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"Just par."

I must start by saying that, for a sandbox game, this is a beautiful game to look at. The world is very vibrant, and detailed, at times when you're flying in you Silverbolt personal airplane, you may have to do a double take at the scenery below, it looks that real at times. The main characters are modeled pretty nicely too, though you will notice civilians and other non essential characters aren't quite up to par, which given the detail of the world can be forgiven.

Whart can't be forgiven is tthe attrocious story. God it's one of the worst I've seen. Basically you're a super agent named Rico Rodriguez (how much more stereotypical can you get?), who is dropped unto the island nation of Panau. Your goal? Cause as much destruction as you can to disrupt the flow of power on the island. A simple story would not be that much of a deterent if the voice acting was at least serviceable. You'd think that with such a stereotypical name as Rico Rodriguez, and with the guy being a super secret agent, he would at least have a smooth Antonio Banderas-like accent to sweep the ladies off their feet, after all outside of blowing stuff up, that is what secret agents do right? Shouts out to James Bond. That aside, the voice acting is horrible, often times emphasizing the wrong syLABbules, in words. That and it sounds so choppy at times, it's hard to tell if the charatcer talking has given a complete thought, or what.

The Gameplay is a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand the much balihooed grappling hook seems like it would be a lot of fun in the game, but at times it can be quite tedious to use. In firefights where time is of the essence, I would have like d to have seen a sleeker way to withdraw yourself from a fight, to the saftey of a low lying building roof, instead of toying around with the reticle until it tells you you can grapple. You can also slingshot yourself by using your grappling hook and then open your parachute right after, or after you gain some momentum. It's really hyped up, but again sometimes it is more trouble than it's worth.

The gunpaly is a bit of a miss, most of the guns feel extremely underpowered, even when leveled up considerably (though it is good the game gives you the ability to upgrade your weapons), and ammo is hard to come by at times, unless you are in constant battles with the local Military police, in that case you can just pick up their ammo, if the soldier you kill happens to carry your same weapon that is. Otherwise you will have to either luck upon finding ammo, on military bases, or in other remote places, or resort to buying ammunition from the black market. Side note: Why does a basic 9mm pistol cost as much as your one man secret agent-like jet? And why doesn't the Silverbolt have guns?!?!?!?!

There are a huge variety of vehicles, from Passneger Planes, to rickshaws. And you will need them, the island as stated before is gorgeous..... and huge. You will often tire of all other forms or transportation, except jets, because even then it may take a good 10 minutes to go from point to point on the map. When you aren't in the exploratory mood, you'll find yourself using the easy travel option, though it costs money.

Eventually though this is a game you will get tired of because like the first it is repetitive, blow stuff up, fight the military, find upgrades for your stuff. Thats it. A rent for sure, though if you buy it you won't be horribly dissapointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/08/10

Game Release: Just Cause 2 (US, 03/23/10)

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