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"Infinity Ward would be proud..."

I've never played the first game, and after playing this one I think I've lost my appetite for Causes altogether, just or otherwise.

A Brief Summary
This game is fun for a while, I'll admit. You have a grappling hook, which makes up for little choice of weaponry (As compared to, say, Mercenaries: Playground of destruction). The hook can be used to grapple onto vehicles, or draw people in. Someone's been playing too much Mortal Combat. And there is a wide choice of vehicles, as you can use air, sea, or land to reach your destination. Or you can simply call on the worst voice actor of all time, the 'Sloth Demon', to extract you to any already visited place. Regardless of SAM sites that would normally shoot down anything above them. But that's just me being meticulously picky, lets cut into the 'good' stuff.

The Plot
The plot of Just Cause 2 revolves around Rico Rodriguez, also known as Scorpio. He works for a secret agency (Not MIB, The Agency, or anything else like that. Just an agency.) that seems to have helped out in every war the U.S was involved in ever. And once again, it's not the FBI, CIA, Navy Seals, or anything like that... I think. It seems that Rico's sole purpose in life is to blow up everything he can, except buildings, because those are invincible in Panu, the fictional island where this game takes place. Anyway the U.S had a puppet president set up in Panu who would do whatever they wanted him to (Sound's like Cuba to me...) and the rightful president overthrows him and takes over his island. Which angers the U.S, causing the sneaky bastards to send in one agent to take over a whole island. So apparently Panu is evil for wanting its freedom from America, and if I remember correctly, freedom is what America stands for... Now granted, the president of Panu appears to be a Fascist Totalitarian Tyrant (Gawd the cliche...), like every other stereotypical 'communist'. But I digress, on to the game play.

The Game Play
The game play in this game isn't bad, it simply relies too heavily on destruction and traveling. The 'sandbox' area you are given to run around in is quite large, with a great deal of secrets. Such as Lost Island, a replica of the island in Lost with an enemy base on it, and Slice of pie island. Self explanatory. The whole purpose of this game is to blow things up to unlock missions and black market items. But I personally prefer grabbing a boat and running it on to islands to see if I can make it over them. The missions are mostly the same types, blow something up, escort someone so they can blow something up, stop something from blowing up... Oh wait, never mind. Rico doesn't seem to comprehend things that don't blow up... Or involve someone being run over by something... Or people being blown up. The game is also more of a glitch-filled-mess than CoD MW 2... Which is code for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I once managed to break the reality of this game, by running a motorcycle into a jet. The game simply couldn't cope. Now don't get me wrong, it's quite fun to destroy things 24/7, but without some good storyline, or even a reason why I'm destroying the things, it's just not as entertaining as it would be with a nice plot and maybe a Red Faction: Guerrilla destruction engine...

Sound/Voice Acting
The voice acting in this game isn't too bad, except Tom Sheldon. Rico has a pretty good voice actor, for the few times you hear him make a remark about the beauty of destroying things. The sounds are also pretty good, the explosions are realistic and so are the engine noises. The music gets a little annoying, but that's beside the point.

The world of Panu is a very large one, and this game facilitates it well. The free roam area in this game is possibly among the largest I have seen so far. However, everything is exactly the same. Most buildings look copied and all you ever do anywhere is throw a few grenades at something and Tom Cruise away from the explosion. It is, however, quite fun to hijack a plane and fly it into an off-shore oil rig. So while there is a lot to destroy and explore, it's all mostly the same, with the exception of a few key landmarks.

The fact that this game is so large must always come with consequences. In this case, so many glitches you could drown a dolphin with them. I once attached a motorbike to a commercial airplane and took off in the plane, the bike swung around and crashed into me, promptly blowing me up. Upon re spawning I noted that there were no longer civilians in the streets, or indeed, anywhere. I could only find military personnel, and my allied Reapers. Here's a list of the other things that happened.
Green street lights
Messed up shadows
Floating signs
Floating street lights
Floating rocks
Floating people
And a nice view from the airport in Stephen King's The Langoliers.

A final word
Please do not let my cynical criticism throw you off of this game, or any others I may review. It's probably a good game, but I prefer to tell you all the flaws you should expect, instead of hyping it more, so that when you get it you'll be pleasantly surprised, instead of disappointed.

~Lord Vexlor

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/21/10

Game Release: Just Cause 2 (US, 03/23/10)

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