How do i get out of the centrifuge ?

  1. How do you get out of the centrifuge when its activated?

    User Info: vas57

    vas57 - 9 years ago

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  1. Activate then take elevator down(the one right behind you once you activate cetrifuge.)Go opposite direction of spinning centrifuge.HIDE IN LITTLE ROOMS TILL CENTRIFUGE PASSES THEN RESUME ADVANCING!

    User Info: DubiusNube

    DubiusNube - 9 years ago 8 1


  1. If you mean the large spinning thing that you activate, then you have to run and hide in the side inlets. There are little small rooms that you use to avoid getting hit by the spinning centrifuge. Then just make your way forward using those.

    User Info: MechaJubei

    MechaJubei - 9 years ago 7 2
  2. First you must connect the two spinning connectors to the centrifuge in order to power up the centrifuge (take care of the leapers in the room there should be about 3-4 of them). Slow down the spinnging connectors with yours stasis and connect them with your kinesis, after that you can activate the centrifuge from the panel and the floor will open up and you will be under no air space condition, quick run behind the panel and take down the elevator to reach the ground level where the centrifuge is already spinning clockwise. Just wait until the centrifuge passes bye and run quickliy to the LEFT side and hide inside the space, refill your air on the O2 device on the wall and after the centrifuge passes by again run quickly LEFT again into the next space (take care there will be a leaper waiting for you so take him out). Finally just wait for another spin of the centrifuge and run LEFT again into the last space with the elevator leading you above and to the airlock.

    User Info: Printul_Noptii

    Printul_Noptii - 9 years ago 3 4
  3. Just to clarify, after you get down from the lift the correct path is to the right, not to the left like the above poster said (it's the "longer path").

    User Info: MrBucket

    MrBucket - 9 years ago 1 0

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