Southern Mexico?

  1. How do i pass the pool where you lower the level? You die when you touch the water . I already lowered the level once. Dont know where to swing to after that the level rises up too fast .

    User Info: ajae7171

    ajae7171 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Where do i go next? Where do i have to jump to? When i'm at the bottom there's still ice water...and it kills me several times.

    User Info: Arianne70

    Arianne70 - 8 years ago


  1. alrighty, first go to your right when you first enter, there will be an undead panther and an undead mayan. Kill them. Then jump over the pool of liquid death. Kill more undead. Run all the way around till you get to the giant snake head. go to the right ot the snake head, jump to the pole on its upper jaw. This will close the mouth and lower the water level. turn around and jump back to the endge. DO NOT GRAPPLE THE LOWER JAW. it will open the mouth and make you reclose it. instead go right. climb up to the ledges on the wall and jump back to the begining of the level. Walk to the edge directly in front of the entrance. You should see some ledges you can decend with. Continue till you get the bottom. Hope that helps. -Teri

    User Info: belldandy4087

    belldandy4087 - 8 years ago 0 0

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