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"So much possibilities you'll end up going insane."

Welcome to Panau, a little, or in this case shall I say big, island in South East Asia. The island has come under control of a ruthless president who cares nothing for his people and has turned his back on dear old Uncle Sam for unknown reasons. It is up to you as Rico to go into Panau and find out what caused him to turn his back on the U.S and in the process, uncover more questions than answers.

Game play: The game play of Just Cause has always been over the top and, shall I say, a bit ridiculous. But the ridiculousness of it all just adds more fun for the player to be had. There have been some improvements in this one that may have proven to be a minor annoyance to some in the first one. First of all, you no longer have to switch all the way to the end of your inventory to get the grappling, instead, you can just press the LB button and there is the grappling hook, already waiting for you and to be deployed. You can also use it to tether cars to each other. Or you can use it to tether a car to an airplane or helicopter and then fly off with the poor bugger still in the car. Trust me it's fun. You can also use it as a mode of transportation. Can't find a car that looks good? No problem! Just grapple onto the pavement, reel in and activate your parachute and wa-la! You can now "skip" along with your grappling hook and have just now discovered a new way to get across Panau without polluting the air.

Now, all that example does is show what one of the many things you can do in this game. If you are a beginner to a game like this, I recommend that you have some patience and willing to get frustrated with this game and make mistakes. Because you'll be doing a lot of them. Play on the easiest difficulty if you are new to the game. Some of the enemies get a lot tougher on the harder difficulties and in rare cases, new enemies themselves will show up, ready to give you a brand new head ache. The vehicle controls will also require some patience if you ever played games like Grand Theft Auto 4 where the driving can sometimes be a little "icy." But once you get used to everything, you'll be wanting to come back for some more.

The missions themselves last around from as little as fifteen minutes all the way up to forty-five minutes. But at times they can be a bit tedious. Go get this guy, rescue him, bring him back. Rinse and repeat. This game makes it fun to do that however. And in some cases, you won't mind getting shot over and over again because that means you'll just have more fun doing that one mission. I myself have been left wondering why the mission had to end so early.

Story: The story for Just Cause is, how shall I put it without hurting anybody's feelings? A bit mediocre. Sorry. But it's true. It's relatively straight forward and in some cases will leave you wondering "what happened?" in a dumbfounded stupor. Not much to say about it here. However, you will soon discover that Panau has more secrets than you originally thought and you will be wanting to uncover those secrets. Badly.

Graphics and sound: The graphics for this game really make it shine. And I do mean that literally. When you are flying off a small island that you found, and you see the clear water and the coral underneath the waves, you'll think to yourself, "Wow. That is amazing. I wish I could be here." And while you're thinking that, why not listen to the sound of the propeller engine going. Just for a few seconds. It'll make you want to go out and by your own plane. Trust me, when you're not killing soldiers or being shot at, you'll soon find yourself flying an airplane, looking out towards the sea and the sunset. It will truly put you at peace. Only for a while when you end up looking behind you and hear the roar of jet engines coming your way and bullets whizzing over your head and the explosions in the far off distance.

Play time: This is where the game truly shines. I have been playing this game for five days and I still haven't discovered everything. There are so many places you can go and so many things to screw around with it's amazing how people haven't been put in into an asylum. You'll also be glad to know that once you beat the game, you unlock a mode called Mercenary mode. This mode basically means you can run around and do stupid crap after you beat the game and cause chaos without having to worry about any missions that you need to do. However, I don't think you'll be wanting to go back and do all those missions over again a second time once you have beaten the game and go back collecting everything over again. It takes too much time to do everything the first run through. Don't do it again. Go out and have fun with your friends and let your family know that you are still alive after all those days you spent inside playing this game.

For my final verdict, I highly recommend you go out and buy this game. You will not regret the purchase. You will love this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/05/10

Game Release: Just Cause 2 (US, 03/23/10)

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