.  As soon as you do start rewind and counting in your head.  When you
    get to about 9 (because the shadow only lasts 10 seconds) let off and start
    running right normally.  Make sure you don't get hit by the goombas or you'll 
    have to start over because rewinding will screw up your shadow.  You should be
    able to reach the far right side, run under the moving wall to grab the piece,
    and back out before it drops as your shadow toggles the switch on the other end
    for you.  If you get stuck behind the wall just rewind back out and your shadow
    will run in and get the piece for you.
                                5-7: Fragile Companion
    Piece 1: This piece is right in front of you behind two PINK doors and only one
    GREEN key to open them.  Since the key can't be reused you can't actually touch
    the first door or you're screwed.  What you want to do is jump from the
    platform with the key in hand and then reverse JUST before it actually hits the
    door.  Your shadow will make the same jump as you but even after he gets to the
    point you rewound from he still exists until a full ten seconds is up and his 
    momentum will carry him into the PINK door unlocking it.  This of course allows
    you to open the second one yourself and collect the piece.
                                  WORLD 6: HESITANCE
    This world introduces a new element to the game.  In this world you can press
    (Y) to drop a ring on the ground.  This ring creates a bubble of very slow
    moving time.  Anything, including yourself, that enters the bubble slows down
    greatly while the world around remains at normal speed.  The slowdown extends
    beyond the bubble but becomes less and less pronounced the further you are from
    it.  GREEN objects still appear but PINK and your shadow are gone.
                                     6-1: The Pit
    No pieces here, not even a puzzle to get to the door.  Just a big (Y) on the
    wall to let you know it does something now.
                               6-2: There and Back Again
    Piece 1: We saw this level back before with a GREEN key to make it possible
    to get through the locked door before the impassable wall fell.  This time, as
    soon as you enter the level quickly run to the locked door and drop the ring.
    As quickly as you can make your way to the top and grab the key.  Make your way
    back down, through the door, retrieve the piece and back out.  The ring should
    slow the falling wall down enough for you to make it as long as you are quick.
                                      6-3: Phase?
    Piece 1: Jump onto the platform and then onto the first cloud.  Drop the ring
    to slow your cloud down until the next one is close enough to jump to.  Pick
    the ring up and make the jump.  Repeat until you reach the piece.
    Piece 2: This second cannon doesn't fire another cloud until the first one hits
    the platform and dissipates so the method used on the previous piece won't
    work.  Instead climb up the ladder to the platform above and drop the ring
    right on the flower.  Go back down to the lower platform and jump to the first
    cloud.  Let it move a bit to the left and then jump to the right.  You will
    jump into the slow moving bubble which should delay you enough for the next
    cloud to get to you so you can then jump to the cannon and get the piece.  The
    margin for error on the timing of the jump is fairly small so you may need to
    rewind and try again a couple times.  Also, you don't have to collect the ring
    before leaving, you will have it in the next level either way.
                                     6-4: Cascade
    Piece 1: There are two pieces right above you, we will be collecting the upper
    one first.  Run to the right and climb the ladder up past the two rows of 
    cannon fire.  Go back left past the spikes to the goomba cannon.  Now, you can
    actually do this one without the ring but if you drop it about halfway between
    the spike and the cannon it will slow things down and make the timing a LOT 
    easier.  Get to the left of the cannon and then stand on the high point.  Watch
    the fuse for timing and jump out just ahead of a goomba as it fires and bounce
    off his head at the high point.  With a little luck a single bounce will get
    you to the high platform but more than likely it will take a double bounce by
    hitting the next guy out of the cannon.
    Before we actually get Piece 2 lets grab the key we'll need for Piece
    3 on the way.  Run to the right and stay on the top level.  Just below the 
    goomba cannon drop the ring towards the right edge of the platform.  Now double
    bounce off two goombas up onto the ledge the cannon is on.  From here let a
    goomba fall onto the lower level then jump down and bounce off him and onto the
    ledge with the key.  Grab the key, drop down, and collect your ring.
    Piece 2: Run all the way to the right and jump across onto the top of the last
    cannon.  Drop the ring here to slow its shots down.  Jump back across to the
    platform just to your left.  Wait for a goomba and bounce off his head to get
    the GREEN piece above you.  Jump to where your ring is but DON'T pick it up
    Piece 3: Stand on the cannon and wait.  With its rate of fire slowed down 
    eventually a goomba will get through the barrage and drop to a lower level.
    When this happens pick up the ring and follow the goomba across the thick white
    platform.  When he drops to the lowest level jump off the platform and bounce
    off his head and onto the cannon that is suspended in mid-air.  Drop your ring
    on top of this cannon.  Drop down and then climb the ladder and stop in between
    the two rows of cannon shot.  As soon as one goes by below you drop to the left
    and follow it down the narrow tunnel.  Go through the door and flip the switch.
    Go back to the entrance of the tunnel but don't enter it.  Wait for a cannon
    shot to come then quickly hop over it and go through the tunnel before the next
    shot comes.  Climb to the top and return all the way left to drop down and get
    the third piece.  Again, you need not collect your ring before leaving.
                               6-5: Impassable Foliage
    Piece 1: The first piece right above you has the same situation as in
    Irreversible earlier: A slow moving wall and platform and the platform must
    get out before the wall or the piece is unreachable.  Quickly run up a little
    ways and drop your ring right below the wall.  Leave the ring in place until
    the platform is past the wall and then pick up the ring.  Go right and up the
    first ladder.  Drop your ring right below the manic piranha plant to slow him
    down a bit.  Climb up the next ladder and make your way left past the plant and
    a plethora of goombas and collect the piece.
    Piece 2: Go back to the right collecting your ring along the way.  Stay on the
    highest level you can while moving right.  You will get to an area with three
    piranha plants and a GREEN goomba cannon above you.  Drop and pick up your ring
    a few time below the first plant until his movements are more or less in sync
    with the plant at the far right.  Once that is done move to the middle plant do
    the process again until all three are in sync.  It doesn't have to be perfect
    just make sure that all three are completely down together at some point.  When
    all three plants are down together quickly freeze time.  Allow 2 and ONLY 2 of
    the GREEN goombas to walk all the way past the plants to safety and let time
    resume its flow.  Let the first goomba drop down to your level and walk all the
    way to the left so he will hit the wall and turn around.  When the two goombas
    get close to each other double bounce off them and up to the piece.  You only
    get one shot because there are spikes at the right end of the level you are on
    that will kill  the goombas and you can't rewind because they are GREEN.  Also
    do not try to use the ring to aid timing because being GREEN means they won't
    slow down but you will making the jump impossible.  If you mess up you just 
    have to freeze time again and let two more goombas out.
                                     HIDDEN STAR 6
    After retrieving the second piece stay on the ledge where it was sitting.  
    Freeze time to allow more goombas out.  Double bounce off them and up on top of
    the ledge above the piece.  Move left and you will see the star below you
    between the two platforms and apparently unreachable.  What you need to do is
    drop the ring on the top platform and then drop down left on top of the cannon.
    Now you need to jump out and bounce off one of the goombas in mid-air and up
    towards the slow space around the ring.  This will keep you in the air long
    enough for the next goomba to shoot out so you can get a double bounce up to
    the star.  This is an extremely demanding double bounce so plan on making a few
    attempts at it.  You will NOT be bouncing twice right in the same spot, you
    will have to move back left to catch the second goomba.
    Credit to luckettx
                                 6-6: Elevator Action
    Piece 1: Move right and climb the ladders past the cannons.  The shots are 
    easily avoided if you pay attention.  Flip the switch, ride down and grab the
    key, watch out for the killer rabbit.  Flip the switch and ride the elevator
    back up.  Drop your ring at the far right edge of the elevator then flip the
    switch to lower it and quickly head for the ladders.  The slow moving elevator
    will bring the ring past the cannons slowing their rate of fire.  This will
    allow you to sneak past their shots going the other direction.  You only need
    hurry on the first two.  There will probably only be one opening that will be
    big enough and that you can make it to.  Once past the first two the pressure
    is off because the elevator and ring will stop right next to the third so you
    can pick an opening in that one at your leisure.  Once back on the ground you
    can run to the left and jump up and grab your ring back through the small
    crack between the elevator and the wall.  Head the rest of the way back left
    and collect your piece.
    Piece 2: Run all the way to the far right end of the level, climb the last
    ladder and hop onto the platform with the switch.  Drop the ring to the far
    right on the platform with the switch.  Flip the switch to move the two
    platforms.  You must drop the ring BEFORE you flip the switch.  Hop onto the
    platforms and you will see that they are the type that make you GREEN while you
    stand on them.  Stand on the far right edge of the larger platform and reverse
    time until the platforms have reset but stop before the ring vanishes.  The
    cannon fire should be slowed enough to jump between its shots and collect the
    Piece 3: Drop down and collect your ring.  Flip the switch to bring the
    platforms back down.  Jump across and drop the ring on the large platform and
    then raise them again.  Once they are up lower them a final time.  The large
    platform will be slowed allowing the small to slide under it and all the way
    to the left.  Jump to the large platform and collect your ring.  Climb the
    ladder and flip the switch, moving the high platform to your left and dropping
    another ladder.  Drop down and climb this new ladder.  Stand on the small 
    platform to make yourself GREEN and rewind until the ladder is in the ceiling
    again but stop before the high platform seals off or you will have to go back
    and flip the switch again.  As time begins to flow forward again quickly step
    to the left edge of the small normal platform, drop the ring, and step back
    onto the one that makes you GREEN.  As the ladder begins to fall wait for it to
    reach the slow time bubble.  Quickly jump off the GREEN platform and onto the
    ladder.  Hit (X) to reverse time as you climb up, your GREEN status will only
    last about a second off the platform but that should be just enough time to
    raise the ladder slightly with rewind while climbing it and hop off onto the 
    left ledge to collect the piece.  This will likely take at least a couple tries
    but you can just rewind until the ladder is in the ceiling as many times as you
    need to.
                                     HIDDEN STAR 7
    This is probably the most demanding star after the one in Fickle Companion.
    Take  the elevator right at the start of the level down to where you would grab
    the key.  A rabbit will pop up and attack you.  DO NOT kill him.  You need to
    get him onto the elevator and up to the top.  I recommend dropping the ring on
    the elevator to slow things down as you ride up.  It makes the trip slow but
    makes avoiding the rabbit while also keeping him alive MUCH easier.  Once you
    have the rabbit on top lead him back and forth along the top area a few times
    making sure that he lunges at you several times.  This is to store up some 
    footage of him leaping in several different places to use in a moment.  Now,
    you will want to drop the ring a little past halfway from the edge of the 
    elevator to the edge of the screen and get the rabbit to make a leap at you.
    What you need to do is bounce off the rabbit at almost the peak of his leap
    and up onto a platform that is out of view off the top of the screen.  Dropping
    the ring makes doing this MUCH easier though technically you could pull it off
    without actually using the ring.  Unfortunately the platform is a solid type, 
    not one that you can come through the bottom of so you will have to kind of 
    feel around with your bounces rewinding a few times until you get up there.  
    Once you do you will find that there is a zone that makes you GREEN and a 
    platform quite a ways off to your left with the star.  Stand in the GREEN zone
    and rewind until you see the rabbit leaping at about the right spot for you to
    jump down and bounce off him to the star platform.  Once you have him in the 
    right spot go for the bounce.  Some people say that you need to double bounce
    off the rabbit by jumping down and bouncing off him while GREEN then quickly 
    rewinding to get him back to life before your GREEN wears off and bounce on him
    a second time.  This IS doable, I've seen it, but it is not necessary.  I 
    reached the star with a single bounce I just had to get the rabbit in JUST the 
    right spot.
    Credit to luckettx
                                6-7: In Another Castle
    Piece 1: Climb up the ladder right in front of you and drop the ring as far
    right as you can get it.  Wait a few seconds and pick the ring back up.  Drop 
    down and move right to the next ladder.  Drop the ring next to the ladder to 
    slow the cannon down.  Sneak up the ladder between shots.  Stand on the patch 
    of ground that makes you GREEN and rewind until the ring appears on the 
    platform at the top of the first ladder.  Flip the switch and the platform will
    start to move.  The ring should slow it down enough to give you time to get in
    position to jump and catch the key as it falls.  The ring will be falling with
    the key making the key fall slowly so allow for that in the timing.  Also, make
    sure to hit (Y) as you jump through to grab the ring back.  Move back to the
    right, slow the cannon, climb up, unlock the door, and collect the piece.
                                        WORLD 1
    The final world turns out to actually be the first world and it has no name.
    None of the levels but the last have names either.  In this World there are no
    pieces you just have to reach the exit.  However, time ALWAYS flows backwards
    except for you.  Pressing (X) makes time flow forward instead, again except for
    you.  As a result of this some interactions will not go as normal.
    Stand at the spot where the goombas are flying up from the floor.  Wait until
    one hits your feet, since this is backwards world hitting your feet brings him
    to life and the goomba lands on the ground and starts walking backwards.  Let
    him come back to you then bounce off his head up to the door and move on.  If
    you can time it well enough, you can jump into the air and bounce off the
    goomba as he comes up and onto the platform.
    Stop at the spot with the goombas flying up and bring one to life.  As soon as
    he is walking run right and climb up the ladder.  Wait at the top platform.
    The backwards goomba will back up to the platform and fly up then back up to
    your platform and fly up.  As he comes up bounce off him and to the door.
    Exactly the same as 1-3 except that since there is no ladder you will have to
    sort of "ride" the goomba up to the first platform and then double or triple
    bounce him from the first to the door.  A slower but easier method is to bring
    two goombas to life.  Ride the first one up to the first platform and then
    again up to the left platform.  Wait for the second goomba and then bounce off
    him as he comes up for an easier hop to the door.
                                      1-1: Braid
    If you collected all 7 stars along the way skip down to the alternate route
    below this.
    As the level starts the "monster" comes down with the princess.  She runs away
    and he yells for her.  Wait a few moments and a slab of rock will fall when he
    jumps allowing you to progress right.  Which is good since a giant wall of fire
    starts pursuing you from the left.  For the first bit run to the right as fast
    as you can.  The princess will flip switches on the top to clear your path.  
    You should have no trouble staying ahead of the fire.  The first stressful part
    comes with a thin vertical platform that slowly rotates to horizontal.  If you
    keep jumping on it staying as far right as possible you will make it but it
    will be very close.  Immediately after is a spike pit that's too wide to jump.
    You need to wait at the edge until just before the fire catches you and then
    jump.  The princess will get the switch flipped just in time to catch you.
    Next comes a cannon running in reverse just like the rest of the world has
    been.  Jump over its shots and climb the ladder to flip the switch to let the
    princess through.  She will hit a switch deactivating the cannon.  Climb the 
    fences and jump down to the goombas popping out of the spikes and flying up
    to the next level.  Jump and bounce on the head of the first one you can reach.
    You will have to sort of ride him up as in the earlier levels and then bounce
    up to the lever.  If you touch the ground just rewind and try again because you
    won't have time for a do over.  As soon as you reach the lever flip it and jump
    to the right.  You need to land to the right of all but one goomba, right next
    to the short tunnel without bouncing at all.  If you miss this, and you
    probably will at first it's pretty tight, rewind and try the jump from the
    switch until you get it.  Move through the tunnel and you will meet one goomba
    right at the exit where it gets wide again.  If you are lucky he may be back
    where you can jump past him easily, but more than likely he will be right in
    your face.  If you jump at just the right moment your feet will catch his head
    and you will squirt out past him.  Again, you might have to rewind this spot a
    couple times to get it.  The last bit is gravy.  Ride up a platform and then
    past a couple piranha plants that you will have to wait on.  At the very end
    you will climb up a fence onto a ledge right next to but on the other side of a
    wall from the princess.  There will be a flash of light and everything changes.
    At this point all you can do is hold (X) to reverse time.  However, since time
    has been running in reverse for all of World 1 it is now actually flowing
    forward.  As it moves forward we learn the truth of what happened to the
    Once the replay has finished go through the door.
                                    ALTERNATE ROUTE
                                REQUIRES 7 HIDDEN STARS
                                   REVEALS 8TH STAR
    This isn't quite an actual ALTERNATE route so much as slight variation to get
    the 8th star.  Run the route as you did before until you get to the place where
    you had to bounce on goombas up to a switch.  As you flip the switch you may
    notice that it is GREEN.  There was a GREEN switch earlier as well.  This is
    the key to getting the star.  Once you have flipped this second GREEN switch
    rewind all the way back to just before the spike pit where the princess brings
    up the platform for you to land on.  At this point you want to run the level
    again as quickly as possible, but since those two levers are already flipped
    you can speed through those sections much faster.  If you are going fast
    enough, when you get back to the section with bouncing on the goombas to get up
    you need to catch the first one you see to get you up.  If you don't make it
    rewind and try again.  The idea is to get ahead of the princess and the second
    goomab ill be too late.  If you are fast enough then you will be able to get to
    the fallen chandelier BEFORE it flies back up into the ceiling.  Jump up on the
    ledge to the right of it and then onto the chandelier AS it goes up to where
    the princess is on the fence.  There will be a flash and a sound effect and the
    wall of fire along with the princess will vanish.  Climb out onto the top area
    where the princess was and go the rest of the way to the right and collect the
    final star.  Now run all the way back to the left along the top until you get
    to the door you came in from and take it out to the Epilogue.
    Touching the red books in the Epilogue adds more information on Tim's
    relationship with the princess.  Touching a green book closes the red book.  If
    a red book is open and you walk behind an object a voice sings and additional
    info is displayed.  In the first screen just climb up the ladder and open the
    red book, then move right behind the rock until the voice sings.  You can also
    walk behind a rock on the far left but the info is the same.  In the second 
    room you drop down to the red book.  Moving left from there behind the arches
    will give the voice but the words are out of view.  Instead just rewind until
    you are on top again.  The book is GREEN so it will stay open and walk behind
    a pillar to read the text.  The next room has a red book flanked by two green.  
    Stand on the red for a few seconds and then proceed right to the next room. 
    There is a space on the floor that makes you GREEN, rewind here until you hear
    a book snap shut.  That will be the green one closing in the other room.  Now
    walk left again and the red should be open, stand behind the statue.  Walk all
    the way right past the books and flip the switch.  Let the platform go most of
    the way up and then flip the switch back.  Walk to the center and stand on the
    red book.  Rewind until the platform begins to move up.  Let go and jump off 
    the left side.  Stand behind the rock.  The last screen has three green books
    with text and a door leading back to the original starting point of the game.

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