How do I get past? Shooting range

  1. I have tried all of the suggestions people have been making ie different gun or aim for the head. I'm just not good at it. I have read on a bunch of different sites that there is a way to get your guns with out having to do the shooting range contest. Does anyone know what to do?

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    nxgr8writer - 4 years ago

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  1. If you don't want to kill the old man for the safe combination, there is another way. At the counter, wait for the guys to finish talking about the guy who keeps cursing (Lynch) and the girl browsing guns will come up to the counter asking for help. You can sneak in behind the guy and grab the keycard on the back counter as he speaks to her. Then head to the backstore through the saloon doors and up the stairs. There will be a balcony you can drop down from and onto the firing range. Stay out of sight and get into the trenches. You will come up to a bunker you can open with the keycard and find Evidence, Notebook (with safe combination) and the Ultramax LMG. (Further down the trench is a Kazo sniper rifle too, btw). With the combination, walk back into the trenches and sneak right under the firing stands. Once at the edge of it, use cover on the edge and press A to roll across without being seen. You will come up to the back window of the office where the safe is. Get the key from the safe and head back into the main store. Once there, sabotage the lights and get your guns while the counter guy goes to turn them back on. Exit. Done.

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  1. Find the duck range (in the top right corner) and sneak in to the vent behind it. then wait for the old guy to come in to room and knock him out or kill him. take the notebook from him to open the safe, take the key then crawl back through the vent and open the display your guns are in.

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  2. ^^ Kiwi's answer is correct.

    In the shop you can get behind the counter when the first guy talks to the assistant, but if you miss your timing you can always use the electrical box sabotage to get him away from the desk - then you can just walk through the open counter.

    Once you are past that and into the backrooms it doesn't matter if you go upstairs or downstairs - both have obvious doorways to outside that can access the trenches unseen.

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  3. Make sure "AIM ASSIST" is on. When you see one target, press the aim button and the crosshairs will snap to the target. When multiple targets pop up, use POINT SHOOTING and aim for the top of the target (since you get more points). Alternate between using regular aim (with aim assist) for one target and using Point Shooting for multiple targets. You'll easily win using that method. I just used some pistols I picked up. Remember to reload after ever few shots.

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