Large Island in the North-west of the game map?

  1. As the question states, there is an island on the North west of the map that has alot of obilesk towers and if you fly over the island a static charge builds up and your plane explodes. I can't seem to find any missions relating to this island and have completed the main story line. Anyone know what this island is for?

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    Serraphim1782 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There is a faction mission for the Ular Boys that has you go to that island. You have to rescue a pilot that was flying some of their drugs for them. You have to disable the machine that causes the static charges. Then you fight some Japanese army guys that think that WW2 is still going on. You then have to drive a truck full of the drugs to the beach for pick up. End of mission.

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Other Answers

  1. Not sure but in the cheats section it says
    Lost Easter Egg

    If you go to the top left corner of the map you see an island shaped like a square. If you fly a plane over the island your plane will explode causing you to parachute down to the beach (if over it). You will see a search sign on the beach with an arrow pointing to the jungle. Go into the jungle and you'll find the hatch from lost. It is even said by people that you actually can hear the smoke monster in the background.

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    If thats any help??

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