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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    A Personal Contract

    When you gain control, listen to the narrator instruct on the different elements of your HUD. Walk your way up the left side of the road towards the main gate and you'll notice a small path between some rocks off to the left. Go through the rocks and you'll enter an area with a lot of obstacles. Notice the guard in the distance.

    Note that the Axe is in this area and you can get it quite easily if you are quick about it but for those of you that aren't, I wanted to leave the main text uninterrupted. As you enter this next area, you'll see a large wooden post/tree to the left of the blue dumpster. The axe is imbedded in it.

    Press the right stick in to crouch. Walk up to the wall ahead of you and hit the B/O button to take cover. Walk along the cover to the right side until you see the Wrench. If you are having trouble finding it, hit the RB/R1 button to activate your instinct mode. It will be displayed as a yellow set of moving rings. Move up to it and hold the button prompted (Y/Triangle) to pick it up.

    With the Wrench in hand, find the buckets directly across the path from you. Hold the aim button (LT/L2) and guide the white/silver arching path to end by those buckets. When you've lined up your throw, pull the RT/R2 button to throw the wrench. When the guard has walked over to investigate move to the right and hit the A/X button to swap cover. Continue to the right and past the point he was at. Walk up the slope to the Mansion Grounds.

    Mansion Grounds

    You'll find a fallen tree in your path here. Take cover behind it and you'll see an enemy in the distance to your left. At this point, you'll be instructed in how to kill him with a pistol. Take out the pistol by using the D-Pad, hold the LT/L2 button to aim and then gently squeeze the RT/R2 button. When you squeeze a little, the crosshairs will tighten to show that you've steadied your aim. Finish pulling the trigger to kill him. When he is dead, move over to where he was and into the tennis court on the right. Make sure to hit the checkpoint here first.

    Come up behind the man looking out over the gardens below. Change your weapon to the Fiber Wire (D-Pad) and walk up behind him. When you are close enough, you'll be prompted to Garrote him by hitting the X/Square button. Do so and then you can move his body over to the dumpster to the right.

    Modern Art

    From this position, you can easily complete the challenge "Modern Art". Go back and hit the checkpoint that you just passed to save your progress. Now stand and look over the hedge maze below as the guard was doing before you use your Fiber Wire to kill him. Below, you should see a large modern art piece standing on a pole next to two guards who are talking. Shoot the base of the structure (at the "pole") to knock it over onto the two guards. When they are dead, check your challenges to make sure it is complete and then reload the checkpoint.

    With this guard out of the way, go down the stairs from the tennis court and take cover along the rock wall facing the hedge maze. Roll to the next wall of cover and slide past the curtains of the garden patio. Slide all the way to the end and you'll find a Book on the counter. Grab the book and then slide all the way to the right and around the corner. Be careful because there are a couple of guards having a conversation and when the conversation ends, one of them will head up to the tennis court. Slide back to the left and behind the outdoor patio again until he passes.

    Slide back to the far right end. Swap the book for the Brick and the pick up the book again. Take the book and throw it behind the man that's been standing on the patio. He'll turn around to investigate. As soon as he does, roll to the next cover. Continue along this cover and around the corner. Go all the way to the right and then roll to the next cover. You'll now be on a wall that has a T-shape to it. Just ahead of you will be the large modern art structure and a short wall to the left of that. On this wall will be the Hammer which you can grab quickly if you think it is safe. Move around the T-shape and towards the next outdoor patio. This one is much larger than the other and will have a laundry basket that you can hide in.

    There will be a guard at the far end of this area and when he's done with his conversation, he'll leave. Take the book on the chair in case you need a distraction and go down those stairs. Turn left but move slowly. The guard there should move up and talk to another guard ahead. Wait for their conversation to carry them away from the bridge ahead. When it does, move across the bridge and through the door on the right.

    In the next area, take cover and then transfer to the next cover to the left where a watermelon has started to be carved. Grab the knife and wait for the guard to move to the balcony on your left. When he gets there, hold the LT/L2 button and aim the knife at his head. Pull the RT/R2 button to throw the knife. When he hits the ground, grab his Jagd P22G and your knife. Steal his Outdoor Guard Disguise and then toss the body over the railing. You won't use this for long but it works towards the Chameleon challenge.

    There will be another guard by a railing towards the end. You can kill him if you'd like but you don't have to. Slide to the right and onto the path. Almost immediately as you hit the ground, you'll see a patch of grass to your right with a small table just large enough to hold a white sack. In the sack is a disguise for you. Change into the Gardener disguise.

    Now that you've changed into the Gardener disguise, walk up the path ahead and hold the Instinct button (RB/R1) as you walk through the front door past the Gardener. Once inside, take the right path and walk past the guards. When you get to the end, turn left but stop. Get close enough to the guards and the gardener who are talking by the door. To the right will be a green pipe running vertically with a red valve on it. Use the valve to turn on the sprinklers and then wait for the group of three to disband.

    Follow the guards through the door at a safe distance and then sneak past them when they stand looking over the ledge at the water. Go up the stairs and at the top, move to the corner of the building. Use instinct mode to investigate the ledges. Slide out onto the ledge, drop to the lower level and use the X/Square button to move past the windows. Go to the left and then hop up to the next level. Slide all the way to the left and you'll see a man on the phone. Pull him through the window with the X/Square button.


    Pulling the guard through the window in this fashion should get you the Geronimo Challenge.

    Climb through the window behind him and take cover at the counter to your left. Slide to the right and grab the Coffee Mug. Go through the doors ahead and to the right to enter the compound. Inside, follow the hall as it leads right and you'll find a whole bunch of things being lit up by your Instinct mode. Use the computer terminal to deactivate the security system, take the Indoor Guard Disguise on the table and then check the book shelf closest to the doors to find your first piece of Evidence. Go through the nearby door.

    Mansion Ground Floor

    The closest door to where you are will be the kitchen and to your left will be some stairs leading up. Go up the stairs and at the top will be a door with a bust next to it. Grab the Bust and enter the door to find yourself in the bathroom. On the counter to the left will be some sleeping pills. Grab these and head back down to the kitchen.

    Inside will be a guard and the chef talking. Wait for the guard to leave and then subdue the Chef (without killing him). Take the Chef disguise to complete the Chameleon Challenge and then store him in the freezer. Grab the Knife from the cutting board which is different from the Filet Knife from earlier. Put the Knife away and go around into the living area where the security guards are talking. You can walk right by them. Find the cup of coffee on the counter at the bar and when nobody is looking, put the sleeping pills into it.


    If you've followed this guide, you should have collected all of the outfits necessary to finish the Chameleon challenge--=

    Not far from the coffee will be a fireplace with a Fire Poker on the ground next to it. Grab it but then you can immediately dispose of it. On the lower level of the living around near one of the walls will be a small table with a vase on it with two lounge chairs. Move to this spot and collect the last Evidence on the table. This is the last weapon to get. Wait for the Security Chief to drink his coffee and follow him down the hall nearby. Wait for him to pass out/die on the chair at the end and grab the security key from him.

    Damn Good Coffee

    Simply from doing this, you will finish the "Damn Good Coffee" challenge which requires you to kill the security chief by putting the sleeping pills in his coffee.

    Evidence Collector

    If you've followed along with this walkthrough, you should have just picked up the second and final Evidence from this level, completing the Evidence Collector challenge.

    Go back through the kitchen and find the stairs leading up. Go up the stairs again and make sure there are no guards around because the chef isn't supposed to be up here. When you are clear, follow the catwalk/balcony around to the right side and use the keycard to go through the door.

    Extra Spice and Play it Again

    Later, be sure to come back and play the "Mansion Ground Floor" section again so that you can complete these two challenges. This time, go up and collect the sleeping pills from the upstairs bathroom as you did last time. Take them to the kitchen and wait for the guard to leave. When he does, wait for the chef to come by, taste his concoction and then he will walk off to do some other preparations. Walk up to the stove and put the sleeping pills in. When the Chef comes back to taste it, he'll die from the sleeping pills. Take his outfit and store the body normally. You've just completed the Extra Spice Challenge.

    From this point, walk out into the living area and stand by the piano. If you stand at the side, you will be prompted to knock out the stilt holding the top of the piano up. Don't do it yet, just stand where you can easily access it. It may take a while but eventually a guard will come around to the piano and say that it just needs to be tuned. He will then come around the side of the piano to tune it and when he does, knock out the stilt to kill him. This will complete the Play it Again Challenge. With these both done, you can quit out or continue on.

    Mansion Second Floor

    From here, it's pretty linear. Follow the hallway through a couple of doors and eventually you'll end up in the bathroom where Diana is taking a shower. After the cutscene and you're in control again, use the sprint button to make your way through the next few rooms. You'll go through a door and there will be men in the room. The tutorial will instruct you to take cover behind the counter here.

    Take cover, aim and activate Instinct to start Point Shoot mode. Time will slow to a near halt and you'll be able to mark where you want to shoot. Aim at each guard's head and pull the trigger to mark that you want to shoot there. When you've marked each guard with a kill shot (skull and crossbones symbol), hit the X/Square button to kill them all.

    When they are dead, go over to the door they were guarding and pick the lock to finish the mission.

    Final Challenges: Infiltrator, The Price of Treason, Well Played, and Suit Only

    Following this walkthrough, you should just now be getting the Infiltrator and The Price of Treason challenges unlocked. If you did not get the Well Played challenge, play the Mansion Ground Floor level again but don't bother the chef. Instead, grab the pills and use your Instinct to get you over to the Security Chief's coffee. Drug the coffee, wait for him to die and then grab the Cardkey but be careful if you go through the kitchen because the chef may be able to see the dead Security Chief through the door. From here, continue up the stairs and then finish the mission as usual.

    The King of Chinatown

    Walk up the alleyway and at the end, turn left. You'll see two large doors with a golden lion emblem in the middle. Walk through these and then walk straight up the left side of the square. You'll walk up some stairs and see the King of Chinatown on your right in a pagoda. There's not a lot that you can do to him right now but just wait.

    After a short period of time, he'll call his dealer and then leave the pagoda. When he leaves, you can sneak into the pagoda from the far side (not guarded by cops) and sneak over to the table he was standing near to grab a piece of Evidence. Be ready to leave quickly however because one of the guards will likely see you when you get to the table.

    Evidence Collector

    By collecting the evidence on the table here, you've gotten all of the Evidence in the level and gotten this challenge. It is easy enough to do as part of any playthrough but if you are impatient, you can always just grab it and reload the checkpoint.

    Now just follow the King of Chinatown as he heads to the south. When you leave the area with the pagoda, turn left and you'll see a delivery truck at the end of an alley with two guards standing near it. This is where you want to get ready.

    Across from the delivery truck is a small fenced in area. Stand in this area and look into the alleyway. Look up and you'll see a crane holding a large pallet. The King of Chinatown will move to stand under that pallet so if you wait a short time, he will appear and you can shoot the chain holding the pallet to drop it on him. Sometimes this won't work and it will hit the awning instead so if you miss, be sure to pop him in the head real quick. For those interested, shooting him in the head is sufficient to unlock the Silent Assassin achievement.

    With the King dead, activate Instinct mode to find the exit door at the end of the alley. That was a nice quick mission.

    Terminus Hotel

    Walk up the alley and across the street to the Terminus Hotel. On the left side will be a ladder leading down into the basement. Go down into the basement and through the sewer. At the end, jump up the ledge into the basement of the hotel itself.

    Take cover at the corner of the hallway and grab the wrench. You'll see a light at the end of the hallway. Wait for it to leave and then go to the end of the hallway and take cover at the box. You'll see the man with the light at the other end looking away from you. Quickly move from this cover up the stairs to your right. When you get there, take cover at the corner before going up the second set of stairs.

    You'll see a couple of men talking in the next room but they will move so that the boxes in the middle of the floor will be between you and them. When they do this, move up to those boxes. Wait until you are sure they are not looking in your direction and move through the doorway to your right. This will lead to a room with a few desks and various debris. Move through the room and take cover at the second open doorway.

    The doorway will lead down some stairs and there's some boxes and a pallet along the left side of the stairs that wrap to the right. Stick to this until the end and then roll to the large box on the right side. Keep moving to the right and you'll be in a small maintenance room. Just beyond this room is a room with a large cage elevator just beyond. You want to throw the wrench at something or take the bottle nearby and throw that over the heads of the two men in front of the elevator so that attention is drawn away from you.

    When they are distracted, run over to the elevator and hop on. You may have to wander away temporarily and create another distraction later if the elevator takes too long.

    Upper Floors

    When you get off of the elevator, immediately turn left and then turn left again to start down a hallway. Directly ahead will be a door with a red light over it and a guard off to the left guarding a window. Go to the end of this hallway and then take a right followed by a quick left. In this section, you'll find a maid's cart ahead on the left side of the hallway. Pick up the radio on the cart and walk it over to the corner nearest the guard but make sure that you aren't visible.

    Pull the right trigger to drop the radio and then turn it on where it is. After it is on, walk out into the hallway and past the guard just a few steps. He'll go to investigate the radio and when he leaves the window, jump through it quickly.

    Start sliding left, drop down to the lower ledge and then back up to the top ledge a little further on. Climb through the window here and then make your way up the steps. At the top, go through the door to find a giant bear. Leave the room through the open side door but go slowly. Take cover behind the cart near the door and you'll see a guard at the end of the hallway that you're in. He'll move around a lot near a window (remember the window), a couch and at some point, he may come over to where you are. Avoid him when he does and when it is safe to move, head to the left into the coat room.

    Move through this room to the door at the far side. Go through the door and take cover behind the short wall ahead and to the left. You'll hear some guards sitting around and talking. Wait for their conversation to resolve and for their boss to show up. They'll all disperse. Now move to the right towards the guard by the open window from earlier. Keep moving to the right until you are at the opening to the hallway. He should now be making a short trip between the couch and the corner just to the right. Wait for him to start walking away from the window and then make a mad dash for it. Climb through the window quickly so he won't notice you.

    When you've gone through the window, move along the ledge towards the pipes spanning the gap. Drop down so you are hanging on the ledge and start slide along the pipes. Jump the gap in the pipes as you move left and then pull yourself up onto the ledge on the far side. Stand next to the window and wait for the guard. A guard will come by and look at the window. You don't have to kill him. Wait for him to leave the window and as soon as he does, hop through the window and immediately turn right to find locked double doors. Pick the lock and go through the doors before the guard turns around.

    On the other side of the doors, walk towards the single lone door ahead but you can't go through it. Turn right and you'll see a vent at about head height. Climb into the vent and crawl to the end of the vent to complete the mission.

    Burning Hotel

    Move through the burning room and out the window. When you get outside, move along the ledge on the outside of the building. This will lead you to a large red ladder leading to the roof. Climb to the roof and take cover behind the vents at the top. Wait behind the vent until the cops start moving. They'll make their way across the roof away from you.

    Follow behind them and watch as they walk down the stairs on the far side. Wait for them to turn right and then continue through the door on the left. Walk straight forward and you'll cross some roof until you see a bright red light on double doors ahead. Go inside the doors.

    The Library

    Drop down from your ledge and go to the right. Walk down the stairs and at the bottom, turn left and wrap around the column there. Walk under the stairs and wait for the police to stop talking. When they are done, hug the right wall until you go under another set of stairs. Turn right and get up the moving staircase. Turn left and get on these broken stairs. Follow these stairs back to the upper level (right side).

    At the top, turn left and take cover against the railing. Roll to the right to get to the next railing plate. Move along this railing until you come to what looks like a couple of small bookcases along the railing. Up ahead will be a cop who seems interested in the books nearby. He'll continually walk towards you and away from you. Sometimes he will walk over to the ledge but rarely. Wait for him to walk towards you. He'll stop and look again. Then he'll start walking away from you. When he does, crouch and walk past him but keep to the left so you don't bump into him. Round the corner to the left without touching him and just by the doorway will be a ledge that you can jump onto.

    Grab the ledge, pull yourself up and walk around the outside of it until you are on the other side of the wall. You'll see a cop come up the ramp and walk under you. Drop down when he passes and crouch as you walk down the ramp. Get down the ramp quickly because there will be cops coming down the large set of stairs in the middle of the room.

    Stick along the right side and climb through the hole in the book case. On the other side, go left just a bet to clear the column and you will see a glass case in front and to the left. Go to the left of that and on your left side should be the side of the large staircase. Keep moving towards the back and if you turn right as you go past the next bookcase, you should find stairs leading to the upper level. This will circumnavigate the large set of stairs. Now look for the large door and start making your way over. Wait for the guard to move off and slip into the doorway.

    Climb up the stairs and wait for the patrolling cop to walk away before slipping through them. This will put you in a large spiral staircase. Go up the first set of stairs and then continue around until you go through a broken set of stairs. Not far behind those broken stairs will be a piece of flooring from the next floor up that has fallen through. You can jump up here.

    Pull yourself up this section and then wander around this part until you need to cross over the top of the chandelier. Cross over and then turn left to find the exit door.

    Pigeon Coop

    You'll walk out onto a fire escape but there's no easy way down. Drop off and you'll land on the roof below. Once you stand up, start running straight ahead and down the stairs into the next building. A helicopter is going to show up in just a minute. If you don't make it, you can hide behind the vents on the right and the corner of the staircase to get inside.

    Inside the next building, you'll find a whole mess of pigeons. Take cover against the pigeon nests and start moving left. You can make it all the way through if you just stay in cover and use the "change cover" button to move to the next cover. You'll pop out of cover a couple of times but just get back into cover and you'll be fine. Keep moving until you get to through the doors at the end.

    The next room is going to be full of metal. There will be a doorway in front and to the right. You'll see the helicopter light come through it and hear them outside. A cop will be instructed to search around inside so take cover against the long metal wall just before the door. Wait for him to come in and he'll move to the left. Eventually, he'll take cover against the wall and then turn into a little nook. When he does this, go through the door and immediately go left to find a vent that you can take cover behind.

    Move to the left side and from the sandbags, transfer to the other sandbags. Now just move from cover to cover going left until you come across another vent with sandbags on the left side. Wait here until the chopper backs off and while the cops are either still talking or moving off, roll to the left. Once you are past them, wait for them to move away and then make your way to the porch on the left side.


    Walk forward and around the left wall into the room with the druggies freaking out. Move through the back of this room towards the bathroom. Just before the bathroom, take a right and another right. You'll enter a huge pot farm area. Walk to the end of the broken wall and turn left into the pot field.

    Stay a decent ways off the left wall and move across the field. You'll come to a rocky part of the field with no plants and a cop at either end of it. Wait for both cops to get situated and they will turn away from the center of this rocky area. When they are both turned away, cross the rocky and turn right. You'll see a section of wall ahead and to the left with a large Peace sign. Quickly move towards this wall by try to pass just to the right of it to block the line of sight of the cop on the left side of it.

    As you pass the right side of the peace sign, turn left and go through the hole in the wall. You'll see a hall on the left and a room on the right. Go into the room and activate the checkpoint (if you can) and then make your way into the hall. There will be a couple of cops in the next room talking but they will walk off. Follow them for a little bit at a distance. You'll pass a room with a large projector and then turn left through some more beads. Leave the apartment and you'll find yourself in the hallway.

    In this hallway, turn left, walk past the sauna on the right and then take up a position at the corner. You'll see a laundry area to the left and a man talking to a hippie. The hippie won't let the cop in and after a little while, the cop will leave.  There are bottles on the right side of the hallway if you need them to distract the guards at the end of the hallway. You need to sneak into the room of the hippie who was just talking and inside, find the tape player on the table near the middle of the room. Activate the tape player and leave the room the way you entered.

    Now just walk around the back towards the laundry room, turn left and go past the sauna. Turn left again and you'll pass by where you entered the hallway. Go to the end past the blue lights and take another left. You'll see the exit elevator on the right side ahead. Activate the elevator and get one before the cops come back.

    Train Station

    When the elevator reaches the bottom, don't go through the doors ahead but go through the single door on the left. In this room, take cover behind the first counter in front of you on the left. A cop will come up the stairs and investigate the room. Wait for him to leave and then wait longer. If you look at your radar, you should see a large group of arrows has appeared at the end of the hallway that the cop just turned down. Wait for those arrows to start moving to the right and when they are gone, start making your way down this hallway.

    At the end, there will be a foyer with a double door on the left and cops up the stairs to the right. Make straight for the doors and go through. Walk along this path and turn right until it brings you to a crowd of people on a train platform with a cop blocking them. Stand up and walk straight past the cop into the crowd of people. Any time you stand still in a crowd of people, you are concealed. You can turn on Instinct mode and see the people glow blue. This means that you are hidden amongst those people.

    In this first group of people, stand still and turn left. Up ahead will be the ticket office and stairs leading up on the left side of the office. To your right will be train tracks. You want to move towards the group of people on the right and wait there. A cop may come up and investigate before moving back left. Now just casually and carefully move your way up along this right side towards the ticket office.

    When you get to the ticket office, move all the way over towards the rails and you can slide along the side of the ticket office on a small ledge. Move along the ledge and climb into the window of the ticket office. Inside crouch down and take cover behind the wall to your left. Move towards the right and slide by the doorway. When you have, you can detach from the cover and move right. There's a small room no larger than a big closet here with a ladder leading up.

    Climb the ladder and at the top, you'll see a checkpoint to the left and a console in front of you. There will be a man in the room talking on his phone. Crouch walk over to the computer console and reactivate the trains. Turn right and hug the wall so you can slip past the guy on his phone. Move to down the hallway here and go through the door to find yourself on a small overpass that spans the tracks.

    Take cover in a crowd of people and turn right. You'll see a cop that is patrolling from the far end up until about halfway across the bridge. Wait for him to come towards you and as he's leaving, move from group of people to group of people behind him. When you can't go further without passing him, wait for him to turn around and walk past you. When he has, turn towards the stairs on the right and walk down them.

    Move quickly down the stairs towards the groups of people at the bottom. You've got sixty seconds before the train arrives to your right but it won't come all the way to the stairs. You'll need to spend the sixty seconds moving about halfway up the track. You'll notice that there are four cops on along the track. One of them is right at the base of the stairs but then there is a large gap and then the other three cops spaced evenly along the track and blocking it off.

    Each of those cops will block one of the three doors to the train but there will be enough room to slip by. Get as close to the first cop as you can without leaving the cover of the crowd. When the train shows up, slip right past him on the right while he's talking into his radio. Once you are on the train, you are free.


    When you start, walk around the column ahead and then past the homeless man to the left. Grab a bottle from the wall and continue through the doorway. Round the corner to the right and go down the long empty hallway.

    There will be a doorway up ahead on the left side. You want to turn in the doorway and quickly walk straight across. As you do so, you'll see a cop coming up the hallway to your right as you cross. Keep going to avoid him and then when you get the chance, turn left.

    You'll enter a lower hallway that runs alongside the hallway with the two cops in it. Make sure you crouch so they don't see you through the grate. Go to the end of this hallway and turn right. This will put you behind the patrolling cops. Turn left in this hallway and at the end of the cop's hallway will be a small alley with a checkpoint. If you turn left as you come out of the alley, you'll see stairs leading up to the street level. When you get to the top, take cover behind the trash cans.

    From the trash cans, roll to the left and take cover behind the patrol car. Move to the left end of the car and then detach yourself. You want to move almost directly forward to the bumper of the next patrol car. Grab the Evidence from the hood and take cover here for a moment. When all is clear, move to the back bumper of the car to the left. There is a cop patrolling to your left and the cop guarding to the right. You want to put the columns on the left between you and the patrol while the cop car blocks the guard on the right.

    Wait for the patrol to come up on the left side. He'll sweep his light around and then turn around to walk the other direction. Follow him all the way to the end and when he turns left, you'll see a small drop off on the right side. Drop down into the small ditch and pick the lock of the door nearby.

    The Vixen Club

    In this basement, move to the right and follow the rooms as they lead you back out into an alley.  As you move to the mouth of the alley, you'll see the Vixen Club and get a tip pop-up. If you hit the RB/R1, you'll be told that there's an upper window that looks perfect for entry. There will be two bouncers and maybe a cop on the right side. While they are talking, move up the left side away from them.

    You'll have a large gap on your right between you and the bouncers. Move against the wall so they can't see you and pull yourself up to the ledge above. At the top, slide to the right until you get to the window and pull yourself in.

    Inside, investigate the room to find weapons, a Keycard and Evidence. This particular gun is silenced, which is a nice bonus. Leave the room and go down the stairs. At the bottom, open the door and you'll see a woman at a register, putting in someone's order (or something). To the left will be a guest talking to a bouncer. Leave the room and take cover against the column to your left. Wait for the bouncer's conversation to end and then walk into the hallway. They will go right so you should go left.

    At the end, go through the double doors to enter the club proper. Find the long runway with the girls dancing all over and off to the right side (stage left), you'll find a small hall that leads to a set of curtained rooms. Go into this area and walk past the curtained rooms. On the left side will be a door with a keycard swipe. Use the keycard to open the door and wait for your target.

    You'll see a camera and a window that's actually a one way mirror. You'll see your target enter shortly but don't shoot him yet. Wait for the stripper to show up. She'll put on a show for him. When she leaves, he'll take out his phone and start talking. At this point, plug him once to kill him and then leave the side room.

    If you walk past the hall leading back to the main bar area, you'll find a checkpoint on your left before a door leading to the staff room. Just beyond the door are stairs leading up and under those stairs are a bouncer and dancer talking. Wait for the bouncer to turn around and face the wall. When he does, go up the stairs over her head. Go all the way to the top and go through the door.

    Dressing Rooms

    Upstairs, turn left and take cover against the wall. Slide all the way to the right to the end of the couch and then roll to the small chair. From the chair, tap right to turn and then roll to the wall. Keep moving to the right and you'll come to the actual dressing room. Start moving around the outside by changing covers. You'll eventually come to a point where there are women putting make-up on. One of them will be turned around facing exactly where you need to cross. Wait for her to put her head in her hands OR walk away before rolling.

    Continue to the right and you'll come around the back side of the game room. Roll along to the stairs and then climb to the top. Turn left and the top and go into the first room on the right. You'll see the safe open on the left wall and then there will be a phone with a message on the desk. Listen to the message.

    Derelict Building

    You'll find yourself in an abandoned building and if you follow the hallway, it will lead out into what used to be apartments. Move into the first apartment you see (which will have the corner wall broken in). About halfway through this room will be a hole in the wall where a bunch of cops are talking. Walk under this hole and then turn right to exit the apartment.

    In the hallway, turn left and walk as far down as you can go and then turn left again. The first room on the right will be a supply room for the cops with weapons, ammo, and a first aid kit. Walk past this room and then walk past the open room on the left with "Hawaii" in it. At the end will be a broken railing and a checkpoint for you to use. Use the checkpoint.

    Don't turn back into the hall. Instead, head for the broken wooden stairs on the left and jump up to the ledge just above the stairs. Pull yourself over and up to the next floor. Go through the next room with all the TVs and on the left end of this room will be a dead dancer. Just to the right of her will be a long room with a lone sink.

    Drop the dancer over the edge and then go through the long room. At the end, you can drop into the next room but wait for the cops to vacate before dropping down. When you drop down, hold the Y/Triangle button to pick up the Evidence as you land. It is directly under your feet and you may not see it. Go in the opposite direction from the cops. Walk past the fridge and to the end of the wall but don't go around it towards the stairs. There's a cop at the top of the stairs. Wait for him to come down to the bottom and look away before going up the stairs behind him.

    Go all the way to the top of the stairs and then when you get to the gap, use the ledge to cross to the exit door.

    Convenience Store

    Cross the catwalk to the roof and then go to edge of the roof. Drop down at the section where the roof has been broken. You'll land on a ledge. Wait for the cop inside the building to turn his light away. When he turns, move to the right and then cross the large wooden beam towards the next building.

    On this roof, walk to the far corner and walk out onto the ledge. When the man inside is not looking, climb through the window. You want to go down the hall to the right, not the stairs. If you can do that when you climb in the window, do it. If not, stand in the stairs until he clears the way. Go down the hall and onto the next rooftop.

    On this room, go behind the large glass sky lights and you'll find a ladder leading downward. Slide down and in this room, hit the checkpoint. Cross the room with the fireworks before moving into the room with the cop and shop keeper talking. Roll to the right and go into the next room. There will be a sprinkler valve near the window in this room. Cross the hall with the two talking back to where the fireworks were and then light the fireworks.

    When they go off, head back to where the sprinkler valve was and go through the door. It will be hard to see in here because of the smoke (if there's no smoke, wait for it before proceeding).  You want to go up the aisle just to the right and then go forward a little before cutting straight to the left. It is safest to move around the left side. Get towards the front and wait for the cops to leave before going through the front door. If you like, you can go behind the register area to find Evidence but be careful because there's a cop that patrols near it.

    Go through the front door and hug the wall on the right to get to the exit

    Loading Area

    When you first enter the area, start walking up the left side and take cover at the boxes. Roll left to the next cover and grab the bottle. If you were quick enough, you can detach from the cover and go up the stairs to the left. If not, wait for the cop to come over, look around, and then walk away. As he's walking away, you should be safe to get up the stairs.

    In this small room will be a piece of Evidence on a table. There will be another door out of this room but be careful taking cover on the left side of the door because it'll be hard to move around. Throw your bottle out the door either directly ahead or throw it to the right a little. When the cops are distracted, come out of this room and turn directly left to make for the exit.

    Chinese New Year

    You've got three targets here that you need to kill. This area is the same as from "The King of Chinatown" but with a few additions. First, go over to where you killed the King of Chinatown with the falling pallet. You'll notice that the area that was originally fenced off has been cleared out. Just to the left of the entrance will be a hole in the brick wall that you can climb through. Climb through the wall and in front of you will be a gas tank. Sabotage it and quickly walk away. Eventually Frank Owns will come over to have a smoke and will blow himself up.

    Bill Dole will be interested in an arms deal. If you go to the opposite corner of the area from where you just were, you'll see stairs that lead down. Go down the stairs and you can climb through the vent to find an area with a bunch of weapons. You can either kill both him and the cop here however you see fit or you can wait and kill Bill in a different, safer spot. If you are patient, Bill Dole will enter the stairwell that you walked down to get here. If you wait for him, you can follow him down, kill him and drop him in the dumpster to be rid of him.

    Lastly, Larry Clay can be killed in a number of different ways. If you can get into the alley behind him, you'll see him harassing a shop keeper and you can easily kick him into the hole but this may only be possible with a cop outfit. There is, however, a piece of Evidence in this alley so this might be worth your while. If you follow him around for a little bit, he will eventually walk through two large red doors with the dragon emblem on them. He may be accompanied by a cop when he walks through. Just wait for him to walk to the corner of this alley and when he stops to take a leak, you can drop a pallet on him from above by shooting it out. This is probably the easiest way.

    The exit is the exact same one from the last time you visited. Find the door by where you blew up Frank Owens and leave.

    Victoria's Ward

    With the girl in your arms, turn left and walk out of the door. From here, it's a pretty linear walk through the halls of Rosewood. You'll walk through offices and nurseries. Soon you'll come to an elevator with a red light over it. Off to the left will be some curtains. If you go through the curtains and stand still, you'll be hidden. Do this because in a moment, a group of men will come off of the elevator and walk through this hallway. Wait for them to pass and when they are gone, walk onto the elevator behind them.

    Orphanage Halls

    When the elevator stops, climb up through the open hatch in the roof and then jump up to the open elevator door but don't pull yourself up. There will be two men up above. Wait for them to walk away. Pull yourself up and follow them. Turn right at the second door and you'll enter a room with a laundry basket. In the next room will be some guys beating up a guard and another man to the right, watching.

    Hug the right wall and slip behind the thug who is watching. In the next hallway, turn right and you'll enter a lab room. At the end of the row in the middle will be the Syringe which is part of the Needle Pusher and Subtle Injection challenges. Grab the fuse on the desk in this room and then go into the next room (The fuse will be in the same room but different location on Professional difficulties). Head back into the lab room now and wait for the thugs that are beating up the guard to leave and go downstairs. If the man in the next room looking over the railing doesn't follow kill/subdue him and stick him in the closet.

    Follow the thugs don't the stairs but keep a safe distance. When they've gone, get to the bottom and hit the checkpoint. Turn the corner and walk up the hall but before you turn right in the large room, search by the baseboards on the right hand wall for a vent.  This vent will run under the stairs and lead to a small area just off the main room.

    When you exit, you want to make your way quickly across this area because the large group of thugs will disperse and one of them will come over to here. Take cover against the counter to the left and slide right. Swap to the next cover and then follow that counter right into the next room. In this small room will be a closet by the door, a first aid kit in the corner and then another fuse on the desk (This will move to the play room on Professional). Pick up the fuse and then exit this room.

    As you come out of the room, you'll see the large group of thugs to the left and they may be about to break up. Turn right and walk away from them. You'll go past a play room on your left but avoid that because it is heavily guarded. Go around the play room the long way. Follow the hall and take two lefts to do so.

    On the far side of the play room, you'll see a large room with a bunch of small drawers. If you were fast, you may have beat the thugs here and you might be able to grab the fuse at the back without any trouble. If not, most of them don't go to the right side of the fuse. Take up position by the door and wait. Eventually, they will all turn away from the door that you are at and you can run over and grab the fuse (Same room but harder to get on Professional). Wait for another opening before you exit.

    Now, just retrace your steps back past the play room but when you get to the point where you need to cross the long room to get to the vent, avoid it. Stay on the inside wall of the hallway. Approach the corner closest to the central lounge room. There are a lot of people in there patrolling but that's ok. There are only three that you really need to worry about.

    The first will come almost up to the corner where you are hiding but stop short. Wait until he leaves before transferring to the short walls to the left. There's another similar patrol that will come just far enough up but not around the corner that he can see you. He will come up between the two short sections of wall. The last guy is more dangerous. He's in the long room that you snuck through before. He will patrol it long ways. Wait for him to move in the direction of the vent and then cross the short wall, being sure to avoid the man in the middle of the room. If you can cross the break in the short wall, you can move quickly to the far left side and you should be safe.

    Get back up the stairs and cut through the lab again. Watch to make sure there's nobody looking in the room with the guard. Slide through back the way you came and head back to the elevator. There will be one door on your left (that you passed before).

    Go through this door and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs will be a small room and the last fuse will be in this room (This fuse will be in the room on the left on Professional difficulties and requires a disguise). Grab the fuse from the shelf and then go through the door closest to the closet. You'll enter a room with a few guys talking and there will be a piece of Evidence on the front of the reception desk here but it will require a disguise. Directly across from where you are will be another door. Go through that door and then through the small maintenance room to find the elevator control room. Against the wall on the right will be the fuse box. Put the fuses in and then pull the lever next to it.

    Central Heating

    When you enter central heating, you'll see a couple of guys up ahead talking. Take cover behind the bed just to your left. There's a gun on it that you can grab if you like. Move to the left and around the corner. Roll to the left again and stop at the column. After they finish talking, round the corner and then roll to the next column. From there, walk through the door just to your left.

    You'll find yourself in a hallway, make your way to the end and turn right in the next room. Move down to the end and you'll see that this hall curves to the right. Take cover behind the pile of sheet rock. Further along the hallway by where the two guards are chatting is another pile of sheet rock which has Evidence on it. When you get the chance, continue to move around the sheet rock so that you end up moving forward and then back to the right into the little side hallway.

    In this hallway, climb up to the catwalk above. Move forward until you are past the brick wall on the left. You'll see a sheet of metal that blocks the gap in the railing. Take cover behind this and then move to the right by rolling from sheet to sheet. Move across the small bridge and to the next section of catwalk over the pipes. Again, move from metal sheet to metal sheet going to the left.

    Stop when you are at the top of the stairs and when the guard at the bottom moves to walk away, move around the stairs to the left. At the end of the catwalk, drop down and then walk to the door on your left by walking behind the guard.

    Follow the hallway and go through the door. You'll come out on a small platform above some stairs and Wade will shoot at you. This room is pretty linear. Just walk through it towards the cluster of arrows that indicate Wade and his men. When you get far enough, Wade's men will appear and time will slow down. Your goal is to shoot Wade as he leaps from cover to the right without shooting the other men. Just be patient, they will miss. When he jumps out, shoot him once to kill him and end the mission.

    Welcome to Hope

    This mission is incredibly short. Walk in the front door of the bar and take a right. Go through the doors into the bathroom and pull the lever just to your right. This will turn off the music and start a fight. Don't go back into the previous room because you can't get in without fighting. Instead, go further into the bathroom and search the wall to the left for a vent that you can crawl through.

    Go through the vent and then when you come out on the other side, you'll be in a stock room of some kind. Be sure to collect the Evidence on one of the tables in here. Open the door to your left and you'll be in the bar proper. The goal is to make it through the bar without partaking in a fight.

    Immediately turn right and walk along the wall. You'll see pool tables to your left. Walk past the first one and then turn left so you go between the two of them. Now take your first right and this will get you past the pool tables. Turn right again and go up the stairs to get to the next area.

    As you climb the stairs, hug the left railing because there are two people fighting at the top. Once you get around them, turn back right and walk around the booth. Finally, walk up the stairs ahead of you on the right side so that you avoid the bouncer to the left. At the top of the stairs, walk over to the bar and talk to the bar tender to end the mission.

    Birdie's Gift

    At the start of the mission, ignore the man walking away from you. Wait by the front desk until a customer comes over and starts talking to the man behind the counter. When he does, crouch down and go behind the counter. Grab the keycard from behind the counter and then go through the doors on your right. Go through the back room and come out the other side.

    You'll be outside in the trench that runs along the outside of the firing range. Follow the trench to the left but keep your head down or you might be seen/heard. Continue around the trench until you find a door carved into the rock on your right. Use the keycard to get in through the door. Inside, you'll find somei interesting weapons, a notebook with a safe combo, and a piece of Evidence. Pick up and put away the weapons, grab the notebook and the evidence. Leave the trench.

    Continue along the way and grab the Kazo Sniper Rifle on the left. Now head back to the front of the trench so that you are under the shooters. Take cover and slide left. When you get to the far left, transfer cover. Slide along the building and make sure that there's nobody inside the room through the window. When it is safe, hop in the window, open the safe and grab the key. With the key in hand, go through the vent in this room to get back to the gun shop.

    Inside the gun shop, pick up and put down as many weapons as you can before making your way back to your Silver Ballers. Simply open the case and claim them. Leave through the front doors and you're done.