Does anyone know the details of the downloadable content?

  1. I'm looking for information about what the downloadable content actually does, not a copy and paste from the promo material. Like how much extra damage does the steampunk force gun do? how heavy is the heavy damage pack? I can personally state that the Xbox live Elite suit offers 25 item slots and 10% armor. Any additional information would be appreciated.

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  1. Well by now I'm sure you know what they are and how much they cost so on to what they do.
    (and if you don't here is a site)
    (and here they are reviewed by IGN) (but don't be deceived, they didn't really say what the packs do exactly its just a rough overview, the above site is more specific)

    Now, whenever you buy a pack you can find what you downloaded in the store for 0 credits, and one pack won't overlap another so if you want a variety get what ever you want. For example if you get the Military Pack and then the Heavy Damage Pack the Heavy Damage weapons won't replace the Military ones, instead when you check the store it will be two sets of weapons like, Military Plasma Cutter and Heavy Damage Plasma Cutter, nor will any replace the originals. Same goes for suits and any weapons that go with those, they will all be separated at the store. But be careful because if you equip a downloaded suit you will never be able to go back to the original one. (unless maybe you find a new higher level suit schematic, but I'm not sure)

    Now if you aren't looking for anything specific and don't have much money get the Tank Pack (which gives you and Upgraded Level 5 suit with all inventory slots and 60% resistance which makes it the best suit in the game, even though the Military suit is level 6 the Tank is still better, and gives you an upgraded Flamethrower, Force Gun, and Line Gun), if you have an extra buck get the Big Gun Pack (which gives you the best gun ever, the Steam Punk Force Gun), that should be more than enough to get through even on impossible, but if you still want more power get the Heavy Damage Pack (not the Military, unless you decided not to get the Tank Pack) because it gives you all the upgraded guns that the Tank Pack didn't meaning you would have all 7 guns upgraded and the best suit in the game, but its all your choice, and just an added tip, the Contact Beam takes out the giant tentacles in 2 hits (1 if fully upgraded) on Impossible, and on everything else, the Plasma Cutter and Stasis then Line Gun Mine combo work nearly perfectly.

    I hope I gave you enough info, good luck ^_^

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  1. and opps i forgot there DEFINITELY is a HUGE noticeable difference especially when playing on Impossible

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  2. I don't know the numbers but from experience I can say the Steam Punk Force Gun is easily the best download when it comes to RAW POWER, the heavy damage pack....... well its really heavy, the weapons become killing machines, not like UBER weapons (uhhhhem the Steam Punk Force Gun) but they can carry you through Impossible easily........ they are nearly twice as powerful. Though barely anything on Impossible can survive a regular fully upgraded Contact Beam havin a supercharged one is still fun. Now when it comes to comparing like the military pack and heavy damage for example though i never checked the stats I can't really tell a big difference, or if there is even one at all, but they seem to do the same damage too me, so from what i can tell any packs that come with upgraded weapons they will all do the same damage, the look is the only difference i can see, but everything else ChaosChronicle0 covered i think, and like he said Tank, Big Gun, and Heavy Damage is the best combo, plus the Tank Suit looks cool.

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