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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Streets of Hope

    Walk up the alley and you'll see a couple of Lenny's goons talking against a car. Wait for their conversation to end and then follow the guy that heads to the right. He will make for the scrap yards. The scrap yards themselves are restricted so you can't just walk in. Instead, just before the scrap yards, turn left to come up from the side of the house on that lot. Climb through the window and then walk through the room. Take cover behind the guard and wait for Gavin to continue past the guard.

    Walk through the door just left of the guard and follow Gavin as he makes his way through the scrap yards. In just a moment, he'll walk between a broken down car and have a fence on his left. Come up behind him at this point and Garrote him. You should be able to kill him without being seen. Leave his body there and exit the scrap yards the way you came in.

    Head back towards the pink car. When you get there, find the other two targets. One of them will make his way across the street to the shop just across from the garage. Make sure he isn't in there and isn't going in that direction. Find the door that has the guard nearby. There will be a shop keeper inside, looking directly at that door.

    Go through the door and immediately crouch to break line of sight with the shop keeper. Now, hug the counter as you make your way to the back door of the shop. You should have no problem getting by the shop keeper. Go up the stairs to the apartment at the top of the stairs. You'll find a closet in the corner with some explosives next to it. Hide in the closet until the thug comes up the stairs. He'll walk into the corner to your left and stare out the window. Hop out of the closet and kill Tyler before he starts talking on the phone.

    Make your way back down the stairs and out of the shop. Cross the street to the garage but don't go into it. Instead, there is an alley along the right side of it. Follow this until you find a small opening in the left side with a car sticking out. Walk up to the tail end of the car, crouch, and then walk into the building. Just inside will be a checkpoint. Go into the hallway and out onto the garage floor. Take cover behind the tires and when you are clear, go up the stairs. Be sure to watch for those that might be coming down the stairs as well.

    At the top of the stairs, if you take a couple of rights, you'll be in a private lounge room for the garage. If you climb into a hiding spot in here and wait, Landon should come by at some point. When he does, you can simply strangle him and dump his body. Be sure to grab the Evidence from the desk here before leaving. Conveniently, this room has pretty good access to the exit as well.

    Go to the other end of the room and on the right will be a door. Take the stairs beyond the door to enter a small garage. There will be a guard who doesn't move from the garage door to your right but there will be a mechanic that walks back and forth across the garage. Wait for him to stand next to the guard and then walk along the left side of the garage and outside. When you get back outside, go left so that if the mechanic comes back, he won't be able to see you. When the mechanic is gone again, sneak up to the exit ahead and pick the lock to get in.


    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a good way of doing this without using a costume. I've tried quite a few times but the second thug is only alone in a single room between two large groups of enemies that you can't sneak past.

    Just off to your left will be a picnic table. Walk behind that and drop down off of the ledge. Quickly make your way down the rest of the stairs. Just to the right of the stairs will be another table with some beer bottles on it. Grab a bottle and toss it past the guard who is sitting next to the door so that he walks away from you. Subdue him and drop him in the dumpster. Since you are going to be using a disguise anyway, feel free to grab his if you like.

    Not far from the dumpsters will be an oil drum with a wrench on it. Grab the wrench and cross over to the wall with the electrical wires all over it. On the left side of the wires, use the wrench to loosen one of the wires and then go over to the right and flip the switch to activate the wire. You can now leave and this will later kill Mason automatically. Go into the house through the door that is no longer guarded.

    Make your way through the basement and at the far side, go through the door and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs will be a large living room with a bunch of guys in it. Avoid this by going through the door immediately to your left. Follow this into the barbershop and just inside on a shelf to your right will be the key disguise. Change into the barbershop outfit. Go up to the chairs and take a right to find a door that leads to the living room.

    In the living room, walk straight ahead. You'll walk by a bar area with pizza on it and then find a door in the left corner that leads to a small room. The Evidence for this area is on the TV in the living room which you can grab quickly while in disguise. This small room connects the living room with the picnic area outside where they are grilling. Wait here and Luke will eventually walk through. When he comes through, wait until he's just about to walk outside and then strangle him to be sure that he isn't seen from the previous room. Take the body and dump it in the crate here.

    Cross back through the living room and into the barbershop. Now just wait for Lenny to show up and subdue him when he sits in the chair. If Mason hasn't gone and urinated on the wire yet (resulting in his death) he should do so shortly. Just wait for him to die and once he is dead, grab Lenny and drag him to the front door of the barbershop.

    End of the Road

    For having one setting in the middle of the desert and only one other person there with you, there's a surprising number of items you can find in this chapter. First, deal with Lenny. You don't have to kill him, you can simply subdue him. Do so and you can take the Swiss off of his body. You are free to leave at this point if you like but let's get the rest of the weapons

    Grab the four guns out of the car, Destroy the stagecoach to collect a fire poker, check the marked grave nearby for a bong, check Lenny's grave for a dog bone. There's also a Tomahawk imbedded in a nearby tree and a Wrench mixed in with a small pile of stones just beyond Lenny's grave.

    Dead End

    Timing is pretty important in this first section so pay attention to cues to know when to move.

    When you first start, crouch down and start walking towards the guard station on the right side of the road. There are two guards crossing the street from the left over to the guard station. Wait for them to get there before getting to the guard station yourself. Once they are there, climb in the window and take cover against the table with the TV on the left. There will be a guard at the door behind you and then another just outside the window, leaning on the frame in front of you. Wait for the leaning guard to cross the street. When he does, face the back wall and use the terminal to shut off the Primary System.

    Climb through the next window in front of you and quickly make your way across the front of the cars. Just beyond them, you'll see piles of lumber on the left side that you can take cover behind. Do so and look across the street. You should see a man next to the building across the street who is either bent over working or about to turn around and walk to the left. When he walks past where he could see you, keep moving forward on your side of the road.

    You'll pass a pile of boxes with a wrench on it and you'll see a "rattle snake" sign to the right. Move along the fence until you get to the back right bumper of the jeep. Wait there and look through the windo to see the guard that is diagonally across the street from you. Wait for him to turn around and leave, then crouch walk to the guard station on the right side. Take cover under the window and wait for the guards to have their conversation. When he says something like "It's time to get back to work," wait for the guard to turn and leave before climbing through the window. Disable the Secondary System in here before leaving the way you came in.

    Walk past the jeep and when you get to the tail, walk across the street diagonally towards the building on the other side. On the other side of the street, stick to the right side of the building and keep the barrels on your right. Go left a little so you move along the right side of the blue fence ahead. Stick to the fence as you move ahead and watch for the guard. You'll see him standing by a bunch of wooden barrels and logs looking towards the main mill structure.

    Stand behind him while he looks at the mill and wait for him to turn left and walk away. Take cover where he was and wait for him to start walking into the barn on the left before rolling to the barrels. From the barrels, walk into the barn behind him. In this middle of the barn will be a large metal machine. Take cover against the side closest to you. The guard will walk up and around the corner. Soon, he will come back down the hall and walk around the left side of the machine. When he starts walking around the machine, you move around the right side.

    Take cover at the far side of the machine from where you were so that it is between you and the guard now. Look down the hall that he came from and if you think you can make it safely to the door on the left, do so. It will be hard to judge because there are quite a few men at various distances. They can be hard to see because your vision will be a little fuzzy at range and their outfits are good camo for this area. Use your instinct to try and help you, especially by tracking trails since you should be able to see those coming even if it's from across the entire yard.

    You may have to play your game with the guard again and wait for him to come back for a second opportunity. When you get the chance, go for the door and turn left into the room. In the left corner of this room next to the TVs will be Evidence. Grab that if you can and then head for the doorway on the right.

    This door will put you in a hallway with windows so stick to the wall under the windows to keep from being seen. A guard should take position in the next doorway but his position should allow you to walk right behind him. Do so and make your way to the exit just beyond him.

    Old Mill

    Go up the stairs to the right and cross through the large room at the top. There will be a small room to your right with a hiding crate and to the left will be an electrical box, sabotage the electrical box and hop in the hiding spot. As soon as the guard starts working on the electrical box, walk past him and down to where they were playing games. Grab the Evidence. on top of the TV and then turn right.

    You'll see a room with a dummy sitting in a chair on the left. Take cover in that behind the half wall so you covered from all angles. As soon as the man has broken line of sight, round the corner to the left so that you're in the next area with the first aid kit. There should be a guard looking at the boiler. You need to move quickly, grab the keycard from the table under the stairs and then get up the stairs before the guard turns. To get this to work, your timing has to be pretty impeccable. The alternative is that you could simply grab the Evidence and sneak by the TV but wait a full cycle for the next guard. Wait for him to go up the stairs, take cover behind the logs in the middle of the room, have him come back down and then go.

    Move up the stairs quickly (but don't run, he'll hear you). The guard will come up the stairs behind you but as long as you keep moving, he shouldn't catch you. Keep going until you come to a broken bridge. Cross by sticking to the ledge and on the other side, go through the double red doors.


    Turn left and go down the stairs. Drop off the ledge and then slide down the ladder ahead. Use the ledge attached to the small shed to move around the outside. Halfway around, you'll come to an open window with a man talking on his phone. Wait for him to finish and then hop through the window behind him.

    Go down the stairs behind him and there will be a guard ahead. Wait for the guard to go down the stairs to his next watch post and then go down the stairs and turn left into a little nook. Let the guard return to the top of the stairs and then leave the nook. Go down this next set of stairs (away from the red flare). Move into the next nook on the left and peek out to find the computer up ahead. When it is safe to do so, move past the computer to the column just beyond. Take cover behind it and put the column between you and the nearby stairs.

    Wait for the guard to come up the stairs and then head back down the stairs. As he goes down, follow him down and hug the right side of the wooden catwalk. Drop down on the side of the walkway and then slide your way past the security gate. Wait for the guard to leave and go back up the stairs again. Pull yourself up and walk to the right.

    Go down the stairs and stay a little to the right. You'll see a guard to the left and a guard to the right. Just past the guard to the right will be stairs that lead down by his left side. At the bottom of the stairs will be a checkpoint.

    After the checkpoint, make your way down the next set of stairs but before going down the set just after, take cover against the outside wall. Slide down the wall and at the end, you'll see two guards talking. They'll head off for a briefing elsewhere in the caves. Follow them as they walk through the gate. If you don't make it through before it closes, you can open it with the keycard you picked up in the Old Mill area OR go right and make your way down on the outside.

    Follow them down to the area with tracks and mine carts. Against the left most cart will be a wrench. Grab the wrench and then turn around. Opposite of where the briefing is going on will be a small room. Walk through the open doorway and head through to the end. Take cover behind the furthest half wall and wait out the conversation.

    After the conversation ends, a guard will move to the left area where you can't see him and another will move straight to the right and pace back and forth. Wait behind the half wall and the guard from the left will come over and stand in front of it. He will continue to move right but the other guard will move back left. Wait a little while longer and both guards will be off to the right side.

    Take the wrench in hand and throw it well to the left of the guard in front of the opening. This will draw his attention and allow you to get through the door. Cut through the middle of the room between the mine carts and past the guard's post. Immediately turn right and slink away.

    At the end of the short hallway, take cover at the corner and you'll see two guards talking. One will insist that they go for a walk. Let them leave and then go to near where they were. Inside of the room will be a set of guards. You'll need to sneak past them to the right, round the corner and then cross from cover to cover. Keep going in this direction and you'll come up behind the two guards who were talking.

    Stick to the left wall and round the corner. They won't notice you and you can go around another corner to be completely out of sight. Wait for their conversation to end and they'll move back towards their old post. When they have, go past where they were and flip the switch nearby to turn power on to the elevator. Head back down the stairs to the elevator and hit the switch.

    Factory Compound

    Climb up the nearby stairs and then follow the tracks ahead slowly. The guard ahead of you will walk forward and turn right but you don't need to do that. Make sure to watch for the sniper on the right of the mine entrance as you leave. Continue in the direction the tracks were going and you'll see that they lead you to a bridge.

    Be careful as you approach the bridge because there are quite a few guards surrounding it. Wait until the first guard is positioned on the left side of the bridge. Get onto the bridge and drop off the right side. You can slide all the way to the end of the bridge from here. On the other end, pull yourself up and then immediately head to the right. You should find some gas cans and a checkpoint. Hit the checkpoint and then move back to the bridge to go left instead. First take cover at the pipes, and then when you think it is safe to do so, move towards the building on the cliff. Slide along the ledge on the outside and then take cover at the tail of the truck.

    There will be another truck to the left. Watch for the guard and mechanic in between and then move to that truck as well. Near the tail of the truck will be a fence with a hole in it. There will be a guard just beyond that window that walks in a circle around the house in that yard. You need to watch for where he is in that circle and for the guard in between the two trucks that you just passed. Get through the window when it is safe.

    Move along the house and then move to the stack of pipes to the left. If you look ahead over the stack of pipes, you'll see a shed to the left and a fence directly ahead. The fence will have an opening but it is watched by a guard leaning on the shed. Take a gas can and throw it in the direction of the lockers attached to the shed. You want to do this right about when the other guard has walked to the back corner of the house away from you. Toss the can and as soon as the guard moves, make a dash for the gap in the fence. Turn right and go up the short set of stairs. Start climbing the ledges on the side of the building.

    The ledges will lead you to the top of the building but be careful of the guard patrolling. Wait for him to be on the other end and then make your way over to the ladder that leads down in to the building.

    Inside the building, hit the checkpoint nearby and grab the wrench. Find the only door out of this room and open it. You'll find an office just beyond the door. Take cover against the counter that blocks off the two sections. Wait for the conversation to resolve itself. Wait a little bit longer because there will be a lot of foot traffic. When it finally seems clear, double check and then round the corner of the counter and go through the door at the end.

    This will put you in the bathroom but you need to be quick because you'll have company soon, turn the corner to the left and then search the left wall for a vent. Climb in and then when the worker makes it over to the bathroom, come out of the vent on the other side. You'll be behind the counter now. Simply walk forward and then through the door on the right without disturbing anyone.

    The next hallway will be pretty fancy. Go down the stairs and at the bottom, take cover at the corner. Wait for the guard to come in and comment on going to take a smoke. When he leaves, go over to the door and take cover at the corner. Open the door and look in. Just through the door will be a black couch.

    Walk through the door and talk cover at the couch. Go to the far right side so that you are actually taking cover behind the column with the mine in it. Take the wrench in hand and throw it over the heads of the guards in the middle. As soon as they turn their heads, move to the next column to the right. From there you can just change cover to the right.

    On this cover, go to the end and around the corner. Wait for the guards to be in a good position and change cover to the right a few times until you come to another black couch. Move all the way along this and at the end, wait for the guard to leave. Transfer to the column to the right and from here, walk into the hallway with the elevator. Go to the end and hit the switch to summon the elevator. Get on when it arrives.

    Test Facility

    As you get off the elevator, follow the red carpet forward. Turn right when the hallway splits and go into the room on the left side. You'll find a keycard on the desk inside. Take that back into the hallway and go left this time. Use the key card to open the door into the next area. Make your way through the next room and find the fire alarm on the right wall. Just to the left of that will be a column and a long counter. Hit the alarm and then take cover behind the counter.

    Wait for the guard to come and investigate the alarm, when he walks past you, sneak into the room that he just left. The guard in the room won't notice you so just walk to the left and pick up the notes off the table. With the notes, you can leave and head back to the room where you found the card key. In this room, you'll find a computer across from where the card key was. Use this to open the wall in hallway.

    Go through the newly opened door. Follow the hallway to an elevator and ride that down. Watch the cinematic to learn a very important lesson. There are mines everywhere. That's ok because you're just going to go around then. At the bottom, go directly to the left and you'll find a large ladder leading to the catwalks above.

    Watch out for guards as you move along the left side of the cat walks. When you get to the last bridge leading right, wait for the guards to finish their conversation and when they disperse, follow them across the bridge to the right side. When you get to the right side, turn left and then head into the small entrance on the right side.

    You'll be on the second floor of the lab structure. Go down the stairs to the left and at the bottom will be a couple of security guards that are talking about the upcoming fight. Wait for their conversation to finish and deactivate the security system by using the computer on the desk. Now, go into the next room where a scientist is looking at a drawing board. Go through the door that leads out of the room.

    In the cave area that you enter, turn left and walk past the first left. At the second left, turn again and use the checkpoint. The checkpoint is a safe spot so feel free to wait here. If you wait patiently, the doctor will come near here and you can strangle him. Do that and you've also got a crate nearby that you can use to dump the body.

    When the body has been dumped, head back up to the catwalk the way you came down from it. Make your way back to the ladder and go down to the bottom. At the bottom, hug the right wall and follow it past the elevator you came down on. Beyond that will be a long hallway with double doors at the end. Go through the doors.


    Inside the next hallway, hug the right wall. You'll see some benches on the right and one of them will have a bottle. Grab the bottle and then take cover against the wall. Move along the wall and then swap to the next section of wall to get past the door. Go to the end of the hall to find a locker room. As soon as you enter the locker room, turn left and go through the open door way.

    This is the decontamination shower. Continue straight ahead and watch for the valve on one of the walls to the right. Activate the valve and then go around the back of the showers. Go to the far side and head back to the entrance of the showers so that you are approaching the door from the right (it will be on your left).

    Go through the door back into the locker room and hug the left wall. You'll see another doorway ahead with plastic cover it. Peek your head through the doorway and then throw your bottle over the guard's head at the stairs beyond. He will go to investigate and when he does, make your way to the vent on the right wall. Climb through the vent and come out on the other side.

    You'll find yourself in a small bathroom next to a lounge where a group of guards are watching TV. Your main concern is going to be a researcher who will walk into the bathroom to use his locker. Make sure that you are on the lookout for him. If you don't see him coming, round the corner into the lounge quietly and use the computer right next to the door. On coffee table in front of the guards will be your Evidence but it requires a disguise. When you are done with it, head back to the vent and start crawling through. Make sure that the guard has returned to his chair before coming out and going to the red doors he's guarding.


    Unfortunately, I'm not sure that there's a way through here without using a disguise just because the guards are too dense. For now, slowly move down the stairs to the left. There will be a guard below on a piece of catwalk that goes out over the center. Watch him because he may leave that post and come up the stairs towards you. If you can get past him, aim for the double doors just behind him. Go through the doors and immediately go down the stairs just to your right.

    You'll enter a small shop area. There are several pieces of cover in the middle of the room and Fire Paste in the corner. Run around in one part of the room but then quietly take cover to lure the nearby guard into the room. When he comes in, subdue him and take his outfit. Grab the fire paste and go up the stairs into the previous room. In here, you'll find two scientists working quietly who will take no notice of you. There will be a beaker with a green liquid inside. Place the Fire Paste in there and eventually, Dr. Valentine will kill himself with it. As soon as you are done, go back down the stairs and through the doors onto the catwalk.

    Walk down the stairs of the catwalk to the left and you'll see a guard at the corner. It IS possible to get past him by using a diversion but not a disguise. It requires you to go into the room to the left, however, which is a very busy room. Instead, just use your instinct to blend and walk into the side room. Go down the stairs here to get another floor lower.

    In this room, you can pick up Dr. Ashford's recording and hit the checkpoint. Grab the notebook on the counter by the door and then walk out of the room. Continue down the catwalk and get to the bottom floor of the facility. Go around the central area and to the far side from the stairs. You'll see a couple of large red pipes coming up out of the center that meet in the middle at a valve. Open the valve and then make your way over to your target. Kill him however you like and then walk back across the facility towards your exit.

    It is possible to kill him with a quiet melee attack of some kind even if he's right next to somebody. The smoke screen is pretty fantastic. Make use of it however you like. During this time, you can also get the Evidence on a table next to a couple of privacy screens. When you've gotten close to the exit, trigger the bridge and then take cover behind the console. This will keep you from having to expend instinct to stay unnoticed.

    Cross the bridge and enter the lab room. Inside, there are two electrical boxes to sabotage. Destroy them both and watch the video records near the bed if you like. When you are done, leave through the double doors.

    Patriot's Hangar

    Walk forward and up to the gate leading into the hangar proper. You'll hear a guard talking about how he lost his key card. Wait for the conversation to finish and you'll see the guards break up to search. Most of the guards will walk to the right, even if they walk left first so make sure they walk right and that the truck on the right breaks line of sight before moving.

    Take cover at the tale of the hangar and walk around the side towards the trailer. Pick up the Wrench on the ground and then make your way into the boxes against the wall. Follow these along until you are behind the trailer. You'll see a crate that you can dump bodies in at the corner. From here, look at the Patriot and you'll see that there is a chair near him with a Teddy Bear sitting in it. You can walk right up to the teddy and grab it.

    Take the teddy and then return to your corner. After a little while, The Patriot will freak out and send his people looking for it. Once they spread out, toss the wrench a little bit shy of the crate so Patriot can hear it. He'll be the only one around and come to investigate. When he does, subdue him and steal his outfit. Drop his body in the crate and get ready to fight.

    Before we leave, there's a piece of Evidence in the far corner of the hangar from where you entered. There will be a guard here that doesn't move but you'll be in costume so it shouldn't be a problem to grab it. Head back in the direction that you entered from and watch for red double doors on your right. Walk up to them and you'll knock on the door. You'll put your weapons down and then walk to the ring. Take the walk and enter the ring.

    The Arena

    The fight with Sanchez is actually quite predictable. The first set goes - B, rapidly tap X, Y. The second set is exactly the same as the first. The third set is just the B button. After a quick chat, Sanchez will get up and you'll fight one last time. Repeat the pattern one last time to finish the fight.

    If you happen to get hit, you can simply reload the checkpoint to start the fight over. Leave the arena when Sanchez is done and make sure to grab both of your guns before leaving.


    When you gain control, you'll be crawling through a smoky, fiery vent. Crawl forward until you exit the vent. The room you exit into will be kind of small but turn right and you'll find a small space that you can slide through. Slide to the end and you'll be back in what is left of your room. By the door leading out onto the balcony will be your suit "disguise" which does count towards the chameleon challenge. However, putting on your suit may cancel your "suit only" challenge. However, wearing only the robe will definitely get you the Suit Only challenge.

    Either way, quickly exit the room and turn left. Run down to the end of the walkway and on your left you will see an ice box. Climb into the ice box and wait for your first target, Jennifer, to walk by. Her guards will go first and then she will walk by right behind them. Hop out of the ice box, strangle her with your fiber wire and then put her in the ice box. When she's dead, go down the end of the walkway and down the stairs that they originally came. Be quick because one of the guards will turn around and come back toward you.

    On the way down the second set of stairs, take cover against the wall that breaks line of sight with the parking lot. Make your way to the bottom and transfer to the next wall to the right. Go to the end of this wall and be sure to pick up the brick before transferring to the next wall. Keep going until you get to the corner. Go around the corner and stop at the car.

    When it is clear to do so, walk over to the column that the guard is standing next to. You'll need to do this manually because you can't just "transfer" over to it. Stay here for a moment and wait for the second guard to walk over to the car and then walk away to the right. Take the brick and toss it towards the back end of the car. This will draw the attention of the guard and when he walks over to investigate, walk out into the parking lot a couple of steps and then turn right. You'll see a hole in the fence by the wall. Go through that hole in the fence but only by a step.

    Just past the fence will be a thug who's about to shoot a civilian. The guard is still considered a non-target casualty but it is much easier to shoot him and save the civilian. If you don't, it's very easy for him to spot you. There's nobody else looking this way and nobody close enough that they will hear him fall when you shoot him. Take him out and take his weapon. There are some other weapons across the course on a couple of boxes. Take these if you'd like. Make sure you grab the brick by the hole in the fence.

    Continue to the right and use the walls of logs as cover. When you run out of log walls to transfer to, stop. There will be a couple of guards talking to your right, a path just behind them and then a path off to the left that has a single guard patrolling. Wait for the pair to finish their conversation and walk off. Then wait for the other guard to come to the end of the path. When he starts walking back, follow him up. If you can make it to the plants just to the right of where he stops, take cover there. If not, stop at the sign and then use a brick or some other object to distract him. Throw it towards the bar and then get over to that plant.

    This part is a little tricky and will require you to pay attention. You need to wait for an opening so that you can get over to the bar area just in front of you. You may need to dance around the plants depending on where guards patrol to keep from being seen. When you can get there, jump into the ice box and wait. Heather should come over and stand near the edge of the bar. You should be able to get her when she comes down even if the guards initially prevent you from doing so. When she does, kill her and put her in the ice box. Then slip down the stairs and then find the exit nearby.


    You'll be in a back room of a bar at the start of this area. To your left will be a door that you can slip out. When you get outside, you should see a walled off area that has grills. You want to try and get there but you'll have to be careful. There are quite a few guards that have a good view of the area between the hut and the walled off area so you'll have to be fast and gauge the reactions.

    Inside the walled area, go over to the other doorway (watch out for the guard who comes in to kill the civilian). You should see one of the sisters there and to her left will be a gas tank. You may have to wait for the patrols to cycle through before you have a shot at the gas tank but when you do, wander over and sabotage it. Get back to the walled area and when the second sister comes over for a chat, shoot the gas to cause a massive explosion.

    This will kill both targets and draw the attention of every guard in the area. Now, head back to the hut and from the hut, make your way over to the exit. You may have to use a wrench or a brick to distract a guard right at the exit but those are readily available by the two dumpsters in the corner of the map. Toss it over his head and pick the lock to leave.


    This part isn't particularly difficult to do but painfully difficult to describe. Part of this is because there are many, many guards and very little in the way of scenery with which describe position. You'd be much better served by your own intuition on this one - at least as long you are actually in the corn fields. I will continue to describe the various points of interest however.

    When you first enter this area, Candy Cain will be with a few guards who are talking. After the conversation, they will walk up the street a little ways. As they leave, scoot across the street and enter the corn field. From here, start forward and left. Your goal is a lone shack in the middle of an empty patch. Get to the right edge of the clearing around this shack and you'll see Candy enter the clearing. Wait for her to enter the shack and then wait for the guards to shift a position in their patrol. When they stop, find an empty spot to slip through and then enter the shack.

    Kill Candy and dump her in the crate. Exit the shack and get back into the cornfield. Find the road leading away from the shack that start towards the back. Follow along this road until you see a trailer. If you aren't on the side of the road with the trailer, find a gap in the patrols to get over to the other cornfield. Between the two trailers in the middle of the road is a stack of boxes with a piece of Evidence. Wait patiently here and Jaqueline will come over to the trailer. After that, she will head into the cornfield to search. When she does, wait until she's got a little distance from a guard and then kill her. With her out of the way, cross to the other side of the road and continue along the side until you come to a small farm house.

    Next to the farm house will a bell tower. If you get inside the bell tower, you can climb a ladder to get to the next level. From here, just wait for LaSandra to appear. She may do a round through the parked vehicles here. If she does, there is a pallet hanging from a crane that you can shoot and let drop on her. Sometimes it is possible that she will head into the cornfield instead. If she does this then simply follow her out and deal with her like you did the last target.

    With all seven sisters dead, you need to make into the camp near the farm house. Between some of the cars and work stations will be a piece of cardboard on the ground with a ringing phone. You need to pick it up. To get to it, I found it easiest to move from the bell tower to the farm house. Then move up to the picnic table. From here, walk into the middle of the camping area and there will be quite a few things to break line of sight. Then you should be able to get to the phone pretty easily.


    Turn around and walk out of the court room. Turn right and sprint through the hallway to the door at the end. This will lead you outside. Once you get outside, sprint for the door to the right. Inside this room, get down stairs and take cover behind the desk. If you were fast enough, you can just vault out of the window. If not, simply wait for the guard to walk to the right and start looking at the books. When he does, go out the window.

    Take cover on the left side of the front bumper of the car ahead. You'll hear a cop talking to someone but you don't need to pay attention to him as long as you dont move right. In the distance will be a cop who will be walking towards you. Depending on your speed, he might already be making it to the car. This is fine because he'll be on the other side of it. Walk down the driveway and hug the left wall to take cover behind the sheet rock. Move from pile of sheet rock to pile of sheet rock. At the end, turn the corner and move along the bus. Keep moving around the loop until you get to the last pile of sheet rock.

    When you get to the end of the sheet rock piles, you should be up against a building. When the coast is clear, move away from the sheet rock into the corner and pull yourself up to the ledge above. Climb into the window and walk through the room. There will be some stairs on the right that you should take that lead to another window. Just around the corner from the window will be a computer system. Wait for the video to start in the court room if it hasn't already. When it has, turn the video off to cause court to recess.

    Take cover behind the Judge's desk. The judge will come in and look at a picture. While he's doing that, subdue him and stash the body in the closet. While it is *theoretically* possible to get through the next part suit only without being seen, it requires you to basically lure every person in the court room into this room so you can take them out one at a time. Instead, take the judge's outfit and grab his keycard. Walk through the door leading back into the court room.

    Wait for the case to resume and then you can dismiss the case. Make your way out of the court room and towards the front of the courthouse. Turn left to find the reception desk. Walk past this and into the next room. To the left on a table by some guards will be a piece of Evidence.

    Now go back into the court room and walk past the jury seats. Go through the glass door just past that but wait for it to close before picking the lock on the door ahead. This will get you out of here.

    Holding Cells

    Follow the guard down the hall and then watch as he takes a right down the stairs. Follow him down the stairs and into the next room. He will turn left to look at something. When he does, go around behind him to the vent on the wall. Climb through the vent and when you get to the other side, wait for the guard there to leave. When he is gone, drop down and find the Evidence across the room. Pick the lock on the door to leave.


    Follow the guard that is walking down the hall as he rounds the corner to the left. When he does, there will be a guard in the station up ahead that can see you so be careful to be fast and break line of sight as quickly as possible. Take cover at the wall of the security station and move around to the left side where the door is. Wait for the guard to move back to the front of the station, move into the room, use the console and get back out. Head right this time and exit the room through the back.

    Go down the stairs and the first guard you encounter in the small room on the right should be subdued. Drop him in the crate nearby and grab the Evidence. Take the next right but be careful of the guards in the next room. Climb the ladder to the upper level and then walk around the left side to find another ladder down. This will drop you right on top of some stairs leading up.

    Go up the stairs and then into the first cell on your right. You'll see a small vent blocked by a wooden grate. Go into the vent and then exit this cell by picking the lock. As soon as you do, turn left and pick the lock there to exit.

    County Jail

    Activate the fire alarm on the wall a then "hide" on your chair. He will come to investigate but first he will look at you. Wait for him to look and then turn to the alarm. When he does, get out of your chair and sneak by him through the door. Walk up the stairs to your left and through the cells. At the end of the hallway will be an evidence room with a single guard. Grab the cable from the desk and wait for the guard to turn his back. Slink past him towards the back of the room.

    Next to the crate will be a vent. Climb into the vent and make your way to the other end. There will be a cop in the far room so make sure that you wait for him to leave before exiting. As soon as he turns, drop out of the vent and start making your way to the right. There will be two doors on the right wall and you want the second one. Slip out while the guard is busy.

    The next room has two guards stationed next to a central table and a civilian in the lobby who can see you. Go through the door, hang a sharp left and quickly grab both silver ballers before take cover on the island in the middle so that the civilian can't see you. Slide to the left, transfer covers, and then go through the large double doors to leave.


    Make your way along this patio and go down the steps to the left at the far side. Take cover at the bottom of the stairs and then move to the truck. From here, you should see a stack of black crates off to the side on the grass. Take cover here. If you don't have a throwable object, there should be a glass bottle to your left but watch out for the patrol.

    A patrol will come up the street, stop, and stair at the boxes you are hiding behind. When he leaves, follow him to the next set of crates. This should hide you until he leaves and comes back. When he leaves, round the corner of the boxes and make your way to the next truck and then take cover behind the crates near the grass. You need these crates to block line of sight from a guard who is going to come from alongside the other truck.

    Wait for the guard to leave and then find the gap in the fence/wall on your right. There are guards on the other side of this but you only really have to worry about the one that is patrolling. When it seems clear, skirt around the wall and take cover at the back of the truck on the other side.

    It may seem like right is the best option but you actually want to go left. When the patrolling guard walks away from the pair of guards looking at the map, transfer to the boxes on the left and then move as far left as you can to go behind the pair of guards. Cross the street and move from cover to cover until you come to the L-shaped stack of boxes. Take cover behind them.

    Vault over them and take cover by the mail box. Directly ahead of you on the side walk will be a guard. Grab a throwable object and throw it to his left, into the doorway of the shop. He'll turn left to investigate and you can move past his position.

    Move well down the sidewalk past the sign with the bull on it on your right. Move to the next cover beyond that and take cover there. The sign will block line of sight from the guard you just distracted will the rest will block you from the four guards in the street. One of them will mention that they need to investigate the parking lot.

    When they are gone, move further up and go through the doorway into the shoe shop on the left. You'll find the exit in here.


    You'll find yourself in a warehouse. You'll need to move quickly. Round the racks to the left but then quickly go back to the right. Stay as far right as you can and wait for the guard to move before heading further in. Go past where the guard came from and then through the huge racks that form walls.

    Directly across from this pseudo doorway will be a ladder leading up to the top of the racks. Make your way across here and at the end, drop down. From here, go left and behind the guard. Move left a little more and climb back up to the upper level (you'll notice that the ledge will have a blue tarp cover it). Continue across this platform and then drop down again.

    Take cover behind the L-shaped corner on the bottom floor. If you vault over the cover, there will be a piece of Evidence directly across from you on some cardboard boxes. Be careful to not be seen by the guard right next to it. From the evidence, go left past a crate and grab the screwdriver (if you don't have something to throw) and directly ahead you should see a door leading outside.

    You'll see a man outside leaning on a door. You can throw something into the garbage under the stairs or throw it off to the left of the stairs. Either will let you climb the stairs. Take a left at the top to get into another building. Cross this room and climb up the stairs in the stairwell beyond. The exit will be at the top of the stairs.

    Hope Fair

    There will be a guard by a window but wait for him to go into the back room of the garage. As soon as he's far enough that you can get down the stairs, do so quickly. At the bottom, immediately go through the front door with the civilians running around. Go left and up the stairs onto the stage. Make your way behind the cover to the left and then down the stairs on the far side.

    At the bottom, take cover behind the barrels and when no guards are looking roll over to the stalls. Keep moving left along the stalls a little at a time. Poke your head out to see if a guard reacts and if he doesn't, keep moving. Make sure you grab the knife on the way. Stop at the ice cream stall. Wait for the guard on the other side to leave. Vault over the ice cream coolers when he moves.

    This last stretch is tough without a disguise but you can do it without throwing anything. If you would feel more comfortable throwing something to distract a guard, do so.

    Keep moving left to the truck and then to the stall with the deli slicer. Keep going until you are behind the stall with the two men talking. Take cover at the corner and poke your head out. You must be very cautious here because you need to move to the potted tree but if you do it too early, a couple of guads will be able to see you. If they do, it is entirely possible to move from one side of the potted tree to the other and back to keep breaking line of sight with each of them. If you keep doing this, you should be able to do it long enough that the guard in the distance who is blocking the exit will move. When he does, make a break for it.


    Run for the church in the distance and go inside. When you get inside, shoot Skurky over the hostage's shoulder.

    One of A Kind

    Enter the tailor's shop and 47 will tell the tailor he needs a new suit. Follow Tommy up the stairs and take a right to find your new suit. Grab the suit and put it on. When you're dressed, leave the shop to finish the mission. There are no challenges but there are several items in here that you can pick up if you are a completionist.

    In this room will be a bust on a table near some chairs. Go downstairs and hug the right wall to find the boiler room. Inside you can find a fire extinguisher and a Metal Pipe. Turn right into the next room to find three costumes on mannequins. Change into each of them and then check to the right for somescissors. Go between the boxes and you'll find a desk. On the shelf above will be a book and on the desk itself will be a piece of Evidence.  Grab the measuring tape off of the safe and to the left of it on a chair will be the chicken suit. Change into that. Turn around and on one of the boxes will be an iron. Grab the iron and then you can leave. You should have gotten everything now.


    While it is possible to get through this area without using a costume, it is very hard to reproduce. I will leave a discription at the end for those who are interested but be warned that it will take possibly dozens of tries to get the timing just right.

    Move to the fields to the right of the hotel and take cover behind some potted plants. Slide left until you've entered the restricted area. Keep sliding right past the planters. Keep going until you come to the outer wall of the park. Move along the wall, keeping it to the right. When you find the parking area, grab the gas can and then take cover behind the black car. Wait for the plumber to come closer so he is the closest to you (you may have to move up for this) and then toss the gas can in between the van and the black car. You can now subdue him without anyone seeing.

    Take his outfit and dump him in the laundry basket just to your right. Now that you have his outfit, follow the road as it leads down to the garage. Just before the garage doors will be a security room and inside will be Evidence. Come back up and get onto the grass on the right. Walk into the janitorial area here and then move through the building to the back. In the office room at the back will be a vent that you can climb into. Climb into the vent.

    Exit the vent, go through the room and then up the stairs to the left. At the top, use the checkpoint and go into the next room. Immediately turn left and enter the office with the long row of windows. Sneak around the desk and use the computer when the coast is clear. Make your way over to the elevator and activate it. Vacate the area until it arrives and then get on.